Notes from Ines: Every once in a while I visit Georgi’s website. For most part his arrogance bothers me, but at times there is some really nice things written. This one was one of them.

All the wars, calamities and hardships to which this humanity has been subjugated for eons of time is now becoming evident to more and more people and of course this reality is unbearable to us, who have both eyes opened since a very long time. Now the rest of humanity must see it the same way and realize what abominable conditions of life the people have created on this planet. They must now begin to discern that there are not only two options – black and white, the good versus the bad ones – but infinite possibilities to create this world.

The usual long-lived concept of duality is now dissolving in front of our eyes and the current wars and other military and social conflicts are only the visible signs that show the people the true hell they have created for themselves for so long time and that it “ain’t necessarily so”, to quote a famous song from the musical “Porgy and Bess”.

I do not see any further culmination of confrontation and a global war on this uppermost mother planet, as there is no longer enough energetic support for this scenario. We as powerful pillars of light have made this outcome impossible. What I envision instead is a constant pulverization of the old negative patterns of animosity and destruction, which have been the driving motors of humanity for many millennia and now no longer serve their purpose.

We should now decisively turn away from all conflicts of duality that still rage on this planet, in the full knowing that their resolution will not be in the victory of the good ones over the bad ones, Russia over the Empire of Evil, as this battle has already served its purpose – to prevent the establishment of the NWO on this timeline. This is now a done deal and the dark ones will simply vanish from this reality by means of interdimensional splitting.

When the tipping point will come, and I am very confident that it is very near, quite probably this month of equinox, this whole reality will automatically switch on to a new, more light-filled holographic version, that of the new 4D worlds. This will be also the point in time when we shall experience our transfiguration and then we shall begin with our true mission as Logos Gods in these new worlds, although the pillars of light of our multidimensional fields already fulfill this function in this crumbling reality.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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