I Need Correction

Forgive me if I sound judgmental, but please set me straight and tell me I am because I can’t take this person seriously. I’m sorry. She’s defined as being “distinguished” and having had a very successful career. Do you think she may have had some money along the way to fix her teeth? You see, I have a problem with this. This isn’t just ugly, it just looks awful and it’sad that in this day and age we have to look like this and I could not watch this video. I simply could not find this person credible. Honestly, without looking at the video and trying to just give her credit, I was not able to do so. If someone can’t afford to do this, are they really successful? Also, I have seen countless of Extreme Makeover shows and I know whatever her problem is, is fixable.

Please correct me and tell me I got it all wrong.


10 thoughts on “I Need Correction

  1. LOL
    I thought the very same thing about her teeth and lack of care there. Though dental implants are very expensive as are partials and full plates one would think that one could arrange for a payment plan to fit their budget. I do like her jacket though 🙂


    • At best, she could remove that one tooth and replace it, just so that it looks decent. You see, this is where I have the problem with “successful woman”. All these years and couldn’t afford this? Hmmm…maybe she worked for free.


  2. Your honesty in how you feel about this is refreshing, and is what I come to expect whenever I check in here and see a new post. I too am having a hard time taking her seriously with that tooth constantly staring daggers at me. It feels super shallow to think this way, but it is nonetheless nearly impossible to take what she says seriously when her teeth are that mangled. I know how expensive it can be to fix ones teeth, but I also know that there are options out there that she could utilize that would at least eliminate her having such a buck tooth. I’d like to hear from her why she has decided to keep her teeth the way they are. Maybe she feels that Creator made her that way and to change her appearance would be disrespectful, or that she should own her looks to help others with bad teeth/looks feel more empowered which I could understand.


    • You’re correct. I’m sure she has her reasons or Webre is just making her out to be bigger than she is. I simply can’t connect with her and there is a strange energy about her too. I’m very sensitive to energies, hers is “weakness” and an “uncertainty”about herself. She should also know that people will notice this and like me and others not take her seriously. Thank you for being honest as well!


  3. Okay…(buckle up please)…I’m a very ‘down-to-Earth type…so I’ll ‘cut to the chase’. Your FIRST ‘warning’ should be ‘Alfred….I’m a fully paid up Knight Of Malta, Freemasonic Jesuit Trained…PLANT and Co Intel pro and Gatekeeper…and unabashed disinformation artist…Lambrement Weber’!

    In brief…simply an utter shill and I also suspect his ‘stutter’ is an affectation. I’ve been doing this ‘truth gig’ for decades and I found all of this to be the case when I researched the man. I had…in my ‘journey’…’connected” somewhat to both ‘Alfred’ and Kevin Annett. My intuition kept…’kicking my ass’…and I pay deep attention to that.

    The same descriptive applies to many others as you are all no doubts aware…Sheldon Nidle for one…and far too many to name here. Besides, it’s off topic. Some of the source sites, for these claims have since been ‘shut down’…but not all…that’ll teach ’em to tell the TRUTH…or will it?Note how Intuition NEVER LIES and is NEVER WRONG? No ‘person’ can make that claim…IMHO…myself included!! I said…absolutely N-O P-E-R-S-O-N…!!!

    I…courtesy of my ex husband who is also a Freemasonic NWO, pawn and all around not-so-nice guy…made absolutely certain that I was left utterly impoverished, fiscally ‘ruined’ and utterly broke. I ‘llost’ everything… when I threw the bum out. Yet…my ‘ancient’ fangs are in better shape that this womans’ and I’ve done it very cheaply and BTW (No I have never used a Credit Card).

    I can’t watch ANYTHING with Alfred in it…like many of your readers…as a Psychic, Empath and Intuit of over 60+ years I am ‘sensitive’ to BS. I ‘react’ to being bullshitted to…as soon as I looked at this my inner voice said…’Well, not only are they at the bottom of the barrell…but by the looks of it, this woman is gnawing into the woodwork’…(I am terminally cheeky and do NOT wish to be cured).

    This is actually a ‘good t hing’ for the REAL Truthers…whose number alters more regularly than Kanye rants! Whatever! This is a massive LEARNING CURVE for all Humanity and this clip just taught me that ‘Alfred’ can’t DO BETTER…it’s a sobering thing to consider and actually good news for the rest of us.

    I mean…wouldn’t you think, given all his ‘media’ practise and presence that he could have…politely suggested that they ‘film’ her differently or just…’say…’look…you will carry more street-cred if we can get your fangs fixed’? Instead…he has left her open to criticism and none of us really know WHAT SHE WAS AN EXPERT IN…hhhmmmn? Way to shoot TWO people in the foot with one bullet Alfred. Always Annabelle xo


    • I have exposed Albert Webre as well. Along with David Wilcock, the bible thumping fear mongers like Steve Quayle and his group, plenty of information on this blog about these folks. It doesn’t matter where they come from or who they are. What matter is that we expose them for what they are: full of shit.


