So what if Earth is flat or not flat? So what if you find out why you have been lied to and who? It’s your ego controlling you, wanting to be right and I’m telling you, it matters not. What matters to me is that I prepare myself for graduation, to detach from this world and focus on connecting to source permanently. I can do it here and there, but the connection is not strong enough yet. That’s all that should matter to me right now.

I made a comment on a blog about the Flat Earth Theory and explained it mattered not to me and someone wrote that I should be worried and that if I am truth seeker that I should find out what shape the earth is.

Being stuck on the shape of the Earth is only diverting you from what you should be doing.

These people are not mature yet. Do you know how you should be?  Materially detached meaning you have minimized your need to spend money on things you can do without, be debt free, detached from the Matrix as much as possible meaning you don’t or won’t have to rely on any government agency to pay you unemployment, welfare or social security payments.  You should be financially and spiritually abundant.

Spiritual maturity is about the soul occupying a human skinsuit, it’s about knowing you’re only here temporarily and that you made the choice to be here at this time. You know that you made an agreement with parts of your soul group to help each other learn lessons or experience. You are not affected by all the negative events because you have detached from that reality.

You are aware that your goal in this existence is to remember why you came here and who you are. You are aware that whatever your circumstances are, you created them. Your soul purpose in this reality is to remember who you are and find your way home.

This is where you should be about now, nothing is coincidence and no external force is responsible for your current condition.

I am reading a lot about so called light workers that are facing very difficult times financially. These people may want to be light workers or call themselves light workers but they are not. For starters, your job is to shine your light. Your life should be in order, you should be healthy and taking care of yourself first and then helping others. You must be an example of what you want others to be.

How can anyone take your seriously if you’re in dire straights? You may want to believe you’re a lightworker based on things you read but the truth is that we are ALL beings of light, we are all equals and we all chose to come here at this time.

You can’t help others until you help yourself first. You can’t give advice if your own life is not in order and if you are not living in abundance, you’re far away from being spiritually evolved. You create that abundance by your thoughts  and attitudes, so obviously your attitude towards money is not correct.

Would you take advice from a fat person on how to lose weight? Of course not. Do you think my clients would continue to come for help if I was ill all the time or complained about my life?

There is no reason for anyone to lack anything. The universe is full of abundance but for some reason you’re not attracting it in your life.

If you have your shit together, you should be waking up with great joy and in gratitude for all that you have. You don’t worry about money because it always comes when you need it and you’re not affected by any geoengineering, chemtrails and all the other things they are trying to poison us with.

Furthermore, if your body and mind is toxic from negative thoughts and emotions, and you live in lack of, you should not be helping anyone because you are only emanating that very toxic energy to others.

Don’t call yourself a lightworker in the same breath saying you’re suffering from lack of. BE a lightworker by BEING an example to others and you won’t have to do anything, they will follow you and will want to know HOW to get what you have. Be the light by being detached from the matrix, people will notice you everywhere you go.

When I first started getting stares from people, I was becoming very self-conscious. At first I thought my hair was sticking out or my make up smudged or that maybe I had a fly stuck to my nose. I couldn’t understand why people were looking at me so intently.

In time I learned that I emanated a very calm and loving energy. My friends started to tell me that there was something different about me, that I looked more vibrant and youthful. They wanted to know how they could feel that way. They often asked me how come I never complained about anything especially the last year with my partner needing constant care.

This is how I explained to them how I felt: “I am here but I’m not here. I notice everything but as an observer. I’m astutely aware that I create my own reality so I’m very careful about my thoughts. The world around me is what it is, but I’m not part of it and do not consider it to be my reality. My partner created his illness so why should feel bad about that? I not only live in gratitude but I thank creator for all that I am as often as I can remember. Life outside my world doesn’t interest me let alone the small and silly things in life, my only focus right now is to be the best that I can be, love as much as I can love, help as much as I can help without taking away from my energy and to shine my light for those that walk in the dark”.

Now, more than ever we must turn to ourselves and start polishing that lamp so that it can shine as bright as possible. You cannot be in both worlds at once because the material world neutralizes any progress you make in your spiritual world. I’m not saying that we should stop living our lives, I’m saying that we must detach from the human desires of acquiring material security and simply live as if we already have abundance. You can’t help anyone if you lack.

By living in abundance and always knowing you will have it, you can then help others. Everything requires money today, so we must create abundance and we share that abundance. We never take away or go with less to give others, that’s called sacrifice and sacrifice is not positive, it’s called giving up something to give to others and the exchange is lack of and sacrifice. You are merely passing on sacrifice to someone else.

I live all that I write about. Last week, I filled up 3 shopping bags for my cousin with meats, desserts, rice, flour, sugar and many other items. I already had more than I needed or would use and by today it was all returned to me through clients sending me more. I give without even thinking how much I have left because I have NEVER went without, somehow the cupboards get full again.

I am so filled with gratitude and it’s always on my thoughts how fortunate I am, the universe hears me and sends me more.  Although I do not celebrate xmas or any religious holidays, it’s always a time for reflection, making notes, setting goals at how I can be better or change things I don’t like or want.

