I had to post this again because so many people are still commenting on the letter not being legitimate.

You Are The Light That You Always Have Been

Many of you Einstein enthusiasts are not going to like what I am about to write, but hey, this is my blog and if you don’t like it, go away. It’s been several months since I reposted this post: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/a-letter-from-albert-einstein-to-his-daughter-about-the-universal-force-which-is-love/

For some reason it received a lot of attention as it was posted on Facebook. Since then, I’m still receiving responses about the authenticity of that letter Einstein supposedly wrote to his daughter.

What amazed me about this controversy whether it’s a fake or not was that most people simply won’t let go and insist on convincing me that it does matter who the real author is.
For all to read here: It matters NOT to me who wrote it. It matters NOT to me who wrote it. It matters NOT to me who wrote it. Get my drift?

When I first read the letter on another WordPress blog that…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this letter of Albert Einstein to his letter.
    Yes I agree, it doesn’t matter who wrote this letter.
    The most important thing is the message and how it can help mankind to live on peace and happiness. The main point of this letter is love. Love is universal and yes with the history of mankind which as we know it and with the issuea a out love wet much understood and under utilized and promote on the main stream, I belive it can save us all.


  2. Ines this is great and i also agree with you ………………It matters not ………….what matters is the True Essence of the Message


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