Biblical Prophesy and Bullshit

Last night I was listening to Steve Quayle, Gil Broussard and Stan Deyo in their respective shows. Each one has something unique to offer, each one interprets the bible in his own way. I take what feels good and leave the rest although the more I listen to them, the more it seems I am throwing away things that for some reason just don’t make sense.

The term “logic” came from the Greek word logos, which is sometimes translated as “sentence”, “discourse”, “reason”, “rule”, and “ratio”. Of course, these translations are not enough to help us understand the more specialized meaning of “logic” as it is used today.

So what is logic? Briefly speaking, we might define logic as the study of the principles of correct reasoning. This is a rough definition, because how logic should be properly defined is actually quite a controversial matter.

To discover truths is the task of all sciences; it falls to logic to discern the laws of truth. … I assign to logic the task of discovering the laws of truth, not of assertion or thought.Gottlob Frege (1848-1925). From his 1956 paper “The Thought : A Logical Inquiry” in Mind Vol. 65.

So, logic can be defined in different ways but if 3 people I know of interpret the Bible in 3 different ways, can we come to the conclusion that neither is correct or that only one is correct?

I vote for “none of the above”. It dawned on me last night that our entire system is rigged. It wasn’t rigged over night. It was rigged thousands maybe even more years ago to lead us to where we are today. From what I have read, it is estimated that over 52 scribes participated in writing the Bible. Imagine 52 different people, characters, belief systems, cultures all trying to interpret or transcribe ancient text that already has very little meaning. Let’s put aside the 50 or so scribes that participated and all their higher ups that gave them instructions on how and what to write.

Here is a perfect example of sillyness: “Matthew 24:5–8 gives us some important clues for discerning the approach of the end times: “Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.” An increase in false messiahs, an increase in warfare, and increases in famines, plagues, and natural disasters—these are signs of the end times. In this passage, though, we are given a warning: we are not to be deceived, because these events are only the beginning of birth pains; the end is still to come.”

Ok, so let’s work on the first clue, “many will come in my name”. How many have come in Jesus’s name so far? How many gurus and reincarnations of Jesus exist already? How many people strive to be like Jesus?  It can be construed as if only Jesus is Jesus, but how the hell do we know who Jesus really is? If that were to happen, and if Jesus really does return, how the hell do we know who the real Jesus is and if one even exists? To understand more of this, it’s good to read the Nag Hammadi texts on Jesus and his life. The bible is very poor on information about Jesus and therefore, he ends up being some mysterious person, yet it was known at conception that Jesus would be the Messiah. If that is the case, where is his life in the Bible? Is that not important?

The 2nd clue speaks of wars and rumors of wars and to not be alarmed. Are you kidding me? Wars? Wars have been happening since the beginning of man or civilization. Can anyone give me a 5 year period where there was Peace on this planet? So, this sillyness about wars and rumors are wars has no meaning nor does it predict anything because we are in constant wars. The only thing that disturbs me is that Jesus says we should not concern ourselves with it or worry about it. Are you kidding me? What are we to do? Just sit around and jump up for joy everytime we see a war or hear of a war? What kind of war was he referring to? In the Gnostic texts he actually refers to the space wars, not wars we assume are between humans.

The 3rd clue speaks of nation rising against nation. Are you kidding me? Isn’t that the same as war? Nation against nation is not even a headline story anymore. It has been going on since the beginning, the moment we conceptualized power, we were occupying and killing. How is this a clue?

The 4th clue speaks of famines and earthquakes in various places. Is this something new or different? Famine existed in Egyptian times, in many and ALL civilizations. Famine does not mean that a certain region or country is experiencing famine. It can mean that a neighborhood could be experiencing famine. Regardless of what I think famine to mean, it has been happening forever, so what is so different? Look at Africa, they have been in famine for over 50 years. Look at different developing countries, how about the wars causing famine? So, it’s not a good clue nor does it give us any information as to “when”.

Deception is the key word in this entire subject. Jesus warns people to not  be deceived by a false Christ or that all these clues were only the beginning and that we must not be deceived. Who is going to deceive us? What is going to deceive us?

Just looking at these clues that Jesus gives is enough to understand or come to the conclusion that this is propaganda or that it was implanted on purpose to keep people in fear. You see, if you are a Christian or believe that Christ exists, each time you hear of a war you may think about the end. Each clue actually leads you to fear something. The reality is that he never mentions what that end actually means other than saying that it’s not the world that will end, but things as we know them. If the world itself or planet itself is not going to disintegrate, then why worry about wars and famine if the end he is talking about could be this reality? Nothing makes sense if you look at it that way.

