I’m almost back! Today is the first day that I can actually type with my injured finger but it is getting better. The outside has healed, the inner works is now starting with shooting pain, then numbness and it goes on all day long, I welcome this process because I know the “nerve calibration” is now taking place. Each nerve ending that was severed is now seeking the other end to come together, I can visualize it at night and I know that I will heal 100%.

It is very hot here in Croatia, last night at midnight we measured 35C outside, while the house is a bit cooler, the garden has taken a toll, just before the heatwave struck, the plants were flowering about to start producing and have since fallen off without any fruits, it’s just the way it is and my garden has never been about a need, rather a hobby and most of the vegetables are given away.

I’m following all the events continually around the globe and I think what has really affected my energy is the violence in the US. the brutality people are experiencing from the Police and Canada has now taken the same stance. Second to that is the massive influx of immigrants, reaching a historic record high of 40 million people displaced and running away from violence. I was thinking about this while having my morning coffee. How privileged we are, those of us that have internet access and reading this are privileged, while 40 million people have lost their homes, their families, their lives, their jobs, their children and the list goes on. WE, the citizens of different countries are responsible for this. WE have allowed our governments to bomb those countries into oblivion and now those same governments claim that refugees are a big problem.  I have not yet heard on any news media outlet be it Mass Media or Alternative media  that WE are the root cause of what is happening.

Is anyone asking why 40 million people are running in fear for their lives and their children? Can we honestly feel “privileged”, for having a roof over our heads while these people have been bombed to oblivion? As I have written many times, as privileged as I feel to have a life of abundance ( not material), why am I not happy? I am happy in terms of my satisfaction with the choices I made and the results produced by my hard work, of course, but I’m not happy because we should all be living this way.

Today, not having debts is being wealthy. I never took loans for anything in my life anyway, thank goodness I had a bad credit rating so I was rejected a lot, but it did force me to stop buying things I could not afford and live within my means so I don’t have much compassion for those that have borrowed money to buy things they can do without. No matter, this is not the subject today, rather, another difficult post to absorb because there are some that are waiting for something to change and improve. To those I say, it will not happen without your involvement. We set it up that way, some of us agreed to be the bad guys and some of us agreed to be the good guys, therefore, the end result will be HUMANITY rising up and saying “It is enough”.
Sure, we are seeing through the fog and we are less trusting of our governments. Thanks to the Internet, we can access information at our own pace and choose to read what we want, we can research, investigate and seek out truth, it is happening at unprecedented speed, but it’s not enough.

You see, the information age is about to end. Having information does not accomplish anything other than satisfy your own needs to know. What will be do with the information? How can we use this information to stop this madness we all agreed to create? Now that we have created it, what are we going to do to stop it?

There is no savior, get over it. There is no mother father god, no Eve and One, no Gabriel and Archangel Michael, no Ashtar Command, these are all entities created by Archons to keep you occupied and hoping for something that is never going to happen and that is a Savior arriving. I am amazed at some “GROUPS”, in fact, there are some I would like to call  CULTS because if you question their “leader” you will get attacked or they will attack you. I put one to the test.

I like to laugh every once in a while so I read Yellow Rose For Texas stuff. It gets me laughing and often I do make comments but formed as questions. The last few comments I left on the group’s page resulted in attacks. For starters, they used my Avatar as a symbol of being some kind of trouble maker or detective. The attack was long and winded. There was no explanation or information provided to disprove what I was questioning, it was an outright attack on me, but this person that attacked me was not the person I had replied to. So, this is what CULTS do. They fall in love with their leader, they become so blinded by their leader that they see nothing else and if anyone tries to attack the leader, watch out, the claws come out. Why do I call it a cult?

A Cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

Anytime you are devoting your time and energy toward a leader of some ideology, you are a cult member. Now, I expect the cult followers to attack me for this, but then may I ask why all the pages and links are titled Yellow Rose For Texas? Is this not the title of the person? When referred to the group, it’s by YRFT, so from my basic knowledge because I have never followed or belonged to any group, this would appear to be a CULT. And cult members can be vicious if you attack the leader. Imagine, for over a year, this person who is the cult leader could not tell the difference between planet Earth and Planet Jupiter! But hey, there was a reasonable explanation, everyone bought it hook line and sinker and life goes on, they are waiting for mom and dad to come and save the whole planet. When I asked what would happen to me since I do not wish to leave, I never got an answer, yet according to their cult leader, everyone GOOD goes and the bad guys stay and burn in the pit. Hmmm, I don’t remember that I agreed to be manipulated by my Creator, after all, are we not all here by free will and live here by free will? So, honestly, I was asking the simple question that if I chose not to leave here, would I burn up with the bad guys, and nobody answered that one either.

Don’t worry folks, I’m used to being attacked for questioning certain illogical dogma and when the attacks happen, I know that I have hurt the feelings of the cult.

I want to thank each one of you for sending me light and energy during my healing process, I couldn’t answer all your emails so I am thank you here, thanks to all of you, I have healed much faster than I even expected. It feels great to type without looking at the keyboard again. Oh, and one more thing.

Rip up those bank cards, this way you can’t spend money that you don’t have, and you’re not going to feed the war machine either. If you need money, walk into the bank and get what you need, you have to start someplace and what better place than slowing down their multi-billion bank card service charges.

love you all


2 thoughts on “HEALING AND SAVIORS

    • Oh man, 10 days ago I thought I was going to die hahaha never had anything like this happen, but here I am typing to you and feeling the tip of my finger. You have no idea how happy I am because I need my hands especially to feel energy lol. Thanks for your loving support sis.


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