Another So Called Nibiru Myth

So here is your typical bible thumping, pre and post tribulation version of Planet X. Since George Noory is part of the system, any guests that he invites to his show also follow an agenda to mislead and misguide.
I have listened to this video in parts because I listened to Marshall Masters and L.A. Marzulli for years and know christian ideology. That’s all he’s got. He believes in the bible, he believes in the tribulation. His god is a wrathful god that is going to send Nibiru to destroy humanity.

There is NO scientific evidence that this planet exists let alone that it is coming our way. Marshall bases his opinions on the bible, on Zecharia Sitchin’s work, on Gil Broussard’s work.

He keeps reminding the listener that the signs are there and that Jesus warned his apostles when the end would come. According to Jesus, we would know the end was near when we witnessed earthquakes, volcanoes, wars and rumors of wars. Well folks, none of the events listed have never existed. In other words we have had earthquakes, volcanoes, plenty of wars and plenty of rumors of wars. He’s warning folks to stock up on food, to connect the dots and stop watching YT videos because they aren’t fact. I would love to see some fact from Marshall though. In other words, his opinions are based on many assumptions, prophesies, other researchers and signs of things to come although for the life of me, I can’t see how the volcano at Naples can be a sign of anything.

I personally don’t feel there is a planet that is going to cause us harm unless the timelines are shifted for that to happen. In other words, we have to want this to happen and seriously, I doubt any normal human being wants Nibiru to pass our way. And even if it does exist, even if it does come into Earth’s orbit, how do we know what the effects will be? We have a bigger chance of being hit with CME then a phantom planet nobody can photograph despite all of the telescopes around the planet and in the solar system taking images of distance universes and galaxies.

His solution when Planet X comes by? Dig a hole and hide underground otherwise you’re dead!
The only thing left to ask Mr. Masters is this: “What is your motive for presenting information that you can’t back up with hard evidence? Could it be money?”

I think the biggest mistake that Marshall makes is literally just “assuming” things will happen the way he believes and if you listen to the video, you will notice how callers ask questions about safe zones and Marshall actually gives advice on where it could be safe. Are you kidding me? Without any empirical evidence or scientific evidence; he has used the bible as his foundation of information and based on this information created his own ideology. There are no dates in the bible. Dates were attached and given hundreds of years later trying to determine what the timeline was. If we don’t know the true date of events in the bible; how do we know we are even on the same timelines?

I find it amazing. It’s like someone never having finished medical school or better yet, never went to medical school and yet opens a medical practice and treats patients.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he’s wrong or that his information is wrong. I’m saying NOBODY knows what we will create; god has nothing to do with this, at least our true Creator and not the 2 alien gods in Genesis. So, Marshall actually believes that god or gods in Genesis is the one we should worship? I have a lot of questions, as always with people that just string information together and make claim to fame. Just my 2 cents worth.

You can get his free PDF book here:


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