Response to FATHER El Morya

Veronica and Monty – Still doing Their Work – Posted 2 days ago
Please read my response in Red; I did a search on this Father El Morya and I have no idea who he is. These days every Tom, Dick and Harry claim to be reincarnations of some spiritual guru so judging by his response, I doubt he’s got any higher dimensional connections, affiliations or is spiritually adept himself. For all I know, it could be Veronica herself disguised in a wanna be name. No matter, it’s not about WHO wrote this, just like it’s not about being right or wrong. I don’t claim to know everything, in fact, I often tell my readers to not believe anything I have to say but to do the research themselves. I just share my experiences and thoughts, I’m a nobody human here, but I am an ancient Soul learning about who I really am. 

Blown away by your comments, Ines Radman, you are obviously in superego, thinking you know better. I literally got dumber reading your comments, which were in reaction to actual truth and light. How can you not feel what is being stated by Veronica and Monty? You are saying they sound like 1st graders when the information that is given is simple and true.

I don’t think I know better and I have NEVER claimed to KNOW everything. Their information is simple and true, but it’s not their original, you find this information all over the internet. It doesn’t take a dead man to tell us this, we already know this.  Monty has been repeating himself over and over for years, it’s the same old shit.  We have known about this so called Cabal for many years, I said “I think”, not “I know”. My point was that how do we know such Cabal even exists? No person has ever come forward (whisteblower) to claim being a member or being in the know. Everyone is speculating, therefore, we have no solid proof or evidence and it’s possible that it’s just a hoax to keep the sheeple in the energy of FEAR. 

Of course, the old controllers, Cabal, controlled you, lied to you and sold you poison. Your wrong that they didn’t exist. They did. Not anymore b/c Mother of All Creation has taken them out b/c shes GOD, that’s who is asking me to go after your dumb ass, since your spreading misinformation and lies.

Spelling and grammar are not one of your strengths. I have a difficult time taking anyone serious that can’t put a sentence together without using shortcuts and bad grammar. You are threatening me or your “Mother of all Creation” is asking you to go after me? Bring it on dude, can’t wait. I love challenges and you just made my day! 

Of course they controlled me and lied to me. My life was messed up just for believing in a God as an old man with a beard who would allow men to rape me as a child. I don’t claim they don’t exist. I just question their existence as YOU have not given me an argument on whether they do or not and some kind proof other than stupid conspiracies.  Of course we are controlled, but we also allowed them to do so. I stopped being controlled many years ago FATHER, I live off the grid, grow my own food, don’t depend on any government money, I am self sufficient, so I might want to ask you, if you are living as free as I am. It’s easy to talk about it, but are you DOING it? Are you living freely, off the grid, not taking any money from your government that includes a pension? Are you living in abundance like I am? So fuck you FATHER whoever you are, come to me with some evidence and proof or some “intelligent”argument to show you know better than I do.  

And you say don’t remove contact with control? Ridiculous, you have to become aware of your control in order to change it, to become conscious of it and transform that density. Do you get it, your working for the cabal with your comments! You cant even see how backward you are, blind to the programming you have embodied by the cabal!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Actually, I’m starting to feel really dumb just reading this final paragraph. What is your point? Programming? I suggest you start from 2014 on this blog and read forward, come to your own conclusions. I am what I am, I don’t take money from people, not for me personally, not for so called projects, not for lawyers, not for anything. I don’t take anything from my government, not one damn thing. I even pay for my own healthcare because I won’t be controlled anymore.

Veronica on the other hand has collected over 300,000 euros and has not given the public any type of explanation what is done with that money. I have given proof of her “fake” foundation, closing one to open an another, letters from people that have worked with her. When enough people agree with and come together, the chances of them being right are high. I would forgive Veronica for all her transgressions if she would just disclose the money she collected from people and showed what she did with it. That alone would be good enough for me, but that alone makes her a thief and fraud in my eyes. I have emails from people that donated to Veronica’s projects that can be easily be accepted in a court of law. 

I strive to live an honest and decent life, and with that, abundance comes to me every day. As I stated in response to your comment on the actual post, you are entitled to your opinions and if you felt stupid reading my post, then don’t read them so you can stay smart.  

So, again, FUCK YOU FATHER, come back to me with some intelligence and some legitimate arguments about why you feel you’re right and I’m wrong. In the end, it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about providing evidence and exposing frauds such as Veronica Ford Keen. Show me the money and I will leave her alone. 

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