One of my readers sent me an email that was very interesting to me in the sense that it’s something I have long let go of and forgotten. When I first started this blog, I wrote a lot about reincarnation and Karma. After it’s closure for some reason it didn’t upload when I switched to this blog. I am merely saying that I wanted to show that I have written on this subject.

My intent is not to write about it again, rather, write about my own evolution in understanding reincarnation and Karma.

20 years ago, I was an active Buddhist from the Nichiren Daishonin philosophy. How it differs from traditional buddhism is that Daishonin claimed to have found the key in the Lotus Sutra where it states that we don’t need to live countless lifetimes in order to clear our Karma, rather that we can clear it in this lifetime by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

I still chant, but I must be honest that when I started to live this philosophy, my life did change for the better. I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and one day while returning home from TCM therapy, I came across a small bookstore, entered and in the mix of uncategorized books, intuitively pulled out Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism.

I went home with the book and didn’t put it down until it was finished. I was fascinated with the concept and up to that moment I had blamed every living thing for the cause of my cancer, after reading the book, I realized that I was responsible for the cancer either knowingly, unknowingly or choosing it. This philosophy empowered me and like I said it changed my life for the better.

Reincarnation in Buddhism is called Samsara, the wheel of karma as we live and die, live and die. The difference between reincarnation mainstream or buddhist reincarnation is that we don’t choose reincarnation, it’s based on our karma. There are 6 levels (writing from memory) and if you were really bad and killed people; chances are you would reincarnate back into a snake or lower life animal and have to work your way back up again.

This theory empowered me because immediately I started to think how I wanted to create good karma and clear it in this lifetime. This is where I started with the concept of reincarnation.
The next step was reading Michael Newton’s books on journey of the souls and what happens when we die. This fascinated me as well because it’s pure reincarnation with the difference that once we leave the body, we are as young souls greeted by entities or deities that reflect our belief system. Old souls are not greeted, they have done this so many times that they don’t need to be greeted. ( During my NDE, I was not greeted, was not met with light, didn’t travel through tunnels I simply left body and experienced profound love and joy that I interpreted as being at the place of my creation).

Then I read Cameron Day’s Karma Lords and accepted that theory that Karma is actually a trap set up by the Archons.

My reader sent me information today regarding the Reincarnation trap and I quickly responded to it by saying that Reincarnation is not a trap, it’s the karmic cycle that is the trap.

My current knowledge and understanding of Reincarnation is that it is the cycle of leaving a physical form which can be a tree, grass, insect, rock, human body whatever, and returning back to source where we cleanse, we as being SOUL. Now here is the catch in my thoughts. Those that are unaware of who they are do get trapped by the Karma lords, they attract to the light, colors, deities, dead people they knew etc., and are then programmed, their memories erased and are sent back to Earth to work off their karma. This is the trap, this is the cycle that most SOULS get caught up in, especially those SOULS that were already here when the quarantine was placed around the planet.

SOULS that came here from other universes or planets, don’t get caught in the Karmic trap because they are highly evolved beings that upon leaving this physical body “know” who they are and are not tricked into making a pit stop at the Karmic Trap. I truly do believe this based on my own experiences.

How do I know I am an old soul? Personally, I didn’t discover this first. A psychic 30 years ago during a reading told me this. I believe her because I now know that she accessed the akashic. She knew everything about my past, present and what I had already chose in this lifetime. She told me I was here to be a healer, that I would write a book one day, and many other things that have actually happened, therefore, I have no reason NOT to believe what she said.  A few years later on a Skype call with Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, the first thing he noticed was that I was not an earthling, and that I was from pleiadies. The psychic also said I had pleiadian eyes. Over the last 10 years I have been recognized as an OLD soul and have actually relived some of my lifetimes in my lucid dreams, also, I am switching back and forth into different parallel lives and have come to the understanding that the soul is fragmented, mine is, I the SOUL fragmented at least in 5 or 6 different realities. The soul can do that, old souls can only do that. The older the soul, the stronger it’s energy signature is and can fragment, but young souls can’t because they have not collected enough experience/energy to do that.

Of course this is all based on my experiences and knowledge, which doesn’t mean it is so. But based upon my experiences, the trap is not reincarnation, rather the trap is the Karma. If we look at the last post on the Ra material, the Confederation states that we emanate the creator. We are extensions or sparks of the creator. Our purpose is to teach the Creator everything that we know and experience. There is no duality presented to us in our Creation. Therefore, Karma is not a part of our Soulful journey, it’s a construct created here on Earth to entrap us because certain beings that are not created from Creator occupied our universe and are now controlling us as part of their experience.

Archons do not have souls. In fact, they are jealous of us because we were created in love, unconditional love. whereas the Archons were a celestial error. Sophia after creating the sperm that would become humanity/the anthropos, after creating the Earth was so excited about her perfection creation that she plunged into the pleroma and during that plunge created some sort of energy or big bang that in that process became the Archons. Sophia became the physical Earth Gaia. Gaia is  an Aeon and SHE is now in correction.
This is why they have infested us, out of jealousy, and although she created a dimension for them to reside in, they can enter our minds and create with technology. They can’t harm us directly but they can influence our thought process and I would even go as far to say “infested or possessed”by them.

So back to reincarnation. There are many that write about avoiding the light, the light is the actual trap. I agree with that. Traps have been set up all the way to source, therefore, we need to work on this NOW, in this NOW reality by using affirmations and setting up a belief system that LIGHT is to be avoided after leaving the body.

Reincarnation exists, it has to. How else do we experience ourselves for Creator if we don’t have the opportunity to experience all that is. What is not written about is that Reincarnation is a Universal process, not an Earthly process. Maybe there is another name for it in higher dimensions, but the SOUL chooses each incarnation be it here on Earth or other worlds, planets, realities, densities etc. This process has to exist in order for the Soul to experience and evolve. Once we have invested enough and have raised our awareness and energy levels to where most of our time is used in Service to Others, we have with that created the positive energy that we will take with us. If we have more positive service to others energy or frequency signature, then we can’t get caught in the Karmic trap anyways. We don’t register the karma cycle at a certain frequency level, it’s only logical that a smart person is not going to just throw themselves in a hole not knowing they will survive. It’s a poor analogy, but I think you get my meaning.

