Cannibalism and Hollywood

The Cold Colony -2013 Movie. Last night I watched this movie. Rarely do I watch movies unless the subject matter interests me and there is no violence. This was a climate change subject therefore, it peaked my interest and naively thought there would be no violence. Worse, it was about Cannibalism. After watching the movie, it led me to think about a lot of things. This is a prospect that might face us. What did I learn from this movie that might help me prepare for an Ice Age? But, Cannibalism was on my mind. As a psychologist, I’m always studying human behavior and always trying to learn what causes us to do things that are not for our own benefit or for the benefit of all others.

For starters, after the shock and trauma of learning your planet just froze over and food has run out, things can get pretty hairy. It’s not a nice topic but it’s interesting because Cannibalism isn’t intrinsic of human behavior. People have gone to extremes buy eating each other  in Hollywood movies and is a rare conscious event in reality.
Let’s put aside tribes, indigenous people that have remained in their original form of religion or culture. This doesn’t excuse them for Cannibalism but their beliefs and way of life were probably founded on Mythology like sacrificing humans to the gods.

I’m talking about the part of humanity that understands killing and eating another human is not acceptable. Why is it that Hollywood depicts such horrific behavior? In this movie, technology was used to manipulate the climate, it backfired and started snowing and never stopped. People were forced to go underground as the entire planet was covered in ice. These colonies that survived underground had to battle with other colonies, living in distrust, having to live to certain rules like if someone got sick they were immediately placed in quarantine and tested. If they had a bacteria or virus/fungus they were killed. In this circumstance it would seem inhumane, but I can understand why? An entire colony of 50 people can die, isn’t survival of the species what we are about?

You really should watch the movie even though it doesn’t really show details on how they survive in deep silos and bunkers, it’s a war between man and man. Living together closely and sharing resources seems like an ideal commune, but it’s not.

So, like in every story and movie, a few colony members respond to a radio SOS and when they arrive after a few days of walking, find out and see that this colony was attacked by Cannibals. In trying to run back to their own colony, a few of them die and in time they are traced back because of footprints in the snow. These human Cannibals are portrayed as light/white skinned sharp teeth males. Like a sick Norwegian or Nordic or something. Why don’t they show dark or yellow skinned Cannibals?

The point of this is Cannibalism and how often it’s depicted in movies as a condition of human behavior when things go wrong.

As a psychologist, I was taught that humans becomes what they experience or dwell on for too long in their mind. Our behaviors are conditioned by events, circumstances, nutrition, parental upbringing and once we start school, we are exposed to more people and programming. In other words, psychology teaches us that if you are born and grow up in a normal healthy environment, you will grow up to be a normal human adult. If this is the case, then we have to assume that these Cannibals in the movie had a rotten childhood or bad nutrition, therefore, had no problem eating human flesh. But they didn’t just eat the flesh, they KILLED first. What’s the difference between murder and Cannibalism? Huge difference but I will talk about that later.

It’s rare that you will hear or read about such things in our societies except if they are mentally ‘challenged’. Why do they constantly portray humans after experiencing trauma to become Cannibals? When one colonist asked Sam why people do this, he responded by saying that people do all kinds of things to survive. Well, this is not true, because this group was not prevalent from non-cannibals. It can’t be the reason, but then movies never give the ‘psychological’ reason why humans eat human flesh. There is none. Have you ever met a human meat eater? I haven’t.

In the siege of Stalingrad during 1935 – 1945; a city of approx. 300,000 people; in total civilians and soldiers an estimated 1.9 million people died. Stalingrad drops below -20C in winter and this meant that 5 winters passed during this war and siege. People froze in the streets, mothers were cooking leather belts and bottom of shoe soles with snow as soup. There were frozen bodies all over the place yet there has not been a recorded event that someone stripped meat of a frozen body or that anyone ate another human. Russians died of malnutrition and hunger but never ate human meat. In old documentaries you will see residents picking away at the ice on the streets outside looking for soil or sand or rock to boil if they had wood. The entire city was stripped of wood because people needed to stay warm. We’re talking about 5 winters, yet not one event of cannibalism was reported.

Currently in Yemen with thousands of people dying from malnutrition and starvation, they’re not eating each other. Hollywood will have you believe that when man gets desperate for food that he could eat a human. This isn’t true and has no scientific basis behind it nor does it show up in psychology or psychiatry as a deranged human condition just because someone is hungry.

In Syria, it’s estimated that some 300,000 people have been killed. I don’t separate soldiers, terrorists and civilians. 14 million ran for their lives escaping death and hunger but I haven’t read or heard about cannibalism. In Iraq from 2003 to today, an estimated 790,000 people have died.

Do I need to count the countless deaths, poverty, hunger and disease across the African continent, among the most impoverished countries of India, Bangladesh, Cambodia. How about Mexico and parts of South America? Do you read or hear about people eating each other?

Yes, there are rare instances where it does happen but even when faced with imminent death, people do not even ‘think’ about killing their own species because it’s not genetically imprinted into us just as the entire living organism systems on this planet.

Lions don’t eat lions, dogs don’t eat dogs unless they are sick but in general it’s not a natural progression because if it was imprinted into our genome, we would all be dead as a civilization. Are we not bad enough just through the act of killing each other?

