Comments from Ines: I knew that John would eventually respond to this subject. As I receive regular updates, it was nice to see this email from him last week. I have never commented on the Flat Earth Theory although it didn’t fit into my reality, let me ask you a question: Does it really matter what shape the Earth is? If we are working towards changing our reality, a flat, spherical, oval, round Earth matters not. What matters is that we focus on things we can change, not on things the Controllers throw out for us to get caught in arguments over silly matters like this. Does it really matter what shape the Earth is and will anything change in your life? Here is what my friend John Lamb Lash has to say about it:

Greetings to Each and All

Over the past 6 months I have received quite a few messages alerting me to the current barrage of material on flat earth theory, and asking for my opinion. Well, here it is. I start with a recent inquiry.

Query about flat earth theory, July 18, 2015:

Hello John, i am a reader of some of your work and a listener to your interviews on YouTube. I like the work you’ve done to tell the story of the Gnostics and the Archons. So lately I’ve continued to come across this flat earth theory and of course i listened to the information because one I’m on minded and two i know we are lied to about almost everything. There are points about the flat earth that seem to make a lot of sense and that the sun and moon may be making a circular pattern across the earth plane. I would like to know your opinion and how it fits with the Sophia myth as it is said she made the sun and moon and earth as one system. The fact is that no one seems to want to show real pictures of the earth without altering them or using animation instead. Are they hiding what earth really looks like because it would reveal that the earth was made by an intelligence? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you


Flat Earth Theory: Jesuit-directed disinfo scam to distract people from the Sophianic cosmology I teach, which is rapidly gaining interest on different fronts. The power of Sophia’s Dreaming in Correction brings her cosmology into range of the human mind, finally, after a long period of oblivion. The physics particular to Sophia are now accessible and teachable — coming to the 7th anniversary of the Terma. With the suppression of the Mysteries came the destruction of the massive literary output of the telestai, including many works on astronomy and astrophysics. Not all these writing were destroyed, however. Some key works were preserved and eventually came to be deposited in the Vatican library where Jesuits handle them. To be used to mislead humanity rather than for their original purpose of education and guidance.

The alleged science coming out of the Vatican is always spun to confuse and mislead people. Currently, my description of Sophianic cosmology is gaining interest on various fronts. Since the publication of /Not in His Image /in Italian in March  — the moment Ratzingter resigned and V-shaped lightning hit the Vatican dome — the red-robed rats of Saint Peter have been in a panic. There is increasing scientific confirmation of the essential points of the FGS, as well as innovations and extrapolations I have developed, based on telestic investigation. For instance, in August 2014 I detected how the Aeon Sophia deployed unpulsed telluric infrasound ( UTI) in two massive bursts to drive off the Archon fleets, neutralize the capture effect of their telepathic beaming, and establish a protective shield around the earth. In November of that year, astrophysicists — to their amazement — discovered the shield.

Here is further confirmation indicating the mechanism of Pleromic Relay at an astounding level of physical detail:


Thanks to a.a. for cueing me to this astonishing article.

I interpret the new discovery (Note: initially detected during reset, July 2013) in this way: the celestial antenna/anchor is a 21-pin cable comparable to that used for audio and video interface. (Full description can be found in the nav briefings, somewhere around September 2012). Such a plug connects my MacBook Pro to a large monitor, or connects a VCR to the display. The organization of the connective filaments can be conceived in various ways, interchangeable formats. The  cluster of filaments (cf. bundles of luminous emanations, Castaneda) can operate as a 3-7 layout, 3-18 layout,  a 5-16 layout, and otherwise. The /Apocalypse of Adam/ in the NHC explicitly describes 13 contsellations and the informing Aeonic powers. I have taught that the constellations are “castings” of Aeonic Dreaming displayed before your eyes in something like celestial LED. In PT you use 13 constellations understood to represent projections of Aeonic Dreaming into the human mind through a quasi-holographic array. The stack of 13 plasma wave “stripes” (bundles, clusters) which  now holds harmonic equilibrium around the equatorial zone of the earth indicates a 8-13 deployment or pin selection, through which the 13 constellations acquire for their dedicated use a set of discrete channels.

That is to say, this discovery shows that Pleromic Relay established in September 2012 — which blew out the Red Spot on jupiter, remember —  has assigned discrete channels to the Aeonic Dreamings displayed in the constellations. This means that the instructive content (DI) of each constellation now has a physical nexus for sending and receiving signals to the earth and to receptive human animals. It means much more as well, but that is the synoptic interpretation I can offer at the moment. Consider the implications of such a massive psychic-imaginal panel of alignments.

