One of my readers sent me an email that was very interesting to me in the sense that it’s something I have long let go of and forgotten. When I first started this blog, I wrote a lot about reincarnation and Karma. After it’s closure for some reason it didn’t upload when I switched to this blog. I am merely saying that I wanted to show that I have written on this subject.

My intent is not to write about it again, rather, write about my own evolution in understanding reincarnation and Karma.

20 years ago, I was an active Buddhist from the Nichiren Daishonin philosophy. How it differs from traditional buddhism is that Daishonin claimed to have found the key in the Lotus Sutra where it states that we don’t need to live countless lifetimes in order to clear our Karma, rather that we can clear it in this lifetime by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

I still chant, but I must be honest that when I started to live this philosophy, my life did change for the better. I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and one day while returning home from TCM therapy, I came across a small bookstore, entered and in the mix of uncategorized books, intuitively pulled out Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism.

I went home with the book and didn’t put it down until it was finished. I was fascinated with the concept and up to that moment I had blamed every living thing for the cause of my cancer, after reading the book, I realized that I was responsible for the cancer either knowingly, unknowingly or choosing it. This philosophy empowered me and like I said it changed my life for the better.

Reincarnation in Buddhism is called Samsara, the wheel of karma as we live and die, live and die. The difference between reincarnation mainstream or buddhist reincarnation is that we don’t choose reincarnation, it’s based on our karma. There are 6 levels (writing from memory) and if you were really bad and killed people; chances are you would reincarnate back into a snake or lower life animal and have to work your way back up again.

This theory empowered me because immediately I started to think how I wanted to create good karma and clear it in this lifetime. This is where I started with the concept of reincarnation.
The next step was reading Michael Newton’s books on journey of the souls and what happens when we die. This fascinated me as well because it’s pure reincarnation with the difference that once we leave the body, we are as young souls greeted by entities or deities that reflect our belief system. Old souls are not greeted, they have done this so many times that they don’t need to be greeted. ( During my NDE, I was not greeted, was not met with light, didn’t travel through tunnels I simply left body and experienced profound love and joy that I interpreted as being at the place of my creation).

Then I read Cameron Day’s Karma Lords and accepted that theory that Karma is actually a trap set up by the Archons.

My reader sent me information today regarding the Reincarnation trap and I quickly responded to it by saying that Reincarnation is not a trap, it’s the karmic cycle that is the trap.

My current knowledge and understanding of Reincarnation is that it is the cycle of leaving a physical form which can be a tree, grass, insect, rock, human body whatever, and returning back to source where we cleanse, we as being SOUL. Now here is the catch in my thoughts. Those that are unaware of who they are do get trapped by the Karma lords, they attract to the light, colors, deities, dead people they knew etc., and are then programmed, their memories erased and are sent back to Earth to work off their karma. This is the trap, this is the cycle that most SOULS get caught up in, especially those SOULS that were already here when the quarantine was placed around the planet.

SOULS that came here from other universes or planets, don’t get caught in the Karmic trap because they are highly evolved beings that upon leaving this physical body “know” who they are and are not tricked into making a pit stop at the Karmic Trap. I truly do believe this based on my own experiences.

How do I know I am an old soul? Personally, I didn’t discover this first. A psychic 30 years ago during a reading told me this. I believe her because I now know that she accessed the akashic. She knew everything about my past, present and what I had already chose in this lifetime. She told me I was here to be a healer, that I would write a book one day, and many other things that have actually happened, therefore, I have no reason NOT to believe what she said.  A few years later on a Skype call with Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, the first thing he noticed was that I was not an earthling, and that I was from pleiadies. The psychic also said I had pleiadian eyes. Over the last 10 years I have been recognized as an OLD soul and have actually relived some of my lifetimes in my lucid dreams, also, I am switching back and forth into different parallel lives and have come to the understanding that the soul is fragmented, mine is, I the SOUL fragmented at least in 5 or 6 different realities. The soul can do that, old souls can only do that. The older the soul, the stronger it’s energy signature is and can fragment, but young souls can’t because they have not collected enough experience/energy to do that.

Of course this is all based on my experiences and knowledge, which doesn’t mean it is so. But based upon my experiences, the trap is not reincarnation, rather the trap is the Karma. If we look at the last post on the Ra material, the Confederation states that we emanate the creator. We are extensions or sparks of the creator. Our purpose is to teach the Creator everything that we know and experience. There is no duality presented to us in our Creation. Therefore, Karma is not a part of our Soulful journey, it’s a construct created here on Earth to entrap us because certain beings that are not created from Creator occupied our universe and are now controlling us as part of their experience.

