What a fear mongering September disinformation month it is. I can’t even read one single post on the 50 blogs I follow that are not talking about what is going on and what is to be. This is what we should NOT be doing. You are giving power to the very things we don’t want to happen, you are giving power to what IS happening and making it manifest.

For all those truth seekers out there, if you are telling folks what IS going to happen, you’re no better than the dark itself because you are empowering your thoughts, projecting them to others and hoping someone  will dwell on it for a few minutes to give it even more power.

To all you researchers, truth seekers, eeks, eek cult followers, and followers of the rest of these so called experts in something, you are not my reality and you are NOT working for the benefit of humanity.

I have written about this so many times and here we are again, spreading the fear around and actually manifesting it IF enough of us actually just think about it.

You are creators. Your thoughts create your reality. Who’s side are you on anyways? If you are on the side of truth then this is the month we focus on our inner work and strengths, our inner power, connecting to higher self and rejoicing that the world as we know it is soon to end.

The very same folks that write about humans being co-creators, that create their own reality are fear mongering at the same time. You’re either on my side or their side, but you can’t be in both places.

I know this may not sound logical to many of you because you will say: “If we don’t write about it, how will we know what is going on?”. Well, if you are waiting for a savior to save your ass then perhaps you will want to know what is going on. If you are creating your own reality then you are not going to read about the madness because you already know it exists and you will focus your thoughts on YOU, your new reality that you want to create. Instead of waiting for something to happen and reading about all the madness going on, you will get away from your computer and go outside into nature and stand by Mother Earth, remove your shoes and connect with her. SHE needs us right now and we need her to ground. We need to remove all of this negative energy accumulated and she is waiting for you to touch her so that she can help you clear it.

This has been the worse fear mongering month I can remember in the last 30 years. Never has such a month been written about as this month.  Nothing is going to happen unless you believe what they tell you folks. This is what the agenda is! They want you to focus on September and all the possible outcomes so that YOU can manifest it.

Using YOUR free will, your creative powers, they are able to manifest what it is that you are afraid of that could happen this September. They are using YOU to manifest the reality that they want.

Look, we know what is going on. We know who the bad guys are and what they want. Isn’t that enough? We can’t stop them by writing about them. We can’t stop them by sharing the information anymore. We are EMPOWERING them to make whatever it is they planned to happen.

Today is September 26th, the skies here in Croatia are riddled with chemtrails. Instead of focusing on the anger I felt the first moments upon seeing this, I remembered that that is what they wanted me to do. Instead, I thanked my Creator and Gaia for standing up to them and I am now celebrating our new earth and excited that it is getting close to that time.

Today is September 26th, only good things will happen today. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today is another day I get to create my own reality. There is nothing going on this month, they used mind control, disinformation and wrong time lines to get YOU to believe something is going to happen. The more you focus on bad things happening this month, the more likely it will happen if enough of you give it the energy to create.

Today is just another beautiful day on Earth, trust Mother to do the work and allow her to take us where we need to go.

May your day be filled with love and joy!



  1. Ines, you are correct, as I keep saying all will get the future that their belief systems have convinced them is the truth. The truth is not a reality but is a belief. When enough are directed via all the disinformation as what is going to be, their energies will be used to create that reality. That is how the Archons work, they cannot create what they want without our energy, we will create it for them. To manipulate matter, on earth, you need a physical body. They don’t have one, so they found various means to use us to do their dirty work. We were put into slavery by them, and still are. If most don’t know what Gamma rays do, they are about to find out. Gamma rays kill cells, we are made up of lots of them. They intend to take over our planet any way possible. It the spiritual gurus don’t believe what I have just written, they should look up Gamma rays on their computers, or better still learn to read. What they have done is to let the Archons win, by the promotion of their shit, which has allowed our destruction to begin, by our own hand. I don’t care what the gurus think of me. I intend to stick it to them any way possible from the new spiritual kingdom that you and I are seeking to inhabit. Blessed be, your friend, John. ps: as we gain our light bodies we will have a far greater understanding than is currently present, Look out gurus I’m coming for you, sans empathy, you’ve destroyed that already..


    • Thank you John. This was part of the dreaming I have been experiencing, seeing the rainbows and the clouds turn into different colors. My dreams are telling me what is to come and to focus on the colors, the divine rainbows of colors..it is telling me to think this beautiful reality rather than focus on what could happen and or who done it. If people that write blogs and do research truly think about it, as creators we are manifesting our thoughts, so why then focus on the negative activities? You are right, the Archons and their minions want us to become obsessed with their reality so that we can manifest it for them.


      • Ines, The rainbows link to the incoming energy which is supposed to be our ascention process. If the energy in fact is rainbow in colour, then the start of that process is almost upon us as the rainbow energys are the colour of our ascention forms. We are supposed to change our physical bodies into much higher frequency ones which the rainbow energy represents. Our new bodies are the light bodies we need if we are ever going to be able to travel the galaxies at will. Without them we go nowhere, that is why we must keep our empathy separated from the havock we are seeing around us, if we don’t we will be sucked into the morass that the uniformed are creating within our current reality as they have been led in this direction by the archonic activity which is ramping up, as they feel that this is god duty so they cannot be moved away. We must make sure that we don’t get our feet stuck in the bog that they are creating, so we don’t get sucked down with the rest. Consider this, if they decend any further than they already are, they will find themselves in the hell of their own making. And so it will be, the pit waits. Blessed be, your friend John ps: if you keep on linking to the rainbow energy, it should begin your light body growth, that’s what it’s here for.


  2. From my angle… reporting the silliness will bring home the point when nothing happens. But one thing I can say… in the last couple of weeks I have had some amazing stories sent to me. The upgrades are for sure happening. Call it what you will, it is undeniable.
    Hope you are doing well Sis!


    • Nobody is denying the changes, we are all feeling it or dreaming it. Something is about to happen but focusing on the outside and external “conspiracies or prophesies or whatever”is what we should not be doing because we are feeding the beast with our thoughts and giving it power. I”m good sis, Toni came home 2 days ago but he’s got a cold now cause I started Zapper with him and detoxing…it’s good…it means he’s getting his immune system working again!


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