What Energies?

It’s yet another year of “this is the year of change and new energies”, naming certain days and all the weirdness people are feeling. How do they know it’s higher energies and not just some frequency being directed at them/us especially that sell the koolaid? How do we really know who is pulling our strings and I don’t think it makes a difference whether we are awake or not because the changes will happen to everyone.

Just because they are not awakened doesn’t mean they are not receiving these energies. We can maybe say that bad people may not benefit, the energies coming in affect everyone and it’s just a matter of how our bodies react to them and not whether we feel it or not.

Just because we don’t feel any different doesn’t mean the energies are not reaching us or affecting us. To say that the awakened will only get a benefit is incorrect. The energies coming in are not specifically targeting certain populations or parts of the planet, therefore we all receive the same way.

I would even go as far as to say that the more discomfort you’re feeling, you better stop writing about it and start working on yourself. It never made sense to me why those “really” feeling the energies were complaining the most about how uncomfortable they are. It’s more logical to say that the more our energies are aligned with those entering the less discomfort we feel.

I will even say that all those folks writing about energies coming every year or month or week are actually disinfo agents. We can’t prove or disprove their claims and neither can they prove they exist so we’re supposed to just trust the information.

We are all equals here and although we all came with different missions and lessons to experience, the energies supposedly coming our way are intended for all. Those that vibrate at lower frequencies will be the ones to feel them the most in a negative way. Some like Georgi Stankov claims he’s been in debilitating pain for over 10 years. Hmmmm. Those who vibrate at higher frequencies may feel it in a positive way or not feel anything at all and those that are not awake yet will also feel changes but would not know what is causing them so they will more than likely to go their doctors asking for help.

I don’t feel it’s right to list all the blogs and websites that write about these energies. Some go back to 2003 claiming these so called energies were arriving in waves, yet we have no scientific proof of this. Don’t you think that those that measure these waves/energies would be writing about it?

And finally, how do we know these energies are being sent by Source or natural occurrences intended to assist us and the planetary mother?

My conclusion to all this is: If these supposed energies directed towards Earth are with good intention and benefit to humanity, when we should be feeling better and feel positive changes. If you’re feeling pain, discomforts and negative emotions, it’s most likely from ill intended frequencies or you are simply vibrating too low and your body is unable to filter and absorb the frequencies without causing discomfort.

Let’s look at another side of this. We now have so much information about our origins, archeology, ancient and sacred texts such as the Gnostic texts, literally there is so much information about our past, humans, plants, animals, the flood, yet I have not ever found any texts or information about some energies coming to the planet.

I believe that these stories about coming energies if true should not cause too much discomforts if you are working on yourself and preparing for them. Some write about feeling like crap and that means they still have issues to work on, that’s bullshit. What does energy have to do with that? If anything, this positive/white light energy will simply neutralize any negativity inside of us, we don’t need to suffer to release that crap.

Why do I know this or how did I come to this conclusion? I work with frequencies, I have several devices that I can measure and treat with frequencies. One of those devices is an electromagnet acupuncture device that can measure the frequency of each acupuncture point before and after the treatments. I have measured thousands of people before and after and I have even done my own research. In other words, I would measure one point, give it a frequency boost and then measure all connecting points and find that they too would increase in frequency. If the acupuncture point is too low, I will give it more energy. Our bodies when healthy should resonate around 9hz, it’s rare to come across anyone that is even close to 5 hz now.

When there is a blockage in the body, some points can be Zero Hz. The acupuncture points are relay stations where signals/energy come from the brain through these points, like power stations, each point has it’s own frequency and function within the body.

The body doesn’t react negatively when receiving higher frequencies, it responds later in rebalancing the energy so that the function or organ or whatever part of the body it feeds can function normally. Nobody has ever reacted negatively and most feel nothing because it’s not a frequency we can physically feel. They may feel a zap on the area I am working on, but they surely do not feel headaches, dizziness, pain and other “energy” related symptoms. Some even call these side effect ” pre-ascension” symptoms, how silly.

I know if I sit at my desk without my orgonite pyramid and crystals that I will feel like shit after a few hours, I get tired and stiff, neck pain and sometimes even a slight headache. This happens when I forget to bring these back to the desk because I have used them elsewhere. My entire house is protected with Orgonite to absorb negative frequencies and release positive once clearing it. Everything is wireless and we have cell towers and  who knows what else they are throwing at us. I don’t believe that our bodies respond negatively to well intended frequencies so people either vibrate very low and can’t adjust so quickly or what they are feeling has nothing to do with these energies but are symptoms of their environment that they live in.

People that are not yet awake have been given a bad rap and just because they don’t know what is going on doesn’t mean they are not recipients of “positive” energies.

They may even feel great and simply don’t know why so each one of us is being affected depending on our vibration or frequency.

Just as the soul has its own unique frequency signature, so does the body but I do not believe that negative reactions such as pain, stiffness, headaches, migraines and other symptoms are related to those energies coming in intended for us and the planet to heal.

I can’t say that I am right about this but when using common sense and logic in sure seems that way.