Archons do not have souls. In fact, they are jealous of us because we were created in love, unconditional love. whereas the Archons were a celestial error. Sophia after creating the sperm that would become humanity/the anthropos, after creating the Earth was so excited about her perfection creation that she plunged into the pleroma and during that plunge created some sort of energy or big bang that in that process became the Archons. Sophia became the physical Earth Gaia. Gaia is  an Aeon and SHE is now in correction.
This is why they have infested us, out of jealousy, and although she created a dimension for them to reside in, they can enter our minds and create with technology. They can’t harm us directly but they can influence our thought process and I would even go as far to say “infested or possessed”by them.

So back to reincarnation. There are many that write about avoiding the light, the light is the actual trap. I agree with that. Traps have been set up all the way to source, therefore, we need to work on this NOW, in this NOW reality by using affirmations and setting up a belief system that LIGHT is to be avoided after leaving the body.

Reincarnation exists, it has to. How else do we experience ourselves for Creator if we don’t have the opportunity to experience all that is. What is not written about is that Reincarnation is a Universal process, not an Earthly process. Maybe there is another name for it in higher dimensions, but the SOUL chooses each incarnation be it here on Earth or other worlds, planets, realities, densities etc. This process has to exist in order for the Soul to experience and evolve. Once we have invested enough and have raised our awareness and energy levels to where most of our time is used in Service to Others, we have with that created the positive energy that we will take with us. If we have more positive service to others energy or frequency signature, then we can’t get caught in the Karmic trap anyways. We don’t register the karma cycle at a certain frequency level, it’s only logical that a smart person is not going to just throw themselves in a hole not knowing they will survive. It’s a poor analogy, but I think you get my meaning.

As we connect to higher self, as we live in our intuitive innate, as we wake up to thoughts of how can I be of service today, we have already collected enough positive energy and therefore, will  NOT get trapped and will avoid the light because we know this.

More information may come to us or to me in time, I believe that information arrives in ways that creator knows when we are ready for it and thus more will come to individuals that seek it and want more. I have had some incredible experiences in the last few weeks, but I’m not ready to share it with you because I don’t have a full understanding of it yet. Intuitive me says it’s not time because there are those out there that cause harm for sharing this kind of information. No, I’m not afraid, but it’s simply not time yet. I have more to experience and once I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I will share it.

In the meantime, understand that only YOU have the power to choose, to change, to let go of the matrix. I personally don’t live in the matrix anymore, I know it’s there, I see it, but I don’t feel it, I’m detached from it. I can’t even sit down with my partner to watch the local news propaganda because  I See it for what it is now, I literally feel the politicians speaking out of fear, I can hear their thoughts: “I don’t want to say this but I have to. I’m being told to say this, this is not my decision.”

It’s obvious that those working in government do not make choices for us anymore. They are given orders from higher up, in our case in Croatia is the EU Cabal.

So, I see everything for what it is, and I have changed direction, by working outside in nature, helping others learn how to heal themselves and share my knowledge. With that comes the abundance, Creator takes care of me, the Universe provides me with what I already experience not what I need. This empowerment is your truth. Once you feel this empowerment, then the matrix is outside of your reality, you are no longer inside that Matrix. The end result of my choices is happiness, joy, freedom to express and create whatever it is that I want in that moment. It is possible to be in this state, truly it is, but it requires time, dedication, cleansing of all negative energies and influences; basically cleaning the foundation to build a new one on top of it. The only time I sometimes feel sadness is that I wish others could have the joy and happiness that I do. I want everyone to feel this way, to have abundance, to feel joy but I also know they made the choices to be where they are.

I would love to hear your comments on the subjects just written about.



