James Gilliland and Steven Greer

I have been listening to James Gilliland for quite a few years now. It wasn’t until last year that I started to sense/feel his honesty. Up to that time I had my doubts and I can understand why now. His interaction with higher beings/ET’s altered his energy frequencies so I wasn’t sure about what I was feeling. In human terms it’s called discernment but as I have written before; our ability to discern has been disconnected. Discernment is not a brain/logic function or analytical process. Discernment is the ability to connect with higher self and FEEL the answer. The ability to discern has been greatly reduced to humans because of the genetic manipulation of our species.

When bloggers or other websites that write about non-conventional topics say “You don’t have to believe me, use your discernment”, I have to wonder if they know what true discernment is or are just using that term because everyone else is using it or because the dictionary gives it the proper meaning.

James talks about Dr. Steven Greer in the first 10 minutes of the video below and he basically confirms my thoughts on Dr. Greer. I was able to discern him a long time ago and have written about him on this blog.

I sometimes wonder about this ability that I have. It often comes into question: “How do I know this, how can I trust this information?” This information I receive is like a thought, there is no other way to describe it. The brain isn’t able to imagine or fantasize, this is really important to know. This is why dreams are not dreams. The mind just doesn’t put a story together while you’re in deep sleep. If you wake up and dreamed about something that happened during the day or someone that was in your mind that day, it’s not the dream. It means that that person is part of your soul family or soul group and is in another reality with you as well. We can’t create dreams into symbols, I dare anyone come forward and tell me that a dream they had happened exactly in the way they dreamed about it. If it did, it was in another reality.

So back to my knowledge and how I get this information. As the Gnostics say, we call it Nous. It’s simply a knowing. The thoughts that are coming forward are not thoughts created by our mind, rather thoughts of higher self or the connection to all souls within this reality. I think that we need to take another look at dreams and what they actually represent.

Is this why the explanation of dreams is so thwarted? Could it be that THEY don’t want us to know what dreams actually mean or what they stand for? Remember that those who rule us know us better than we know ourselves. They know our weaknesses and know how to use them against us. Dreams as you know it or understand it is a deception because the brain doesn’t make up stories. The brain’s function is to record and store all data coming in through the five senses. It’s a hard drive in essence; no different. So, we access information on the HD, we take that information and compile the necessary data we need for whatever reason we need it.

It takes practice and removal of the Ego to be able to feel these thoughts coming from higher self. It’s probably why I’m no fun at a party or gathering anymore because I don’t react to laughter or sadness. I don’t react to anything at all. While I was younger, I would be the life of the party. I needed attention, I needed to be worshipped. I sit there totally sterile/neutral because I’m now the Observer. I don’t react to the intricacies of this reality. I’m in it because I have to be and because I can’t completely leave it, most of me exists in the new reality. I’m ready to go but many have to be ready before we can all go together.

Today, I don’t have any needs to be recognized and I don’t battle with the Ego anymore, I have put that creature to rest deep down but you can never get rid of it, it’s part the body we incarnate into.

We as humans are so complex yet so simple. WE as Souls are so complex yet so simple. What is our goal as a Soul? To BE, to experience. How many lifetimes or experiences does one need to be everything? I mean experiencing oneself as a rock, a fish, a bird, an insect. How many species of flying insects exist today? Thousands of species. To experience each one alone would take thousands of lifetimes. Mind you a regular fly only lives for 14 days but even so, thousands of experiences in the insect world alone. This is what the Soul is about. It’s about experiencing God in all it’s aspects of creation. It is after we complete each experience of BEING that we graduate to higher realms. It’s not mandatory, but in order for a Soul to graduate into higher dimensional frequencies, it does require to have a lot of experience.

Those of us that have come here on Earth are Old Souls. In the first part between the 13th and 19th centuries, younger souls were allowed to incarnate here. ( Don’t ask me how I know, I just know).  The End wasn’t near enough so they came to experience the re-building of civilizations as each one was demolished through centuries of wars. For each death, 2 had to incarnate otherwise the planet would be depopulated by now. Think about it.

So, the young souls came into this reality at the beginning of the formation of governments, borders and countries. This was the first phase of Separation of humanity. After this phase, it would be very difficult for a young soul to survive in this duality and harsh environment of kill or be killed.

We here now are the top of the line of Old Souls. We have gone through many many experiences. It’s why we love animals, love plants, love nature. Not just because we are part of it, but because we have probably experienced being cats, dogs and other living species. Think about it. Why do some people love cats and some hate cats?  This love that we feel for our pets is deep and it’s because we have experienced them, they are part of our soul group/family. It’s not the cat, it’s the Soul within it that we connect to and love.

We are multi tasked creatures. We can sing, play an instrument, grow plants, take care of children, play sports, we can do so many things well. I don’t believe that children born with genius genes are special. I believe they chose to have that experience. Nothing is by accident, there are no accidents, everything that happens is already pre-orchestrated before we get here and then while we are here, our mass consciousness creates the reality as we go along.