These folks have been writing and talking about these so-called energies for many years now yet we can’t prove this and it’s entirely possible that it’s disinformation or another psy-op to divert our attention or keep us waiting for something.

We are all transcending and reintegrating. Some may decide to stay in 3D and they will continue their journey until they have decided they had enough, these energies coming in are having the same effects on everyone, it’s not about me being highly evolved therefore I will FEEL these energies, these frequencies cannot be higher than 9hz and you simply can’t feel that in a physical sense. I simply no longer buy this theory that these energies can cause us discomfort, if they are feeling discomfort perhaps they need to check out what is going on in their environment and region they live in because if this was true, we would all consistently feel the same way according to the geographical locations we are in and that’s simply not true.

It could be just another deception or diversion. I have bad days and for a while I wanted to believe that it was because of these energies, but I can no longer say that. I have bad days and good days and energies have nothing to do with it because my body will adjust to them accordingly and they are not high enough for us to feel them physically. All of us vibrate between 3hz to 9 hz, lower than that, well, you’re very ill and would not be able to maintain that frequency. Due to the damage being inflicted upon us, I don’t see anyone higher than 5hz, although I am at 7.5hz, but I work with energy all day long and live a very quiet, laid back, stress free life and not many people are privileged to live that way.

Just think about it, that’s all I ask. Something stinks here.


5 thoughts on “What Energies?

  1. Many good points raised, Ines. Actually never thought about it quite like you dissected. Probably blindly accepted the esoteric con that these higher energies somehow have so much to do to recalibrate us and thus cause pain, that I didn’t think in the terms you outlined.

    Stankov has decided to take the month of February off from posting his blog for his usual stated esoteric reasons. This time around it’s about all the big changes coming triggered by his latest concept device, arrival of all the transliminal souls, that in turn were only made possible by his PATsters’ actions.

    Another wait and see to give benefit of the doubt for later comment.


    • They say we have to learn from our lessons…otherwise they will just keep throwing them at us until we finally figure it out. I learned the hard way to not trust anything that is given to us as truth because of the complexity of this matrix. If scientists have methods of measuring all the different brain waves, then there should be a way to measure these so called ‘energies’ coming in. I can’t find any information on it other than the frequencies coming from the sun. They talk about galactic waves etc., really, where, who measures them, are the electromagnetic or what? I think that we take someone’s truth and shape it to fit our reality. I don’t think creator sets up exceptions, we either all go or all stay. In other words, if there is a planetary shift of energies, we will either graduate to higher levels or stay and complete the lessons, but to say that we must feel pain and discomfort is cruel punishment, have we not suffered enough?


    • I think he’s been infected with the Archontic parasite. It is slowly coming out now through a few channelers like Greg Giles being one of them that these messages being received are either dark entities or AI controlled messages. I have a theory that I have maintained from day one on this blog and that is this: Creator doesn’t consider someone or anyone better or smarter, therefore, we are either all getting messages or none of us, if coming from source. Any other messages that we receive, that are not from source are not from well intentioned beings simply because our free will must be respected. That’s not to say that we can exercise our free will, but it is our universal right and we are not to be interfered with.
      If I had a well written out plan and all of a sudden I won the lottery, do you think I would continue with my plan? Of course not. Why would I want to save for the next 25 years if I have a few million now? It is like that with every message as benign as it may be, it will change that person’s perspective and therefore, it has interfered with their free will. Nobody on this planet has special access to higher beings…we are all equals and in time Stankov will be tossed aside as an idiot because his world is really full of deception from the other side and he believes himself to be a god. How sad.


  2. So I am a new reader over here at your blog Ines. I remember reading some of your posts and comments over at Jeans blog and liking your perspective on things. Over the last couple of weeks I have dug into some of your expose’s of some of the more prominent people in the new age/lightworker community, and especially liked what you have written in regards to Veronica Keen, where I feel as though I let my trust in Jean cloud my ability to look at a situation or person from a place of total objectivity. While I still go to Jeans regularly to check up on geo/exopolitical news and events, I too have noticed her being a lot more snippy in the comments, on top of her seemingly moderating the hell out of them. Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hi, and that I enjoy what you have to say, and look forward to more meaningful conversation going forward.



    • Thank you Bly, your words are very kind. I don’t like to judge anyone, especially Jean but all you have to do is look at the photos that come with her posts, armies, military, dead people, more militaristic photos….it’s only giving energy, she’s using pictures to reprogram and co-create a better world, she’s co-creating a mindless/military world. Deep down I want to believe that her intentions are good, if they are and I hope they are, then she has no idea how her subliminal imprint is only giving more energy to the things we DON’T want. I wrote to her a few weeks ago in a very nice way, worried about her and she just accused me of judging her. Maybe I was, but I don’t see the sense of constantly posting military/warmongering images. This leads me to question what her motives truly are. I have known Jean for a few years now and after I felt all that crap energy on her blog, I left. I don’t claim to be right, I do know what it feels like as I am every sensitive to people’s energies. Thanks again, I just like to give a deeper perspective on things, to really go deep and think about everything that is posted.


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