As we connect to higher self, as we live in our intuitive innate, as we wake up to thoughts of how can I be of service today, we have already collected enough positive energy and therefore, will  NOT get trapped and will avoid the light because we know this.

More information may come to us or to me in time, I believe that information arrives in ways that creator knows when we are ready for it and thus more will come to individuals that seek it and want more. I have had some incredible experiences in the last few weeks, but I’m not ready to share it with you because I don’t have a full understanding of it yet. Intuitive me says it’s not time because there are those out there that cause harm for sharing this kind of information. No, I’m not afraid, but it’s simply not time yet. I have more to experience and once I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I will share it.

In the meantime, understand that only YOU have the power to choose, to change, to let go of the matrix. I personally don’t live in the matrix anymore, I know it’s there, I see it, but I don’t feel it, I’m detached from it. I can’t even sit down with my partner to watch the local news propaganda because  I See it for what it is now, I literally feel the politicians speaking out of fear, I can hear their thoughts: “I don’t want to say this but I have to. I’m being told to say this, this is not my decision.”

It’s obvious that those working in government do not make choices for us anymore. They are given orders from higher up, in our case in Croatia is the EU Cabal.

So, I see everything for what it is, and I have changed direction, by working outside in nature, helping others learn how to heal themselves and share my knowledge. With that comes the abundance, Creator takes care of me, the Universe provides me with what I already experience not what I need. This empowerment is your truth. Once you feel this empowerment, then the matrix is outside of your reality, you are no longer inside that Matrix. The end result of my choices is happiness, joy, freedom to express and create whatever it is that I want in that moment. It is possible to be in this state, truly it is, but it requires time, dedication, cleansing of all negative energies and influences; basically cleaning the foundation to build a new one on top of it. The only time I sometimes feel sadness is that I wish others could have the joy and happiness that I do. I want everyone to feel this way, to have abundance, to feel joy but I also know they made the choices to be where they are.

I would love to hear your comments on the subjects just written about.



I woke up late today, because of my FM, for years I could sleep for days and always feel tired, but never found a solution for that problem, I tried a few drugs at my desperation to become a normal human being, to wake up at a decent time in the morning and be able to function all day, but none of that crap worked. I was either a zombie all day long or non-participant in a day with obligations.

A few months ago, as my partner is very ill, he was prescribed Valium so that he could sleep better, he’s one of those people that is awoken by mosquito buzzing around in the room and can’t sleep after waking up, I’m one of those that can have fire engines driving by with full sirens and won’t hear anything. Despite my long hours of sleep, it was never deep but it was colorful, adventurous and I got to experience some of my parallel lives.

A few weeks ago, I had a headache, really bad headache and without my glasses went to the drawer where the medications are and took out what I thought was a green pill for my headache. Our drugs in Croatia don’t come in bottles, they come in boxes and packed so if you take out the plastic dispenser it’s hard to know what box it comes from.

The next morning, I woke up feeling fantastic, well rested and while I normally need a few hours to stretch this sore body, while I was waiting for the kettle to whistle, I was already putting clothes into the washer, I felt so great so that I forgot about the kettle and the coffee. I started thinking about it, because it had dawned on me that I don’t wake up like this NEVER in the last 20 years, and then I started thinking about how I was feeling sleepy before I went to bed and how my headache disappeared fast so I went to the drawer, opened it up and saw the package sitting on the top of the box was VALIUM.

I had instead taken Valium and it all made sense to me. You see, Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder/syndrome. Even after giving it’s name 30 years ago and accepting it as a medical condition/syndrome, there are no drugs for it today, doctors experiment with us of course we are all different chemically but they do know today that the Pain Center is not working properly and it sends signals to the body that it hurts which in our case is the whole neural synopsis of muscles, tissues and connective tissue.

I realized that the Valium had in fact somehow turned off the false signals or attached itself to the neural pathways, whatever, I guess in the end doesn’t matter, what matters is that I was able to sleep a deep sleep and of course I woke up rested and feeling full of energy.

Now the battle: I hate taking drugs, the only ones I can’t go without is my pain meds, I really could not survive without them, by 2 pm I would sit in my chair and not be able to move anymore from the pain and stiffness. I’m one of the lucky ones, after 20 years it has not progressed because I exercise, ride a bike, work in the garden basically be as active as I can be. Sure, the next day is painful, but I take it with joy because it means I was exercising and using the muscles that would normally atrophy as they do with other FM patients. Many end up in wheelchairs and become invalids from this syndrome, because they don’t have the mental capacity or perception to change the way they view their health issues. I never let it beat me down, even though I know it will hurt later, it hurts anyways so what’s the fucking difference? That’s how I see it.

My battle now is that I take Valium 5 mg at night and I wake up feeling great, full of energy and I have tested this over and over where I don’t take it and wake up feeling like crap as usual or I take it and feel great the next day. This is my battle, I know what drugs do aside from masking the issues, my pain meds don’t take away the pain, they just help me deal with it easier, it’s still there, but it’s not the center of my world.

Last night, I didn’t take the Valium and as usual woke up feeling like crap, but because I am alone, because I don’t have anyone to cook for, because the bed was warm under my down quilt, I decided to turn on the TV and watch something. We don’t have cable TV in our bedroom, only the local stations using the digital antenna box so we have 4 channels to choose from. One was Top 40 in Croatian Music, the 2nd was War stories, the 3rd was MSM bullshit news, and the 4th was the inauguration preparations for our new President. Hmm..what choices do I have, what do I choose?

