Stop Thinking For Them

These are very important moments that we are experiencing. Remember this: It’s not about creating our own reality. Yes, we do create it, but what is more important is that ” they” give us clues, signs, false information, wars and rumors of wars for us to focus on, thus by doing so, we create that reality for them.

It’s one thing to desire something, focus on it, see yourself in that reality and by doing so consistently it will happen. It’s another to be bombarded with so much bullshit and we become obsessed with this, thus, create a reality that is not conducive to us but to THEM.

There is a lot going on. As I write this, there has been a terrorist attack in Berlin using a truck and plowing into a crowd of people. It’s still unclear exactly how many dead and how  many injured. The Russian Ambassador to Turkey has just been shot in the back. The Syria deal has been approved in the UN; these events are all created to turn our focus to FEAR, fear terrorists, fear possible wars, fear an ice age, fear Nibiru, fear a false flag alien invasion, fear yourself for fearing what you fear.

THEY know us better than we do. They stole the occult knowledge, kept it hidden from us and now are using it against us. They know we are powerful creators and are using that to direct our thoughts into the direction they want for us to create their reality.

Don’t get hung up on events, in fact, shut off your computer, your TV and media source you have because each thought you create towards them will only create that reality. There is a 3 month window now where all our consciousness will be moved into the direction they want. They are an injured beast, cornered, and have nothing to lose. The only weapon they have left is US. Our minds creating their reality. Do not allow them to fill your mind with this shit, it’s not real, everything you think you know is an illusion created for us.

That’s all I have to say tonight!

Love you all.



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