Something New Under the Sun – James Horak and Crystal Clark Latest

It was wonderful to find this video today. James Horak went public in 2010 about his origin and shares to this day the knowledge he has about our civilization and what happened to get us here today.
Crystal Clark is someone I have listened to just as long as James and I can say with enough confidence that both are right on about what they speak because I have similar visions and dreams.
This video is a compilation of years of information. James Horak took time out due to injuries sustained in car accident but the video will guide you to where the websites are and how to get more information.
I really hope you can find the time to listen to this video and  you can’t skip parts unless you have listened to these folks before and understand what they are talking about.
Upon listening to this interview, I asked myself: “Did anything change in my  life having this information?” Can I use this information to improve my reality?”
The answers to both were yes because information is  power. With information you make informed and better decisions in your life. With this information, it empowers you to follow your instincts rather than their agenda. Enjoy!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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