Wars are started over the sacred texts. Most wars today are based on religious wars or wars between people of different faiths. Isn’t that ironic that most wars are started by the word of God? May God help us? So, I have come to the conclusion that bible prophecy is not the word of god or christ. It is based upon human scribes and their controllers using the bible to scare people into fearing something terrible because they know the frequency of fear keeps us in lower dimensions.

For those of you that have not read the Gnostic texts, I suggest finding the Nag Hammadi Library online and looking for specific gospels on Jesus where you will read his entire life, where he travelled and what he studied. I’m not saying these are facts, the gnostic texts can not be any more real or credible than the bible, but they existed long before Christianity and they don’t disempower humanity. This is the difference between Christian and Gnostic. Christian leaves you feeling like a piece of sinner shit and dependent upon the mercy of some mad god. Gnostics teach you that “nous” knowledge is inside of you and that you are the powerful one. Just these two comparisons alone are enough to understand that Gnostics taught positive and empowered, and these are the teachings that Jesus actually taught and this is why he was killed. THEY did not want him to empower humanity. Why would the bible contain any truth in it?

Has the bible ever created goodness to humanity? What benefits has the Bible created to humanity? The Bibles are filled with alien gods who proclaim to be one and only gods. These gods kill firstborns, just like Christianity killed millions of people.

Although I do have a lot of respect for Steve Quayle, Stan Deyo and Gil Broussard; they use the bible as a foundation of what may be. Much of the bible if read in a scientific way does give us some truth, of course, truth has to be mixed in with propaganda, but I will use one example  of bible prophecy not coming to fruition. Last year, the 4 blood moons were supposed to be the beginning of the end. Nothing happened. But the entire christian world, the researchers such as the men mentioned above all talked about this to ad nauseum including Peter Kling that something was going to happen. Nothing happened.

Keep in mind that these are just my thoughts and opinions. Coming from a position of creating our own reality, and creating through our own thoughts, why would anyone attempt to predict our future if we are the ones that create our own reality? To me this doesn’t make sense. If someone or something is determining our future, then why the fuck are we here?  The bible, as far as I am concerned may contain 10% true and 90% bullshit. If someone, God or something really loved humanity, why talk in codes and parables? Why did Jesus need to talk in Parables if he was teaching us something valuable. If you read Revelation, it’s all in symbols and codes. It can be interpreted in millions of ways, assuming the 50+ scribes got the translation correct or were objective enough to simply transcribe and translate without injecting their own belief systems.

I can’t say that one or the other is right or wrong, I’m simply using my own logic through the process of elimination. We have enough documented human history to know that bible prophecies have not realized, if they did, it would be because we created that reality, but to say that some people knew what our future would bring, there is no purpose in being here then. We are not sinners. We are powerful beings and because of that even the bible is trying to keep us in the dark.

Go to Genesis. Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. She was expelled from the garden not because she knew the difference between good and evil, but because she learned something and that was that she was not going to die. In her eyes, the gods lied to her, they told her if she ate the fruit that she would surely die. It’s ironic isn’t it, that the world still functions under the rules of those alien gods. They do not want us to know the truth, and even today, we are being punished for sharing that truth.

The bottom line is that the bible, along with other media, publications, symbols, subliminal messages, they are all intended to deceive us, confuse us, invoke fear into us because as long as we are in a lower frequency or vibration, we cannot access our “higher selves”, our connection to Source. Our connection to Source is what keeps us in the game, but if we believe that something or someone is going to come along and save us, then we have become disempowered and will not seek personal power. The bible is intended to keep us dumbed down and FEAR what is to come. Perhaps, the bible was intended to make us believe in that prophecy and by doing so, we have created that mass consciousness in order to bring the world to an end. Anything is possible.

Although I admire the men mentioned above for the life dedication of research and studying the bible, I must ask myself what their real intention is or what their purpose is in propagating that information coming from the bible. If I as an amateur bible study can come to this conclusion that the Bible is not to be trusted because it doesn’t empower humanity, why and how didn’t these very intelligent men do the same or do they not want to know the truth? Just asking. At one time, I read that the Bible has over 13,000 contradictions. Is this because of Scribe error, history error or is made up on purpose to confuse us? I don’t know but I do know one thing, and that is that humanity has NOT benefited by reading the bible or believing it is god’s word!


7 thoughts on “Biblical Prophesy and Bullshit

  1. The gnostics warned about the god/redeemer/saviour ideology.
    No good has ever come from the bible, and no good ever will…….


