This is a very heavy and controversial subject. I would say probably more controversial than homosexuality, but that’s just my opinion. It’s been in my thoughts the last few days and I can’t say that I came across anything that would bring my thoughts into this subject. I have to assume it’s time to write about it and believe me, if this was 20 years ago I would have written something totally different because as I have evolved, so have my views on this subject.

20 years ago when someone asked me what I thought about Euthanasia, I would have said that we have the right to choose but under the condition that we truly have a health condition that does not allow us to have a quality life. How do we define “life quality”? Someone in wheelchair will say their life quality is great, they have adapted to being immobile, have a loving and supporting family therefore, they consider their condition to be liveable and enjoyable. Great.

Someone in Africa or a developing country living without water or electricity suffering from  a simple Herpes virus can be greatly suffering and may want to end their life. How do we define “quality” on a planetary scale when each continent alone has it’s own languages, customs, religions and views on what a good life means.

So let’s just assume we are talking about those that live an average life, meaning; they have all their needs met and they surely are not suffering or dying from lack of food or water. Their condition truly is irreparable, they may even have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and they want to die,they feel that being kept alive is merely creating more suffering and pain. These are the folks I am now talking about, those of us whom have the  basic needs covered and are lucky enough to have good health insurance.

I thought about this today before sitting down to write this, many people today contemplate death and not only from illness, but from the stresses of life alone while struggling to feed their families. Over 2.5 million farmers have committed suicide in India over the last 5 years because they were fooled into buying GMO seeds and their crops failed while they borrowed money, these men as being brought up in a traditional way where the man takes care of the family simply gave up and died because of guilt and shame.  So, today, it is more prevalent that feeling of wanting to die and it’s not always health related.

We live in difficult times, difficult in terms of very few people have access to good healthcare or if they do, it’s unnafordable yet despite this, you would think our governments would gladly enact laws to allow Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia. Could the reason be because they too feel that many people would be leaving simply because their lives are so miserable? I ask myself these questions, they are relevant because I deal with and work with ill clients, some that are terminal. These clients come to me after conventional medicine failed to cure their cancers.

I had a client whom after 75 chemotherapies over a span of 2 years came to see me. His cancer started at the anus, and by the time he came to see me it had metastasized to the liver and lungs. This man was not only in bad condition physically, but he was ready to give up. Alternative medicine is not an overnight cure, it takes time and many cancer patients don’t have the luxury of time. I’m talking about those such as this client who wasted 2 years of chemotherapy so that by the time he came to me, his body was ravaged from the toxic chemicals and no matter what path of treatment we chose together, we first had to detox and clean his body. Usually that is the most difficult stage because the body is so toxic and so weakened that much energy is required to simply detox and heal what is damaged. He survived the first 6 weeks of detoxing and was actually starting to feel better and he was fixed on having a test done to see if his cancer was spreading or not.

I explained to him that it was too early, that the test results would probably prove to be very dissapointing because his body has been focused on detoxing and healing, regenerating new cells and blood cells. I warned him to think about being tested because it could be detrimental to his mental state. I have much experience with this so I knew what the consequences were. He accepted them and insisted on getting tested and of course, the results were not what he expected.

So, here we are on the telephone discussing his results. The very doctor that sent him home to die, told him it was probably the MMS he was taking and it was the cause! Imagine that. This Oncologist who sent him home and told him his cancer had mutated, told him there was nothing they could do for him yet when he found out he was taking MMS, he found a reason to blame the MMS for this.

Normally I don’t interfere with Doctors decisions or opinions. I explained to my client for the 10th time that healing takes time and that in order for the body to start healing, we need to get rid of the very toxins that caused his sickness and it was a 3 month process, meaning, that if after 3 months we could not stop the cancer, we probably failed. We didn’t fail in trying, rather, we failed because the medical establishment damaged his body so much that his body simply could not heal itself in time and kill the cancer cells. I told my client that he was the one that had to decide what to do and that I could not influence his decision, I could only talk about our joint effort to heal him and not what his other doctors had to say.

He came to see me a week later but he wasn’t himself. Up to that point he was very positive and hopeful, I believe the doctors scared the shit out of him which is ironic because they had already killed him and sent him home, but he basically told me he had nothing left to fight and he wanted to die.

I found myself in a very difficult position and predicament. My higher self, my evolved soul wanted to tell him that death was not the end and that death was merely another step on his journey. Given that he was a Catholic, how do I combine both spiritual and religious perspectives to this man in order for him to make a sound decision? Honestly, I wanted to tell him that he should follow his heart regardless what it said because if it said it was time to die, then it was time to die. But how do you die in country that does not have laws allowing you to? Do you just go home and lay on the bed and feel your body wither away and suffer in pain until it’s time to go? I thought very carefully before I answered him and this is what I said: “I honor your decision or choice whatever it may be, but before you do that, give it one more fight, complete the detox process and move on to the 2nd phase, if you survive the 2nd phase, you stand a good chance of surviving.