    • Gosh, it’s been almost a year since I wrote this post. Not much has changed in my world other than spoons always showing up in the tray that I like the most, knowing ahead of time things more often, a lot of synchronicity which I call telepathic thoughts. We are always connected to those that we came here to experience with, our soul groups, soul partners, soul families, they are with us in each lifetime it’s just that we are not aware of this. People in your life now are souls that made agreements with you before incarnating here….those you see often are your family, those that call you at the same moment you think about them are at the same evolutionary level…etc. When we convert these experiences to people and our relaitonships with them, we can see how we relate to them. Someone you have negative emotional feelings for is probably someone very very close because they are causing you negative reactions/feelings and only people we are close to can do this or souls that we travel with for eons.
      Once you start remembering your dreams/experiences you start fitting the pieces together, don’t think like a human, think as an evolved soul. If you here on the planet at this time, you are one of the highly evolved old souls….who else can withstand this brutal reality? Think about it. YOU are special, powerful, ancient and are here to make a difference, even if that means just shining your light. This is how I see my reality….when I am in that thought process…everything moves smoothly, everything happens just the way I want it to happen, as long as I believe that I am the one making my reality, I have NO fear at all. Hope this helps!


  1. Hey. This may be a little long but I thought I’d share my experience (s).

    I’m a 23 year old male who resides In BC, Canada. I met the Lords of Karma back in 2014. As a child I had experienced things like Astral Projection, Out Of Body Experiences, and Dream Control on a nightly bases, for years when I was younger. I’ve been to space, literal outer space, where I’ve had no body and was simply conciousness that was connected with infinity, dozens and dozens of times. I’ve been to the Astral Plane too many times, fought dragons and grotesque beings and creatures, and unfortunately spent alot of time in the lower realms of the astral (Don’t think negatively when in the Astral People). Also, I’ve traveled all around the world as a ghost, I used to travel to “Salar De Uyni,” –search it up– in the spirit as it was a great place for me to meditate and think. I had grown an interest in Reiki, Chi, and Chakras at a very young age, I believe my mind differed from all the children my age at that time. Through trial & error experiences I’ve learned what to do and what not to do. Most of the time when I would go to bed as a child and concentrate on my third eye I would see a tunnel or light (The cube of light on the dark side of the moon that attracts souls/pulls in), I usually would end up concentrating on the light and flying through this spiraling tunnel, where I’d always end up…………in the moon. Now, I wasn’t ever aware that it was the moon I would travel to nightly, only later in my experiences did I find out. Most of this will sound crazy to an extent, but some guy who was impersonating/portraying* Jesus would always be showing me about, like a tour guide. Our enemies have unimaginably sophisticated technology, so I wouldn’t have been aware at the time, things I may have witnessed or had been shown, might have been massive simulation rooms like the size of professional football fields. Anyways it was always talks about what I should improve on earth, my mission (s) etc etc. I think* I saw a simulation once, that was supposed to portray the future of “Judgment Day” The Day** that all the nuclear bombs are detonated, pretty sure I got all emotional watching nuclear bombs obliterate entire cities. Anyways, in my awake life I as a child started to question if there was more to my experiences, if I could do more, what if I were to..avoid the light? So when another usual night of sleep came about, I saw the tunnel, saw the light, but this time I chose to rather sink away or move in a backwards motion (visualization) and I’d always end up in… I’d always be near the earth and the moon to some degree but not like super close. When I’d be in space, I felt a couple things. 1st, I felt a indescrible connection to infinity, like just everything, it was as if my energy sprouted out from my conciousness in every possible direction and just kept travelling out, never ending, super cool! 2nd, I always had a Higher Version or Pure Version of myself with me, it was like I was pure conciousness but there was “Something or Someone” I could ask questions and they would always answer me in pure truth, maybe this higher version of ourselves is the spark inside our conciousness’ that gives us beings eternal immortal life? Originally, I had been another life form, intelligent, and I was with other lifeforms, and we all were discussing earth and what had been going on there, what was happening and how all these souls were being trapped, I offered to go, being told it was a suicide mission as I may not be able to make it out, but I went anyways, and my higher self helped me navigate the galaxies and planes to get here, probably one if not the oldest memories I was able to retrieve from lucid dream control techniques. When I grew up, around end of highschool (2011 I graduated) not had I only been smoking weed for a couple years now, I was venturing off into the interest of hallucigens, you know, like Mushrooms, Salvia, LSD etc. I was scared to try a man made hallucigen so I stuck to earthly based ones like Mushrooms and Salvia. The experience with mushrooms was always enjoyable. I