Breaking Ascension News! Sananda (Jesus) And Archangel Michael Say Ho’poopono Prayer Clears The Way For Ascension

“There is a dramatic warp in the electromagnetic field which is caused by the conflict between Terrra’s high energy and the pervasive dark thought forms on the surface of the planet. If allowed to continue, it would threaten the survival of the human race.”

Wow, ARCHangel Michael now tells us to use an ancient prayer Ho’poopono as if the world never heard about it before. Most of  my readers know about this or practice this Kathryn, and anyways, I thought your heart-centering or whatever it is you call it was supposed to heal the soul and remove any traumas. I guess it’s not working so now you need to come up with another excuse. How insulting.

“As I, Sananda, described on the blog talk show last night, we were truly not lying to you; we believed what we said, but each time you took a leap forward, it was followed by a fall backward. We saw it was the effect of the combined rising darkness as it played on your ‘Luciferian seed.” It was time for a complete shift in our approach.”
Of course you were not lying, why are you defending yourself then? You believed what you said? I should hope so, I never say anything unless I believe in it, which means you don’t believe in what you say at times? That’s comforting. Of course, if one madness doesn’t work try another. You remind me of that saying: “Madmen repeat the same thing over and over expecting different results.” How many shifts will there be before something actually happens Sananda? I’m counting at least 45 different suggestions you have given, I guess you’re still not sure how to believe what you say?

“Last night we encouraged Kathryn to once more raise her consciousness to ascend into higher dimensions, lifting her body with her. We were there surrounding her to help with the process, but as she began to rise above the lower fifth dimension, using the portal that was reactivated weeks ago, we were met with waves of electromagnetic resistance. This has happened in the past each time she has attempted to ascend.”
I must say that Kathryn is a very persistent lady isn’t she? What happened to equality? What makes Kathryn so special that she is being used as the guinea pig for being “enlightened”. The reason she can’t ascend is because you made a statement last April when everyone was supposed to ascend that the portal you were working on for thousands of years was not yet ready. Did you check the portal this time and make sure it was completed, maybe that’s the reason why she could not ascend again.

“You see, the Ho’oponopono prayer, used in unison by thousands of people, will truly clear away the turbulence we are now seeing as an impediment to your ultimate ascension. Please, do not be alarmed, Dear Ones. This does not mean you will not be able to ascend. Far from it. The powerful cross-currents are stirred up because of the increasing Light, just as the disruptions you now see in your society are a result of real change. The warmth of your expanding hearts is bringing a warm pressure system across the face of the globe. Where it meets the frigid atmosphere of darkness, there is a normal temporary condition of turmoil in the energy around you.”
Here we go again, fear mongering. Can a scientist please step forward and explain this phenomena of our warmth expanding hearts bringing warm pressure systems across the globe? So now frigid is dark and love is warmth, if the two collide with each other what do we get? We get a perfect storm. I have to find a scientist to explain this to me because it doesn’t make sense that our hearts can actually create a warm pressure system. Something stinks here but then don’t worry, you’re not supposed to understand it, just believe it is so.

I didn’t want to take up all the room on this post with that whole section of us being powerful souls and just need to change our tactics. If you are so inclined just go and read it yourself. The Indian doesn’t like me, when I ask him if he really believes everything he posts, he writes “Why do you bother coming here?”. or he will write” Why are you so negative”.

Well,for starters, you need to ask questions not just believe everything you read. I’m not being negative, I’m asking questions and I like to face the dark and not run from it. How do light-workers expect to bring about change if they run from negativity, if they run from evil, if they refuse to confront the evil that is upon us? You see, this is the whole propaganda they bought into, just avoid the dark and run to the light, don’t do anything, let the dark keep doing it’s work and slowly killing us all off and yes, by all means, stay away from negative people because you won’t ASCEND you idiot! You gotta raise your frequency and in order to do that, let everyone kill themselves, allow the dark to keep sexually molesting young children, allow the banksters to keep stealing your money, don’t worry, just work on raising your frequency because you will ascend, let everyone else fall on the wayside, you know, who gives a shit about those that haven’t woken up yet, or those that don’t have electricity or internet, it’s not our fault that they can’t connect to a blog and get the information.

You tell me Light-workers, what exactly is your mission in this current reality? If you are just posting everything and anything, you are propaganda sellers to me, nothing more. I think very few of you have a clue as to what is really going on, because if you did have a clue, you sure as hell would not be posting about Ashtar command

Enough said for today.



    • Purps, she’s a very creative woman and those entities sure have a good hold on her, I wish her no harm, but I can’t for the life of me understand how an educated woman like her can actually promote this crap.


  1. Ines, I love the idea that the light workers are waiting for a portal to open for them to get off planet, they are already primed to take part in such a new experience. There are on offer other takes on the same experience, such as, space ship transports arriving in our skys to take them off planet, jesus coming to take them to their new home. I can’t wait to see them gone. I call it the greatest takeaway of all time. Better than McDonalds. After all the wedding feast of the Lamb, needs a tasty takeaway to consume. When their God’s call them home, I am going to have the last Laugh, as I wave them goodbye. This belief that they have stuck in their minds is to be used to get rid of them. The Archonic deceptions will become usefull, it will be the greatest ‘suck up’ of all time.


    • The Light workers are waiting yet they call themselves light “workers”, what is it that they are actually working on? I keep asking this on their blogs and they keep telling me to stop being negative. I have yet to hear from someone who calls themselves a light worker to tell me exactly what it is they are WORKING on, I think I will rename them light-waiters, waiting for further instructions.


      • I havn’t logged on yet. I have had to change over to Google Chrome, it appears to be the only browser that seems to work properly with wordpress, why the others don’t, I have no idea.


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