Reading some of Georgi Stankov’s work left me quite perplexed. If you’re not a scientist or have not studied the construction and function of our universe such as photons, matter, space, time, energy; it is very difficult to read his work.

I started out with reading his latest posts trying to put my finger on his current state of mind and reality as he sees it, then proceeded into more deeper scientific work. I must admit, it requires total quite, no interruptions and reading it over a few times, even that is not yet sunk into my brain, but hey, I’m just not a scientific person.

My first instinctual feeling about Stankov was arrogance, is it his style of writing or interpreter using certain words that make him look arrogant, can’t say because Stankov’s character and personality or not important as the veracity of his work he puts forth. He claims to be ascended  back as a Logos God and multidimensional being. No comment on that one yet, I have not read enough material to comment on that part.

As I read deeper into his website, I must say that I can relate to his posts about why the new age movement didn’t succeed in it’s goals and what happens to channelers when ego controls them. Although he insists that channelers are not very intelligent in the knowledge of science, theosophy, philosophy and Gnosticism, that lacking intelligence they were actually picked out by the Archons/dark entities because they would not ask many questions related to how things actually work.

People just swallow the information because they too have little or no understanding in the structure of unIverses, astral planes, dimensions etc.

Actually, when I think about it, the only human I can think of that has scientific background/education is Tom Kenyon who channels the Hathor.  Kathryn E. May is a psychologist, though I can’t see how, but that’s not a background that will help to deal with  matters in a scientific method.

Suzy Ward, Mike Quinsey, Blossom Goodchild, Sheldon Nidle, Montague Keen, Peggy Black; none of these folks have a background in science/physics or astronomy. Are the content of their messages without a scientific content because they don’t understand it, or were they chosen to channel simple messages?

I often wondered when listening to Kathryn as she channeled these entities that none of them spoke in a matter of scientific knowledge such as what came first– galaxies or universes, how are planets created and how long does it take to make a planet habitable,  you know; things that you and I may read about it from our human scientists but I was interested in those things and mainly the reason why I started to listen to the messages.

These entities basically regurgitated information that we more or less already know or information we can find online. Mathew, Mike, Blossom, Monty, Sheldon and the rest  start out their messages with: “Things are changing On planet earth, it is getting very exciting indeed” I mean, what is so new and different about this? We know this already.

So, I agree with Stankov on the fact that the channels do not offer much when it comes to a philosophical discussion explaining to us how things work outside our reality.

I don’t know about you, but hearing some scientific knowledge from these entities could have changed my mind and would have accepted them as being who they claimed to be, but everything they communicated about was so rudimentary, so 3D in nature, at times I felt like they saw us as stupid humans by advising us on how to behave, what to eat and not eat, this was the red flag for me, I just didn’t hear or feel any higher intelligence, something that I could learn and add to my pot of knowledge.

I remember once listening to Father God talking about being vegetarian and said how it’s bad to kill animals and eat meat. Anne DeHart was the show host and after the channel was done she says: “Are we not so lucky to have father god gives us advice on meat, we are so fortunate to get this kind of information.” I won’t tell you what I thought when I heard her say that, but I’m sure you can guess.

Stankov made some bad predictions, he predicted that humanity would ascend Dec. 21.2012, after the 3 day stasis, most evolved souls would automatically ascend to the lower levels of 5th dimension.

Because of this missed prediction, I’m feeling a bit uneasy about this work but I still need to study the material and find out what went wrong and why. He talks about LBP (Light Body Process) that we all have to go through in order to ascend, but he states: “It is not intended that many incarnated entities should go through the individual LBP, which is extremely exhausting and physically debilitating. Very few personalities will have the stamina to survive all the tortures of the LBP for such a long time, in my case, for more than 12 years in the last and most intense phase without a single pause. It will be inhuman”.

Then he goes on to say that most evolved souls will ascend to the lower levels of 5D anyway, so it’s confusing and like I said, need to do some more research on this. I can’t see anyone going through a process that last for years and it’s very debilitating. Also, this was his experience and doesn’t mean that everyone would have the same one. I personally don’t feel that is necessary. I feel that as long as we have a good heart, good intentions and that he we have been actively working towards making this planet a better place to live, that we will ascend. Even at that stage I find it unfair. I think that if we call came here, then we should all ascend together and maybe that is the case too.  I just don’t like using the term Ascend because we’re not going  anywhere, our vibration is increasing and as a result we will transcend matter into energy form.

