As promised, below the first part of a six series from the book titled  “Living The Law Of One”, by Carla Rueckert. This book has helped me enormously by simplifying and explaining information that in it’s raw content was difficult to read and connect the dots. Ra material will be shown in quotes, Carla’s and Ines will both have their own sections.

“The impact of beginning to grasp the actual nature of the nested illusions of experience is daunting and can constitute a time of adjustment in which the nature of the self is allowed to transform itself according to the ways of this free will that entities into the creation upon each level of development.  The free will of yourself can barely be distinguished from the free will of that Logos that is your higher self, that overarching Logos that is the group mind of that soul stream, that overarching Logos that is the planetary mind, and so forth. The connections that each entity has with other aspects of an infinite being that is the self are unending, so that free will is, shall we say, that icon of deity which expresses the feminine, the ever-moving, the fructifying.”

CARLA: In general we assume we have freedom of choice. We work and live where we wish. We choose our mates and our interests freely. However, to a range of authorities from psychologists to scientists to religious figures, this seeming freedom is an illusion. We may think that we have free will, they say, but in actuality we are acting according to our instincts, modified by the training of parents and other cultural authority figures and by the propagandizing and marketing forces of our corporations and mass media.

INES: The issue at hand is do we really “have” free will. We do, it does exist as part of our divine rights, but it’s a matter of these the modifications by our parents and others mentioned, obscure the right and I would even say the knowledge itself that free will is our right, something we have chosen as part of this experience.

Of course we can all agree that it’s difficult to exercise our free will into this system of control and domination as we are programmed to behave a certain way. Here is an example of what exercising my free will can get me into trouble. I choose to walk into nature naked. As long as nobody sees me, I’m fine, but chances are someone will. They will more than likely call the police and depending on my response to being arrested; I will either be taken to jail or a mental institution. Either way, my free will is denied based on laws created that such exercises of my free will are illegal, immoral, unethical and perhaps even a mental illness for wanting to be naked. What is wrong with being naked? Different societies will give different answers. Your nakedness could arouse someone sexually and cause them to rape you. It is a shameful thing to do to show off your naked body. It is against a religion especially in Muslim countries where women have to cover their whole bodies up with the eyes left so they can see where they are going. So, yes, it is our free will to “want” to go naked, but human laws have made that almost impossible. If you even walk naked in the privacy of your home and you have small children, your children will be taken away because of what you are doing in front of them.

CARLA: Religions also tend to deny the existence of free will, sometimes specifically. They tend to describe human beings as too sinful to be able to make skillful choices for themselves. Human beings, they say, only have access to free will in the decision to throw themselves upon the mercy of their Creator. The religious attitude is that the Creator icon, whether that icon is Jesus, Allah or another figure, is humanity’s only hope for salvation.

Both of these models leave the individual human being feeling completely “powerless”. The Confederation model, in stark contrast places the individual human being in complete charge of his life, with the ability to make free choices.
The Confederation entities agree with science and religion in saying that humans are weighed down by all the cultural information and biases they have learned. They suggest that we must wake up from the cultural dream into which we were born. And when we humans do become aware that there is more to life than the culturally accepted channels of thinking, we start from scratch as to what we really know for sure.

INES: How do you explain a young child refusing to listen to her parents? When they forbid her from going out to play with other children? As a young girl I was constantly sneaking out of the house  to play despite knowing I would get a beating. Innately, from a young age, I fought captivity and grew into an adult still refusing to conform to the way society wanted me to be. Albeit, I paid the price to be free and have free will, from physical abuse, getting fired from my job, getting arrested for refusing to stop driving without a seat belt or drivers “permit”. It cost me more than I just mentioned, but the point is that from the time I knew what was around me, in my awareness I instinctively knew I had free will but instead of going along with the dogma of what I was taught, I fought against it because of something inside of me. At the time I had no idea what it was, but my parents called “rebellion”. You could say I was a rebel but it was only because I felt my free will and choices were not allowed and my needs were being ignored. I can’t say that I live free, it’s not possible if you live in a society where you have to work and  pay utilities and food, but I do feel free because I live as free as I can outside of the Matrix, not dependent on anyone and being self-sufficient. In order to get here, I had to go through a lot, going against the system has consequences as you know well.

So, how is it that I as a small child already knew slavery was not an option? I have asked myself this question many times and never really came up with a specific reason or answer. I like to believe that the Old Soul that I am, innately refused to be enslaved this time around and that my purpose in this life was to experience the very issues and then teach others.

