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This is utterly hilarious. Let’s start with the “Suicide Watch”. This guy/gal behind the computer calling him/herself Q anon has to disguise him/herself with encrypted messages so that nobody can guess what he’s trying to say, because he has nothing to say. Let’s talk about Suicides.

One chef commits suicide and it’s directly credited to Q anon?   He wrote “Suicide Watch”. Come on folks, look at the statistics.  Approx. 113 people suicide themselves DAILY.
The suicide rate in the US is 113 per 100,000 people, which translates to approximately 41,260 deaths per year.
It’s like me saying it’s going to rain tomorrow. Of course it will rain tomorrow, but WHERE is it going to rain tomorrow? Or, someone will blow themselves up with a bomb. Of course someone will because on average, 90 suicide bombers die each year. Question is: Where are these people from or where do the suicide bombings happen?
I think he must be talking about? You think? Eye the spy?
Roughly stating because it all depends on where you get your statistics from, ranging from government sources or privately held organizations, the death rate for all deaths in the US is on average around 2 million per year which breaks down to approx. 5000 deaths daily.
Who is to say that those folks on the list of Cabal’s members are not part of those statistics?    ​
So, Q anon posts Boom, boom, boom. Yeah and so? There are literally hundreds of different translations. What’s that game called, oh right, charades? Where someone standing is mimicking a tidal wave?  It can be perceived as: a boat bouncing on the waves, a spiral, you get my drift.
So, boom, boom, boom to me sounds like a gun going off right? Well, how many guns go off each minute? Find statistics for gun deaths, in the US; of course because it’s the only country in the world where at least ONE person dies from a gun daily. 27 gun deaths daily happen. Look it up, do the research.
So, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, what a genius he is….he’s not saying anything. He’s giving folks average, every day words and events we use and happen, and now everyone is trying to figure out what he means?
I will make a prediction now, 100% it will happen. I predict that an earthquake will happen in 24 hours. Of course it will, there has not been a day since we have been recording Earthquakes that one has NOT happened. There you go, see, I’m really good at this.

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