The Most Important Thing You can do Right now

Great thoughts to start the day. This is what I keep saying: We can’t dwell on what is not rather on what IS and what we ARE.

Infinite Shift

As the Earth sheds the old energies and humans are called to see how the true nature of reality, we have to remember that we are the ones who are actively building a new reality.

Like an egg in a nest, the new Earth lies waiting for the right moment.

How does the chick inside know when to peck through the shell? If it waits too long, it will die as an embryo in the shell. If it emerges too early, it won’t be able to survive without the nurturing and protective environment of the egg.

We are all being called to have the courage to emerge now. To anyone with a lifetime or more on this planet of density, it can seem daunting to make that last effort towards freedom.

The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Illustration from The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

What we see outside us is merely the beginning…

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