Who is Neil Keenan?

Interesting research and detective work on Neil. Since I have not followed this guy, I can’t comment on this post, but thought you reader might be interested.

Real Truth With A Cosmic Perspective

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching both the common law/sovereign movement and Neil Keenan.  Neil has bothered me every since he popped onto the scene but it seemed harmless enough in the beginning so I just let it go.

However, I’m beginning to see a side of Neil’s work that truly has the hairs on my neck standing on end.  With my gut telling me to get off the dime I did some checking.

Since I know Neil filed that global accounts case (I checked out the global accounts right away and we’ll get to that later) I started with the Federal Court system.  First thing I found was that Neil F. Keenan not only had been involved in the global accounts case in 2011 but he had also been involved in 6 other Federal civil lawsuits dating back to as early as 1986.  Of those six cases two…

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8 thoughts on “Who is Neil Keenan?

    • Hi Backi, Yes I read it this morning, with wordpress we have a function called Reader, all the blogs we follow show up in the reader ….many of us bloggers are on wordpress, so I had the chance to read it. You know Backi, I would be really embarrassed to tell publicly that I gave away all my retirement savings, 300,000 is a lot of money and I would not even give that to my kids, so she’s not a very smart woman. The least she could have done was to keep some for herself. The only person that would do that is out of blind love for someone, but I would not do it even if I loved someone, even if I thought I might lose them for turning them down, there is no way in hell I would.
      Being a good and generous person is a quality that not many people have nowadays, but being selfish is not about taking care of oneself, rather putting oneself in first place. Jean obviously doesn’t think much of herself to give away her love and money and leave nothing for herself, assuming her story is true. Despite that, I still love her and my heart aches with her because she trusted the wrong people and Neil is not the first person that hurt her. She needs to practise what she preaches and if she’s giving advice on discernment, well she sure failed that one.

      I am going to write an article about this subject because the new cage movement and others in truth movement use the word “discernment” and “resonate”.
      You see, if we were pure, if we were connected to higher self, if we were connected to source, we could easily discern or resonate with something, but we’re not. There is so much in between us/higher self and source that it is simply not possible to discern or resonate with anything. The words are used correctly, but very few of us are connected to source and self to be able to use those words in practice.
      Jean is a prime example, she’s not able to discern, Neil is not the only one she’s been involved in. She’s still posting Monty Keen, despite the overwhelming evidence that Veronica is a fraud, she’s posting Wilcock and a few others despite the fact they have been successfully debunked, so she will continue to get hurt because she’s unable to discern. When she errs, or makes the wrong judgement, she then gets angry and lashes out at the very ones she got hurt by. Neil didn’t do anything to her, nobody did anything to her that she did not allow to happen. So, Jean has a lot to learn yet and she needs to for once lower her ego and accept the fact she’s not close to being enlightened. But hey, what do I know? She often attacked me, debated with me, called me a newbie…so, I guess she knows everything.


  1. Good analysis .
    Same with the Keen fraud .
    This was my impression all the time .Cognitive dissonance .Jean did always slam the people who gave critical warnings .People who did not fit into the herd of “light and love “ascension” ,whatever this maybe ,where a bit bashed by the “love and light ” mob.This new cage Spin doctors Pseudoscience Terminology makes a lot of naive people-sheeple confused.Nobody dares
    to say “The Emperor Has no Clothes ” .And if you you do you become quite lonesome .
    This is why i like what you are doing .Looking for truth and “stripping the Gurus ” .


    • There are no gurus, no experts, no special people, we need to stop living in a hierarchy. All of us have special gifts, we can’t all be scientists, we can’t all be doctors, so, like in nature, each one of is part of the whole. Nobody is better or smarter, we offer what we are good at and do the best we can. I have issues with people that call themselves anything at all, this is why I do this, to get people to think, critical thinking has been removed since computers came into our lives, and so, we either accept or not accept,but we don’t think about what we are accepting. Its like driving a car, you know how to drive it, but you have no idea how it functions. You figure, well, I don’t need to know, I will just take it to a mechanic.
      I have many years of education, a PhD, 4 years of Practical training as a TCM doctor, not counting all the books I read and studied on my own, you will never hear me say I am good at anything, nor do I use my diplomas to gain credibility. I don’t identify myself as the education, that was to educate and offer me a better paying job, that’s not who I am, I am just ME, doing what I feel is correct, trying to be a good human, offer something back to humanity and share my experiences, nothing less nothing more. If we all thought this way and lived this way, we would never have wars, we would never have need to argue and Ego would dead. It’s not the frauds that motivate me to go after them, it’s the people that get hurt I want to protect, the frauds can fraud all they want, but we starve them by taking away their customers, once the customers don’t send donations, they go away. We stop buying their books, they go away in shame, non violent action, where we control who gets to stay and who gets to go away. If these people calling themselves special or acting special or use their titles to get your attention don’t have solutions on how to stop wars, they are not worth the time. We need peace more than we need education or upliftment or enlightenment, none of these things will make the world a better place, only PEACE will. Let’s work on finding those that want peace and are actively involved in it.


    • jean pfff so tired of people like that who use consoring while saying to look for truth i stopped going there after my neil k comments got ignored or worse she “feld” i was a troll or whatever and started to go on attack mode in defence of neil lol amazing such a person is in no way ready to think for herself thats probaly the reason she does the same thing as neil, david wilcock, rv/press promoting hope and not reality

      whats the deal with her anyway apparrantly these 2 go way back atleast thats what i gattered from her own comments i cant prove it but i got this nagging feeling she is doing this all on purpose as in being an cia or so agent, looking at the stuff she posts i cant think anything other than this is pussing an agenda


      • Peter, I have my own opinions on her as well. It’s been a few months since I stopped visiting her blog but I never really got a good “feeling’ in her space. She’s posting things that are from people that are questionable and with that, I feel that she’s either dumb or is a disinformation agent. Hard to say, I just don’t pay attention to her anymore, she’s into her thing of posting thousands of posts on one subject like an obsession that won’t go away and I am focused on exposing and sharing my journey. Each to his own, these are very dangerous times, so many people out there that do not have good intentions and when you hide behind a monitor it’s so easy to do. This is why I talk about discernment being something you feel and not something you think.


  2. so he was cought with coke he would not be the first person to be brought into the cia family after being cought with something (Terence McKenna, Uri Geller) and why oh why does jeam go way back with neil?


    • I have no idea Peter, I was a visitor for a few months and I never paid attention to the drama going on, I don’t like gossip and I could care what people do with their lives. I came to read news.


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