Could I say that I was born knowing? I can’t, because most of my memories from childhood are deeply buried or destroyed by the severe and consistent traumas I suffered for the first 25 years of my life, but regardless, I can stand here and tell you honestly that I understand what you are feeling and going through. Freedom is innately always our desire, it’s a choice on how we decide to exercise it.

CARLA: What is really true? Who am I? What am I doing here? When an assumption is tested, what solution is found to work?  That realization that we have drunk in a lot of bad information during our childhoods is often our starting point in choosing to accelerate the pace of our spiritual and mental evolution. Before we begin to play the Game of Life, we consciously choose to know the truth for ourselves. We begin to build our own intelligence.

Breaking away from religious authority, we take personal responsibility for the process of our spiritual and ethical evolution. Breaking away from the scientific view, we claim to have as much of a higher or heavenly nature which is the study of science and psychology. The Confederation suggests that we are every bit as much citizens of eternity and infinite things as we are limited, earthly being who are born, only to die.
When we make the decision to seek the truth, we are knocking on the door of “spirit” says the Confederation teaching. By spirit means a whole range of spiritual guidance. Some think of spirit as the Holy Spirit, or the world of nature or as the hidden world of ghosts, “Ascended Masters” and inner planes teachers. The Confederation’s term, spirit includes all of those meanings.

The Confederation states that free will is involved in the very first movement of the infinite Creator away from its mystery-clad unity. In their story of the Creation, the Creator uses the faculty of it’s free will to choose to know itself.

It then sends forth the Thought or Logos which is Its creative principle and the essence of ITS nature. The essential nature of the Logos is unconditional love.

The Logos then uses Light to manifest the Creation in all of its rich detail. Endless orders of magnitude, from stars to subatomic particles, are then formed. So the first distortion or movement from the pure potential of the un-manifested Creator is FREE WILL. When we awaken to the desire to seek the truth of our being, we imitate the Creator’s decision and turn to free will. We choose to set out upon the Game of Life which can also be termed the “seeking process”or “seeking the truth”.

It is tricky to choose to seek the truth, because we have lower faculty of choice which comes from our great-ape body. That great-ape body and mind come with a faculty of fake free will. Our bio-computer minds are able to make our choices but only from a menu known to it! That is the fake part, because we do not know all the options. We are given only the things we have learned in school and church and at our parents’ knees. We know how to live this life on the level of “getting by”. That is the usual game of life with a flat game-board.

True free will is a characteristic stemming from the Creator. It is the principle by which the Creator chooses to know itself. It generates the universe in which we live. When we use this higher faculty of free will, we are moving away from the flat game-board and are setting up the enhanced Game-Board for a Game of Life.

This faculty of free will imports data from our spirit world sources of guidance into our subconscious minds. We call upon that higher faculty of free will as it it were an angel which has dwelt within us but which we are not yet recognized. Only by that inward reach to the faculty of true freedom of will can we catapult ourselves outside of the box and into a position above the mundane where we can, for the first time, begin to look at the game-board without getting caught by the muddied emotions of the flat board.

You are a spark of the one great original Thought of the infinite Creator. Say that the Creator, in it’s infinity, in it’s impossibility of being described, is a vibration. You have that original vibration, which is unconditional love, as the basis of every cell of your being. Without that Thought of love has nothing been made that is made”.

CARLA: The word love as we use the word normally, is not the energy of the love or Logos on the Gameboard. We sometimes use the word love to indicate romance with its flowers, poems, and serenades. We all understand the iffy nature of romantic love. Who knows? It may last but it may not. That is not the love which created the universe.

The Confederation suggests that the one great original Thought or Logos of the Creator is pure and unconditional love. This vibration of unconditional love creates and manifests all of the worlds that there are according to the nature of the Thought.

Unconditional love or the Logos, then, is a feature of the Game-Board, along with its unitary nature and its foundational free will choice. We know that the Creator’s very nature, ITS “I AM” is unconditional love.We can count upon the Creator to love us unconditionally and absolutely. The Creator will not withdraw that love. It is fascinated to see how it’s creation will progress.

We as a player of the Game of Life, have our core vibration ( I have written about this calling it our frequency signature), that same unconditional love. The Game’s object is, in part, to discover that great, original thought or Logos within ourselves. The dogma of religion suggests that we cannot find that love within ourselves.

INES: The frequency signature or as Carla calls it our core vibration in unique to all of us. We don’t go by names in this multiverse, we are know to each other off planet by our unique vibrations. It is Religion itself that creates the feeling of Powerlessness and I know many people that question their purpose. Even though they are taught by their religious leaders that we are here for one lifetime and therefore, we must ask for mercy creates a confusion and never-ending questioning as to why they even exist if their lives are so full of suffering, so innately they know that is not the truth otherwise they would never spend their whole lives questioning the reasoning behind their pitiful existence as humans.