There is a lot of information about LBP online from different sources. Some claim the LBP is the process of Earth and she draws us with her. Stankov claims it’s a difficult process and that he is only one that actually explains it properly. He states that we must surrender our ego to our soul. This contradicts the human experience. Basically, you have to give up all mundane efforts and activities and follow the inner voice of the soul, which now becomes predominant. What does that mean exactly? He offers on explanation on that.

Do you know what I have been working on for the last few years? Surrendering my ego, yet after reading Stankov material, it’s the first time I hear about LBP. In fact, check my blog archives, nowhere will you find anything on this subject. Intuitively was doing this. I just knew it was something I had to work on.

Have I been successful? I have and I know this by comparing my behaviors, actions, thoughts from even last year, and can see the difference. I used to be very competitive, had to be the best in everything, needed constant assurance about my physical appearance, expected apologies if someone hurt me, I would argue on a subject until I exhausted the other person and they gave up, but even while leaving they would tell me I was wrong and that we would continue another time. I believed that only I knew the real truth and it was my job to teach everyone.

1. I no longer have the need to be right, even when I know I’m right. I don’t voice or debate it. I say it once and let whoever choose to accept or insist on me being wrong, it matters not. I really work hard on this blog, work at not debating, insisting or convincing. I really try to just allow and accept readers views, even when I feel they are far out of touch with reality.

2. I don’t express my feelings in any negative way, in other words, if I’m angry, I work it out myself, by involving the person I am angry with invites the ego. I just tell the person their word or action caused a feeling of anger inside of me, just so they know, I forgive them and use EFT to remove any residues.

3. I don’t talk much about my health issues in a negative way, because people express sorrow or compassion which the ego wants/needs. You see whether I tell you or not, whether you show compassion or not does not change the way I feel, so no need to talk about it. My partner asks me what level of pain I am at for the day, only because we plan our day in the morning and if he knows my pain levels are high, he’s not going to ask me to go outside and do any work in the yard.

4. I stopped coloring my hair, I did this to look good, the ego wanted compliments, it feels great. For others it may be self esteem and self confidence, I have confidence, so there was no need to color the hair, it no longer served a purpose for anything.

5. I don’t buy clothes that I don’t need, ego wants to have a lot of crap hanging in the closet collecting mothballs.

The rest is difficult to explain because we are all so different and our ego has different needs, but for me it was letting go of things/thoughts of being the best, strongest, loudest, cleanest, fastest etc., as I was very competitive. I had to be the best in everything. I still am because I do everything with love, but I don’t need to post it on FB or tell everyone, it’s now my own private accomplishment and self-worth, not ego based.

Admitting mistakes and apologizing come naturally now, I feel humbled when someone points out my flaws and actually feel gratitude because it’s something I missed or didn’t see, so I can work on improving that part of myself.

Will we Ascend? This term doesn’t fit.
Ascension-noun-1. Act of ascent 2. the bodily ascending of christ from earth to heaven

Ascend-verb-1. to move, climb or go upward, 2. slant upward, 3. to rise to a higher point.

I have said many times that I am not leaving mother earth. She has taken care of us millions of years and in these end times we need each other. The day it happens, it will literally be like a big bang with brilliant colors, sounds from deep inner earth, images shifting, non-organic objects will start  to fade in and out, the only things that will stay with us are organic objects/things. This is the moment when Gaia leaps for the final jump into 5th dimension frequency, our Schuman resonance will increase and we become light bodies. I call this re integration where all of our parts come together as ONE. Depending on why we came here and our soul maturity, we will either stay on Earth and together with the human family return the planet to it’s brilliance. Many of us will leave back to our homes.

After all is done there will be less than 1 billion souls on the planet  permanently but Earth at first will become the main attraction. Souls have been waiting millions of years for us to wake up and Earth is the most beautiful planet in the multiverses. Also, we humans are mixed with so many different gene pools that we are one of a kind.

So that is my version of the Event, I have lived it in my lucid dreams many times. Not everyone will make it but those that don’t will continue to experience 3D until they are ready. We will be parallel to that world and will be able to go in and out, the rest I’m not sure about, all I know is that it was all worth it and can’t wait to go home.

