My partner is still in hospital and hoping that any day now he might come home. This has been a blessing for me, now when I look back at everything. It’s stressful living with someone that is ill, especially when they have chosen to do the pharmaceutical agenda knowing that we have abilities to heal ourselves in different ways but living with this day to day I realized how little I was spending on myself, energy that is.

The last 3 weeks have given me time and space to evolve on my own, without looking at the clock and worrying about taking care of my partner and his needs. I have been able to go into the garden in the morning, barefooted, pulling weeks and watching ants run over my toes. It’s interesting to crouch watching these ants that I keep telling to stay out of my beds. The soil is covered with mulch and old vegetable greens and seeds so they are now occupying the top soil looking for food to take in for the fall/winter.

I don’t like ants because they create ant hills in my beds, but last night I made an effort to just crouch and watch them go back and forth following a path, like a 2 lane highway. Some ants were carrying loads larger than their own bodies, some were going backwards fitting in between large rocks and would get stuck. Another ant would drop his load and join the ant that was stuck and literally help him dislodge the sunflower seed. What an incredible sight to see and I can imagine what one was communicating to the other: “Hey, she’s up there watching us, hurry up before she changes her mind”.

This is healing. It’s about walking barefooted and connecting with mother. This bullshit that some people are writing about poor mother earth being a false construct, yet at the same time how dare we poke holes in her and hurt her. Well, it’s not both, it’s one or the other. She’s either real, a living entity that is too powerful to feel pain because of a few holes in her body or she’s a false construct and we can do anything we want to her because she’s false and not real.

If Mother Gaia was not real, I would not be feeling her powerful force and energy. I would not hear her speak to me and tell me how much she loves us. Those propagating a “false construct”, as in Earth being a false construct need to drink some more koolaid. Living things cannot grow on a false Earth. Mother is powerful, she regenerates, she may be wounded and tired, but she’s up for the fight and you can be sure that when she finally chooses to make her move, most of you will think that ONE and Mother Eve pulled you out of here when in fact what happened is that Mother finally made it to her destination Galactic Center and is about to station herself there.

Healing takes place connected to her, if she was a  false construct or computer program, sorry, I would not be feeling her love and powerful frequencies she sends through me. If you’re not feeling it, you need to work on yourself, it means you have not yet cleared your fragmented soul of past lifetimes and traumas. Our problem is that we came here with our memories blocked not ERASED. Nothing can erase our memories as they are stored in the Akashic, therefore, our inability to remember is because of something blocking it. Prime Creator would never allow our memories to be wiped. Think about it.

As humans we have been altered genetically, therefore, our connection to source may be blocked, but as SOULS, that of which we truly are, our memories exist and we will get them back once we remove the false construct, false programming and the dark energy keeping us here in this prison. Yes, we are in a prison, that is part of the false construct, but you can say that Earth is also a prisoner because of the energy field around it. The energy grid around the planet right now is not one to keep us in, but rather one to protect mother until she makes her final leap and final move. When that will be, only she knows this.

I can’t grow a plant out of a battery operated box because it’s not organic, but if plants grow and give us life, than mother Earth cannot be a false construct. Organic means ALIVE, a false or fake or computerized Earth does not feel and does not give us life.

If you are following someone, you are a cult follower. If you continually write, believe and think that “he said, she said, they said”, you are a follower and belong to a cult. Their truth is not yours. You can accept their truth as your truth which then becomes your belief system, but when we dream, we experience so many different dimensions and realities that we simply cannot compare them to what is going on now because as I said many times before, the Soul can fragment itself and experience many lifetimes parallel in different realities and dimensions. We are simply not plugged into our 12 strand DNA to know what is what therefore, it is up to you to start your own healing.

How do I know this? Experience. A few months ago I purchased something called Diamond Shield Zapper and it comes with a grounding cable. The theory behind this device is that throughout our lifetimes and our days we collect all sorts of frequencies and we have no way of discharging them so we accumulate like a battery and this causes disease. This device fills in the lacking frequencies my body needs and at the same discharges by grounding cable or I connect to the device while barefoot outside. My own frequency has risen from 8 Hz to 13Hz. Maximum healthy human body should be around 15Hz, therefore, I am witness to the raising of frequencies in my body. As it raises, my dreams are becoming more frequent, lucid, colorful and I can remember them upon awakening.
Does this sound to you like we live in a false construct, a false earth and a server? I don’t think so. You can believe what you want to believe, but if you want to leave here, please do, we don’t need people like that. Go on to your new server or “real” mother earth and be happy. If you still believe in fairy tales then you are a long way from knowing thyself. It’s one thing to know or believe, it’s another to feel and experience. If you have not felt it or experienced motherly love, you are on the wrong planet my friend, maybe you just accidently fell out of a spaceship passing by Earth. We are not children anymore, yes, we can dream and hope and wish for things to be better but until you make that change within yourself, the world around you will continue to feel and look hopeless.

The 3 weeks without my partner has given me a renewed sense of healing and love, we often get caught up  taking care of others and neglecting ourselves. I’m sure glad he took to the trip to the hospital now, who knows if I could have survived staying sane, healthy and uplifted for too much longer. We give out so much and forget that we need to recharge the battery once in a while.

Today, I look forward to be barefooted again, mother Gaia she’s doing well and when I’m connected to her, I just feel that all is how it should be.

May you feel love and joy today.


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