I didn’t want to give this man false hope. I can’t. It is and always was his choice whether he was aware of it or not. Although I am in the business of healing people, I am also in the business of honoring soul contracts and respecting the clients wishes and choices even if it does not resound with my views. I can’t take responsibility by giving him any false hopes because it’s not up to me. I offer the knowledge and tools to heal but ultimately it’s up to the client on how to use those tools and what their relationship is with their higher selves if they even have one.

This man was religious, his journey was about going to hell or heaven, how do I combine both concepts of religion and spirituality without offending him yet encouraging him to not give up. After all, he survived 2 years of chemotherapy.

I told him to go home and spend time being alone. To put his hand on his heart while talking to himself and then to really think about what he wanted. Religion instills guilt and shame. What about my wife, or what about my kids, and how are they going to live without me etc., and that makes it very difficult to make sound decisions based on “self”, and not others.

One week later I received a phonecall from his friend who told me that he had committed suicide by taking a bottle of potent pain killers. My first feeling was ‘relief’. He was suffering in every way and felt obligated to stay alive because of others. Did he think about his decision? I don’t know. But he died alone and that is horrible. He had the right to assisted suicide, someone that would be by his side, hold his hand, let him go and love him to the end. In medical terms he was terminally ill, therefore, would have easily qualified for that right to die even though I didn’t see him that way. I saw a man who still had life in him, who had a good chance of beating the cancer, but I also knew that like me, he made an agreement before coming here and perhaps that is the other reason why all the therapies failed, it was already written.

So, here is the question. Why are most countries reluctant to enact “Assisted Suicide” laws? Is it really because we are idiots and don’t seem to know what is best for us? Would we abuse the laws and kill ourselves because we have a choice? Would we bail out in difficult situations because we could not face or deal with our problems? Do our governments know something we don’t?

What about this question: Are the controllers afraid they would lose their slaves while at the same time we find out that we were tricked all along and that we are souls using human bodies? Is it possible their fear of us finding out is preventing us from choosing life and death?

What do I think? I think that anytime the government forbids me from something that it is not for my good rather for their good. If they wanted to reduce 2/3 of the population, would this “Assisted Suicide” law not help them from getting rid of most of the ones that are not productive? You would think so. If that is their goal, this type of law would simplify but I think there is something else behind this. Once we leave this body and enter the astral plane, because of the timing,  because reincarnation is no longer in effect, we would find a way to communicate to our still alive souls on the planet and wake them up or upon leaving this body, knowing we are in the final stages of this way of life, we might actually be more valuable in our original form?

From a moral and ethical perspective, I think that we should have the right to choose our deaths. Again, only when there is no hope for a terminal illness, when someone is or has been in a coma for a long time, when our illness causes us much pain and suffering; we should have the right to leave this body or let our loved ones know that when a certain time came they could on our behalf pull the plug.

Speaking as a Soul, I would say: If you feel it’s time to go, go. Excercise your free will providing you don’t hurt anyone with this decision. It’s one thing to leave because we choose to, it’s another to bail out and leave those behind us to suffer. There have been a few times when I have wanted to leave. Not because I have a reason to, in other words, I am suffering from any form of illness or poverty, my life is perfect. I sometimes get tired of seeing all the suffering around me and as curious as I am and impatient, I want to go home. There are fleeting thoughts because I know that I too have agreed to come here and work on whatever I agreed on working, therefore, to bail before it’s time, I would be forced to start over again and that I do not want to do. As much as I love my human family and Planetary mother, I have always felt that I came from somewhere else and this planet has been foreign to me. Whatever the case may be, we are very powerful souls and should use our free will for the benefit of all and not just for our selfish selves.

Or, is it because the medical industry makes a lot of money trying to keep people alive? I would probably go with that theory as being the first and foremost reason why we are not allowed to leave our bodies. Every last resort is used to the point where the patient doesn’t even know he’s alive, attached to all kinds of tubes and equipment, for the sake of maybe keeping them alive for a few days longer. Could it be that it’s about money? As one of my readers pointed out, Insurance cancels life insurance policies but that is to the benefit of the insurance company so I don’t see any benefit in it for us other than wanting to leave our benefactors something?  You decide.

I hope that we will be allowed to make those choices about leaving this body or not, but had the controllers thought it would be of benefit to them they would have allowed it to happen, therefore, they don’t gain anything by enacting a law of humans choosing when to die. Soon, death will be no more. Reincarnation is no longer in effect. Those of us that leave our bodies from now on simply move on to other levels of existence, we came to do our jobs and have moved on. Some will return to Earth but only after the transition. Coming into this world now as a baby will take too long, therefore, most of the babies being born today are higher evolving souls as well, they are ones that will lead us eventually. That’s how I see it and in no way do I claim to know the truth, this is what I see and feel in my lucid dreaming states.



  1. There is a female politico type that just came out over here saying we should have euthanasia vans that go to peoples homes and put down the elderly. Seems to be something that is a hot button topic at the moment. She has equated it to why burden the health care system etc. Why should all of the social security money that is in fact not there go to old people?? I guess she feels that what the fluoride and poisons in the vax does not remove the death vans coming to your homes will.

    As for removing oneself by suicide for emotional and physical issues being “illegal”… I always wondered why that was….. it is not like they can prosecute you if you are successful. But it does cancel any life insurance policies come to think of it. BINGO! Always about the almighty buck.


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