I still have many dreams/parallel lives that I have written down and not yet interpreted. In the last year alone my dream time has been very active. In fact, I rarely wake up feeling rested, some mornings I wake up very stiff, so I know that I was active in another life/astral plane. Having the need to urinate wakes me up, on the way to the bathroom I’m usually thinking “holy crap, I know I am going to remember this in the morning”, and I do this each time I go to the bathroom, but by morning only pieces of the dreamtime remain, so I write down what I do remember and keep a diary on the dreams. It’s usually after an event that I can refer to a specific dream and remember why, but it’s not something that interests me in terms of researching and keeping a pad and pencil by my table, you see, most of the time I don’t even remember returning to bed, I’m a heavy sleeper. The increases in my lucid dreams is also an indicator that I am either maturing as a soul or the event is nearing. .Whatever it is, I’m ready for it. I did my best and gave it my best, and have overcome the need for material things, I’m totally detached from that, and I have saved a lot of money by not spending it on things “I need to have”. Thanks for reading!



  1. to me its obvious he is a fraud (i did spend 2 days coming to that conclusion reading his stuff)
    first red flag the use of i this i that some ego here
    second flag the merkballa (this method i already found to be a dark constuct)
    thirth the guy rants about channelers and seams to have no problem doing/posting them himself (and they seam to have even less info than the others)
    fourth red flag the elohim (need i say more here)
    so what then he asks no money but what he does do is basicly saying you failed no accention for you and wouldnt the elohim like nothing more than all humans to feel as if they failed

    i get the feeling his work is like an invite for the annuaki


  2. when wil we learn to not follow the carrot of ascention it leads to nowhere think about it we got here to do something and not to leave something

    we need to stop the archons nothing more nothing less


    • Peter, I accept everything you say, but can you explain to me by what reasoning you reject the Ascension theory yet accept the Archon existence as a negative influence on humanity? How did you come to these conclusions? I’m asking because we can’t prove either one or disprove either one, not in this reality at least so I am curious how you came to that conclusion. I read a lot of John Lamb Lashe’s work so it was there that I learned about the Archons, most people don’t mention that they are actually part of the Gnostic scriptures/text. As for Ascension, that was a personal deduction as I gladly accepted it as a possibility until I realized that everyone who sold it to the masses got the dates wrong and it never transpired, therefore, it was a hoax to keep the masses hoping and waiting, concentrating on breathing, meditating and love and light. I would love to hear how you came to your conclusions!


      • well ines i cant prove ascention nobody can but on the other hand we can if it comes to archons (atleast i can for myself)

        i have many reasons i dont believe ascention is for real the main is very simple why oh why would we come here and then try to work very hard to get out again it makes no sence at all, on the other hand it makes sence if we did come here to do something and i believe this thing is the archons we were to remove them and by doing so re-create heaven on earth (read ascention)

        all the teachings that mention ascention are from a time we as a planet were in a net of archons thus making it not possible for source to have contact here so why try to unravel all this talk about ascention if its source simply cannot be pure?

        i think telling people they can ascend is the surest way of getting them to feel crappy about themselves (take a look at the state of the new age movement)

        and by believing so we cant properly use our energies thus neutralizing our ability to defeat the archons the whole ascention thing got us of subject just as intended

        i believe we already are multidimentional beings i only have to look at the places i visited myself to know that that is treu and wasnt it for these archons trying to feed of every bit of drama we as a species would use its abilities as common as drinking a cup of water instead now we get like a big attack me sign on our heads if we do use it hell i cant even meditate without getting attacked

        the problem we have now is that there are these feeding beings not only in this dimention but also in the ones above i know for sure (for myself becoz of my visits) that the first 11 dimentions have them i am not sure about the 12th coz i only remember being there cant remember anything about it (odd in itself making it very possible there is also darkness there)

        but we are multi dimentional we can remove this all if we want and i feel it is the only way we wil ever solve anything becoz if we work on this plane (3d) the puppets wil just get replaced