CARLA: When we choose instead to play the Game, we make live more interesting. We use the flat game-board in order to collect material for The Game. Then we make our move on the Game-Board, which is found within the inner world of though and choice. When that is done, we can move back into our regular life and create moves on the flat board which are informed with the wisdom we have gleaned from  playing the Game.
We can live in both worlds at once. We are intended to do so.

When the infinite Creator wished to know Itself, Its great heart beat out the next creation with all of its densities and sub-densities and all of the patterns of those densities and creations. Time and space were invoked and that which before was immeasurable and unknowable became a series of illusions that, paradoxically, were to some degree knowable, and these shadows of knowing were much desired by the Creator. And each of these sparks and shadows became agents of the one Infinite Creator, thoughts in and of themselves, thoughts rounded and centered in the one great original Thought which is Love. And so each of you is a Logos, stepped down and stepped down until you are able to experience the very illusion you know experience. And each of you has come through many experiences and many densities to this particular time, at this particular place, each balanced exquisitely in the present moment”.

INES: This quote from Ra leaves me feeling even more secure in my knowledge than before. I have written about this in a different way, that we are fragments of souls. As Souls/beings we can fragment ourselves to experience different levels of creation. The above statement doesn’t talk about this, but in the way that we were created, we have that ability. When someone claims to speak with a GOD or ONE or EVE, they may be doing so in fact, but they may be also creating a new play to be played out. The end game or the end result is that if we chose to be here at this time, why would anyone/anything else try and convince us that we should leave the place/Earth that we chose? This is why I have always doubted Yellow Rose for Texas. I don’t question her integrity as much as I question the entities that contact her. The same goes with all the Channelers, it’s not their integrity that is in question, rather the entities contacting them and the information being given to them. Ra clearly states that we can be anything we choose to be, but if we are simply living the game board, the flat game board then we are not aware that we do have these choices, we simply play along with what is offered here on Earth and think that is all there is to life. This is what the Matrix that includes Religion want us to be at. They don’t want us to question or seek truth because they know that once we make that choice to seek truth, we have already jumped to the Game Board of Life.

“It is very difficult to think of the main and centrally constituent service to the one Infinite Creator as that of being. And yet that is what you came to Earth to do. You came here to be yourself; to breath the air; to participate in the illusions of planet Earth; to go through each and every detail of receiving catalyst, responding to catalyst and moving through the periods of joy and suffering that this catalyst offers you. 

And always your chief responsibility is to be yourself; to feel truly; to examine yourself as fully as you can and to know yourself to the very limit of your ability. You wish to know yourself not to judge yourself or to condemn yourself or to pat yourself on the back but simply to become aware of who you are”.

INES: I have written about our purpose here different times and with offering several theories. Those theories all lead to the same goals and that was to find ourselves and to connect to source. The fact that we made choices to experience this reality or illusion was a choice in expanding our experiences. It was our intent before creating this reality that we would come in blind and deaf, without memories so that we could find our way back to Source. In order to find our back to Source, just as Creator created many levels of densities, we too have to backtrack through those densities to get back to Source. Society in general doesn’t question our purpose here, and if they start questioning this, they surely then start their journey to seeking the truth, truth that is relevant to them or each one of us because we are all uniquely different yet all part of Creator.

CARLA: We have seen that the LOGOS uses primal light; that is, the photon, to build the creation, and that we have a creation of energy rather than matter; a creation built of light in it’s natural generation of the elements and all of the combinations of elements that dwell in every created thing. And we have seen that all of these created things form a physical creation which is illusory. The things we think of as solid are not solid, if we investigate closely enough.

This is not the flat game-board of consensus reality. The Gameboard presents a far different picture in our world. On this larger, metaphysical Game-Board, we players are not caught within the illusions of consensus reality. Knowing that things are not what they seem, we release our eyes and ears from having to believe everything we see and hear.

This includes what we see and hear about ourselves. Who are we? Our parents have told us. Our teachers have told us. Whatever other important figures populated our world as children have also told us. Not only that, but also close friends, mates and other people have continued to define us as adults. And we can believe none of it, at least not to the extent that we allow these opinions to define who we are.

No one at a party asks us who we are. They ask what we do for a living or what our interests are. In the midst of this web of nested illusions in which we are living, we are searching for an even deeper understanding of who we are.

To investigate who you are, we can rely on the always-available present moment and what it brings us from the illusion around us. This is one great thing about the Game of Life. You can play it anywhere! You take the Game-Board with you wherever you go, once you set it up in your deeper mind. Remember, the illusion is not literary real, but it does have real effects on us. The illusion brings us what Baba Ram Das calls “grist for the mill”. The Confederation calls this grist “catalyst”. We discover ourselves as we respond to incoming catalyst.