I chose to turn off the TV and go back to sleep until 2:00  p.m. It is now 3:00 p.m that I am writing this drinking my coffee of the day and the sunshine is out full force again, not a cloud in the sky, in fact not a chemtrail in the sky either.
So, I’m going into the garden, take off my slippers and walk barefooted around for 45 minutes enough to recharge this damaged old battery, but at least it will still take a charge, the charge may not last long, but I’m blessed to be living in the middle of the most beautiful place on this planet, a small island even barely seen on the Croatian maps where in 2 hours I can ride with my bike from one end to the other. A place where I can just go outside into my garden and recharge whenever I need to.
( The photos you will see are actually the village of my birth and my ancestors –Village Maslinica)

You see, no matter what you do to make yourself healthier or feel better, no matter how badly you want to feel better, if you are walking around in shoes on cement or any man made materials, you are detached from your charger, mother Earth. There is much information about this subject, in fact a movie was made I believe it is called “Grounded”, you can find it on YouTube, and it does work and it is REAL. With man made materials in our shoes, made made materials for our homes, cement and asphalts, I won’t even mention the electrical or EMF that swirl around us, we are empty batteries looking for a plug in. It’s kind of like living in the far North, at a certain temperature you either have to leave your car running or find a plug in to keep the engine from freezing, that’s where you are at if you live in the city or town where you spend all of your time in shoes walking across man made materials. You’re a dying battery and you need to go out and find some grass, some dirt, anywhere where you can touch the earth and put your feet on it, better yet, lay down so that your whole body is charging at once and you will fill up faster.

I hate taking drugs, my childhood deprived me of growing up healthy, there are some things in our bodies that just can’t heal I’m talking about neurological disorders when you live in a state of flight or fight for years, the neural pathways break down and they simply can’t reorganize anymore so I’m faced with living with it, but remember this: Mother Earth gives you life, without food, water and air, without her energy you would not live long, whenever you feel that you just can’t move another inch, or can’t take another blow, go and find some grass and lay down, it doesn’t matter that you will catch the cold, it will pass,  your body needs to touch the ground, clothes unless are natural fibers get in the way, if Russians can jump in frozen lakes naked then you can lay down on the ground or grass for a few minutes and thank the Mother for her love/energy. Thank her for being there to keep you alive and don’t think for one moment she will feel good if you abandon her, after all, she created all of this for you.

There is so much disinformation out there now, the higher dimensional entities are not entities, they are programs being installed in your brains by the Archons, just like our governments have holograms to look like planes flying into buildings, these Archons have the ability to enter your mind an infect with fantasies and holograms to make you believe you are being contacted by some higher beings.

Mother Earth is what you are made of, the organic material of mother Earth is what we are made of, we don’t need or want some higher dimensional programs telling us how loved we are or that we will soon be going to another dimension. We need to re connect with Mother, touch her, smell her, charge our bodies to her, and she will get us out of this construct, just trust and know this.

We are free will planet, universe. The moment something is telling you something from another reality or dimension, that law is being broken, you no longer think the way you would have thought had that being not contacted you. I’m not saying they are all EVIL, I’m only saying that our savior is under our feet and not up above. She needs you now to connect with her, just as we re charge to get better, she needs to feel our love so that she can move forward and do what she has to do.

I have another 2 hours before sunset, going out to recharge and feel the sun on my face, so much for ED is DEAD, yeah you Rose, you got the Archon virus, you are misleading so many people, mother is called Earth, Gaia not Eve. Instead of looking upwards, look down, she’s under your feet just waiting for you to touch her and thank her for keeping you alive despite all that has been done to us.

More Clap Trap Announcements – Got Your Bags Packed?

We are so missing the point. The truth movement, love and light movement, alien movement, galactic movement, light-worker movement, new cage movement totally disenfranchised and fragmented.

We have been deceived for thousands of years, the deception continues and those that deceive have either infiltrated all of these movements or invented them to keep humanity confused.

I too believed in many of the above movements jumping from one to another as soon as something didn’t feel right or make sense to me, so I didn’t spent much time in any of these movements. My question was always: “If what you are saying is true, when why do only a handful of people know about it?”. Actually, I spend more time now but as an observer since I try to do my best in exposing the frauds and the false light. In many cases, it’s not the messenger that is involved in the deception but the entities that contact them.

Most people who channel these messages are good people and believe their contacts are positive beings, or beings of light and simply do not have the ability to “know” if they are of the light, that is why they are chosen as channels, they simply do not have the ability and denial is strong in that they know we are in a free will universe and that alone means that any contact is a breech of that Law as it interferes with our free will and free choices that make.

You cannot tell me that your life will take the same course after being contacted by an entity claiming to be from higher realms or posing as an Ascended Master, Angel, Saint or a hierarchical being. Of course your life changes, someone has interfered with your thought process and your free choice.

They know this yet continue to receive the messages because they perhaps feel they are special in a way or convinced by these entities that they already agreed to this communication before they incarnated here.

Let’s go back to the different movements and look at the condition of this community. It’s fractured, it’s separated, each group insists on being on the right track, each group has it’s own “savior” that it follows blindly and if you question them or their loyalty to their savior they will attack you.

The HOT saviors of the month right now are Cobra and Rose, isn’t it coincidental that Cobra just announced “The end of the Quarantine: and Rose is telling everyone in her group that they will be meeting Eve in a few days?

The others are babbling on about energies and how they are affecting us, while the Ascended masters are repeating how much we are loved and how far we have come in our evolution.

As I wrote about many times before, how does someone just staring their journey in seeking truth know who to believe and what to trust?

I am very confident in saying that we all long for the same. We want peace, prosperity, we want to live out our lives with dignity, with good health, not being told how to live our lives and how to think and what to believe. We want to enjoy the fruits of our labors, we don’t want our lives to be a struggle for survival, we don’t want wars and chaos, we want global cooperation, equality in everything, equal distribution of wealth.

Cobra states: “The end of Quarantine”; and everyone that follows this idiot is jumping up for joy not having a clue what that means. Most will think that we are now free, but what that means is that others can now enter our solar system and openly attack and cause more galactic wars, what exactly does success in Taiwan mean?  Cobra has been involved in opening portals so that aliens and reptilians can enter, I have written about this before.

Cobra states the event in Taiwan was a great success, how so? Is seems that he is the only one that was there, because I have not read from any other  person that they were in Taiwan as well, in fact, all the portals that Cobra has claimed to be successful I have not read about any other person being there, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, I have not come across anyone yet.