        hope you understand me reading back my post makes me wonder haha


        • Peter, I was curious how you came to believe what you believe. So, what you are saying is that you just feel that is how things are? Ok, I buy that because i choose to believe what I believe based on my lucid dreams and messages I receive, but it doesn’t mean we are not going to ascend, how do we know we are not? Maybe they got the dates wrong? Here time is linear, above there is no time, so there could have been confusion in channeling. Just throwing out theories nothing else. I can’t remember you have been here from the beginning, did you ever a chance to read John Lamb Lashes work and the Archons? you see, nobody was using the term Archon except John until 2 years ago, David Icke started to use it and then it went from there, but so far nobody has described them what they are and how they were created. You will find that information on Johns’ websites, but basically it’s called the Celestial Error, Aeon Sophia plunged into the pleroma out of excitement when she saw the human that she created and in her fall, for some reason the Archons were created, by accident. Even the gnostics knew about them and Im talking about the ancient Koptic texts that were translated in the last 30 years, after they were found in Nag Hammadi in 1945. These texts actually tell the story of creation and the Archons. From there they were woven into different stories and now Cobra claims they incarnated on earth and it’s not possible, they are not entities rather inorganic beings without a soul, they can’t survive on earth, so the only way they can get to humans is telepathically, through our minds and not sure about implants, I’d have to read again.
          I do know one thing. I am not from here, I lived over 300 lives as a human, I came here to help with the transition, and when I see all the chaos around me, I think to myself “I can’t wait to go home”. I have no idea where home is, but I know I am ready and can’t wait to get out of here!
          thanks peter, hope you don’t mind me asking you the questions, just curiosity, I don’t debate anyone, but I like to know what other’s think and experience.


          • i call them archons coz most do thats just easyer talking i know of them from childhood back in those days i did not name them at all

            see ines you displayed the reason very clear why we can be used with the term ascention i quote you “I do know one thing. I am not from here, I lived over 300 lives as a human, I came here to help with the transition, and when I see all the chaos around me, I think to myself “I can’t wait to go home”. I have no idea where home is, but I know I am ready and can’t wait to get out of here!”

            i can feel the depth of it as i connect to its energy and this is how we all feel very deeply becoz we are trapped here for so long already nothing seams to work right anymore we feel lost

            i agree they cannot incarnate they live of our liveforce however they did open the door to invite many “outsiders” who can inhabit an human being and manipulate them

            i once had a girlfriend who was into spirit lets call it she so was told/shown many things that were actualy treu but embedded in that a few % of lies always leading to drama situations once i started seeing what was going on i tried to make her aware and ofc i started to get attacked by these energies the more i tried the worse it got to the point they would manipulate more people in her circle making things even worse one of them tried to break my front window smashing realy hard on it again and again (the window should have broken but i gues i got help) i ended up having to let go completely so i would not destroy myself or others that did not want to know since that day i see (if i want to) these beings feeding of people everybody has a few but some got complete hordes behind them (as she did) and the more i talk about this the more i once again get attacked its a circle i like to break instead of having to come back here once again


  3. “He claims to be ascended back as a Logos God and multidimensional being.”

    Is this not as bold a claim as Zorra stating he is Father God and has regular chats with Prime Creator? Or Woodard claiming he is Zorra’s son from Hollow Earth? I don’t see how any amount of listening or reading will verify any such claims.

    “I can’t see anyone going through a process that last for years and it’s very debilitating.”

    Humanity is already going through a process that appears to be making things worse. I don’t see the cabal falling, I see the control monkeys expanding their grip on domination and control.

    I take Gandhi’s advice, I do what I can to be the change I want to see in the world, but not many are taking a similar path, or perhaps not enough to make it apparent from looking around my corner of reality.


    • I hear you Brian, but I have learned my lessons and never jump ahead before reading the front part, I agree with you, I don’t buy his Logos God ascension, but anything is possible. We should never pick out something we want to believe and stick with it, I try to be more open on this subject, and not because I believe what Stankov has to say, but because anything is possible.
      one thing about him is that nobody talks about him, he’s an author of many books and scientific articles yet you won’t find him out there, at least I have not yet, and sometimes this can mean “fear”, being afraid of Stankov that he is truly debunking some things and false channelers. I don’t want to come to any conclusions until I have read his work, at this point, I can only say I don’t buy it, but that’s based on my current state of mind and it doesn’t mean I’m right, I want to give the guy some credit, he’s highly intellectual, educated, researched, I mean, he’s a genius, so, I want to give him a chance before I throw out the baby with the bath water!


