A Year of Disclosure

This year 2016 has been filled with great turmoil. What is different from the last years? A lot actually. This has been a year of disclosure, yes disclosure. The people have worked hard in disclosing the bullshit, the lies, the deceit and corruption among us. This “ideology” that is portrayed by certain alternative media and truth seekers such as ‘disclosure’is a mere ploy to keep you waiting for something to happen.

It happened old soul. By simply being aware of what is going on, by sharing truth, sharing among each other what we have all uncovered is the actual disclosure. The Elite and their minions will never disclose truth. They will annihilate us all before they disclose anything because that would mean their end.

This is why the war against Alternative Media and it being portrayed as Fake News is because of our disclosures. We are the powerful ones, we are the ones they are afraid of; so this is why this year has been different from all others in the past.

The new 2017 year will be even more exciting. As we become firm in our newly founded beliefs and information, we will start finding ways to put that into action. As our thoughts are more focused on finding ways to change, we will create the reality that we want, not the one they want.
This year has been full of BULLSHIT from so called alternative media, from so called truth seekers  and those claiming they have information from higher sources or higher intel sources. These are the same people that have been beating the same drum of “ascension”, alien invasions, Nibiru, blood moons, new moons, predictions and prophesies from the Bible. This has been proven to be bullshit because DESTINY doesn’t determine our future or reality. It is our thoughts and mass consciousness that determines in what direction we are going to head toward.

There is no such thing as predictions because each one of us determine our future and combined into Unity Consciousness, we forward those thoughts towards our Universal source and create the reality we want.
This has been a year of confusing the masses. It’s true, I must admit there were many days when I wasn’t sure what the truth was anymore, but then I reminded myself that the truth is within me and that all I needed to do was find that space within, hold on to it and see what it is I wanted to see.

This year has been very stressful for me. You have no idea what the medical establishment is like here in Croatia. As a patient you can be laying in your bed in hospital, a stranger will come by with a syringe and attempt to fill your IV bottle without even so much as explaining what she is doing. I have recorded 17 breaches of our Patient Rights Law in just the past few months. I don’t dare leave my partner alone in hospital during the day because his rights are not honored so they will come and go, give him pills and shots and not even explain to him what and why they are doing this. This is a third world country at it’s best though we want to believe we are a modern society just because the EU allowed us to become members. This year has been filled with reflection.

This happens when someone you love is very ill and you start thinking what life would be like without them. He’s doing very well considering that he should be dead right now. Statistically, patients live an average of 3 to 3.5 years after diagnosis. My partner was diagnosed 2 years ago and he is now officially in remission, meaning a doctor has actually put it on paper. I don’t feel relief and I don’t feel that the danger has passed because when you love someone, you don’t want them to be ill in the first place, but such is this reality that I created.

This year has been an eye opener for many folks that have been asleep up to now. A new awakening and as you can see, many souls are leaving. This is a sign that we are coming to close to the end of this madness. Many souls have completed their work and are leaving, the most recent military airplane crash in Russia.

Do you know that 37,000 people died today? That’s a small town. Of those 37,000, 12,000 were children who died of hunger/starvation.

Oh, I watched an old movie last night about Moses. It was interesting to watch it this time after 40 years because I could see the Amon-Ra worship, the bird god idols and much more that I would never have known as a younger person. I could see the two brothers Enlil and Enki as the god of Abraham and the God of Amon fighting each other and using humans to kill each other.

May 2017 be what it is that you want it to be. May we all be stronger, brighter, may our light disclose even more to the world and may you, Old Soul find the courage to be what you came to be, to shine your light, to disclose truth, to remember who you are!



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