The function of human DNA is to store the information for the building of all proteins, which the cell needs as structural elements. Without these billions of proteins there will be no cells and no organic matter, and no “Biological Life” as humans perceive it.

The DNA code of each cell contains all the information of all proteins which every cell in the organism needs. The cells of the organism are constantly created and destroyed, so that there is a constant need for the production of new proteins in the cell. This is done with the help of the DNA in the nucleus and also to a lesser extent in the mitochondria, where small patches of DNA also exist.

The mechanism how the DNA strands in the cell nucleus build a replication of their code as mRNA (messenger RNA) is well known in bio-science. What is unknown however, is how this replication concretely takes place and how it is regulated. The whole mechanism is so highly complex, extremely dynamic and subjected to constant alterations that it defies any verbal explanation. There are many voluminous textbooks that describe these processes in a fragmented fashion without being able to connect the dots. Therefore I will not delve into this matter where any non-specialist, but also most specialists are hopelessly overwhelmed by the already known pieces of information. Succinctly concluded, modern bio-science and genetics have no explanation how this complex regulation of the RNA replication from the original DNA code takes place.

The RNA is a mirror image of a very small section of the DNA code, which is responsible for the building of a particular protein or rather a set of closely related proteins. These can be antibodies, receptors, ion-pumps, etc. As I said, there are infinite types of cell proteins that fulfill a specific function in the cell or in the cell membrane.

The mRNA then goes out of the cell nucleus and enters the rough ER (rough endoplasmic retuculum) in the cytoplasma of the cell where the actual building of the proteins takes place. This is another highly complex and convoluted process that includes, among others, the “splicing” and “targeting of proteins”  which are very poorly understood biological processes. To all these processes I have contributed great insights and scientific breakthroughs.

What is important for you to know is that the DNA code is the template of all proteins, which are the building blocks of the cell and that vice verse, all proteins are a mirror image of the DNA code, the genetic code.

Now, all proteins have a highly specialized function that takes place under very specific energetic conditions, which I define as the “energetic constraint of biological regulation” In a broader sense this includes the regulation of the incarnated personality by the soul, but first and foremost that part of the soul’s “software program” which we define as the “body elemental” and is responsible for the biological regulation of the human organism.

The bottom line is that you cannot change arbitrarily the DNA code as it is the template for the whole, finely attuned energetic structure and regulation of the cells and the human body. Any alteration in full ignorance of these complex processes, as present-day bio-scientists use to do, is a defiance of the Divine Creation and doomed to failure.

This is a leitmotif of Charlotte’s article below and a very important aspect of all human science. This is how Atlantis caused its Fall from Grace and was destroyed. Now this kind of deadly interventions into the human DNA and subsequent desecration of the divine design of humanity are prevented by the Source, respectively by us as Logos Gods and its representatives on the ground, so that nothing bad can happen in these last days prior to Ascension.

Just as the DNA code consists of a restricted set of elementary carriers of information known  as “codons”, which are the actual genetic code, so do all proteins. Here I made one of my greatest theoretical breakthroughs in bio-science by finding out that all proteins, which are essentially amino acid chains, are also based on a restricted number of functional units, which comprise essentially of three groups of amino acids – positively and negatively charged amino acids that are separated by aliphatic, neutral amino acids carrying a delocalised pi-electron structure. This amino acid triplet has a similar function to that of a DNA codon, which is also a nucleotide triplet, and determines the function of the proteins. This has been shown to be true for all immunoglobulins, which are best researched so far. Specific amino acid triplets determine their antigen specificity at the active site. From a physical point of view, both the DNA codons and the amino acid triplets operate as a kind of a trinary (not binary as in current digital computers) biological semiconductors of the highest effectivity.

What is most important to observe is that both DNA and all proteins operate in the cell under a huge electromagnetic gradient of billions if not trillions of electronvolts, created across the cell membrane and on all intracellular membranes. Under this energetic constraint, both DNA and all proteins are transformed into superconductors and operate without any loss of energy. I am the first scientist to have explained the superconductivity of DNA and cell proteins from a theoretical point of view (as I am the first one to have solved the theory of superconductivity, see volume II) and also to explain the key phenomenon of “conservative polymorphism” which has been observed in all proteins and in particular in all immunoglobulins. This term describes the fact that all these groups of proteins change their amino acid sequences in a very restricted and rigid manner.

If all amino acids were simple building units of proteins and carry equal bits of information according to the currently accepted Shannon’s theory of information, then there should be no such restrictions as to how the amino acid sequences of all proteins are arranged. The reason for these restrictions, defined as “conservative polymorphism” lies in the fact that all amino acid triplets must appear at a certain place in the protein sequence as to create an active site, while the rest of the amino acids build the tertiary and quaternary space structure of the protein. This structure is highly conservative, rigid as the protein can be functional only in this particular spatial configuration. Vice versa, the DNA code is also subjected to this conservative polymorphism and can only change within a very narrow range as it is the template of all proteins in the cell. Any arbitrary manipulation of the DNA code by researchers is thus a desecration of the Divine Design of Life.

None of this information is really known and understood in bio-science, although the pieces of information are there.

The greatest breakthrough of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation is that the DNA code and the building of proteins are regulated by the action potential of the cells, which is an electromagnetic gradient – an electromagnetic, photon wave – as proved by myself for the first time in the history of science. I could prove mathematically that all effective chemical energy, which a human organism receives through food, is transformed into stored electro-magnetic energy as powerful gradients across the cell membrane.

When this photon energy is released in form of action potential, it drives the entire metabolism in the cell, including the mRNA replication, the building of proteins from the mRNA in the ER, etc. etc.

All these processes occur in a state of superconductivity under the condition of extreme energetic disequilibrium, which is created by the huge membrane gradient of billions of electronvolts in each cell and cannot be reproduced experimentally.

The cell, with all its structures, is the most dynamic energetic system, one can find in this material world. It is a divine creation and human mind is too limited to even grasp its function. The biological cell, to which the DNA is a part, is one grand design of incredible perfection and not meant to be manipulated by this homo sapiens. This will be possible again, only after ascension to the 5D.

To separate cell’s components and use them for profane goals, as current researchers do with the DNA code, is the peak of human stupidity and ignorance and this is what Charlotte has shown in her article with reference to biblical and other spiritual sources very well.



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