      • I take a similar approach. Sure, anything is possible, so I don’t form any definitive conclusions. Maybe there are Archons, maybe not. Maybe Zorra lives in Hollow Earth, maybe Billie just has a great imagination. Until someone I know and trust goes there, or in some other way verifies, it is all science fiction to me and makes for a story I can listen to on my commute.

        The sad part is that some people believe this and take action in the world based on it (ie make financial decisions), but I don’t know about the RV either, maybe it will happen in some form. Although it does not make sense to me to buy some paper and get millions of other papers in return in a world run by people whose main goal is to grab as much of your paper as they can.

        A friend of mine concluded, “Will the elite alone benefit from the RV? If yes, it will happen, if ‘regular folk’ will benenfit, then no, it won’t happen.”

        As for Ascension, many are making it to be the return of Eden or the arrival of Utopia, I think that is way too idealistic. Nice, but I don’t think the world will change that radically.

        Heavenly beings, prove me wrong 🙂


  4. There is so much method to their madness … genius aside … I like those who have been slightly touched by the vision of the road ahead … cos that means everyone is invited and we learn together … regardless of this fake ”higher” realm that has gripped humanity for millenia. It sounds as if they have forced Kundalini and the snake is trapped … the coil should open naturally, instead of living under the miasmas of the torturous pre-ejaculated snake-energy. I learn more from a flower than what I have felt from the pages of this person. If you stand in your own light then everything becomes equally respected without having to super-impose this subliminal neurotic heirarchy (that doesn’t exist) except from the written thought forms of the beguiled. To try to pin life down to a knowledgable understanding is impossible … and only invites more rabbits into the rabbit hole. One thing why human experience is so prized is that WE can pro-create together the compassionate way … cos nothing in this universe can UNDERSTAND this unique gift … and it is something humanity can offer for free … to all self appraising clinical ”ascended” beings … as their Utopia is devoid of natural compassion … humans were birthed from living in a most physical state of being … the most physical life and the most difficult potential to forge a living harmony that all light-bodied sentient beings would look at and wonder at in awe … the art and the mystery that freedom forges never ends. And WE are the ONE’s that will change the whole unwritten future pages of the finely, delicately, balanced OMNI-VERSE. There is no method to it, as these charlatans claim … only the freedom to learn, to understand and to live compassionately … a real holistic relationship with Mother Earth … and only then will it be safe for the real Grace of the Unknown ( organic light) invite itself to you personally.

    Just my opinion.


  5. George Stankov is not only arrogant, he is vicious. I spent a considerable amount of time translating one of his treatises for him; and I corresponded with him for about three years. However, when I began asking him tough questions, such as his predictions about collective wealth and the implications of Niburu, he turned on me. I have been attempting to promote a transportation system that quite literally would connect the world. It would make it possible for virtually anyone to travel anywhere on the six inhabited continents. George asked me to write an article for his website; then he viciously attacked my writing, holding it to an entirely different standard to other articles he has posted. He accused me of being “delusional,” a fraud and used arguments against my project that contradict his own predictions(!) George Stankov possesses none of the personal qualities one would want to find in a “Logos god”; and, if he ever appeared in front of me as one, I would spit in his eye. That is not to say much value can be found at his website; just little of it from him, as his revolutionary “Universal Law” appears to be nothing more than a mathematical expansion of the Hegelian Dialectic; and his work is full of self-promotion and vitriol toward anyone who disagrees with him.


  6. Thank you Robertfallin. Like you, I too had been following Stankov. I began in 2010 with several of his online books. I think his blog began late summer or Sept 2011? Since I didn’t initially archive his blogs, I was able to perhaps locate his first one. http://web.archive.org/web/20110925053310/http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/