I could cite a dozen other examples, too numerous to track. I have said that Sophianic cosmology is due to converge with Electric Universe theory/plasma cosmology, as I predicted in /Not in His Image/ in 2006. When I wrote to the CORE team suggesting an outreach to the EU people, I received this wise reply from deep ecologist Bill Johnson:

FE theory plays shamelessly on human credulity. People will believe almost anything you tell them about cosmology. It takes advantage of the massive ignorance of astronomy and terrestrial physics. But worst of all, it feeds people back into the off-planet Father God theology of creationism by suggesting that an overseeing power has constructed the flat
earth theater as a laboratory,  and looks down upon it, as if into a petri dish. (Echoes of The Truman Show, of course.) Does that syntax sound familiar to anyone?

This pernicious meme leaves the gullible human mind floundering on the question, Was the “earth lab” created by a good god or an evil one? Commentators differ on their opinions on that question. My response to that conundrum comes as a challenge in The Tragedy of the Mother with the opening question, namely, Is a creator capable of producing the cosmos we see, also capable of inflicting cruelty and punishment upon the creatures within it?

Those of you who know the Sophianic cosmology and use the syntax I provide — domed laboratory, divine experiment, petri dish — would see immediately that the flat earth meme deploys my language by suggestion, spinning the syntax by pernicious deceit. Those multitudes who do not have our tools of syntax would not see the original pristine conception upon which the meme erects itself.

Jesuits using charlatans, carpetbaggers, and profiteering trolls now attempt to hijack my lucid and elegant syntax for the Sophianic narrative — “petri dish, divine experiment, domed laboratory” — by providing countermimicry, a fraudulent substitution. This tactic has the signature of Archontic deceit written all over it.

I attribute it to the Jesuits, first, because it is their task to uphold deviant and deceptive cosmology, and second, because the hidden objective is to direct human thinking back into the creationist paradigm and endorse theocracy. Endorsing and enforcing the authority of the theocratic pedosites is the primary assignment of the Jesuits.

Like numerous other incidents I could cite in the theater of world events, the barrage of YT and website material promoting flat earth theory is vivid proof of the desperate measures that now have to be taken, pulling out all the stops, to prevent and impede the dawning vision of Planetary Tantra, recognition of the Living Earth, and awakening to the Dreaming in which you live.

JLL in Andalucia



  1. Unfortunately, nowhere does John Lamb Lash actually address any of the flat earth proofs. Where is the curvature to the earth’s water? The heliocentric model predicts there should be 6 inches to the mile and yet every time it is sought it is not found. Moreover, If the earth were truly a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes downwards so as to not fly straight off into ‘outer space’ (by that I obviously mean get into serious trouble sooner than that would happen); a pilot wishing to simply maintain his altitude at a typical cruising speed of 500 mph, would have to constantly dip the nose of his plane downwards and descend 2,777 feet (over half a mile) every minute! Otherwise, without compensation, in one hour’s time the pilot would find himself 31.5 miles higher than expected.

    The fact that pilots do not have to constantly make so drastic a change in their altitude is in direct conflict with the spinning ball earth model. The fact that planes do not have to take the curvature of the earth into account while flying alone shows it is flat. If the earth were a sphere, the pilot would have to regularly adjust his altitude to keep a safe distance between the surface of the earth and outer space. Flying at 500 mph, which is a typical cruising speed, the pilot would have to constantly dip the nose of his plane downwards in order to descend not just slightly, but a whole 2,777 feet (over half a mile), not every hour, but every minute, which for one thing does not sound like a walk in the park, but which more importantly pilots do not do. As flights are commonly over an hour, and often much longer, in the absence of this constant adjustment–this drastic descent every minute–in just one hour’s time the pilot would find himself 31.5 miles higher than expected. Given that the distance between the earth’s surface and outer space is said to be 62 miles (100 km), and given that large passenger planes cannot fly much higher than 7.5 miles (12 km) above the earth because the air above this altitude is too thin to hold the plane up, this shift in elevation would be fatal. Even a much less drastic shift would be fatal. As already stated, more important than the fact that such a constant adjustment would prove too laborious and too dangerous a task for a mere mortal to perform, it is a fact that no pilot does this. But if the earth were a sphere, every pilot interested in living would have to.

    It is one thing to simply brush off the flat earth movement as a Jesuit psy-op. It is another to actually refute the position itself. On closer inspection, one will find that all (or almost all) flat-earthers are indeed shills/charlatans/controlled opposition in some capacity or other, but are, as a matter of fact, NOT representing biblical literalism and in fact going out of their way to condemn it. It is quite obvious to me why John Lamb Lash would respond to the flat earth movement so flippantly: if the earth is flat, stationary, and the centre of the universe, Gnosticism is false. Until I actually see the above points addressed (and the hundreds of others like them), any flippant brushing aside of the position betrays the scoffer’s fear of having to admit he’s been wrong about everything this whole time.

