The Magic Medicinal Garden

We ran out of Bud Cannabis Oil so I had to pull out a young male and make some oil from it. It’s difficult to find any information about the cannabis leaves and whether they have the same ingredients as the bud flowers do. My way of thinking is that the stem and leaves have the same chemicals just not as much as the flower does.

This is my medicinal garden part where I can sit down amongst my friends and talk to them. This is also my first time growing them with knowledge. Last year I just tossed out a few seeds in the back and didn’t take good care of them. Despite this, once I encapsulated the Oil in gel caps and took my first one; I don’t remember most of that evening. Even though I smoked it when I was a younger person, I had never experienced anything like I did with this half grown, unattended and often dried out plant.

I spent most of the winter researching, contacting some researchers in Israel  as growing the plant wasn’t good enough. I wanted to know everything about this plant, how to best grow it and of course make the final product.

So, since the plants are now in pre-flowering stage, I chose a male sacrifice. It is said that males are worthless and should be thrown away once the sex is showing. Yes, if you don’t want them to pollinate the females, but you can use them so I beg to differ. You don’t need to throw them away, you can use them to make oil or eat them raw in a smoothie.

I really enjoyed the experience with this male plant. It gave me an incredible feeling of relaxation, you know, like riding on a wave that never hits the shore. It’s like floating in the pool on a mattress and feeling that gentle movement of the water beneath you. When I close my eyes, my mind would wander in every aspect of time and space and I found myself in a place of timelessness. Every muscle, every hair, every part of my body was totally relaxed. I think that if an earthquake happened, I would life my head and think: “Oh, was that an earthquake? Oh well.” So, it does have some good stuff in it and my partner, whom I actually made it for is sleeping like a baby. Normally, as long as I have known him in the last 12 years, he will sleep and hear a mosquito buzzing around. His sleep periods would be an hour or two, wake up, watch TV and fall asleep. This would go on all night. Not anymore. He’s now sleeping so good that he doesn’t hear me entering the room, showering or even crawling into bed with him.

People I know will ask me: “Aren’t you afraid of the police?”. I just look at them in shock at what they are asking me and answer: “Fear isn’t something I can afford right now. My fear of losing my partner is greater than being arrested.” I find it to be a silly question.

I can tell you one thing. Every part of the plant, including the stems can be used. Male plants can be used as well. The only disadvantage of using leaves is that you need 3 times more material to get the same amount with the flowered plant. But since I have to get rid of a few males soon, I don’t have to waste anything.

Don’t let fear keep you back from helping someone you love. Don’t bother growing this plant if you have fear because you will attract the very thing you fear. Grow it with the knowledge that you are saving a life and nobody will come knocking on your door, it’s just how energy works. In the end, as my police friend told me last year, it’s very unlikely that you will end up in jail because no judge will do that if you can prove that someone you know or you yourself is very ill. Since I have proof that my partner is ill, I don’t worry about it. In fact, if it did happen, I have a few friends in the Media business and would make it a national story so that more people know about this plant.
I know a guy on the mainland who grows and sells the Oil. He has a waiting list of patients, as it’s only legal to grow 7 plants per person. When I asked him a few more questions, I found out that many of these patients are doctors. Didn’t surprise me at all. They can’t be that stupid to treat themselves with Chemo or radiation. They only play stupid, but one must ask  how they sleep at night knowing what they are doing.

Thanks to YT, I was able to learn just about everything I needed to know to grow these awesome healing plants. As you can see in the photo, they are about 5 ft tall right now and only 2.5 months old. I planted them outside on April 11th and they withstand strong winds and hot 32C plus days as well. I know my partner may not have survived his disease without this plant, and that even if he did, it would be a horrific death. He’s now working in the shop, living a normal life and it feels good to know that the effort was well worth it. He’s not out of the woods yet, but statistically, patients diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension live an average of 3-3.5 years upon diagnosis. It’s been 3 years now and he’s better now than when diagnosed.

I have made him a believer and he’s now become the spokesperson for this plant. It’s never too late to learn new things and at almost 70 years of age, he’s turned a new leaf. Now I can relax and start taking care of me.


3 thoughts on “The Magic Medicinal Garden

    • I have no problem sharing with you how to grow and make the best of the plant. Problem is this: The reason I went to Israel because their climate is Mediterranean, identical to mine here in Croatia. All of the information, the YT videos are about North American climates. We don’t have mould or fungus here, it’s an arid and dry climate so I needed to know how to grow in this type of climate. If there is anything in particular you need to know just ask me, but honestly, growing outdoors is very simple. The plants just do what they feel is right at the right time. You don’t force them to do anything, they are not fussy about soil so long as they get adequate water. They love water. I feed them once a month with organic fertilizer and Urine. Just remember that every part of the plant can be used, there is nothing wasted. New research from the Netherlands from scientists there just came out with some awesome information. Every stick and branch from the plant can be infused as a tea and you can actually get high on that too. The pollen from the males are collected and added to the mixture without putting it through a sieve, it’s very powerful in term of anti inflammatory qualities.
      I’m actually sad, I didn’t expect the plants to go into flowering so soon and I know that in a few weeks they will be harvested. I keep telling them they are going to help a lot of people and it seems that the more I talk to them, the bigger they get 🙂


      • Hi Ines, Thanks for your reply. I live in Ireland so think damp, mold, little sunshine, tho this year has been an exception we had sun. I have 1 plant in a poly tunnel and last year I tried to harvest the buds but they got mold on the plant, saved some but not enough. I’m very encouraged about the new research to use the stems as tea. I just love the aroma of the whole plant it invigorates me just to smell it. This is truly a sacred herb and as we have a cannabinoid system in our bodies, we are made for each other. Keep up the good work, you are a ray of sunshine on dark days.


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