I now understand why strangers look intently into my eyes as they pass by me, my body language and facial expression reflects joy and inner gratitude, they are pulled to that because it’s something they want.

That is why I consider a lightworker to be a Lighthouse providing direction so that ships can safely make it to their destination. Be the guiding and giving light, be the light you are and came to be. You, old soul are the light of all of us together, joined together we can make the changes. Please catch up with us, I’m longing to go home.


2 thoughts on “YOUR HOLIDAY LIGHT

  1. Ines, you really get some things and yet are not aware of some others. But if it has not been part of your personal experience then you wouldn’t know, at least not from a lower-mind perspective. You can KNOW it from other levels and I urge you to make that attempt. Now, when it comes right down to it, even though my situation / experience beats against some of the broad-brush painting you make, I also really end up being the epitome of the points you are making.

    As a forerunner, I had to let go of ALL of 3D, except whatever it took to keep my vital signs. I have not had a job for almost 7 years. I’ve had no money that I could call my own for about 5 years. I’ve had a friend putting a roof over my head and food in my belly for almost 6 years. This friend is my soul mate and we both KNEW years ago that I would help them with the beginning of the new and they would help me with end of the old and so it has been. I was just thinking today, that by taking care of my physical level bare necessities, my friend has done more for this whole planetary ascension effort than a whole pile of light workers could even think of doing. Both my friend and I have understood the idea of “putting oneself first”. No way either of us could have played our roles in this if we hadn’t.

    I DO have a life of abundance, just not the materialistic, greedy idea of “abundance” that those still too attached to 3D have… not to mention their headless chicken busy, busy, busy trivial activities. The other day some blog was talking about security and someone challenged them about if they have received their “earth security”. I told them I had no money I could call my own and yet I have always been taken care of. I think many more light workers are about to end up in similar circumstances as they are pressed to step up and energetically assist the collective in a more WHOLE-HEARTED way.

    But yeah, many don’t know what to do / think if their security and protection and abundance don’t come in the usual 3D package, ya know, the one the universe is urging them to move away from. What? All that can be provided from the inside out? Well I’ll be! lol

    I’ll tell ya right now, there is no way I could have done what I did if I was still working. No frickin’ way. You’re welcome. No really. If it wasn’t for the knock-down, drag-out energy work we forerunners have done, I sincerely wonder how many of us would even be alive now. Not kidding. You know how messed up the world is… and yet… you must have noticed how no matter how hard the cabal tries, they just can’t pull off anything real big. The ascension forerunners played a MAJOR role in holding off destructive forces in 3D to give others a chance to get ready and yet even light workers have taken their sweet time and thus far no one has stepped up to completely relieve us forerunners of duties. They soon will have to because there’s not much left to the forerunner force.

    And frankly, many “light workers” could stand to have some challenges so they continue to grow and release 3D. Many would have a tough time progressing with their healing if they could continue to be a wage slave, etc.

    I’m completely fat and out of shape from doing VERY INTENSE energy work, for MANY YEARS. I’ve been used as a human antennae. I can and do offer GREAT diet and nutrition and exercise, etc. advice because just like with so much else, I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. But not everyone has done work at the levels I have. Very, very few actually.

    But even though I’m fat, out of shape and often rather unkempt, when I’m out ‘n about and see people (not often) those who have even an inkling of a clue so recognize my light and for many, many years, I’ve made sure I’m never in a hurry so that I can be a Spiritual Minuteman and am able to respond (responsibility – the ability to respond) to anyone and everyone that I come across… with no rush. So, ya really can’t judge a book by its cover. And if you do, well, I can’t say as I’d blame ya. I may have done so years ago also.

    But, even though I’ve done so much energy work, it didn’t kill me – God has not let me be used for any more energy work for 1 1/4 years since I’m completely spent. And there is NO WAY I could have done what I have done if I didn’t know how to be and wasn’t healed, whole, and healthy.

    I’ll give it to ya that the “celebrity light workers” are very good examples of bad examples. Many of them are not completing their healing work and some are literally passing through the death portal… and they didn’t get their asses kicked doing energy work like myself and other forerunners have. And many of them are TOO money oriented and care more about having a big following than actually knocking out their own inner work which would help others more than all the busyness they keep themselves distracted with.

    But yep, in general, you nailed this. When it comes right down to it, whether we are talking for oneself or for the collective effort, everyone’s personal HEALING is ALL that matters and should be everyone’s top priority. And you make a very good point to put self first. I have been the living example of just how that works. As I said, if I wouldn’t have gotten myself completely healed / ascension-ready there’s no way I could have done what I did for this effort.

    Many light workers have made this whole thing about them. Hell, even back in the day when I was still doing “general healing”, when I wrapped up some healing or upgrade session and recovered a bit, I always then asked God what more could I do. I don’t know if many light workers even think about why they came – to ultimately help the planet and collective and yet they have yet to actually even help themselves as they are not healed yet.

    Here’s a post of mine that succinctly talks about this “self first” thing that you are talking about:

    Ines, thanks for what you do and be, in and for this world. Thank you for practicing what you preach. Thank you for urging others onward.


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