    He was a breath of fresh air in the saccharine ‘love and light’ New Cage crowd, offering concrete content to this whole Ascension theme. As the months passed, red flag inconsistencies began emerging, beginning with classic fallacious reasoning errors. I didn’t understand how someone holding himself out to be as educated and intelligent would be making basic freshman college gaffs. To make sense of it all, I took rather copious notes for most of his ‘articles’, as he likes to hype qualify them. In addition to the non-logic of his arguments, greater numbers of contradictions ensued when comparing with his earlier posts. He was rather cruel, corrosive, or unnecessarily heavy handed with anyone disagreeing with him, as you suggest. Acts like psychopathy. ‘Vicious’ is a good operational word choice. It’s like going through an acid bath. Skin all raw and gone. What loving entity would do that? In more mundane circles of treating children or a spouse thusly, that’s called abuse. I watched one relationship after another disintegrate on his site, even explored some of them via emails to understand better why he was the antithesis of the very compassionate higher state being he claimed to be as a returned ‘Ascended Master’, signing his emails off ‘With love and light’. But looking back, he was prolific in the hyped run up to the 2012 ascension con and that seemed to be his main thrust – no different than the ‘love and light’ crowd, just from a different angle. It was all quite confusing. I couldn’t figure out what he was hoping to get. In retrospect via the work by John Lash and Cameron Day on archons, he fits well the profile elucidated by them as the typical opposite of the actual. It’s a place to start with some kind of modeling.

    When that promised 12-21-12 date came and went without the assured imminent ascension, he went into radio silence. Just like he did shortly after the nonevent of 11-11-11. His last post was 12-23-12, saying he would cease to edit the site. http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2012/12/announcement-2/ Noteworthy is Stankov’s signature hubris, doggedly sticking to the whole 2012 mime of enduring inhuman energies necessary for the good of humanity, the ascension process, etc, etc and that basically humanity is own its own now for that undelivered ascension. Everyone wondered what happened to dear Georgi after that last post. Another saying he too was a ‘PATster’ opened up a blog to follow this, perhaps to provide a forum for discussion. It was at one time quite extensive, having lively commenter input. For some reason, the site’s owner decided to close most of it down, despite my and other’s entreaties. https://beyondnewage.wordpress.com/about/ and https://beyondnewage.wordpress.com/. The site was helpful through reader interaction for pointing the direction for Stankov’s physical location, tracking a somewhat bewildering physical migration of his server, as well as pinpointing interesting financial data his site generated. http://wolfersdorf.opendi.de/S/stankov/ and http://www.opendi.de/wolfersdorf/2184342.html

    After having fruitless email discussions that mirrored those of others with which I communicated, I came to feel it pointless for any actual verbal discussions with him. A sense I had then that only gathered steam since his ‘resurrection’ on the internet is either (a) he never sleeps (b) he actually is in some nonlinear elsewhere time or (c) he has a very large staff to research, write, and respond to his prodigious output. A bit like Jean’s site. Given that none of the numerous dates he cited occurred, nor events for which he took credit within his esoteric narrative, he was factually often wrong, it appears option (c) is likely true. He has declared himself in many of the same tones as any other disinfo controlled opposition agents, like Alex Jones, Veterans Today, etc: reblogging just enough useful informative articles, but still, counter-weighing that with typically also citing known disinfo sources justifying his many spurious positions. He doesn’t apparently generate that much money to afford the kind of staff to support his operations. This would suggest some other agency doing that kind of heavy lifting. These days, he appears to be peddling another gimmick, the transliminal soul walk-in to effect yet a new round of, well, earth shattering changes – starting with Obama….and others.

    Stankov seemed to rejoin the human race via the internet on 3-7-13. http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/03/decree-2/. Despite daily check ins on his site, there were no new posts. Then, an interesting action. Retro dated posts began appearing to fill the gap between 12-21-12 and 3-7-13. I think I’ve gathered most of them up after the fact as they started appearing. The options are (a) his apparent server problems took time to ‘catch up’ those back posts or (b) they were later created and inserted. His rationale on his original last post that he was no longer editing the site suggests (b). I don’t recall seeing a hyperlink reference in the 3-7-13 post to the cited 2 posts of several days earlier. It too appears to have been rewritten. I’ve since learned the need to take screen shots in such situations.