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    • Thank you for that Francis. I presented the information but I don’t have the knkowledge that you do to either accept or refute. I guess for me it comes down to this: Whether it’s flat or not, it is not going to change my life but then I have to pose this question: Why would it be in anyone’s interest to lie to us about either? Meaning, if it’s flat and we’re told it’s spherical..why the lie? I am sitting on the fence because i don’t have the time or knowledge in that area but you make some really good points and you have given me more thought than anyone has so far! Thank you.


      • Why lie to us? It’s a MIND CONtrol. It’s just another way to make you feel insignificant and easier to control. The same ‘people’ if you want to call them that invented the HoloHOAX, and most of the lemmings still beLIEve that too. Got edJEWcation?


        • If you believe you’re controlled, then you are. If you think someone is out to get you then they will. Be what you believe and do what you believe, you won’t go wrong. I know it sounds easy but it is not. I spent over 25 years getting to a point where I’m totally independent of any government, no debts, no pensions, I saved my money and allowed it to work for me. A penny day, for 25 years, figure it out. We want to play the blame game because once we figure out the truth we get angry. We are all responsible for the situation that we are in, we are all responsible for getting out of it as well. Whether the earth is flat or round doesn’t make a fucking difference other than your logical mind that is connected to your ego. What would change? Really? Just my 2 cents worth!


      • Hi Ines ! John said it. Its “like an amoba”.

        One of the guys comments under the video:
        “atwaterpub3 éve
        This is totally cool. Thanks.

        I have been telling people for years that the earth is NOT a chunk of rock, but a drop of liquid (i.e. liquid rock). This graphical animation of the gravity data, makes that idea more believable, even if the dimensions of change are exaggerated for the purposes of illustration. Nice work.”


    • Be careful there…

      Have you actually read any of the Gnostic material at length? You would be suprised. I have yet to find anything in it that requires a belief in the version of space that is promoted by NASA and the like.

      John seems to have drawn those conclusions all by himself IE He came into the material with a belief in western astronomy and warped everything around to fit that previously held notion.

      If you like me are not a believer in either helio or geocentrism and you read the gnostic texts from a neutral viewpoint- you would see there is none of this crap about us living on an arm of a galaxy. John is good at what he does but he is doubling down on his BS here. John is just as vulnerable to a psyop as other people are and he would do well to be a bit more humble considering the amount of material he is speaking on.