So Rose is now saying: “It’s time to meet Eve”, The mother earth that I know and speak to is called Gaia and I don’t plan on going anywhere, if you leave, it’s because you made that choice long before you incarnated here.

There are literally thousands of websites and blogs dedicated to our current reality and what is about to happen. There is only one truth so which one of all the thousands of messages out there do you believe? There answer to that is: NONE.

Your answer lies within and when you finally accept the responsibility for creating this reality you are in, you can finally and only then be free of the deception you chose to accept as your truth.

If you believe that One is coming to pull you out of here, you will get pulled out because as you create the thought you will create your own reality but instead of reading what others are telling you, why don’t you grow up and start looking inside for the answers, you are your own master of destiny, the deception has intertwined with every level of our consciousness because we cannot find out the truth, the truth is your key to the door you must go through. When I type in “ascension” into google, I get 74,000,000 results, how does that sound? Which one of those 74 million are true or real or explain what ascension really is?

Do you get my point now? Whatever is out there is designed to deceive you, confuse you, separate you from me, fragment  you, distance you from source. Lets be real and look at all the different movements, how can they all be right or have the correct information?

When my children were pre-teens, old enough to understand the difference between honesty and truth, they would deny something or one would blame the other. I would tell them that so long as one is lying I considered them both dishonest and that they would have to work together in order to bring me the truth. Most often they did on the spot because the one that was lying could not stand their sibling being punished for their lie and suffer the consequences for something they did.

As a society, instead of searching for truth, we first need to cooperate together in what we want and from there create those desires. If one takes the blame for everyone, it changes nothing, we are all still responsible for the lie or the crime. We are one remember, if one hates another, another will hate another, we are all one. You can’t find the truth in a society where everyone wants something different, cooperation leads to truth and to Unity Consciousness, we have to create together to create the world that we want.

If you are following anyone or any movement out there you are escaping from your own reality. I would compare that to a drug addict, as long as they are high, they don’t have to think about their problems or situations they are in. If you are seeking a solution to your problems outside of yourself, you have not taken responsibility for your condition because we all contributed to it. It doesn’t matter that we were deceived, it doesn’t excuse us that we didn’t know, there is no longer a reason to say we didn’t have access to information, we have all that now. The point is that we created this reality and we will reap what we sow, there is no escaping that.

You can’t produce a product and sell it on the market damaged, the customer will return it back and request a refund, we can’t just create this mess and then expect that we can just run out of here or wait for a savior to fix everything.

There is no external savior because you are a co-creating GOD, why would you need someone to save you?

Yes, we have help, we have divine help but we have to let go of the matrix, we have to live as co-creators, believe that we are that, know that we are that and through our thoughts change the paradigm.

Why would you want to leave this planet? It was created for you and me. Sure, we have had unwanted and unplanned visitors that deceived us, but think about it, why would you want to leave this planet that was given to you? Do you really believe a few pixels that we live in is a construct just because someone said so?

Do you not ever ask yourself why a loving God/Creator has not passed the message to all of humanity rather than just Rose or Cobra and that this loving Creator is making decisions for us, co-creating Gods?

Instead of asking these questions, you’re out there looking for redemption, looking for an easy way out, the only easy way out is go with these “false” gods, they are running out of blood and energy, they are desperate so go if you wish, but before you do that ask yourself why you know about this while people dying in wars don’t know?

Is that a loving GOD, choosing who to save? I think not, but if you feel you must leave, leave, the new earth is not going to be religious, it was religion that almost destroyed us, you would be part of the cleansing of the Earth process.

Your selfish self wants something better, but you can’t have both. You either love your mother Gaia and stay to restore it back to Eden or you fly off with someone to use you as food.

The other earth is filled with souls that don’t have the courage to face this final cleansing, no place outside Gaia exists better than what you have here, but all you had to do was ask the right questions.

You don’t ask what about me, you ask what about the rest of humanity, how does my decision affect my fellow humans not whether you packed your bags and if you can bring your dog with you, how selfish you are.

So do what you feel is correct, but do it for all of us not just your selfish egotistical self.

It is getting intense, the messages are coming in daily now, can’t you feel the desperation in their messages? Can’t you feel their deception because they are not teaching you anything on how to act upon your free will, they are simply telling you something you already know and that is that you are a Co-creator God, this what the deception has been for eons, not wanting us to know what we truly are.

I love you all.

More Clap Trap Old Age Lessons

Relay Relay Relay Sananda and Forber 2/1/15

My comment: This messenger from the link above (blog owner)  gets upset when I ask him questions. How do we learn if we don’t ask questions? If someone gets upset at you for asking questions, write them off, they are not working in your interest because if they were, they would gladly answer them and help you as best as they can. A Light Worker as they define themselves are here to teach us who we are and “share” truth whatever that may be, this light worker/shaman doesn’t like being asked questions. I don’t give a damn how many visitors he has on his blog, he’s not defining his belief system, he’s just filling up his blog with crap and then expecting you to donate to him. From what I see through his photos, he’s enjoying a great life without working.

Sananda: This pain you have been experiencing is, as you know, from past physical and emotional Trauma. It is in your Body’s cellular memory and though you have forgiven, that forgiveness hasn’t extended to your cellular memory. This pain is in the releasing of that which is “held” in your injured places. This is enabling you to release the traumas and pain of the past.
This is bullshit science. Each cell does contain memory, but memory related to that cell’s function, in other words if the liver’s cells die off and regenerate they will transfer the memory of the liver functions. Releasing traumas have nothing to do with cellular memory as a general statement, I’m not a biologist, but do the research before accepting this explanation.

 In order to Ascend, All must be released and forgiven.  As you all Know, your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are all connected as a Whole you!
What exactly does Ascend mean? There are so many explanations as to what Ascension is. The second sentence is insulting to the whole human race as if they don’t know this already. Body, mind, soul is a common knowledge today and we need a “divine” member explain this to us now after 30 years of knowing this?

