Tom and Jerry at it again

Here you have it folks…Tom and Jerry (David and Drake) discussing their knowledge from higher sources or sources from the top. I listened to Drake many years ago, he’s changed so many networks, so many groups of people and for years now he’s been pushing this “mass arrest”event. All you have to do is listen to the first 5 minutes of his talk and you will ‘feel’ the idiot in him, he can’t even put together a sentence that is legible, let alone give some real information, but hey, David says he’s good to go!

David as always interrupting to get his 5 cents worth, what an arrogant son of a bitch. Of course, he says he “vetted” Drake, so if David says Drake is good to go, then it must be true.

You judge this for yourself. This is nothing but Tom and Jerry doing their regular routine of cat and mouse leading nowhere and has been leading nowhere for years now. These mass arrests of course just don’t happen over night, you know, we’re not talking about a few people or 10 people. We’re talking about thousands all over the world that will be soon arrested, therefore, it’s taken over 5 years now to plan this out. However, Drake will tell you in 2012 that the arrests had started. Oh I forgot to tell you that St. Germaine also said in 2011 that the reason the RV was not going to happen right away was because of these mass arrests. Kathryn E. May talked to Sananda and he said the same thing last year that the RV is imminent but that disclosure and mass arrests must take place first.

Let’s not forget ZAP and Poofness…they are still promoting the RV as happening any day now. Do people actually believe this shit? You decide for yourself.



8 thoughts on “Tom and Jerry at it again

  1. Amazing how these frauds are still spewing their egotistical bullshit and the people lap it up like a cat drinking milk.

    I lost contact with you when you closed your old blog a couple years ago, and somehow managed to find you again a few weeks ago……Just want you to know that you are a breath of fresh air in this toxic world we live in, your truths and perspectives keep me grounded and focused on the reality we live in instead of being conned by these despicable parrots.

    Anyway, so glad I found my way back to you. Thank you Ines for helping those that seek the truth and nothing but the truth.


    • I’m honored Dan, thank you so much for the kind words. There are times when I question everything I do and how much impact it has but it takes one reader to make my day. I just do what I feel is right which doesn’t mean I am, it’s just my perspective.


  2. It seems none of us are immune to the idea of AI infestation and David Wilcock is no exception.
    This is from his April 5th article this year:
    “If this book succeeds, it gets us much closer to the goal of the Star Trek / Stargate / Jetsons-type future we’ve all secretly been longing for.”
    Ha ha. Is this not simply an attempt to further the Trans Humanist reality. (And sell his book of course.) What’s even funnier is that DW knows what people ‘secretly long for’.


    • Of course he does….he’s the one that promised Ascension in 2002 and when it didn’t happen, shut down his site, regrouped, claimed hardship and health issues and started out all over again. Unfortunately, most of us do not have time to go back a few years of their work to see how much has NOT come true 🙂


  3. I know I am a bit late to this discussion, but I thought it worthwhile to mention that this interview was from a few years ago when I was really into Wilcock after reading his financial tyranny piece and book the Source field Investigations. David seems to have allowed his ego to take over far more than when I came upon his work around 2011-12 (though in hindsight he’s always been quick to congratulate himself and boast about how important he is/was for humanity in this great journey) and has become insufferable. This coming from a person who once defended him constantly on message boards. I remember listening to a wilcock interview with Fulford years back where Ben took what sounded like a line of cocaine (or other sniffable substance) right in the middle of their conversation. I have no qualms with people using their freewill however they want, but if you are in service to humanity and trying to legitimately help, ripping a line of drugs during an interview isn’t the best look. Anyways, Ines, I really enjoy reading your perspective on the different areas you write about, as it has helped me question situations and look at things differently and with a more discerning approach. With love,



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