I Am All That Is – Remember?

It’s pretty obvious by now to most people on this planet that something is wrong. Can we consider this to be mass consciousness? How does one determine what mass consciousness is and how does it relate? There is much writing and musings about what “Mass Consciousness” is. We know in effect that it means when most or a majority of people have the same ideas, thoughts or concepts. But why do we use this in the “awakening” process? If we all believe that we will Ascend, we can then say it’s a mass consciousness event, but that’s only one belief or one ideology.

Mass consciousness is the majority of the population having opinion or belief about what is true and then attempting to manipulate everyone else to maintain its belief. You may know you are affected by mass consciousness when anything which is in opposition to that consciousness causes a severe reaction within you.”

There is no definition in the dictionary on Mass Consciousness. Is it possible they didn’t include this term because it might give us some ideas? I don’t know. What I do know is this: Nothing is as it appears. Love is now hate. Right is now wrong. Left is now right. We are being prepared for something. The idea is to first present you with many possibilities. Confuse you to the point where you don’t know what to believe anymore.

We’re at that stage now where there is so much information that we don’t know what is true anymore. I can tell you that I was here long ago seeding this planet. I was part of a team to work as a liaison between the lab ships and the biologists on the planet delivering various types of plants to be planted on this planet.

Has it ever occurred to you how the motif of a ‘stripe’ is in all animal kingdoms? We have Zebras, hyena’s, striped spiders, snakes, butterflies, lizards, birds….virtually every species in the animal kingdom has a stripe motif/design. So geneticists used that gene to combine with all living creatures and the flora. Aside from believing that all is done through Creator, someone has to design and build. This group that I was in was the first group. There were no living creatures on the planet at the time. The planet needed to have microorganisms, bacteria in the soil to create that process of composting and recycling. The plant kingdom was carefully placed around the planet according to the soil samples brought and the climate in that area. As much as I can remember from my dream memories, looking down on Earth at the time, it was a huge island in the Ocean. It had uneven design, if you look the outline of North America, but everything was one.

Going back to the subject of Mass Consciousness. I think we have achieved that in terms of knowing that something is wrong or knowing that things are changing and we are entering a never lived before time in our weather/climate era. The unknown is scary, but it’s obvious to most people that something is wrong. Is that enough to shift? How do we determine what Mass Consciousness is really all about and is it on subject to subject or belief by belief? A thought that we all share together is what I see Mass Consciousness. But that’s just one thought, and with one thought we can only change one event.

Having information to something doesn’t create a Mass Consciousness event, but then I can’t define what it really means either. It’s like the new immigration law that Trump just passed or the Supreme Court approved, whatever. It says that the only exception of people coming from those banned  countries on the list is if they have a relationship with the subject. It doesn’t define what relationship means in the context of this law. So, what exactly do they mean? We can interpret this in many ways. There will probably be a lot of court cases because of this non-clarity.

The same goes for Mass Consciousness. If we all think the same thing, it’s Mass, sure, but what does it accomplish? What does me seeing chemtrails and knowing what they are change? Nothing. Only the way I store that information in the brain, but it doesn’t change anything.

I think that “Mass Consciousness” used to create a change is bullshit the more I think about it. I also believe that the Cabal/Elite story is bullshit too and it’s been used to make us believe that someone is controlling us. What if it’s not true? What if nobody is controlling us, but we are just acting as if someone is controlling us? Fear does that to  you.  The fear of believing that some higher entities such as the Cabal, Elites, Controllers are determining our fate when in reality, they don’t give a shit about us, they are doing what they want to do and all they have succeeded in is programming us into believing that they control us.

Look around you. Do you see any fences? Do you see any chains attached to your home? Do you see employees in shackles being forced to work? Where exactly is this control taking  place? It’s all in our minds. Do you actually see any veil or technology that is separating us from the rest of the Universe? Where is the proof? Why are we not allowed to travel outside of our planet? It’s not because there is a veil or energy field keeping us inside. I think it’s because we’re dangerous to ourselves and therefore, there has been a border established. It’s not there to keep us in a prison or to keep us as prisoners. It’s there because we’re dangerous and other races don’t want us to spread our virus of barbarism to other worlds. Yes, we are kept here, but not as prisoners. Who gains by keeping us prisoners? We’re held back from the rest of living species because we are an experiment that went really bad and therefore, until we change or kill ourselves, we can’t be trusted to leave. Earthling are not the only living species that can be used for slavery or to control. There are trillions of different races out there not just humans. So, why control only the humans? Because we allowed them, because we believed their stories, because we are without our memories so we were the easiest to manipulate, but NOT control. It’s not allowed. Anywhere. It’s against the laws of free will. Yes, we have free will, it may be limited to what we can do, but the law exists. So, in order to rule us, we had to agree. We had to believe what they were telling us. They provided the information, we created their reality to suit them. They don’t control us. The manipulate us.