  2. Nothing could possibly change your life more than discovering the earth is flat. Once you learn you have been lied to about the shape of the earth and its place in the universe you instantly discover more truths than any other single discovery will bring you. Of course, this will depend on what your current views are. If you are an atheist, you are instantly made a theist. If you are a Gnostic, you are instantly forced to recant your Gnosticism. John Lamb Lash’s Gnostic cosmology requires modern astrophysics to be true. If modern astrophysics is false, as the revelation that the earth is flat proves it to be, then it is the Genesis account that is true, and not the account Lucifer deceived the Gnostics (and the Freemasonic/Jesuit scientists of the Renaissance) into believing. Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Occultists, Talmudic Jews, Hindus, Muslims, etc., are all Gnostics, that is, they all, wittingly or no, worship Lucifer. It is Lucifer who deceived the world into believing the earth is a spinning ball and that the stars are suns (so as to discredit the Bible). It is Lucifer who covered up the evidence of the thousands of fully intact skeletal remains of human giants described in the Pentateuch (also to discredit the Bible). It is Lucifer who deceived the world into believing in evolution (also to discredit the Bible). Modern physics (the multiverse hypothesis, deep time, deep space, etc.,) is the most recent incarnation of Lucifer’s ancient Hindu cosmology deception. Evolution is a reincarnation of Lucifer’s ancient reincarnation deception. Even grander than the scientific lies are the lies of history, which are intended to discredit the Bible. The gods of Greek Mythology are worshipped by the Illuminati because they are the fallen angels described in Genesis 6, which Lucifer deceived into betraying God by giving into their lust to impregnate the daughters of men: the so-called ancient wisdom that they jealously guard, and whose origin they trace back to Ancient Egypt, was the knowledge the fallen angels bestowed upon those Atlanteans who entrusted it to Ancient Egyptian priests. Islam is Christianity minus Jesus’s divinity (something Freemasons also deny) and plus Satan masked as the sinner-hating, women-disrespecting, warmongering Allah. The “666” St. John the Divine warned about in Revelation was originally written in Greek, and “666” in Greek looks exactly like “In the Name of Allah” in Arabic. The Old Testament Jehovah commanded war be waged on the flesh corrupted by the fallen angels (the Nephilim and their descendants) rather than arbitrarily chosen peoples as is commonly thought; Jehovah proves through Jesus he loves rather than hates sinners and calls them to the Truth which he has also given them the freedom to choose or oppose. Ayahuasca = Gaia = Sophia = Lucifer cross-dressing as a false goddess who will not inform you the earth is flat but will instead function as a climate change activist (global warming is another one of Lucifer’s hoaxes). If Lucifer, the Grand Deceiver, can be caught deceiving people like John Lamb Lash into believing the world is a spinning ball and the stars are suns, then John Lamb Lash’s claim that Jehovah is a chief Archon (a malevolent extraterrestrial) and that Sophia (Lucifer cross-dressing as an earth goddess) is pure truth is instantly revealed for what it is: one of Lucifer’s greatest deceptions. Not only did Lucifer deceive Eve in the Garden of Eden into thinking she wasn’t already immortal, he even deceived myriads of intelligentsia into thinking the Genesis account is itself a deception and the serpent was the true God–the irony of all ironies. Everything I just said is a combination of mental insanity, inexcusable ignorance, and sheer idiocy so long as the earth is not flat, but pure truth if it is. To sum it up: if the earth isn’t flat, Gnosticism is true; if it is flat, Christianity is true. One of the most reviled tenets of Christianity is that the only way to be saved is through Jesus, but this is because Jesus is the only way to ensure the God you are worshipping is not Lucifer. (During alien abductions, which are in actuality demonic possessions, only calling out the name “Jesus Christ” causes the entities to recoil in fear and return you to your body). Admittedly, the flat earth alone does not somehow instantaneously lead to these conclusions, but without it one will never reach this Truth. I know I never would have. Pre-flat-earth, I had all the anti-Christian biases you are presumably manifesting as you read this very sentence. The discovery that the earth is flat is the key to unlock the otherwise ever obscured treasure chest within which the Truth resides, false images of which abound outside it. If you would like me to guide you every step of the way from proving the earth is flat to showing how its being flat leads to the Truth, I’d be more than happy to do so (this can take place in the form of you visiting my website at http://www.fearlessphilosopher.com or emailing me at fearlessphilosopher@gmail.com). I also must add that the great Alien Deception is imminent (by imminent, I mean it could happen anytime between tomorrow and the next three decades). If the earth is flat, there is no such thing as aliens. When the Illuminati bring out the aliens, flat-earthers will know they are genetically engineered shells of flesh occupied by demonic entities who will not be our saviours, as they will tell us they are, but rather our mortal enemies; round-earthers have been happily awaiting their arrival for decades. If the earth is flat, the Lucifer-worshipping Freemasons at NASA have been stealing trillions of dollars of tax-payer money to disseminate lies to the masses to set in place everything for the Illuminati to exercise absolute control over our minds. This deception is exactly what Jesus warned about; Jesus fought the Illuminati while alive and will destroy them when he returns. As to the question, how, if this is Satan’s world, can God possibly be the true God, the answer is that God has already told us: God gives evil free reign to see what people will do when given the freedom to choose between him and Lucifer; just when Lucifer thinks he is about to win, he and everyone he deceived will be cast into the lake of fire. The round-earth lie is the foundational lie upon which all the other lies sit. Again, without seeing through it, everything I have said is pure madness; seeing through it, everything other than what I have said would be pure madness. It makes all the difference, and it is the only thing that will. Once you shatter this foundational lie, all the other lies crumble with it, and in its place the glorious Truth shines.

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    • I am leaning toward the flat earth theory but truth is, it doesn’t change anything in my life or the life of humanity. We are still controlled and subdued by those that don’t want us to know the truth. I thank you for your perspective as I can only give mine as well. I simply don’t have time to research this subject as it does require some scientific background although I feel that we are neither flat nor round, rather spherical because I saw the earth shaped that way in my lucid dreams. I hope one day soon we will truly know what is real and what is not.


