Coffee, Tea or Cannabis?

I made some Cannabis Oil tonight. I use the Rick Simpson method with the exception that he recommends using Pharmaceutical alcohol, I use pure Ethanol 100%.

This is the final stage of the alcohol evaporating.

Because the plants won’t flower until this fall, I had to use leaves only. There are those that say using leaves doesn’t produce good Oil which is not true at all. There are those that claim male plants aren’t good enough. This is not true either. These rules may apply for recreation purposes, but not for medicine. The leaves contain THC and CBD although THC is much less, for medical purposes, it doesn’t matter. THC is required to activate the CBD and nobody wants to get high when they are very ill.

Because I use leaves, I have to use a lot more material. Out of 15 plants, 3 of them are males so I use them for making the oil.

Pure Rick Simpson Oil, meaning the recipe used.

Once the Oil is collected I prefer to use empty gel caps and immediately fill them up before the material gets hard. In essence, once hardened it’s difficult to push out of the syringe and some recommend to just run it under warm water. It’s got a nasty taste and so it’s easier to dose each capsule equally.

My partner is doing really good. He’s in his workshop cleaning up after 3 years of being very ill. Although he’s not out of the woods yet, it’s a miracle that he’s even alive 3 years after diagnosis. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is deadly, the average life span upon diagnosis is about 3 years but he was diagnosed at Stage III out of IV so it’s a miracle indeed thanks to Cannabis and everything else we have been doing. He’s due for his checkup in hospital in a week because his blood is clotting and we can’t figure out why. I know why, but I can’t make that diagnosis so once they figure it out, I can then proceed with natural therapies.

I also germinated 20 Moringa Seeds; look this plant up it’s also a miracle tree that most people have no idea about it. It’s becoming more popular in the West, but the warm sub tropical climate here is ideal for it’s growth. I read that it can grow to 20 ft in less than 6 months. You can start harvesting the leaves in 2 months, so it grows really fast!

We are now allowed to grow 7 Cannabis plants in Croatia but it’s impossible to get a License to grow and sell the medical Cannabis. Too many restrictions and a huge investment, but 2 plants are enough medicine for a year per person therefore, I’m happy with that. The irony behind all of this is that our doctor wants to know if I will sell oil because as  you know, Doctors don’t do chemotherapy nor do they allow their family to have that treatment. I’m thinking about it, maybe they should first start being honest with their patients about Chemotherapy first and at the least let them know there are natural options out there. If I even sell to this doctor, that will be the condition he will get it from me because I don’t think he deserves better. He should be honest with his patients first and let them know they too can find natural remedies that would help with their cancers.

Time for bed, been a long day and this Cannabis made me really sleepy!


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