When you forgive, the anger of resentment is released from your emotions, but it can remain in places in the physical body as Trapped Emotion. The emotion that is trapped within your Cell’s memories, is there, sometimes, even after you have released the experience and forgiven the person.
First of all, cells live for an average of 7 years and so does the memory, once that cell dies off, a new cell replaces it. What is not common knowledge and scientists are lying to you is that they are saying they don’t know why we age if our cells die off and form new ones, as our bodies are designed to regenerate. Originally they were, but someone tampered with our genes and so when the old cell dies off, the new one that replaces it is not new, it contains the memories of the old one therefore the behavior of the old one, therefore, we age and get sick. The original design with all 12 DNA strands activated , we could live for many years, even Adam lived to be 900 if you believe that, but we were designed to be ageless. What 10 DNA strands De-activated and cells retaining memory from the dying cell, the process just continued on to disease rather than regeneration. This is the bullshit science wants you to believe, the same bullshit this Sananda character is trying to sell to you.

When you have dealt with a issue freely, move on to the next adventure awaiting your Light, Free of the past and Cleansed and in harmony with the new adventure awaiting you on your Path To The Stars.
I got my bags packed, but I’m not heading toward the light, that’s the trap. Cleansing takes place as our bodies start to transcend into higher vibrational bodies, it is impossible to cleanse a body living in a toxic world, it’s impossible to cleanse the mind and heart when we are bombarded with garbage like this, poisoning us with this bullshit.

     I am Forber. You Know Me as a Kofutu Master. I am a Healer from Atlantis and used the Healing modality called “Kofutu.”     Because Earth’s people and all Lifeforms upon Her are ascending with Her, your bodies are transforming into higher dimensional bodies.
I don’t know you so please don’t refer to me that way. Atlantis never existed on Earth, that was another lie and that’s why it’s never been found regardless of the technology we have today. There are lost cities under the ocean, but they are not Atlantis, that happened in another time/space/reality.

This process can be painful at times as you release the past and its’ traumas your bodies are releasing from many lifetimes, not just this one. In order to Ascend you have to be willing to face and Transmute and then to Transcend the past. Owning everything you have lived over lifetimes.
I disagree with you mr. archon sananda. After each death or the soul leaving the body, our memories are erased, by your heavenly crew, therefore we come back with clear and empty memories of our past lives. You have conveniently erased our memories of past lifetimes because that would lead us to truth, it would lead us to discovering the deception on this planet.

Do remember that you are the best that you have ever been in any Lifetime because you are at the Threshold of Ascention! You are all Loved! YOU ARE ALL SOULS THAT ARE CHERISHED!  THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS impossible for you! Just Be Love, Forgive Self and others, after all, this is not an easy “school.” You are all connected! You Are All Loved!
Yeah, yeah, save the compliments for yourself, you speak to humans as if they are worthless piece of shit and you must say these things to them to make them feel better. Forgiveness is not mandatory, this the new cage clap trap, when someone has harmed you, you don’t have to forgive them, you will let them go and understand that we all make mistakes, but you are not required to forgive, not forgiving does not result in resentment, not forgiving results in understanding that we choose how we want to feel, and LOVE is what we should be focused on, not cleansing, forgiving and ascending. It’s that funny, you have not mentioned that at all, that we should love ourselves first.

Awaken To The Beauty Of Who You Are!
I have awakened a long time ago, I know who you are and it’s not working any longer, your propaganda is finally starting to be rejected by many as humans realize that there are no saviors and that only they can create their reality and their future. Your time is almost up though, sorry you failed in convincing us that you are nothing more than an archon minion and that because LOVE is spreading, you are getting weaker.


While listening/watching this video, several issues popped out that didn’t sit right with me. I get really frustrated when I hear so called experts in their so called fields of expertise talk about getting information from “higher” sources, or “higher intelligence” but don’t want to reveal the names. If you are a truth seeker and truth worker, if you are truly helping humanity, you have no reason to keep secrets I don’t give a damn who you think you are protecting, you sure as hell are not protecting me.

Without judgement, Alexandra Meadors supported Cobra for a while back and during our communications I mentioned to her that I visioned him in a lucid dream as a dragon and that he was opening portals to let reptilians/archons in, not to help humanity. Her answer to that was that she didn’t care, she was using him for information, a few months later, she stopped interviewing him and she had not made it public as to why she removed herself from Cobra.

I have not trusted her since then, she’s accused me a blackmailing her when I ethically warned her that I was about to post an expose on Kathryn E. May. Alexandra posted her “channels” on a regular basis, she believes that “Galactics” are going to land and help us. I did this out of respect so that she could choose to post or not, so that she knew in advance, but she took that as “blackmailing” her as if I give a damn what she posts on her website. I considered her a friend and thought I was doing her a favor by letting her know in advance what was coming.

Both individuals are big promoters of galactics/star family helping us and even landing one day soon here on Earth. I do believe that UFO’s are real, but I can’t comment on who these entities are in these UFO’s and quite frankly, I doubt many people know or have access to this information, so I can’t prove or disprove Jame’s claims about his communication with them but I picked up some very obvious contradictions or double speak and when I hear things like that, I start to question.

The first part of the video is about the RV, i was shocked I must admit that Alexandra still believes this is going to happen, but hey, I have always said that I hope I am wrong about that.

I pulled out a few questions and answers that I thought were important to me, the ones that didn’t sit right with me, but you should watch and come up with your own thoughts or conclusions. My journey over the years has taught me to question everything and never take information from anyone without validating it’s veracity or truth. There are times when we simply can’t find that information or disprove something. If James is communicating with aliens, I can’t disprove that, so you kind of have to go through his history, background and come to your own conclusions, but personally, I don’t feel that James is on the up and up. That’s just my thoughts and Ken from did an expose on him last year which I re blogged.
I didn’t transcribe word for word because James will use “you know” 5 or 6 times in a sentence therefore, I have written it in short form, the video below is for you to watch if you choose to get the whole picture.

