Beautiful Images of a Beautiful and Self-Sufficient Life

Many of you have asked to see photos of my Cannabis plants so at the same time show you what I do everyday when not in house.
I’m very fortunate to have the life that I have and I so much appreciate it because I lived in Vancouver B.C. most of my life and have come to appreciate this opportunity to thrive and be healthier than I ever was before. Anyone that wants to come and visit Croatia is welcome to be a guest at my  house.

Organic Garden
To the forefront you will see the young Cannabis plants and towards the back in the big barrel.
Organic Garden 2017
Young onions and Chinese Cabbage.
Indica sativa mix though mostly Indica strains. I’m waiting for the males to mature so I can pull them out and make some oil before they start forming pollen sacks.
Cannabis in barrel. 4 plants and they are only 2 months old.
Tomatoes, cucumbers and butternut squash all together in harmony.
Expansion to the front of house. After 9 years, finally getting the front edible garden. I have several plants germinating: Moringa, Noni, Goji berries, various berries including Peruvian berries.
Early spring addition of 2 wood frames and one keyhole frame from blocks.
This is Orgonite that I use to protect my home from dangerous frequencies. The left device is called an Orgonite Zapper. By holding on to the copper, we can clear ourselves with negative frequencies. I also place these Orgone devices outside in my garden.
To the left you will see a hoop system. English call it a Cloche, once plastic is placed on it it’s called a hoop house. I use it for netting to keep the hot Mediterranean sun from burning leafy vegetables.
A panoramic view of my village on the island of Solta that I live in. The main coast is only 40 minutes by ferry.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Images of a Beautiful and Self-Sufficient Life

    • Thanks sis. Yes, the hard work and love of it is really working out. Today is the first day in months that I have not gone outside and I’m feeling strange, as if the plants are calling me. I needed a day of rest and will just go out tonight to water the beds that don’t have mulch on them. I have already saved 40% in water costs by mulching. If I have a good crop, will sell the extra oil and buy you a plane ticket to visit me or you can just live here with me and help with garden!


  1. Connecting the dots feeling not through emotion but vibration a knowingness I need to ground into thank you for all you wonderful insights and shadings xx


  2. What a wonderful sight. True love of nature shines through. I live in Ireland and today is cooler and raining, but I have a poly tunnel 30’x 16′ so that is where I live if it’s raining. Like you I feel lost if I’m not outside everyday. Love your organise. I make plasterite which has high bovis readings and is all natural. Love to visit a kindred spirit one day and help you in the garden. Keep up the good work on all levels.


    • Thank you so much. It’s my paradise and on the most difficult days I can find solace in nature. Plants talk to me and I can feel their energy!


      • I know I feel their energy too. I do Reiki just on friends and myself and I’m very empathic to people and animals plants etc. Maybe one day I’ll get over to Croatia it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit.


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