You have been Trumped

I don’t write about politics, never have. But having said that, I have been watching very closely everything that  Trump is doing since his inauguration. Why? I didn’t think he would make to the inauguration and now that he has, I know something is up and I wrote about that when I congratulated Americans on their new President.

This is my opinion, derived from my own perspective and observations. Although I don’t claim to know everything, I have yet to be wrong on my intuitive energies. Today, I stopped following Trump; something didn’t bode well within me and what I am about to say isn’t going to sound very positive but then I’m sure most of you feel the same way.

What is going on now is really about Trump testing the waters. He is testing the waters for his coup d’etat. What Trump has done with the “Muslim” ban and of course he’s got the people to support it because Muslims are bad and they are your enemy, so he was able to pull it off. He also said he would stop immigration during his campaign. He wanted to stop bad people from entering America.

He has instigated a situation that is going to create chaos. I think it’s already started. That’s what he wants to do, create chaos so that the Supreme Court has to intervene to stop the chaos and write a court order to override Trump’s Executive Order.  Then he will just sit there, observe and watch to see what the DHS will do. And what the DHS did is they upheld the executive order regardless of what the Supreme Court said.

So, he basically tested the waters. As soon as Trump got elected; he went and visited the CIA and DHS right away and told them how much he needed them and respected them and that he backed them 1000%. Who knows what was said off camera to them but in essence he said whatever he had to say to get them to watch his back because he knows what he is planning to do will need great support and protection. This will also be a way of him testing their loyalties. Trump is testing everyone right now and will throw those that don’t stand by him to the dogs.

So, he’s tested the water to see if the DHS is prepared to override the judicial system if the President says so. This a test game for a coup d’etat. They play this in every country, this is nothing new.

You have to get control of the judicial system in order to get control of the country. That’s the first step. He’s watching the nation to see whether the nation is able to capitulate to a fascist regime. And the people have. And they’re all supporting him. There are so many people in the independent media that are reporting Trump’s actions.

Trump is a president that rules by Executive Orders so far. He’s bypassed the judicial system and while he’s put all these Executive Orders in place and this travel ban, he sacked all of the heads of the departments in the US so he really doesn’t have anyone there to protest what he’s doing. With all the E.O’s in place, he’s tightened the circle around him and is consolidating power.

He even announced that he would streamline the process. As a businessman, he’s using those principles to streamline the government. Trump can probably do the work of 10 people, so he will get rid of a lot of staff immediately.

A few weeks ago, I had to go to the Ministry of Health to get a voucher for a new oxygen generator. There are 3 offices and a long hallway where people were waiting. I waited for 2 hours to get to see an agent and it took her another 1/2 hour to type out a 1/2 page report because she could only type with 2 fingers. I was shocked at this because I type 120 wpm and could have typed out that form in 2 minutes. What this means that had all the agents typed as fast as me, the waiting outside would have been 15 minutes instead of 2 hours and that would mean getting rid of 25% of your workforce while replacing the rest of faster typists. This is what Trump is doing, streamlining and creating a lean government.

As a businessman, Trump sees the wasted money going to the wrong places and positions that don’t serve the public interest and he will streamline the government if allowed.
So, Trump is centralizing and consolidating power. He’s giving more powers to the police force and he’s just run a little test to see whether the security forces will support him and have his back if he overrides the judicial system.

It’s very dangerous what is going on here. This is what they did it in Germany, Italy, Spain and Panama. This is the way a coup d’etat is done. They always test the waters a little bit first.

Loot at this so called battle he’s having with the Media. Everyone thinks this is great. I did too when I heard him call CNN fake news. The whole truth movement gets behind him because everyone knows CNN puts out fake news. He can change this and remove the monopolization of the Media. He could remove all the gags he’s got on the media so they can tell the truth. Remove all these gag orders, stop the media monopoly, bring in independent journalists and create an honest media. This is what he could do. But he’s not doing that. He’s squeezing the media out of the White House which is essentially squeezing out oversight and scrutiny and the people are cheering him on to do this because they all hate CNN too.

You see what he’s doing here? He’s using everything that people think is good and is creating the situation where he has ultimate control with no scrutiny or oversight. This is really dangerous what this President is doing. Look between the lines. It’s not about a Muslim travel ban, it was never about Muslims.It’s about getting the DHS to override the judicial system, That was the test and he just pulled it off and everyone is supporting it.

People are shortsighted about this and championing this as a great thing. Isn’t it dangerous when power dictates to the media no matter how bad the media might be? It’s our job to sort that out, not the Presidents job to manipulate it to work for his benefit. If we don’t like a certain media, we simply don’t watch or listen to it. Eventually they go out of  business or they have to provide what people are wanting from them. It’s shortsighted to publicly humiliate the media, call them names and expect fair reporting after that, so instead of opening the White House to a mix of media, he’s going to shut them out.