  2. Bravo again Ines. If you connect enough dots you soon find out that our reality is nothing more than a great “thriller” movie, where the last 5 minutes of the movie completely blows you away as the unexpected comes out of nowhere and leaves you breathless and thinking “no way did I see that coming”.

    Keep on keeping on dear Ines.

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  3. Dear Ines:

    This quote of yours is gold:

    “Perhaps, the bible was intended to make us believe in that prophecy and by doing so, we have created that mass consciousness in order to bring the world to an end.”


    What follows are my own intuitive hits based on research that I’ve done, so please, only take what resonates.

    There is a book written by Laura Knight-Jadzyck of Cassiopean fame, called ‘The Secret History of the World’ (Volume 1) that you don’t need to read because you already intuited what she wrote. Over 300 pages on ‘who wrote the bible and why’ and you nailed it. It was made-up shlock meant for mind-control and programming of FUTURE GENERATIONS so that the elite/reptilians/illuminati etc. can trigger those in all major religions who rely on the bible/Talmud/Koran etc. for their world-view to bring on ‘end times’, which can ONLY happen WITH OUR CONSENT. That, besides their role in keeping people divided, is the TRUE reason for religions.

    Those who rule us/harvest our energies know of the ‘rule of consent’ and that free will is needed in order for them to operate, and when enough people start to wake up, they invoke this crap via instilled religious fervor to create chaos and destruction in order to keep us under their control.

    As for Jesus himself, I do think that such a man existed, but he was FAR greater than any could possibly conceive. In fact, his message was SO powerful that it took the Roman Empire over 325 YEARS to finally weed out those who followed him via Charlemagne and the council of Nicea; destroy his true legacy; write or promote FALSE books (all written long after ‘Christ’ died – NONE were written WHILE HE LIVED! Gotta question that right off, no?) as TRUE GOSPEL; create the papacy; and put all to DEATH who did NOT agree to follow their dictates. And this fight continues even after the Cathars, Knights Templar, and others were put to death for not buying into the Catholic Church’s dictates.

    I believe Christ’s (if that was his actual name) TRUE message was this: GOD IS WITHIN. Do as I do, live as I live, and YOU TOO shall discover this. It was NOT “I AM THE WAY” – it was “THIS is the way”. But no, the Roman empire had to step in, give the Catholic movement power to say that “God is ‘out there’, and WE CONTROL ACCESS to him and by the way, you are ALL sinners and must PAY for your wretchedness and the ‘Son of God’s’ death (that we caused but forget that); and if you don’t believe this or GIVE US YOUR MONEY you will die/go to hell/etc.”

    In my mind, there is NO GREATER SIN than the ‘church’ stepping in and saying that THEY controlled access to God – and if you didn’t believe it or do what they said – you were punished with excommunication, torture, or death.

    Anyway, my two cents. I hope all is well on your end…things are getting dicey here in the US, but many do seem to be waking up. May it be enough, and on time…



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    • Nice to hear from you Anthony, yes, I heard of the lady and maybe one day will get around to reading her work. I get shivers reading the comments on this post because 20 years ago, I would have been attacked and smeared for my opinion, we are moving forward.


    • Things are getting dicey here in Europe and unless you’re watching RT news in the US, you don’t hear about it. There is not one EU country that is not protesting about something. The “intended” slaughter of the Middle East to intentionally bring on the influx of war stricken humanity ( don’t like calling them migrants or immigrants, we are all free on this planet) into Europe to destabilize, to break down our different cultures. .It’s all a plan to create the one world religion and government. They will succeed but only for a short while. Humanity will not wake up until it’s chipped and starved into submission. Sadly, we are powerful beings but we also are able to tolerate a lot of shit because of that power. I have been saying since day one, just get ready. If you can store food and water and some natural remedies to keep you going for a while when the shit hits the fan and it will hit the fan, it will hit the US first, it’s the epicenter of Evil governance and must go first. Remember, we are doing what we came here to do, we are all doing what we should be doing….as long as we think like humans, it will be too difficult to withstand so when things get tough just remember that you created that reality and there was purpose behind it.

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  4. In Frank Herbert’s brilliant book Dune, there was a religion that was created by the “elite” to program future generations, so they could trigger the masses at will when they needed to.

    Thanks for raising this point Anthony. Wonder where Laura Knight-Jadzyck got her idea from? Dune came out in the 1960’s. But, no matter, the message is much the same on this interesting point.

    Much of the time fictional stories tell truths that people wouldn’t believe if told they were facts. Lots more in truths Dune if you want a great read!


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