2:44 min. Alexandra: The big day was December 12th, can you share any information about that? (The RV).
James: My understanding is and I have been talking to some people at the “highest” levels, even the one they call “grandfather”, after that phone-call I just “felt” some amazing energy coming from him and the people he is with, very high energy, kind of like 5th dimensional Christ consciousness and I go “wow”, these guys are on the right track here. Some of the money has already been moved, but the interest is being used to cover the US because the Petrodollar is worthless right now. The low oil prices and whatever they are doing is not going to work but create a lot of cheap gas.”
Me: This is a prime example of James speaking of “higher levels”, what exactly does this mean?  The higher levels of who or what organization? So James feels a Christ consciousness coming from this dragon family, therefore, they are on the right track. Well let me tell you something. The archons and other higher dimensional beings that are controlling us can create that “wow” feeling, they can create that Christ consciousness feeling, there is nothing they cannot do including creating a false sense of higher dimensional reality. Many, and I mean many channels experience this with the entities that communicate with them, and this is why they believe these entities are of the light, they are NOT, they are masters of disguise including energies and creating feelings that we think are christ consciousness. Having said that, I am not saying that James is lying or that he is wrong, but just because he feels it doesn’t mean it’s truth.

Alexandra: “I love it, (the cheap oil prices), haven’t seen them since the 80’s, it’s $2.35 in my neighborhood.
ME:  I have to guess here and say that she must have been a baby in the 80’s so, she’s got a pretty good memory.
James: “Wow, better get on it quick and fill up my CARS.

6;20 Min. Alexandra: “Speaking to the ambassador and doing some research on the Dragon Family, they had a sign supposedly over the sky in Beijing and it was a Phoenix coming before a Dragon. What do you think? It was supposed to represent a new start, as an official beginning and everyone is feeling it.”

James: “I think the sign probably inspired them to bring some things out a little earlier cause they are feeling better that they are able to put a stop to this Cabal situation. My information is that a long time ago the GCR, Global Reset or whatever  you want to call it is already been done quite a while ago. Money has been moved here and there.. Some of the people I talk to are actually people that have their fingers on the accounts, that are actually moving the money. There is just a lot more to the story that people are hearing and I kinda warn people that are thinking they are going to get gazilion dollars and they have nothing to worry about, that if you haven’t been doing humanitarian work already and if your projects aren’t in alignment with the awakening and healing process with taking care of the needy and whatever, if you’re not part of this and if you think you can now just jump in and say you’re a healer, it just doesn’t work that way. I would love to give ECETI a chance and finance it, I have been doing this on my own for 30 years and living on a shoestring”.
ME: First of all, let me cover the last sentence. In the start, James talks about bringing his CARS to get cheaper gas. Now he says he is living on a shoestring budget. He lives in Maui and his ECETI ranch, he just came back from an oversees trip, he travels around the world as he states, therefore, I can’t see how that is living on a shoe string budget, not to mention the fact that he depends on donations, which seem to be very generous if he’s able to have CARS and travel.

I will admit that I have not done much research on the Dragon Family because it’s not my area of interest, but I have seen recent videos with titles like “The Dragon Family giving the Cabal an Ultimatum”. Wait a minute! If this Dragon Family has all this wealth, what the hell do they need to warn the cabal about anything? All they have to do is form a  new alliance bank like BRICS and put all their money into it and they have destroyed the Cabal, or am I being so naive and it’s too complicated as James claims? From what little I have read, the Dragon Family has enough gold to give each person on this planet $1million, that is how much money we are talking about, and with that kind of power, do  they need to warn the Cabal?

As for the financial part, he never does answer Alexandra about the RV, she’s stuck on this RV and he’s claiming again that it’s been done, you know, only the privileged have access to this information. But the first sentence gives it all away, I THINK is the motto of the day. He claims to have access to higher levels and the Dragon family but he THINKS certain things MIGHT work out a CERTAIN way. Also, the way I understand the financial part, if you’re sitting around doing nothing, you are not going to get anything, you have to be working on something in order to “qualify”, so this whole “prosperity” for all seems to be a bullshit con game according to what he is saying here. Something stinks here.

17:50 Min. Alexandra: “What do you think about the vibration that had just entered this realm in the last couple of months on the planet?
James: “I just found out that 4 major portals opened up for star gates you might say. I know there is one that opened up in Egypt, there’s one that opened here in Maui. I’m not sure where the other two are, but I could GUESS, but don’t want to. Last time I asked that question, they said: “Well, you shouldn’t put that out there right now because they’re new and could be tampered with”.
ME: I have issues with the question and the answers. If James communicates with the Positive Annunaki as he states, should he need to be guessing anything? Not disclosing 2 portals because they can be tampered with? What about the 2 just mentioned, they can’t tamper with them? I always have a problem with people claiming to be in contact with higher dimensional beings yet have to guess at things. Don’t these beings know everything?  So, a big contradiction here, he’s claiming to have information from higher levels, star family members, but he’s not sure about things, he’s guessing or thinking it might be so.

Alexandra: “I worked with another person on the inner plane and it just gives me incredible amounts of credible information what I have experienced and as you know, coming back from South Africa so much more information has come forth as to what really went down with the 2 portals that I opened up there. One’s in Russia, it’s probably out already all over the internet but the last one is secret they’re not letting anyone know where it is which is smart and I’m glad to see that. But he’s saying that all of these portals will be up and running by January 8th. These portals (she is reading this) are receivers of light transporting the occupation of the heart space of mother Earth. They will create change, they have harmonics that can necessitate the change necessary and an octave higher than what we are used to.

ME: Wow. Here we have a woman talking about we, she, he, they, another person. No explanations as to who we, she, he, they, another person is. Why the games? If you have truth, then spit it out and let us know who we, she, he, they, another person is. She opened 2 portals and yet THEY are not telling anyone know where the last one is, BUT she knows they will be up and running by January 8th. What year?  How can you take anyone seriously with information like this? I’m not saying she is lying, but she’s not convincing me much of anything with general statements and nothing to back it up with. Are we supposed to just believe this? And last, Gaia doesn’t need anyone to open up portals, she does the work herself when the time is needed to do so, I don’t buy into this crap, I’m sorry, I have yet not found one person, one ounce of proof, one scientific explanation or WITNESS for that matter that can define, explain and educate what that means to open up a portal. What is it, what does it look like, what does it feel like, what is actually done when “opening” portals?