Trump is the Twitter President, he doesn’t need the media, in fact, he wants to control everything even if that means opening a Trump Channel, just like in communism when people could only watch state sponsored or state approved programs. This is dangerous because he’s removing scrutiny and oversight.

They used Muslims because everyone thinks its about terrorism. If he’s really serious about removing terrorism from this world, he’s not going to do it by posturing against Syria and putting up no fly zones. He should pointing fingers at Dynacore, the Clintons, and all these organizations including parts of his government that created terrorists and funded them in the first place. But he can’t say this to the American people so he’s using Muslims to scapegoat what he already knows to be true. Why isn’t he looking at the real issues? Why isn’t he going after the Clintons and their pedophile rings? Posturing against the Muslim world and saying he’s doing this to prevent terrorism is bullshit.

We know what is going on, everyone knows what is going on except most Americans. RT news crew visited a few campuses across the US today and asked the students  that were just MAD at the Muslim ban what countries were on the ban list? They were given multiple choices. It was an embarrassing moment for Americans as we across the world watched student after student NOT KNOW not even ONE country that was on the ban list. Sad, very sad and embarrassing. In other words, these students were protesting based on false information or just pure ignorance. They were creating chaos yet didn’t know why?

He’s not draining the swamp, he’s feeding the swamp. People need to step back and think about what this man is actually doing. He’s got so much of the Truth Movement hoodwinked and blind-sighted following him thinking Trump is going to lead them to safety. He’s not. He’s taking their rights away at every moment. He’s giving police more powers. He’s going to send the FEDS to Chicago to clean up the crackheads and murderers? Then he’s going to clean up the sanctuary cities using brute force and everyone will be happy about that. He’s going to get rid of all the pesky immigrants because they are stealing YOUR jobs. Trump will build more roads, make life really comfortable. He will bring back corporations, increase wages, get rid of the immigrant vermin so you can get a better car and better TV. Once he gets the people nice and comfortable, just like Hitler did. Hitler bought every German family a car! Everyone will praise Trump for what he’s done for Americans, then he will go and stomp on the rest of the world. Once he’s got his people behind him, he can do anything. IF he makes it that far.

He’s creating a totalitarian system, eliminating checks and balances, but so long as Americans get jobs and live a comfortable life, they will praise their master.

Maybe they all got him to do this because he was the only one that could or wanted to take the job. Maybe he made a deal with the devil to bring in the NWO and after that he will be removed or impeached, but what he is doing right now is ominous.

It was the perfect plan. Put in the anti establishment guy, give him space to create executive orders so he can get things done very fast without scrutiny or resistance. Make him look bad on one side so it doesn’t look too obvious, make America great again, and create a new powerful empire.

They don’t need to assassinate Trump. He’s playing a role. They have something on him or he has no clue what is going on.  You see, Trump could make America great again so they will let him get there half way,  just enough to get the people on his side, gain their trust and praise him but the plan was NEVER to make America great again. The plan is to conquer and subdue the entire planet into slavery.

This entire travel ban, if you really look at it closely is designed to create chaos. Do you really believe or think that a travel ban will prevent terrorism or terrorists from entering the US? Do you really believe that? Did  you know that only 10% of America’s border/coastline is protected? No country can close it’s borders entirely, so banning anyone isn’t going to stop those that want to cause harm to enter. This travel ban is designed to create confrontation with the Supreme Court. It’s going to move very quickly and it will probably end with Pence being in control once Trump has brought American half way to their goals.

Trump can make America great again. Like any business, he could do it but they don’t want that. They just want people to believe he is doing the right thing. They want people to support him and be on his side. He’s brought a lot of X-generals, it’s virtually going to be like a military junta that’s in place in the US. All these new Executive Orders, all these new powers and all this division within the country. It will get to the point where new or recent immigrants that look Latino or Muslim will want to leave because they will be despised and hated for taking jobs that belong to Americans.

The more comfortable he makes it for people on the ground the more they will support his outrageous international policies and actions as well.

Personally, he can do what he wants with America. If he wants to Create a New Empire that’s fine with me. All we want outside of the US is for them to leave us alone. To stop invading, stop killing, stop intervening, stop toppling governments, stop the genocides. He can do whatever he wants in his country, but please Trump, leave the rest of the world alone. We’re sick and tired of US hegemony and killing sprees in the name of Democracy.


2 thoughts on “You have been Trumped

  1. Spot on Sis!
    It is like a switch has been flipped. And not in a good way. You can feel the hate building up. The divide and conquer model is quite successful which is why they use it.
    Like I have been saying for a very long time… they all dance to the same puppet master.
    Hope you are well 🙂


    • Something is up for sure. The moment Trump was inaugurated, our President met with Mark Rubio (the war hawk). We don’t initiate US talks, we are called in to do their bidding. I got food supplies so don’t care, whatever happens, happens!


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