Almost There

“Guilt” is an emotion that’s been instilled into me since birth you might say. Although it’s very weak in the essence of my being it does tend to show up once in a while when I have made commitments and can’t fulfill them. You may ask: “What commitments have you made?” I mad the commitment to myself to keep this blog active, interesting and empowering and lately my own personal journey has kept me from doing so. I have handwritten most of what I will post later, as a child, my creativity flowed through pen and paper being a prisoner of my bedroom for days on end when my father thought I was a bad girl. I still hand write everything and then type it out, for some reason that is how I am wired.

It’s been an incredible journey for me this past week, feeling guilty is part of the “I have to do” child  inside and just letting you know that I am still here and doing well.  Everything is the way it should be, the madness outside you is just a distraction, those souls are playing out their roles to bring in the new energy, remember, we are immortal, timeless beings of light, and although it may seem like the world has gone mad, it has in a sense but in a 3D sense, we are on the right track and soon to end this era of barbarism and destruction. I know this, there is no need to explain how I know this, you can either trust it or not, but you need not worry about the external events, they are distracting you from what you should be doing and that is working on yourself.

Be back tonight for some awesome posts.


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