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This is an example of what many are going through now as they finally realized that the light is not out there somewhere, rather the light is inside of us. Letting go means letting go of all the fake gurus and wanna be masters claiming to have information on how to teach us something. You are the light, you don’t need to seek it, you have always been the light.

Infinite Shift

My current mantra is, “It feels so good to let go.”

It’s funny to think back to 9-10 years ago and remember how I conceptualized ‘awakening’ and ‘enlightenment’ then.

At that time, I see that I thought of it in terms of an escape from the mundane or even unpleasant reality I was living in.

My thought process was something like, “Once I’m enlightened, I’ll be living in bliss and all of this stuff will just go away or not matter any more.”

Actually, there’s probably some truth to that, though not in the way I perceived it back then.

The key difference is that I was thinking of it as an escape from myself, specifically my shadow, my trauma patterns, where now it’s obvious that, if anything, it’s an embracing, integration, and/or alchemical transmutation (which feels like another form of integration) of all those aspects that have historically been…

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