Another Repeat Sound Bite

There is a video below, long way down!
A few years ago I could listen to an interview very attentively using my common sense and logic to determine if the information given was “true”or not. I have never been a fan of Alfred Webre. Fool me once, lie to me once and you’re crossed off my list as a potential source of information. Webre has spent many years writing about the “Omniverse”, a theoretical subject really that he himself claims is based on science.

Science is nothing but supposition and possibility, though, science has not brought us to a better human condition. The information in this video is just repeats and referrals from various sources such as: Corey Goode, David Icke, Alex Collier and other researchers. The logic in this interview is that if enough people tend to agree with something then it must be close to truth.  Their stories never end, and they seem to think that if they can give us enough information, it would prove something. Could it be that they are just trying to prove something to themselves?

I have listened to Peter Kling and Tom Horn over the years, my favorite bible thumpers. Today was probably the last time I would ever click on a YT video. I’m done with them because for the last 20 years, nothing has changed except that they have added “aliens” to their repertoire. Their philosophies are based on “believing in God”. However, believing something to be true is simply accepting some kind of theory or information as truth. I doubt either one have seen God so they continue to quote the bible as if it has any credibility.
Tom and Peter never talk about who wrote the bible or that thousands of gospels are missing if we are to accept the information in it. They don’t mention the Gnostic gospels either which leads me to believe they are purposely conning people. How did they choose to study the bible instead of the Gnostic texts? It’s just as easy to find it for them as it is for me.
I’m getting sick and tired of these people thinking they have something to offer us. As if we can’t find the information ourselves so we need people like them to tell us their “opinions”. That’s all they have to offer, just opinions based on something they researched.
It’s getting difficult to stay in frequency while listening to them, though I have yet to hear from any of them suggestions on how we can change this reality or paradigm.

We are shifting folks, the timelines are interweaving with one another. You must know that something is about to happen when Trump claims he wants to peace and wants to unite all the Muslim nations yet he just made an huge arms deal to Saudi Arabia. He wants peace but he’s proud to sell weapons of mass destruction. Does he really think we believe that? Yes, the world is about to implode, the matrix that was built millions of years ago to keep us entrapped into this illusion is coming apart. People like Trump that say they love you and want to kill you are clones or have been infected by black goo. Thing is, they still believe we believe them.

Just a rant. I wrote before Trump was elected that if he was not assassinated before or just after being elected that he was no different than all the great men before him. I have to hand it to him, he’s playing a great game and the two parties are really doing a great job in making it look like they want to take down Trump. As if nobody could have shot him in the head by now. Black is no longer black. White is no longer white. Love is hate, hate is love. Whatever you thought you believed to be true is a lie, whatever you think is going to happen is just another weakness in our human brain. You are reflecting a reality that THEY want you to reflect. In other words, by giving us various signals, frequencies, stories and mind control foods, we use our mindless brains to think about it and then create it.

I can’t stomach these guys anymore, not because it’s false what they are saying, it might be true or not; I have never questioned the veracity of information, I question the motives. The information in the video is something I have known and researched myself. So what, there are aliens amongst us. So what, reptilians existed. So what, we are slave race and are doing nothing to change that.
I can see that Mr. Webre has a brain deficiency, it could be Alzheimers or they have him really good and AI is still controlling him. I think Mr. Webre has done a great service to humanity and should use his last days to enjoy life. I too would love to change the world and help everyone, but I love myself too much to destroy what little I have left of this body and health. For many years I believe that doing and giving to others was a noble cause, but over time and experience I realized that my lack of self respect drove me to please so that I could feel better. Each one of us are here to gain an experience or to do a job, none of us are here to help someone get fed. Of course, if we have time and money, health and abundance we should share that with others, but if you’re taking away from yourself or family to help others, you need to have a brain check. It’s not our purpose here.
Instead of giving, I choose to educate and let people decide themselves if it’s something they want to do. I help feed the elderly in the community because they have been neglected and they can’t help themselves, they’re old and they can’t accept new realities. I help the poor but not by giving food, but by showing them what they can do with a little bit of land and instead of whining about how difficult life is, to get off their asses and do something to change that. We are a society that believes our governments owe us something, so most people sit around hoping they will win the lottery. I’m speaking about Croatian people and their state of mind.

I feel that something is coming very soon. I have had this urge the last few months to create a self sufficient environment at home. I’m ordering all kinds of exotic fruits and plants to create an edible environment so that should something happen, we can live off the land. I can feel the breaking timeline, the fracture in consciousness, all you have to do is look at the comical politicians and how they are behaving to know their end is near and this reality is about to collapse.

Meanwhile, I have been busy expanding my garden, adding new plants and having more time for myself because my partner is doing really well.

He’s put on 12 lbs since his last hospitalization and he’s on the road to recovery. His last appointment with specialist confirmed it. It’s very stressful taking care of an ill person, especially someone you love and you want them to be around for the new earth. There were times when I didn’t think I had enough energy left in me to fight the fight but like money, it always comes when you need it! Enjoy the video!


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