Our problem right now is that we don’t remember who we are. I don’t believe in that “enlightenment” theory. In a way it does make sense, but we are not being enlightened, we are trying to get our memories back so that we can remember who we are. Everything is being done to us to NOT remember. We can’t re-integrate into complete light bodies until we remember who we are.

Everything that is going on right now is part of the process of trying to blind us, deafen us, dumb us down, because the Powers that agreed to play the game have taken it seriously and became greedy. Their human traits took over and they too forgot why they are here. Every living entity is created by Source. Every living entity will eventually return to Source. Since we are disconnected from Source and have no memories of why we are here and what the next step is, we’re like ants in an anthill panicked and scared because someone just stepped on the anthill and almost destroyed it.

We are also dealing with non-humans, our ancestors Annunaki that never left. They are in essence running the show, they are the blue-blood lines, what we called Aristocracy in earlier centuries. We have help from the outside of the planet, but we’re also imprisoned, so we have a lot of issues to deal with not just between humanity.

I know I’m rambling on today, but it’s what I’m feeling at this moment and sharing with you. You don’t have to believe or trust anything I say, I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to share my journey and if you can take something out of it to be a better human or Soul then I’m happy with that.

Enjoy the video, it is a bit long and in all honesty, I haven’t listened to it to the end because I don’t have time. After lunch between 2 and 4 pm, I have my time to read online, research and post my thoughts. I’m also closely following American politics. Oh boy, what a nuthouse!


6 thoughts on “James Gilliland and Steven Greer

  1. Thank you for always sharing your perspective on the relevant topics at hand. I wondered if you have read or listened to Aug Tellez or Laura(Lauda) Leon? It’s phenomenal news your partner is recovering and on the mend.
    Here is a link if you are interested in giving it a listen.


    Much love to you and yours,


  2. I actually watched the video prior to reading your blog entry as I too have become a ‘fan’ of James Gilliland. Everything you wrote absolutely resonates with me, from the Greer comments to being merely an observer to being ‘ready to go’ I too know of events before they occur, and get “vibes” the moment I meet someone for the first time (can’t tell you how often I have regretted not heeding that inner advice!) Thank you for posting, I look forward to future entries and to perusing the archives!


    • It’s frustrating at time isn’t it, when we ‘feel’ the truth but our mind ( not our friend) wants to disprove or confuse us with doubt and insecurity. It’s also very difficult to just ‘feel’ our intuition and use it at the moment because sometimes those thoughts/higher self messages don’t seem to fit into the reality at the moment. Eventually, and sometimes much later we realize that our intuition was always right. It’s part of our learning process…the road we are on never ends, it’s eternal.


  3. I just ‘found’ James Gilliland 2 days ago on Youtube and I am really drawn to what he says. I still have a hard time with the Earth sprits showing up in cumulonimbus or volcanic clouds, but I don’t pretend to know anything about this stuff, and I might be a little envious of those who have had first hand experience with energies beyond normal human perception. Anyway, with regard to Steven Greer, I’ve watched just about everything I can on him and while I do think he wears his ego on his biceps, it occurs to me that part of the “disclosure’ movement may need an assertive figure such as Dr. Greer to really push these issues and make large scale documentaries to accelerate our awareness. It may not be the only way to go up against the megalomaniacs that throttle us with war and oil, but I can see how like may dissolve like. He is, after all, trying to push for peaceful communication with ETs with the ultimate goal of raising humanity’s collective consciousness so we can finally get out of our own way. I think Gilliland and Greer are bringing a similar message and they are both trying to fight evil with ascendance, they just go about it differently.


    • I like what you have to say, but if you have followed this blog from its beginning, you will see that I have not yet been wrong about anyone I wrote about. I FEEL energy, feel deception, feel motive, feel everything about that person. This is actually really difficult because often, I can’t find proof or just can’t be bothered to present or back up what I have to say, but it always turns out to be correct.
      Maybe I am wrong about Greer; but I don’t feel honesty coming from him, I feel he has an agenda and it’s to deceive us into believing such disclosure can be possible. Why do I believe that? Because I believe that the Law of Free Will still exists and that we came here to figure out our way home. There was to be no intervention, otherwise, what’s the point of having free will? What’s the point of destroying this planet if someone is going to come along and save us. I don’t believe in the Savior syndrome. Many truthseekers have used that “deception”of claiming to be in contact with beings, channelling them and most of them all say that we are loved beyond measure, that we are being watched, that help will come etc. This is meant to keep us waiting, it’s false hope and it will never happen. If you and I came here to figure things out, if death doesn’t exist meaning we are Souls using this body and once we are done, we leave the body and go elsewhere, then what’s the point of disclosure?
      It’s already happened, we the people have been disclosing truth for years. Disclosure will never happen. The day that happened, all wars would stop, money would not be used and the Illuminate or whatever is controlling this planet would lose financially and lose control over us. This is why it will never happen. We the people must disclose, it’s our responsibility as we figure things out. There is nobody on the outside of our reality that will come and interfere with us or our reality. This is just my opinion based on what I FEEL.


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