22:49 Min. James: “Regarding love and the soul, we know the basics, you know, we know what universal law is, it’s basically focus on Universal peace, brother-sisterly love, individual freedom and prosperity for everyone, equality, unity consciousness. It’s very simple but it’s written in the very hearts of all of us and it’s very easy to operate under that Law when we do that then we are in alignment with Creator and also the Earth’s ascension process because that’s where she’s going, so this whole archon gird and draconian programs that are running are completely imploding.

ME: First of all, it is my understanding that we have Universal Laws, not a Universal Law. Under Universal Law we have the 7 different laws. I compare this to a country’s constitution with several chapters. This is my understanding. I don’t know how and where James gets his ideas of universal law, but the laws are clearly defined and one site I really like is this one:
James claims that if we don’t follow the law we are not aligned with Creator. There is no alignment with Creator, we are connected to Creator/source at all times, it’s a matter of being aware of this or not. Universe doesn’t give us what we want, it gives us what we already believe to be true. I think James just makes things up as he goes along.

27:30 Min. Alexandra: “Both you and I received the same messages, in different circumstances that God had given his decree that enough is enough, it is done, and we are moving on. And would you agree with that right?
James: “Yes, and that’s just like the gold reserves, all of that has happened on a very “HIGH LEVEL” and it’s coming down, to manifest to the people. People in charge of those funds, that’s why they gave me a call cause they said I was the first person that actually understands the players, the multidimensional players involved in this situation and so for some reason they wanted me to get involved, I don’t even know what my involvement is yet so I’m not going to toot my horn and say “yeah, me and grandfather are buds”. Things are getting done on a very high level.

ME: Well damn! Imagine that, all of us are fucking stupid and only James figured it all out. God gave the decree, it is done! Of course you low life humans, all of this happens on a very HIGH LEVEL. People (who are these people) called him because he’s so smart but he doesn’t know what his role is yet. Do you accept job proposals without asking what they are first? James, toot your horn for being a dumb ass accepting a job and not knowing what it is. sheesh and he’s telling us that he is the only smart guy to figure all this out but he doesn’t know what his role is going to be.

Alexandra: “Just the fact that you have been contacted is also a confirmation of information that I have received, so it just goes to show you that we truly are in the moving forward, progressing, we’re not just talking about it and not just stuff that is going on in the background. People are starting to see it.
ME: Are you kidding me or just talking down to me? We have been seeing this for years now, we have known for years now that things are changing and moving and you just figured this out now? You are stating that if you and James received the same information that it must be correct? I have no further questions your honor.

James: “The karmic backlash is fast approaching, a lot of the Elite and a lot of the spiritual new age people say “well karma doesn’t exist, cause there is no judgement and things like that”. Well, it does exist because you carry it on a soul level, it’s written within your soul, your own soul is taking notes so although you can intellectually say it doesn’t exist, that’s not going to stop the reaction unless you go into total forgiveness and release that situation.
ME: I have an issue with this. If we are all co creators, we create our own reality, therefore, why would we be punished for creating our own reality? We came to experience God in all forms, being here is not fate or an accident, it’s where we end up that will matter based upon our actions. Karma is an invention of the Archons, it’s matrix programming to make you believe that after your death, you need to go back and work on your karma. I’m surprised to hear this from James as he seems to separate himself from the new age folks yet he’s all new age talk. He speaks of ascension, alignment with Creator, isn’t this all new age talk? My thoughts on karma is that it is an invention, what kind of Creator would create us, give us free will and then punish us for exercising our free will and experiences. It sounds more like a Christian God, you know, if you sin, you will be punished, if you’re good you will go to heaven. When the time comes, evil will be separated from non-evil, the good will move forward into the new era, the bad will eventually just be placed someplace or recycled, they will have to pay for their evil done to humanity, but this is not karma, if James talks about Universal Law then he should know that there is no karma debts, we simply create or duplicate what source has given us to experience.

Alexandra: “That’s exactly why there is soul fragmentation. That’s why we fragment our souls is from the Karmic implications and repercussions of what we think we should have done or what we think we didn’t do that wasn’t sufficient or enough because of our own virtues.
ME: She speaks of herself or us as humans with souls. We don’t fragment our souls, we ARE souls and we fragment our selves  in order to experience multiple experiences if we choose to. Older souls can do this, younger souls often wait until they are more mature. I feel this is more about not being in tune with our intuition/higher self and use our mind to make decisions that turn out to be wrong and thus create a negative state/outcome, not karma. What we think is not the soul, the mind is thinking, the Ego is thinking, the Soul KNOWS, it doesn’t fragment because the MIND made a bad choice or decision.

Alexandra: “How do you see 2015 unfolding?”

James: “I just think it’s a year of personal responsibility that, you know, we’re in the Apocalypse which means everything is being uncovered, everything is being seen for what it is. The false flags, it doesn’t work, they get uncovered instantly. I “think” it’s going to be a real year of prosperity and a real year of extreme assistance in turning the planet around and when we get there and you, the Star Nations are waiting to get our act together and then step in to help clean up the planet”.

ME: For someone who has access to higher level information, who is in contact with  higher dimensional beings, who supposedly has access to akashic, you would think you would KNOW what is about to happen rather than THINK. This reminds me of the channel Hilarion, typical Psychology 101 information, stuff we already know or we can just go to a shrink and get help. What is the purpose of having contact to higher dimensional beings if they are not sharing any information with us? Just questions that I ask, I don’t have the answers, but at the same time, what is the purpose of these beings contacting humans if they are not willing to give us a bit more divine information other than Psychology 101.