You may say there is proof out there that the Soros, Rothschild’s et.al. are controlling us. Where is the proof? They are deceiving us, they are programming us to create their reality, but there is no proof their agenda is to control us. They can use us, they can abuse us, but that’s not controlling us. There is a lot of information about this Cabal or Elite. I’m not saying they don’t exist, I’m just saying that their agenda is not to control us, only to disempower us so that only a few of them can RULE. Ruling is different than controlling. Our countries leaders rule over us. In my country Croatia the government is called “VLADA”, Vlada means to rule or Ruler. This was changed a few years ago, yet nobody noticed this. So, to rule is not to control or imprison. The laws they create are to rule us into submission but we are not prisoners. We just believe that we are.

Everything you believe in is an illusion, that we created using information given to us through our governments, our parents, mass media, education etc., therefore, we create the reality they want. That’s not controlling us, that’s just fucking with our minds.

They didn’t hijack this planet. They hijacked our minds and I have written about this many times before. We project what we believe. We are Creators, we create through thought, we are so powerful. This is what is being hidden from us, this is why we are being ruled and deceived. If we figure out who we are and how powerful we are, they lose their power.

There is no savior. There is God savior. There is no force out there that is going to save us. They are watching us and hoping we wake up very soon as we can face another mass extinction. It won’t matter much because we’re immortal and old souls, but our Minds and Ego’s that don’t belong to us as Souls, that are part of the body suit we occupy have been programmed to make us believe things that are not true.

It’s deep. It’s very deep. It’s so deep that it’s difficult to believe that we have created our own prison. When cats are wounded in the wild, even domesticated cats they hide. They hide because they are vulnerable to attack, they hide so they can heal. It’s not their prison, it’s a place they retreat to until they are well enough to move again. We are in that stage, sick, damaged, confused, suffering from delusions so we’re not able to get up and move forward. We brought ourselves into this stage as we created their reality. We need to wake up and understand that we have the power to change that.

One more thing. I do believe that there is a planetary body nearing our Solar System. It would be foolish for me to tell you that you don’t need to worry about it. That’s something you need to investigate and make on your own. I personally don’t see this planetary body causing an extinction event or mass die off event. It will get rough, many physical changes on the planet, but I don’t see us ending this reality because of it. This is another fear mongering event because something before that event might happen. Another mind preparation if you will. The Nibiru/Planet X/7th Planet/Wormwood preachers are scaring people without any proof other than the bible and we know the bible was not intended to help man. The bible was created by many and the gods in the bible were Aliens.

I’m not worried at all but I’m also being cautious and prepared. If the electrical grid goes out, we’re on our own. The impact of something is nothing as dangerous as the power going out for months and years. This is what will kill humanity, not a planetary body. All we can do is be prepared and have a plan should something like that happen. It really feels empowering when I know that should SHTF tomorrow, I have some food that I can grow, medicine I cultivated and seeds to trade for things I don’t have. In a way, storing foods that would supply you for a year or two is actually silly because you don’t know if you will even be affected or if you can stay in that place where your food is.

I live in a region where there are 3 huge volcanoes in Italy and if they blow, the ash would cover our skies for months. No sunshine, no life. Or too much can erode the soil. I have a greenhouse, a solarium if something like that happened, but no sunshine, well, that’s when the canned food is appreciated. My point is there is no perfect plan or formula should we find ourselves in a world without electricity. You do what you can according to what you believe. Remember, we’re just playing a game here…we may not remember what our reason or goal for being here is, but whatever is about to happen is because we planned that as well. There is no cause for FEAR, the human inside us is in fear because of it’s existence; that is just our body suit we use while here so we need to remember that.

Everything is as it should be and I know it may seem crazy; but then hasn’t the human race passed that stage and is now in the phase of Insanity? Insanity is actually sanity. Fear is actually love. It’s all according to what we have done in our state of Mass Consciousness if you believe that. Personally, we are explorers, learning, experiencing all possible variations of what God actually is. All that is. I am That. I am That. I am That. I am All that IS.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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