  4. Hi Ines and thanx muchly for taking the time out of your busy life to respond…Ah yes…the ‘windswept and far less than interesting’ David (Me, Me…Me) Wilcock and his journalist ‘buddy’ (read partner in crime) Benjamin Fullofit…(Gawd gimme strength)…

    then there is that old BS ‘chestnut’… ‘Dratzo Earthlings and your ‘Abundance Packages’ are just around the next bend in my spiraling bullshit’…Sheldon Nidle, whose been categorically, recorded and proven ‘dead wrong’ since pre 1996!! What doeos that say about those who FUND THE MORON??? Hhhhmmmn??

    BTW I loved your piece on ‘Veronica & Monty’ with whom I also became ‘acquainted’..as she sought my Psychic skills….and as a Psychic I can assure you they are ALL…$3.00 bills!! They also tried to cheat me…nice one assholes…what don’t you get about the word PSYCHIC??

    I even considered ringing RIpley’s for the the record on ‘shortest relationships’…as ‘Veronica’ introduced me to her very dubious ‘circle’…I immediately…’got the Hell outta Dodge’!! Your pipee…utterly NAILED IT, Ines…well done.

    In the end, you are right…about exposing them…and Congratulations on doing so…I’m delighted to see YOU…also operating from the truest voice in your life…your Intuition…clever girl…now…you have a wonderful day…always Aunty A xo


  5. Apologies for typo’s…I’m typing with an injured finger…and an impatient temperament…not sure which one did it…but I’ll give them both…the rest of the day off. Aunty A xo


  6. …okidoki I’ve just had a look into the wherewithalls’ regarding one Steve Quayle…whom I recognized from earleri in my awakening, as someone I had long ago, mentally…’filed’…with the other programmed ‘holy folk’

    …and I must say. ‘I’m hearin’ ya Ines’…LOUD & CLEAR and I utterly, concur. However…at the distinct risk of pointing out the unbelievably obvious…whilst possibly, and inadvertently offending some…of your readers..so…please accept, in advance, my… Fwitefully thorry…sentiments.

    and with no desire whatsoever to offend anyone’s faith, religion or choice of source materials, references, familial teachings and deities in general. It has always been abundantly apparent to me…whilst I sang in church choirs as a child that…apart from many ‘gaps’ and outright impossibilities contained within that time-honoured yet oft,, revised and frequently re-written tome.

    That, in my own humble, yet, for myself, well researched opinion…’Gawd’…Yaweh, Jehovah, Buddha, Mohammed…(whatevah) did NOT write the Bible…MEN DID!! The Divine was …all out of ballpoints and every ‘7/11’ in the Old World…just happened to be shut! Furthermore…I would like to ask this ‘deity’…whomever it is, why is ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ listed at No. 4…in his ‘Top Ten Hit Parade’? What the Hell?

    The Bible, like anything else contains elements of truth…but is predominantly a ‘guide’ towards ‘End Times Programming’…and a ‘Stand Down’ for Humanity. Which wants us all to think that if we just, shut our eyes and pray enough and be ‘good folk’…A SAVIOUR WILL COME TO OUR RESCUE…all terribly, ‘Cowboys & Indians’ isn’t it?

    Isn’t it also lazy? A tad ‘entitlement mentality’ too? As well as deeply naive. As I, personally, see it… the way to deal with this, issue of CONNECTING TO GOD is already here. It came with the suit. OUR INTUITION…IS our connection to what I call The Divine. No-one can ‘nag’ you as thoroughly as yourself.

    So, I see it as this…there are certainly ‘battles’… in everyimaginable format. Perhaps, the biggest being for your SOUL…so it is often a battle with SELF…are you going to live your life co-opted by the decadence and socially accepted…BS…just to survive in a ‘game’ that is very delibebrately, stacked against you?

    Much of which, ironically, that, that same book is, at odds with…in many versions. Consistency seems a bridge to far, sadly, in the religious re-writing realm. Yet it is the ‘decadent’ machine what ‘runs’ the fiscal forces of the current manifestation. Ya gotta eat…I get it.

    But suppose you started to use the income derived not in ‘keeping up with the Joneses’…suppose you worked for yourself…made the alternatives, that you need? We Humans are a very inventive bunch. So, if upon AWAKENING one sees this as so, they make an important choice.

    Which simultaneously…IMHO, either CONNECTS or DISCONNNECTS one, from Source…or The Divine? Or not?? No ‘book’ involved really. Just beliefs. One cannot serve TWO MASTERS. Does the ‘machine’ OWN YOU or are you AWAKE now…and see that the money that you earn may be better invested in future alternatives than on aspiring to the biggest SRV on the block a ‘better’ iFone or a Brazilian butt lift?

    Do you think and feel past the social programming that was WRITTEN for you or just ‘go along’? At every point in our lives…no matter the appearance…we will always…have a choice…choose wisely all and be safe and well and remember this…absolutely EVERYTHING is TEMPORARY!

    The person who will SAVE…both you and yours..is…YOU. Stop passing the buck…the clock is ticking. Let’s try to leave our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren an ‘example’ of HOW TO THINK FOR YOURSELF not simply, join the Line Of Lemmings…(end of rant and thank you) Annabelle xo


    • Thank you for all your input. I don’t have time to respond to all of them but I greatly appreciate and love what you have to say.


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