We ARE HOME, We Don’t Need To Go Anywhere

I would love  nothing better than to sit back, close down my Clinic, take money out of the stash I have been keeping and just go and blow it on silly things I don’t need so I can spend it and enjoy it before we get lifted out of here (According to Yellow Rose From Texas). It sounds great doesn’t it? It sounds like Ashtar Command promising for years that Lord Sananda that Michael Ellegion so much admires and communicates to will land on the ship called Jerusalem after disclosure which was supposed to happen 4 years ago (it’s in his book Prepare For the Landings).  This galactic family or galactics as the believers call them will walk around, introduce themselves to us and bring us technology such as Replicators so we don’t have to manufacture anything anymore or do much of anything, just replicate it.

You can believe the version of the galactics landing to scoop us up out of here because Gaia is about to shift her poles and needs to cleanse, so we will be taken into these huge biospheres that Tolec, spokesperson for Andromeda Council speaks of and we can live there for the next 10 or so years while Earth is prepared for us to return, or we can choose to be taken into the Hollow Earth and live amongst the higher dimensional beings. Yes, they even have their own sun inside and they grow food.

Yellow Rose For Texas claims that Eve and One are now working on removing the planet from it’s shackles that is connected to gears existing in a Server, a false construct. The message is the same: Don’t worry, be happy and soon we will be out of here!

I have written many times that I would love for ALL of the above scenarios to happen, problem is that I am not involved in the decisions, nobody is contacting me or humanity and asking us what we want and where we want to go. It seems that ALL of these entities claiming to help us or save us seem to be the ones to DECIDE what should be done with us, as if we don’t matter yet at the same time telling us how much they love us and called us “Beloved Ones”.

What was the purpose of incarnating here 100’s or 1000’s of times if ONE or EVE were going to pull us out of here anyways?

The problem I have with the ‘story’ that Rose is now telling us is that very few people have access to this information. How is it that someone just shows up out of nowhere and expects us to believe them? Where is the proof? SOHO images can be altered and 4 tiny pixels are supposed to be Earth being pulled?

If this is really what is about to happen, why is it that only an American Woman (she claims to be ) is talking about this? I have not read anywhere online that there is another human on any part of the planet talking about this . Would it not be logical that if such an enormously important event is about to happen that more people would be contacted?

Think of the ramifications of this so called “knowledge”. Ukraine is in a state of war, so many people suffering, living in fear, dying of hunger and cold, no home to return to; would it not be easier for them if they knew this is about to take place? Instead of living in fear and feeling such despair, I am sure they would deal with their plight much easier if they knew their suffering would soon be over.

What about all the wars across the planet? I believe there are currently 47 wars happening on Earth at this moment. Would they not feel much better if they knew their suffering would end soon? If they knew this, do you think that the soldiers would put their arms down and go home to their families and wait for the event to happen?

You see, there is nothing logical in this story that Rose is the only woman being in contact with these entities yet this event will affect the entire planet. So, I have many questions that Rose has not yet answered, why the whole planet is not being notified or at least been given this information so they can choose if they want to believe it or not that we are being lifted out of this hellhole? There’s a few hundred people (fans and followers) excited about this event, how do you get in touch with the millions of people that have no electricity, some don’t even know what the internet is let alone access to it, yet Rose is spreading the word via the Internet?

If someone was contacting me and telling me that we are about to be freed from this construct and will be going to the “real” Earth; the first question I would ask is: “Who else knows about this and/or who else have you contacted?

I posed the same questions to the channels: “How do people get your messages  who have no access to internet?” If htey can’t contact you or me, you would think they would do this with at least one person in each country so they can pass this message, in other words choose an ambassador for each country that is enlightened enough to accept channeled information and start spreading it to others.

I really want to believe that something like this can and/or will happen, so many lives would change with this information, many wars would end because there would no longer be a purpose to fight, people would stop borrowing money or walk out on their mortgaged debt, get rid of crap they don’t need, there would no longer be racism or classes, no protests, people would just hang in there waiting and not stressed from their miserable lives.

Don’t you think if the planet is being “towed” out of this construct server that more people should know about it? We are talking about an event that is going to change our reality, and don’t they have the right to know that decisions are being made in their behalf rather than keeping them in the dark? Why is it that Rose and a chosen few only have access to this information/knowledge? Why does this “savior” propaganda always come out of the US?

Each time I read a new post it’s the same shit: “We’re just hours away”. Is this Earth hours or God’s hours, yet days have gone by, weeks have gone by since Rose said it could be hours away.

So, if you really believe this scenario, should you not be traveling to the countries that can’t access Internet and tell them what is going on? Maybe not about the event so much as the history behind it construct and what is really true, then explain it’s almost over with and that we will be freed? After all, can’t take money with you, so charge up your credit cards and get moving, there won’t be money on the New Earth, instead you’re worried if your pets are coming with you. The selfish followers are only asking about themselves, what to take  with them, what the signs will be, yet I have not read ONE comment asking how does the rest of the world get this glorious and divine information.

So wake up folks, stop looking  for someone to save you, you created this mess that we are in and now you believe that perhaps EVE and ONE are just going to lift you out of here? Think about the fact that you have chosen to incarnate here for many lifetimes, to help and assist with the transition, so when reading this crap from Rose, why don’t you ask her why only a small certain group of people have access to her information and what is she doing to notify humanity? It’s a good start, and it’s always my start, so when I see 250 followers or 2400 views on YouTube, one must wonder why truth doesn’t travel very far?

I have never denied the possibility that we are getting help, I don’t think that we can do this alone, I’m talking about Divine Assistance, but we didn’t come here to just sit now and wait for someone to pull us out of here. Anything that teaches you to sit disempowered is using exactly that program to keep you from doing anything. I sure I’m wrong because I would love to get out of here, but reality is that I love Gaia and I want to stay here and help her, she needs me, she needs us. She sustains us. Without her we would be dead because we were created and designed to live on this planet in this bodysuit that we use. We drink her water, eat her food, breathe the air she creates and without these we would die, therefore, she continues to provide for us and she will get us to where we need to go. If you want to leave this planet, go for it, it’s a free will universe, but you can’t runaway from something you created, we created to play out to the end. Just think about that.