Another Creation of Our Reality Gone

Note from Ines: Excellent post! This is something that I write about all the time and this writer has done a great job with it and more!

Today, Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States. And oh boy, how much fuss is going on around it. People are freaking out, are scared, are grieving for the old and do not know what to expect on the one side. On the other side, people are making fun, are mischievous and are celebrating their Donald like a Rock Star. Even the spiritual community is completely shaken up and divided by it – many have entered this rally. So who is right?

… tricked into Ego-Fear Mode again…

Certainly not. The current energies the human collective produces are all ego driven, low frequencies of fear. Judgment, blame, hate, anger, frustration are around everywhere. We can even see statements in the spiritual world that we are fighting and at war against the elite or against the narcissist – in the name of love. Seriously, does anyone out there feel that this is how universal and unconditional love is supposed to manifest? By bashing the other side? Do you realize how much we are pushed back into duality? The collective, including big parts of the spiritual community have let themselves be tricked into these low frequencies again. As long as we are caught up in the human drama, we cannot see the bigger truth.

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One thought on “Another Creation of Our Reality Gone

  1. So, my decision to be a wee Hermit…’lose’ the ‘telly, like a bad habit’…and much more…was none too stooopid, after all. I don’t DO…arguments…I just hold myself accountable for my own actions and watch..VERY CLOSELY, those of the people around me.

    “Herd’ mentality has never…ever…’done it’ for me…If I am goinog to screw up and make mistakes, and I have and no doubt, shall again. I intend to only make m OWN…Love to all…always A xo


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