A Response from ~Jean to the latest ‘flavor-of-the-month’ being sold by the cabal

I really liked what Jean had to say and would recommend that you read this and think about what she writes. It sure has given me something to think about and that is to let go of differences, come together, work together towards the same goal. Peace on Earth.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Everyone is sending me news about the latest flavor-of-the-month that the cabal is selling: Jade Helm. They’re sending me all sorts of that kind of news, and my new blog is not about that kind of info. I’ve had to pull back today, to stop and think and consider, because I have felt myself getting sucked down that dark hole again, and frankly, I’m going to stand firm: I do not to go there anymore. 

If Jade Helm happens, maybe it will finally wake up Americans. In the meantime, those who are awake appear to be buying into the hysteria. Apparently, few of you read the recent articles on my blog that point to another outcome entirely for this battle that is taking place. Source has decreed that the cabal will lose!

It is your choice — and your responsibility — not to read these articles — and I know that many will…

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One thought on “A Response from ~Jean to the latest ‘flavor-of-the-month’ being sold by the cabal

  1. I like Jean and her sharing of info.. and follow her new blog as well as her old one… I can think of no other outcome than overcoming the darkness..
    Many thanks for sharing Ines.. Hugs Sue x


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