could seemingling always improve my vision on mushrooms, my thinking elevated, my speech became more sophisticated, intelligent, smooth, but I could always see creepy things also, like evil faces in clouds, faces in the ceiling, on wood floors…once I swear after eating 10g of mushies (I had built a considerable tolerance by then) I swear, while walking home in the dark I could telepathically hear the trees talking to me trying to creep me out, saying things like “Hey guys he’s walking home all alone” “We’re watching you” “Come a little closer” just stuff like that, I always imagined if we humans retaught ourselves the ability of telepathy we would unite our race as one and cast out the ones who seek anything but positivity. By 20, I was well educated on the Chakras, colours and abilities, I felt as if meditating or tripping out* on a hallucigen would give me some profound experience to help me regain the memories of who I am and what I came to do, as highschool was a difficult time for me, I had been programmed well by media, society, my parents, I had lost mostly all abilities I had as a child and I felt suicidal, tripping out for my first time was really my last choice I had. I had never really liked edibles (Weed infused baked goods like cupcakes, cookies, etc). But I figured if one cookie can, for some people, keep them high for 4 hours, what would 1 cookie and 7G of mushrooms do? I mentally told myself before my trip I wanted to meet “God” (little did I know GOD was the Lords Of Karma) and ask for forgiveness and what not. I filled up a bottle of water, locked myself in my room, and proceeded to eat my Marijuana cookie and 7G of mushrooms washed down with Orange Juice. My experience was life changing, at best. In my 8hr high, I experienced, every person in my life I made upset, cry, angry, sad, emotional, I got to feel how they felt, it was unbelievably intense. Like everything I experienced hit me so hard, so raw, I was insane for hours it felt like. I forgot my name, forgot who I was, my family, friends, where I lived, everything. My hearing was supernatural/superhuman, I could literally hear the propellers spinning of a jumbo jet flying 30,000KM above my house, I could hear the roar of the engines, it was unbearable at times the noise I heard throughout my trip. After a time I found myself lying down on the ground, as if all my physical strength had been depleted, next I went through the tunnel of light and I was in this big bright massive room. I was with someone I knew extremely well (My guardian angel who in reality are our prison guards on this planet), and he* I believe was trying to reassure me everything would be alright…I was scared…terrified for some reason…I was to go before a court of beings, I forget how many there were but there may have been as many as 13* I’m not too sure. I was being stood on trial you could say I guess. I watched this eliptcial hologram or something like that, that showed everything BAD* in my life I’d done to myself or others. I kid you not, it was like a film of everything negative I’ve done in my life. They**told me I had a chance to redeem myself, and I remember I pleaded with them to give me another chance, to go back down (to earth) and better my life. I can’t remember my entire experience in extreme detail but I remember after I ended up somewhere far far away from this galaxy…I was in this weird indescribable type of ‘Space’ or ‘Void’ and I was talking/discussing with my higher self, which I forget everything that was said disappointingly, I then awoke in the fetal position extremely dehydrated. I drank lots of water, looked at my clock and realized 8 hrs had passed…I was suprisingly still tired and ended up passing out all night. I awoke a different Dez. This new Dez, had all fears gone from his mind, all doubts, all hate and anger cast out. My subconscious was swiped or cleaned to a degree, all the pointless TV commercials, radio songs etc I had witnessed in my life were erased, my brain felt empty and easily flowing with energy. I vowed I would change my life for the better but ended up masterbating days later and going back to old habits lol. From then on, now being 2016 I read and researched other people meeting the L.O.K and I read many articles that state these beings try to make you feel like shit by showing you everything bad you did in your life, even when some things you did were because you were being manipulated by dark unseen forces in the astral everything is always cast as solely your fault. You are then cast as the salesman, you go back to earth and try to sell** (souls) that you met Jesus or God and had an amazing experience and that heaven is real and yada-yada-ya, but in reality it’s all a trap. I’ve come to realization in my belief structure, my sole opinion* that if you believe in any type of religion that has a Light VS Dark/Good VS Evil scenario of any sort you won’t be leaving earth anytime soon. I’ve been to space and flown to different galaxies, I’ve lived life on different planets in extravagant solar systems, I’ve witnessed a reality of no time, but simply the now, I’ve had a taste of a fraction of my immeasurable power and abilities, and when it comes time I die, I will no longer make the same mistakes at death I have made life after life, I will leave earth, I will reunite with the beings I was with before I traveled here, and I will come back in the near future, with the force of beings that will come and dismantle this prison planet, freeing all the billions of souls who have been kept hostage, tormented and manipulated, and I will stand amongst them and rightly judge the L.O.K. when their reign is no more.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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