What do we do with this energy that our ‘catalyst’ has generated?

It is a creation of energy. The choices we make about what the Ra group calls energy expenditures are absolutely crucial as we play the Game of Life. We have just so many seconds to live. We have just so many heartbeats before our environment changes and we drop our physical bodies. And in those times of our life’s heartbeats, we have just so many opportunities to feel, sense, think and choose how to respond. Each morning bit of catalyst is a precious gift. Here, in this present moment, is a fully sufficient environment for playing the Game of Life.

INES: That said, we have to learn to stop mourning our loves ones when they ‘die’. If we are just players on the flat board, their loss causes such trauma and sadness because we don’t understand that they have chosen that time to leave their bodies and completed their experience here. Although I have not yet read anywhere in detail how we choose to enter into this physical body and whether we actually pre-determine our time to leave, logically it should be that way. There is no thing as chance/destiny or accident, therefore, we must have pre-determined when and where we choose to leave unless we have chosen to automatically leave once we have completed the purpose of being here. Once we realize or once we change over to the Game-Board of Life, we can then celebrate the departing souls because we know that they completed their lesson or purpose or game that they came here for.

CARLA: One more point about the search for the true self: The unitary nature of the creation and the essence of the Creator being unconditional love, it is logical to infer that the true self is made of the essence of unconditional love. And the Confederation gives us this assurance specifically, encouraging us to realize that we are sparks of the Creator and possessed of ITS nature. We are ITS love made visible. So is all of the rest of Creation.

INES: I wrote about unconditional love from our earthly aspect and how we don’t really understand the true meaning of love. I just realized that while I was writing this, all of the people I write about are not wrong, they simply made that choice to do what they are doing. It’s difficult to draw the line of not interfering because children need guidance until they are old enough to start choosing and making decisions alone. I just got off the phone with a friend in Bosnia who was telling me her friend is totally out of this world when it comes to his logic. I explained to her, that that is his reality, that is how he sees his own reality and therefore, she has to accept him for all that he is. He is making choices using his free will and so long as it doesn’t affect her in a negative way, she has no right to correct or convince him of anything.

This is probably the most difficult challenge here on this planet because we are so different and unique in our belief systems, our upbringings, education not to mention each country has it’s own unique culture and systems. Our physical and spiritual separation compounds our differences and if we just accept that we are unconditional love, there would be no wars, there would be no separations, there would be no countries with borders.

On the other side of this thought process, is it possible that we created this as part of our journey? Is it possible that we created this fragmented society living in dis-unity to have that experience and teach Creator what that is? Just asking, and it gives me a lot to contemplate each day when I hear people saying how horrible we are, how our civilization has not progressed much, but we can also ask if that is what we chose as a collective group, there is no accidents in this multidimensional space that we exist in. If we are ALL created in unconditional love, if we are unconditional love, then everything that comes from Creator is part of the matrix as well, meaning we have created it to learn and experience what it’s like to be enslaved?

If you didn’t take a deep breath after reading this then you either already know who you are or you have not yet realized who you are. I write about this all the time when I am trying to teach people we don’t need saviors because we are so powerful, we are our own saviors because some of us have chosen that role as well. Accepting yourself as a part of Divine carries responsibilities and many people have a difficult time accepting the fact that we are experiencing and teaching Creator, those of us that have been created by Creator. We become responsible. No longer can we blame anything or anyone. If we are not happy with the way we are living our earthly lives, we can’t ask for someone else to change that for us. It is up to us to change, we create all aspects of our reality and there is no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The choices we make determine how fast we will grow and evolve and though we are all ONE, we cannot change people around us because they too have choices.

The catalyst for me to really start questioning who I am was the NDE experiences during both births of my daughter and son. Both arrived by C-Section. How ironic is that, I died in order to give life. I died first for 12 minutes, returned and then gave birth to two babies who should have been brain dead by all medical terms, yet both are highly intelligent and creative beings. (35 and 33 years of age as I write this).

Their intelligence was another catalyst because we beat all odds for survival, including myself. Our cases were studied and tested for four years after their births because the medical teams persisted and insisted on finding fault or consequences in their bodies because of being deprived of oxygen for over 12 minutes. Anyone normal and sane would question their existence after that experience, would you not?

Many events and experiences catapulted me into finding out who I was. That is the first step. Now that you know who you are, who do you use your full potential in this lifetime? We will discuss that in following posts.

For complete reading of this book, you can read it at:

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