    In a comment section for another post, https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com/2016/01/14/ask-and-you-shall-receive/comment-page-1/#comment-2264, Ines makes a very good case for a motive for this kind of behavior. It also contains in a more expanded form other observations for which I didn’t want to be redundant here, like the transliminal soul walk-in deal. Ines’s thoughts are the best I’ve seen anywhere to date and feels true. She is also right that there just isn’t much ‘out there’ about Stankov. Particularly any critiques. I find it odd in view of the sheer volume of inaccuracies he’s racked up over the years. Complete radio silence. Odder yet that none of his ‘PATsters’ has called him on them. Where were Anthony, Alice, April, her sister Dorie, Barbara, Bjorn, Corey, Gwen, Henry, Jahn, Jerry, Joe, Midge, Skyler, etc, etc? Not to forget his ‘dual flame’, Carla, with whom he relocated to her country of Canada, effectively leaving his German wife of many years and daughters. The wife, through which he likely was only able to qualify under then German law for obtaining German citizenship and thence his free university education up to PhD, MD. On the contrary, they all offered only sycophantic adulation for their ‘Captain’; amplifying the current PAT message mime, drumbeat-like – for the event that never happened. And, still doing it. Do they really exist, or virtually created? They can’t be that blind, uncritical thinkers. Not all of them. Statistically, at least a couple have to have eyes and a brain. The very few site followers attempting a challenge, were quickly marshaled in front of the ‘Captain’s’ virtual firing squad and cut down in fascist-like manner. Apparently, no one felt the call to come to the plight of the hapless. Then again, we’ll actually never know that since Stankov 100% moderates his site – ‘because of all the trolls’, that still often had ‘shut him down’ – potentially skewing perception. More evidence for dictatorial fascist control. The kind of dictatorial control he is so quick to disdain under Soviet rule in his home country Bulgaria and points out he was such the original dissident. The kind of dictatorial control he rails against now re: the cabal US government. Never mind he later worked for Radio Free Europe on fleeing Bulgaria, by admission – the US propaganda arm for that now distant cold war effort he also rails against. Here’s a thought. Given the IT capabilities Snowden, et al whistleblowers have outed for the universal surveillance, do we really believe it isn’t within the tech armamentarium to actually shut down any internet site on will? Oh, I know. It’s Stankov’s oft cited ‘HR’, higher realm, I suppose – he’s quick to coin his own abbreviations and acronyms without explanation, putting the onus on the reader to try not to appear stupid in divining meaning somehow – that certainly saved the day. Others, for those interested: HS – higher self, CC – commotio cerebri – an outdated term for concussion, http://www.brainandnerves.com/uk/search-result/ closest I get to correlating his description for all the intense head pain he endured for humanity when higher order transforming energy waves pulsed through earth in preparation for ascension. But, again, never could actually find that defined on his site.

    It appears ironically only in Germany (this country is typically thought of as the protofascist example) was there push-back. Those readers haven’t tolerated much from him. They weren’t shy in declaring the emperor isn’t wearing clothes, openly stating he’s supposed to have already ascended like he said he would. His academic credentials were challenged. One reader for this translated Stankov post flatly stated his Dr title should be revoked, describing in detail Stankov’s completely destroying his scientific-based credibility, point by point. https://nebadonia.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/waagschale-des-schopfers/ Other posts likewise not kind in reader comments: https://nebadonia.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/rumi-engelflugel-tragen-dich-ins-licht/ and https://nebadonia.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/stankovs-universal-press-reaktiviert/#comments. In short, he’s a laughing stock. But even that site has toned down its anti stance. I note typing Stankov’s name into its search window, now generates comparatively few hits and fewer yet with allowed comments. No one gets a hall pass like that without reason, either side of the Atlantic, again suggesting active intervention. Ines, Jean Haines, received their share of attention, as did the folks they outed. Drunvalo, Bartzis, Laura Eisenhower to name only a very few didn’t escape either. Even the original web archive has been altered to show more posts for Dec 2012 http://web.archive.org/web/20120501000000*/http://stankovuniversallaw.com. Who has this kind of juice? Seen in this perspective, who’s Stankov’s ‘daddy’ giving him top cover, exactly?

    I think it has long since been overdue that there isn’t more exposure of Stankov. I like Ines’s suggestion. If you are willing to take lead, I would be happy to provide you any support, to include the above mentioned postings’ analysis. Ines can provide my email address privately.

    Best to all in 2016!



    • Hank, thank you so much for this, may I copy this comment and make a post out of it? It would do good for humanity to read this as this is the best debunk/critique I have seen about Mr. Stankov!


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