Bradley stole my party! This is a great stuff and I support it 100%, ok well, 99.999999% just in case I’m wrong. LOL



  1. Ines, apparently after 4 or 5 days of ‘awaiting moderation’, Bradley decided against this post in response to your comment on his site. This would tend to argue in favor of questioning Bradley’s true stance regarding ‘truth’.

    Actually, David wasn’t alone in the Ascension-that-never-was theme song. There was a plethora of such sites vying for attention in getting the “message out”, to include Jean’s. She’s still ticking along too, albeit on a different tack now as David seems to be. In this context, don’t know how much either can be seen as truly reliable. If history is any indicator, the probability is very likely this latest from David will be shown too not to have been true. Jean has had more than her baggage and issues made public in recent times. Unfortunately, the Fulford-Wilcock-Keenan-Drake disinfo axis seems to have been well established.

    Regarding the Cabal’s controlled ‘news rags’, many would make the argument YouTube is certainly one of them as well, owned and operated by mega Google. If true, it raises the question just how much would this source work ‘in the public interest’, exactly?


    • Sorry Hank, I have been off the blogs for a while now, I’m dealing with a terminally ill partner and just came on to check comments. We all have to come together, rather than trying to figure out who did what, that’s not popular anymore. We need to come together, we need to unify and so far, I have not seen anyone or heard anyone come up with a solution for that. This is why i believe that we will have intervention, we do have free will, but I am getting messages that they are on their way. Even if we were all to come together in Unity …their weapons can kill us all, they are way to powerful, the only way they know how to fight is with deadly technology, so we will get help, there is no other way around this unless GOD just turns off the light in their souls and he can’t do that.


      • I don’t know how you came across this blog, many have come over from Jean’s blog. No, they didn’t leave Jean, they just added another blog, I don’t want people to think otherwise. WE had our differences, but I was commenting for months on many of the folks she so proudly displayed and whenever I questioned it, she either told me I was not informed enough or that I was delusional.
        Well, here we are a year later, and all her “pride” contributors that I questioned are now exposed for being what they are.
        You see, it doesn’t take intelligence, due diligence and good research, it helps, but you need to have a connection with higher self and you can smell them a mile away, you just KNOW they are not ethical and moral. David just recently was asked on a show what happened to the mass arrests that were supposed to happen. Of course, he had to first make the audience feel guilty, so he said that the leak got a few people killed because they were so excited to get out the information and that he never should have given any accurate dates.
        He uses NLP notice when he states “INTEL”, “Higher sources”, “information that ONLY I get”, he highlights it, so he’s a fucking paid shill, I have stood behind my claim for years now if you go back to the start of this blog you will see that.
        I”m not tooting my horn, in the same breath I also realize that things are not always what they appear to be, I give them all opportunity, but my philosophy is 3 strikes you’re out! If you have intel, if you have access to higher sources of information then you either got bad sources or you’re just full of shit.

        So, Jean has her agenda, and that is to feed off her readers, she’s good at what she does, I commend her for not having a life and ruining her healthy so serve a false god, but she chose that. She enjoys the attention, she’s good at getting her victim state out there and her agenda is to scare the shit out of people and keep them in a negative state.
        You can’t go wrong 12 times with 12 people and claim to be a good researcher, so statistics also show the truth and time will tell who many more she will bring forth that are full of shit and are serving their own agenda.
        My target now is Alfred Webre, I’m finally starting to figure him out. .He is desperate for anyone to confirm that his “positive timeline” is real. There is no such thing as a positive timeline, in time/space there is no duality even in time. We are changing timelines, but they are not negative or positive, and this is where he can’t prove this bullshit, it’s a theory, he calls it science, great. Prove it and then we can talk about it.
        There is no duality outside of 3rd density/dimension. There is no such thing as pos/neg. timelines, think about it, time is not a choice, it’s an energy state we change into once we have chosen what we want to do and where we want to go.


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