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Not only do we exist in an illusory world we call our current reality, but our history is false so we struggle in this lifetime.

One group of which I consider to be part of struggles to find the missing pieces of the puzzle while at the same time trying to figure out what our purpose is in this madness we created. What were we thinking when we signed up for this play?

The second group is perfectly happy taking orders, paying taxes, allowing others to think for them while constantly whining about how miserable their lives are and yet do nothing to change it.

Jesus said in the bible or should I say it is written in the bible: “Beware of false prophets”.

A prophet is someone who speaks by divine inspiration, revealing or interpreting the will of god through prophecies. With that definition, a language used a few thousand years ago or in another timeline would mean that anything/anyone that calls themselves a messenger of god, channels god or uses god in their teachings would be a prophet.

Have you any idea how many false prophets exist in the truth community/love and light/new cage movement? I lost track but it’s over 1000 people. There are 1100 versions/incarnations of St. Germain so you can imagine. Not only are they false prophets for being a messenger of god but they are also compromised; meaning that the voice/message or entity entering their body is not a loving god/creator.

Source/creator doesn’t poke a finger at a human being and decides to communicate with them. Source/creator is open to all for communication which would logically mean to me that everyone claiming to be gods messenger should be getting the same messages

There are thousands of books written on the subject of god. I don’t need to add another view and I am not going to debate names, but how many gods exist?

I don’t know. My opinion, even after well over 30 years of research has left me undecided, perhaps even confused but then I didn’t focus my work on god or religion, I was all over the place from the Occult to ancient aliens, a bit of everything you might say. All I can to is tell you what I think, it’s all I can do.

I think that the first sparks of divine souls created were given names as gods and were sent out to create in different voids of existence. Once they learned of infinity and eternity, they created Aeons who would have an area (galaxy, solar system, universe etc.,) to create their own realities. At that level, all is connected like we know our Wi-Fi so that the Aeons knew what they could and could not do and from what it appears, all universes are consistently designed. I think that Aeons created planets.

What happens to populating the planet with life?

According to the gnostics, Aeon Sophia created the planet and then seeded humanity into the pleroma. She then loved her creation so much, she became the planet Gaia. The human seeds were spread out through that space and this is why we hear researchers confirm that there exist a human like species outside of our solar system.

So, when someone claims to be gods messenger, what god are they referring to? If they are truly getting “the real god”, 3 things should happen for me to believe them.

  1. As stated earlier, I would assume that every prophet would pass to us the same messages/dogma?
  2. This god should identify itself as to it’s origin; and those that do have different names which leads me to believe these are not real gods but posing as such just like they did in Genesis, the creation.
  3. God doesn’t interfere into our reality as it is an illusion, but god doesn’t directly contact souls, it’s not allowed, there is no need, our free will must be respected.

For these so called gods to contact humans means they cannot possibly be legitimate gods; and if they were, why would they purposely confuse humanity?

I’m not talking about the ancient past or present religious systems. Men defined gods in that period because everything that came from above was a god to be worshipped.

I’m talking about our current reality excluding christian, muslim, jewish and other religious gods. I’m referencing the current false prophets, each with a different message or teaching, it should tell us that perhaps there is another higher dimensional deception to confuse us and keep us from finding out the truth about who we are. If these entities are created by Source, then they too play a role in this production, to force us into seeking our true nature.

They want us to believe that we are humans and that our connection with a god will lead us to heaven or ascension. We are not humans. You are a divine spark of source, you are a creator god, you create through your thoughts and belief systems, and these gods and even some false prophets are jealous of you and they don’t want you to evolve.

Creator/source is our direct connection, if a soul disconnects it’s because source has done it for a reason, but our connection is permanent, a disconnect means death of the soul as source provides us the energy. Therefore, any communication from a god that we didn’t call for is false. We are connected through the crown of our heads by a blue filament/strand to source.

Any god that claims to know what is going on in our world and what possibly might happen is committing a transgression against humanity and universal laws of non-interference and respecting our free will. We are in a unique reality of free will, no other reality exists that is free will.

What would be the point of incarnating into this reality while getting cues and clues that are completely inconsistent from god to god?

It doesn’t make sense. Although our reality is an illusion, we created and planned out every detail right down to when we enter a baby/fetus/embryo, we agreed to have our memories blocked, it was a condition we set to incarnate here because if we really knew who we were or where we came from, we may not last long in this reality and could leave, which would mess up the entire production.

Imagine, after months of rehearsals, and the night before the opening of the play, an important actor dies, such chaos would ensue. Or better yet, you’re in the middle of the performance and an actor all of a sudden has a heart attack. Are you going to continue the play? Of course not. Firstly you are going to aid and assist the actor. Secondly, it’s impossible to continue with the play and even to replace with a stand in at that point, would be difficult. That stand in could only “stand in” following the next performance.

So, this bullshit about our memories being erased to hurt us or wiped is simply new age dogma and bullshit. Blocking access to our memories was a protection measure. Some of us CAN access past life memories, so it’s not erased. It’s a protective measure especially for those souls that never experienced a physical reality. Many of us here come from higher realities/realms and are in a physical body for the first time.

Although the entity Seth claims that this is our kindergarden of learning, I would add that it’s also a reality for those that want to experience physical realities with both good and bad. If we remembered who we were and where we came from, you can be sure we would want to bail out of this madness.

As a Buddhist for many years, reincarnation as part of my evolution was acceptable and when I asked one of my mentors why we don’t remember our past lives, he answered similar to Edgar Cayce’s explanation: “Do you think you could live with the knowledge that you killed and ruthlessly maimed people in your past?”

You know the answer to that.

Well, it’s the same answer as to why we don’t remember other existences. There is no such thing as evil or bad souls. It’s the experience we insert it into to know what it feels like, but Souls are pure and LOVE.

I often asked Kathryn E. May and YRFT what made them so special that they were chosen to be the official voice for god? Kathryn calls them mother and father god, Rose calls them Eve and One. Both pairs are male and female aspects but both teach something totally different. Father god will suggest that you purchase laminine for good health, Eve tells you that you live in a construct of gears and machinery run by some artificial intelligence. Neither one has answered me directly to that question.

Which are true gods? Neither.

A creator does not give out trade secrets and our memories were blocked for a reason. If Creator/source wanted us to know certain thing, it would either unblock memories or parts of it to EVERYONE, for ALL are equal.

End of story.


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