I Think They Call it a Sabbatical?

I may be absent for 45 days and not sure that I will have time to do any postings. It’s not bad news for me, it’s actually great news. I was chosen to translate a book for a well known Croatian author under the pseudonym Carob King, a nephew of a very famous literary genius. His book is the subject I love to read and learn about and that is Ontology and Metaphysics.  He is one of the rare authors in Croatia of that subject so I am feeling very honored to translate for the North American audience.

Just as I was contemplating of not having any challenges lately, this comes up. It’s about thinking of what we want. Though some may say that taking care of an ill person is a challenge enough, it is but not a positive challenge and I was actually starting to feel afraid that I would be caught in this cycle of illness and death and not be able to get out of that.

How do you keep a balance in your life when you are the sole caregiver of someone very ill yet try to keep your own energy high enough and be able to live outside of that space of illness? What I am trying to say is that I don’t mind taking care of my partner, of course, I love him and would do anything for him, but at the same time, I have to watch that I don’t lose myself in that space and that is what I was starting to do. I lost focus, I lost my compass, I could not think of anything outside of this world and almost gave up any opportunities for me to grow and work.

So, I hired a housekeeper and now she is taking care of the day to day housekeeping, preparing meals and this way allowing me to work and do what I need to keep myself positive, healthy and challenged. My partner’s needs are taken care of and I get to do things I love while earning some good money.

I may post some excerpts of the book or may not post anything, but just know that I am not gone, only occupied temporarily and will definitely come  back with new knowledge, new experiences and for sure, new perspectives as this IS a new concept using “seduction”that was used as a tool against humanity. The author is turning that negative connotation of seduction into something positive. That is all I know for now as I first must read Book 1 and then Book 2 and then do the translation work.

It’s not just about translation, it’s about ‘ living’ the words so that they can be expressed in another language without losing their original shape and form. See you soon.


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