Food: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Wow, this video really moved me. I am aware of the facts, but looking at where we started years ago when food was healthy and where we are today is just unreal. I hate to say this but we know when American tourists arrive. We can tell by their size and I’m not talking about older folks, but young people. The only reason our society here in Croatia doesn’t have problems with obesity is because we’re still an underdeveloped country. The Middle Class can only afford to eat at McDonalds. We don’t yet have frozen dinners in markets, if they do exist, they’re not affordable. Our culture is such that our meal is the most importan event of the day. The timing of that meal is determined by when everyone can gather. We cook from scratch, many of us have a piece of land or use our property to grow whatever food we can. Spending money on chips, snacks and soda’s are a luxury for those that have money. Because of this, I believe we haven’t yet reached that stage of an obese society.

The fast food culture is taking it’s toll on people. It’s not always our faults, especially in the West. Life is stressful, everyone is running around trying to survive, so when we get home after a long exhausting day, we don’t have the energy to cook meals. I get that. I lived that way until I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in 1999 and while being treated in a private Mexican Hospital run by Dr. Donsbach; we had lectures every night on many topics including food preparation. It wasn’t enough to be cured, we had to learn how  to eat, what foods were healthy and looking at cadavers that died from colon or large intestinal cancer was horrific. We watched slides of cadavers during autopsy so that we could see the damage we caused by our bad eating habits. Did you know that bread basically breaks down into a glue and sticks to the walls of our intestines so that it’s no longer able to absorb any nutrients?

After listening to this video, I felt so much compassion for those folks that even with knowledge of how to eat well would be very difficult if they depend on stores to get their foods. While living in Vancouver, I was lucky to live right next to Chinatown so I could at least get fresh and healthier vegetables. My diet was a mix of Macrobiotics and Oriental foods. 60% brown rice each day and the rest in meats, veggies. Nothing came out of a package, no prepared foods and since then I have never put a food item in my basket unless I read the ingredients first. I also understand that Organic foods are  more expensive and not everyone can afford to eat that way.


It’s not easy to live in the city and live an active busy life, especially for families that have to work everyday. But you know, there is a movement going on where families are converting their grass lawns into food gardens. Once you get it established, there is very little work. If you grow in raised beds, there is no tilling of the soil, you can implement a water system so all you have to do is pick your food and plant new ones. Container gardening is also an option. At the least, you can grow some leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach, chard and even carrots.


I much appreciate my garden and rarely buy anything from the store anymore. The only veggies I purchase now are potatoes, but with my expansion in the works, I won’t be buying those either. I like the idea of being in control of what I eat. Knowing my food is organic and that it’s just a few steps away is not something I take for granted. I’m fortunate to have this ability to grow my own food and have learned about so many different varieties of leafy vegetables like Moringa, Amaranth, NZ Spinach that is drought resistant; and I enjoy trying new varieties each year to see which grow best in my climate.

At this time of year, it’s very arid and hot, like being in the middle of the desert. Although I water the plants every evening, by noon they are already wilting. They actually preserve their water during the day that’s why they wilt a bit but I have to now water them twice a day if I want sizeable vegetables.

But enough of my garden, it’s doing well and I’m fortunate for being able to grow my own food. I only wish we didn’t have to pay for the land given to us, pay for the water, pay for everything that is ours. This planet was created for us, everything on it was created so that we could eat and heal ourselves. I’m angry at times when I think about this reality that so many people go into debt to buy a home, a home along with the land that is ours. They not only control us, they own us. I try and give away as much as I can to those that don’t have the means, but I’m also working on a project here to help the elderly with raised beds so that they don’t have to work so hard to grow their food.

Enjoy the video!


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