New Age Negativity and Confusion

The New Cage Movement, going on for over 20 years now has not changed a damn thing. It has not created peace, it has not activated the higher power in us, it has not created Unity Consciousness and the reason it’s negative is because it IS. It’s disempowering, it’s a hopium designed to keep you waiting for something, sorry, but if you don’t like the truth, go find your own. I’m all for love and light, but that love and light is already inside of us, WE ARE love and light, we don’t need higher dimensional entities disobeying the laws of free will and interfering with our thought process or decisions we changed because of the channeled information. We need to stop listening to these gurus and search for our own truth. Your truth is what you witness, your truth to me is a belief if I choose to believe it. Your truth is what you see and create, it’s not mine. My truth is ME, I, BEING/DOING, LOVING AND CREATING. I respect all opinions, thoughts and ideas, but the truth lies within each one of us.

Deus Nexus

deusnexus_100 I’ve shared many of the same feelings and concerns that Wes brings up in his post below, and I am grateful that he has opened his heart to write about them.  These feelings of discouragement with the negativity and confusion spread by some “former New Age” sites inspired me to write The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts, to seek to rebalance the conversation.

Where the New Age movement moves from self-awareness, awakening, transformation, and personal enlightenment toward blind hope, rigid belief, and religious dogma there is opportunity for abuse and misinformation. Yes, there are spirits who wish to deceive, if they find a willing host.  But the greatest damage the Darkness can do is to get us to distrust ourselves and the inherent goodness of the Universe around us, attempting to isolate us from the loving assistance of the Light. If we open our minds, but close our hearts, then we are already defeated. A spiritual struggle of perception…

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