Take It or Leave It, Separation is Over With

Integration or Intolerance?  This is a very touchy subject depending from what angle you look at it, depending on your current religious beliefs, depending on the country you live in and what you have created as your own belief system.

Integration refers to the current situation in Europe as more and more immigrants arrive on our shores. I use the term immigrant over migrant because both terms have the same reason for leaving. They are seeking a better life, a human right that is forgotten about long ago when ‘Democracy’ was shoved down our throats.

First we were separated by borders, countries, languages, cultures, religion and everything different each country believes in. Now they are fracturing this because it didn’t work. Despite the separation, people managed to live in peace in most parts of the countries. Sure, various regimes and governments didn’t always respect the freedom and human rights laws, but people managed to live together in their countries despite different religious beliefs.

I think that they thought separation would be keep us apart, preventing us from coming together in thoughts, ideas, beliefs and the desire to be free. It didn’t work. So, they decided to mix us all up and create confusion. Some say it’s done on purpose for the reason of destabilizing the EU; for creating a weak Union so that the US government can blackmail and control better. Does it matter who and why? How do we integrate centuries of different cultures, religions and beliefs? Some countries are removing pork from stores and restaurants, yet Muslims are screaming: “We didn’t ask for that”. Of course they didn’t. It was done on purpose, to create the illusion that they (Muslims) want to keep their right to follow their traditions, cultures and religion in the country that welcomed them. Left is right. Up is down. Truth is lies.

So, the reality is that this integration is causing problems, huge problems. If we were left alone to do this ourselves, there would be no problems. Humans by nature are for family, community and living together as one. It’s the very governments and Media that are causing false news to pit us against each other.

Here is what I think about immigrants coming to my country. It’s the same rules my parents had to follow when they immigrated to Canada in 1960. In order to get their citizenship, they had to learn how to read and write the English language, they had to abide all laws, customs and cultures and they had to pass an extensive Citizenship test. I can’t say if Canada is having or not having problems in racism or integration at this time because I don’t live there anymore, but I do know that Canada never had the problems of racism that the US did then and now.

If immigrants came to my country Croatia, I would expect that they leave behind their way of life and adopt our way of life. If the woman wants to wear a scarf or Burka that’s fine, she can do it in her religious place or privately at home. Religion has nothing to do with her cover; I have read some lines of the Karan and there is no specific order for a woman to wear this. It states that a woman should look modest when she goes out in public. I had a really difficult time once in Canada when I was pulled over for speeding. When the cop came to my car and I looked up, I was shocked. He was wearing a Turban. Are you kidding me? So I played his game and took out my bible from the glove box and laid it on the passenger seat. (Yes, I was and have been an activist and rebel since I was a young woman). When he told me I was speeding, I simply got sad and told him that I had a deep emotional problem and was praying while driving and got carried away. He warned me and let me go.

I have an issue with a policeman wearing a Turban. I have an issue with immigrants coming to our countries and not adopting/accepting our way of life. I respect all people, all religions, all cultures and traditions as I live in a deeply Roman Catholic cesspool of a “poor me” society. But I believe that if you are coming to a country that you should integrate into that society and if you feel you can’t, find another country or go back where you came from. This worked when we had separate borders, separate countries, separate religions and is now causing the very problem when THEY are integrating us into ONE. Although their reason for this is to have ONE government, ONE religion, ONE police, etc.,  it’s obvious to us that this integration project is to create civil disorders, and chaos which will then be met by force.

This is going to backfire on them. Why? From a spiritual perspective, this is part of our plan to come together and Unite. Sure, it will get bumpy for a while because we do have to integrate all our differences into ONE; but left alone, we would do it very well. Understanding this, we can then say that our phase of Unification is in full swing. We are physically coming together, we are uniting  all races, nations, cultures, religions into one. They expect us to fight each other and kill each other off and save them that trouble. Had it not been for their creation of Terrorism, nothing bad would have happened, but they created the Terrorist agenda so that we could fight each other internally in our own countries and blame the immigrants for bringing that with them.

Luckily, so far, very few immigrants want to come to Croatia. In fact, recent studies showed that our population is dying off. Croatia has a population of approx. 4.5 Million citizens, we have just as many Croatians in the diaspora.  By 2020, our population will be half of what it is now because babies are not being born and we have an aging population. In fact, 54% of the population is over 65, 15% are veterans and disabled. That leaves us 30% left and of that only 10% are children under 16. This doesn’t bode well for this country because like in history, it will be occupied and taken over by EU member countries. They are already here opening huge stores and businesses and eventually, very slowly they will start bringing in their work force but it won’t be Germans, it will be the German immigrants, low paid workers.

This is just an estimation of what I see happening to our country, I don’t see any other solution if we can’t start raising the population levels. Eventually, it will be taken over by some entity or we could be occupied or integrated with another country. Whatever the case may be, our prospects don’t look good.

From a realistic perspective and why we came here, it would make sense that in order to accomplish our goals we all have to come together. I think the Controllers are wrong about why they want this integration and it won’t go as planned for them. We need to remove the propaganda mind away from you or me. We are all ONE. We were all created by the same Creator, therefore, it’s not my fault or your fault for that matter that this separation occurred by countries and borders. Instead of resisting, and that includes myself, we have to start opening our arms to those that wish to come to our countries and not feel threatened by them so that we can start this integration process.

Yes it’s painful, yes we have a long road ahead of us. This is not something that can be done in a few weeks or months. But it has start somewhere and with the right frame of mind, with a positive attitude and a reminder as to why this is necessary we can do this. Of course the Controllers and Mass Lying Media will throw roadblocks with their false propaganda, but we’re doing a great job of exposing them for what they are. Soon, they will have no relevance in this reality; it’s just a matter of time.

I too want things to be the way they are now. I too don’t want to change my reality. I love this part of my life as having accomplished and achieved everything I wanted, but remaining stagnant is also not good. I have to come to terms with the fact that things change and that in order for us to move forward, we can’t come together telepathically, we have to come together physically and then form that energetic bond required to take the next leap.

Nobody said it would be easy but like a mother after giving birth, most will say: “It was horrible pain, but it was worth it and I have already forgotten the pain”.



Your thoughts are welcome!

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