It’s only Hollywood programming us to behave that way; it’s just one of their numerous agendas of implanting this thought/behavior that will help the Masters in a way that we will kill each other off if and when times come that we are left with no food or water. The imprint is saying: “It’s ok to eat human flesh even kill a human if you need to survive. Someone has to do it so it might as well be you”.

We are descendants of at least 12 different races, our original design was imprinted with LOVE and we are created and designed with the love frequency.

Have you ever seen a happy Cannibal? Have you seen a ‘normal’ human eat human flesh?  Hollywood created soulless humans that have gone mad and for that reason become Cannibals. It’s pure fiction, false programming but intentional to turn us against each other.

There is no pscyhological profile on a Cannibal, but in my opinion it’s no different or worse than killing another human being.

In 1980 alone, over 15 movies were made about Cannibalism. The list below is only a fraction of the films from Hollywood but if you look at the dates, the programming starts in the 70’s.

The Cannibal Holocaust 1980; The Green Inferno 2013; Ravenous 1999; Cannibal Ferox 1999; The Silence of the Lambs 1991; Jungle Holocaust 1977; Cannibal Diner 2012; We Are What We Are 2013; Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974; The Cannibals 1980; Alive 1993; Wrong Turn 2003; Cannibal Apocalypse 1980; Parents 1989; Eaten Alive 1980; Eating Raoul 1982; Motel Hell 1980; Hannibal 2001; Cannibal Girls 1973; We’re going to Eat You 1980; Man From Deep River 1972; Grimm Love 2007; Soylent Green 1973; Hannibal Rising 2007; Manhunter 1986; Devil Hunter 1980; The Green Butchers 2003; Cannibal Terror 1981; White Slave 1985; Cannibal 2013; Blood Feast 1963; The Road 2009; Zombie Holocaust 1980.

I watched the movie Alive 1980 a year after it came out. I remember very clearly that when the soccer team crashed into the Andes mountains that a few died from freezing and hunger and it was only when it was obvious that they would not be saved or would survive did they ‘dare’ cut some strips of meat from their teammates and it was done with such excruciating thoughts and conscience. I think they argued for days on this subject but eventually justified it as them being dead, therefore, in order for them to survive and tell their story, they had no other choice.

Do you see the pattern of how the movies start in the 70’s? Yes, there are a few before that, but very few and it becomes obvious that this programming was intentional. The earlier movies basically showed humans at their end and with a very heavy conscience trying to survive. The 70’s start changing the Cannibal character by being bad, mad, crazy and inhuman. Today, most people can watch these moving without flinching because they have achieved the de-sensitization of murder and flesh eating.

I said that killing and cannibalism are different. Yes, in my opinion they are. It’s easier to eat human flesh than it is to kill because our conscience/ego tells us that we have not taken a life, and since the body is dead we can justify eating meat. I’m talking about conscience and people found in situations such as the Soccer team crashing in the Andes Mountains. But where is the limit to this? The Cannibals in the movie I watched last night are depicted as crazy and deranged but people did manage to survive and live together, therefore, these guys didn’t have to go rogue. They were just imprinted into the movie without explaining why they became like they did. The movie will have you believe it’s the mystery of human nature and that some go crazy.

Killing is taking another life. I’m always arguing with my Catholic friends when they talk about the war  and how soldiers were justified in killing to defend their country. The 10 commandments are very clear: 1. Do NOT Kill.

Their gods don’t say “don’t kill except when you need to defend yourselves”. Their god didn’t want you to kill because they needed every human alive. It was for their benefit that they didn’t want you to kill. Think about it. These gods killed whenever they wanted to. They ordered the death of newborns. They killed those that didn’t follow their instructions. Yet, they ordered man not to KILL. They didn’t want to keep creating new Adams so it was for their benefit that they created these laws.

Killing is not a human trait nor is it imprinted into our psyche. But the EGO comes with the body we choose to occupy, the EGO influences the brain/mind to act because to the EGO, killing is protection from the death of body and EGO. Ego wants to live.

So, this is my opinion only, I long stopped practicing Psychology because it wasn’t designed to help humans. It was just another system to keep humans entrapped into their own miseries. When I need to follow a certain protocol and charge my clients to visit me for years, I don’t consider that helping anyone. In the end, they might understand why they behave or think in a certain way, but the heart condition doesn’t change. We want to change the heart condition, this was kept from us and is still kept from Psychologist or mental experts because the mind can’t be erased and re-programmed so easily. The Heart must first FEEL and then it will get transferred to the brain/mind as ‘reality’.

I may or may not be right, but when judging something, judge it through logic and possibility and not based on what someone else said. That’s all education is. It’s based on someone’s experiences and theories that we are forced to remember, pass a test and get a piece of paper making us ‘qualified’  for the job. That’s all we become. A piece of paper living in a construct and illusion. I got tired of being stuck in that box and decided to start thinking outside the box. What I needed 5 years to help someone in the past, I can now do it in 5 minutes. Not only 5 minutes but I have taught my client how to heal their own selves and empower them with techniques and tips to get better.

If you really can’t stay away from Hollywood programming, try to at least avoid the violence; it’s a frequency input into your brain remember that.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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