  3. Ines, even though I stand by everything I said in my last reply, I acknowledge that much more time would be needed to lead someone of your persuasion to accept it. Like I said, almost all my life I was as anti-Christianity as I assume you are, in fact probably far more. It is by far the last thing I expected the truth to be. I would have probably bet my life it weren’t true. In fact, I am still just as anti-Christianity at least as it is naively practiced by the vast majority of Christians. Your open-mindedness is admirable, as most refuse to even look into the flat earth proofs. But what I cannot sympathize with is when people say, “What does it matter whether it’s flat or not?” It is to that question that I can’t help but try to compress everything I’ve learned about our reality into one paragraph. I hope you can see that, to the prototypical atheistic skeptic, if the earth can be proven to be flat then God’s existence is instantly proven, and any other conspiracy theory proving the Illuminati’s control of the world is, by comparison, that much more easy to believe in. I respect John Lamb Lash for many reasons, one being that he acknowledges that if the earth is flat it disproves Gnosticism. He claims that Sophia is Lucifer and she came from the pleuromic centre of the galaxy to become the organic planet earth in an otherwise inorganic planet-riddled solar system. This is Gnostic doctrine. If this can be shown to be false, Gnosticism is shown to be the deception that it is. It is utterly revealing that John Lamb Lash refuses to accept the earth is flat without actually giving any good reason as to why it isn’t. The reason is he can’t accept it’s flat without admitting he’s been wrong this whole time about Gnosticism. How, if he is so wrong about something so huge as that, could you possibly trust what else he has to say? How could you possibly trust the Gnostics if they were so wrong about cosmology, when the Bible was right about it? If you look into the history of where the heliocentric model came from you discover it was concocted by Lucifer-worshipping Freemasons and their predecessors (Original Gnostics, Lucifer-worshippers; Pythagoras, the first Lucifer-worshipping freemason; Copernicus, a Lucifer-worshipping freemason; Galileo, a Lucifer-worshipping freemason; NASA, all Lucifer-worshipping freemasons, etc.) Another reason I respect John Lamb Lash is that he and I would still hold many views in common regarding the Illuminati and what they are doing. But he is trying to use magic to fight them. He is unwittingly fighting darkness with darkness, Satan with Satan. Almost every claim in the bible has been supposedly disproven by mainstream academia (the panoply of theories and discoveries made by and propagated by Lucifer-worshipping Freemasons). However, now that I know all those supposed disproofs are deceptions that people who worship Lucifer are responsible for, and that the claims of the bible turn out to be true, and I realize that the bible specifically warned about all these deceptions, I am left uncertain as to why you, for example, wouldn’t believe it. It is patently obvious that all those supposed disproofs are the work of Satan, whom you prefer to call Sophia. What is an argument against the bible? Unfortunately, your lucid dreams are not going to trump verifiable evidence to the contrary. The greatest achievement the Illuminati has made is making everyone hate the bible. Just look at how much you probably hate it and you’ll see how good a job they’ve done. The bible says it is not for intellectual reasons, but out of a wish to continue living in lust that people turn away from God: It is therefore all too revealing that the God of the bible commands sober monogamy whereas John Lamb Lash encourages psychedelic-infused promiscuity. Lucifer comes to you in the form you want your god/goddess to come to you as, bearing gifts and encouraging you to give into whatever desires you have; it is God who gives you rules to ensure you are as pure as can be, which, if you follow them, render you worthy to be resurrected into an angel. I’d be interested to hear your argument against this.


    • Well Francis, it is going to be a tough argument on this because I don’t like to argue. But I must answer this as I have the greatest respect for you taking this much time to write.
      Francis, I’m still on my journey, the latter half of my journey has changed the way I learn. Instead of accepting something because it sounds good, I now question everything about it and find any kind of logic in it. I am not sure about Gnosticism, I like it’s myth, but neither one of us can prove or disprove it’s the right answer.
      I also truly like the The Lost Book of Enoch, in fact I am now listening to an audio of Zacharia Sitchin’s work because I have had the books for years but can’t seem to get into it. I learn by hearing better than reading.
      I can’t argue with you Francis because your arguments are sound and I don’t know much of anything to be an expert in anything. I am just a woman sharing her journey and hoping that part of her journey will touch others to start their own journey to truth. End.


  4. if you hide the creation you can hide the creator. You still don’t have one irrefutable proof of concept construct a theory that has not been parroted you buy a government agency. all you have is parroted remarks and repeated sentences and no real hard evidence no empirical evidence nothing that would support a scientific method of how you gathered your data from cause-and-effect. all you have is what NASA says. your scientific priests with your religion and God called gravity. Heliocentric is claiming that they are not religious yet, they tell the story of creation. The heliocentric model falls apart after more than average researching by the by the individual that goes to actual documentation websites NASA websites everything is free to the public. But if you actually had the notion to actually want to investigate I want to know what your believe system really is then you’re just gonna believe what the majority is without ever researching it for yourself.


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