In Between Worlds

I had to write today, for whatever reason it was meant to be. Taking a small break from my translation work today and I realized that none of that was an accident. I was chosen from several candidates to do the work because I had a background in metaphysics. It’s understandable and though I am not yet done, I can say that I am 80% done. In a few days I will have to start from Chapter 1 and clean up the translation to make it look nice.

The author may very well be ahead of his time in Croatia, but his understanding of reality is not. His philosophy is based on a newly coined term “seductionology”, the relationship  of positive and negative seduction.

The madness presently on this planet or reality is the result of an imbalance or better said, negative seduction overload. But, my intent was not to write about the book, besides it’s not something I can do in one post, my intent was to share some thoughts as a result of translating the book.

In terms of my personal evolution, I feel that I am way past that stage of who did what, who the bad guys are and why they do what they do. Most of you reading my posts are also aware of what is going on and why, but in the end, we all want the same. Instead of trying to catch the bad guys or figure out who they are, we need to be thinking about solutions. This has been my motto from the start and this is why I don’t post those topics even though I follow global events very carefully when time permits.

We all want this madness to end but we don’t know how. Some of us have the answers but understand that we alone can’t do anything and that it takes a unified collective consciousness to make any changes. In order for us to change something, we need to understand the mechanism of how it was created.

Before I go deep into that subject, something must be clarified. Whether you believe you are living in a physical reality or believe you live in an illusion doesn’t really matter, why?

Because your living reality is fucked up and my illusion is fucked up and I want to have a better holographic experience. I don’t believe that I came here to create this madness, we got sidetracked somewhere along the way, when I don’t know, but we did.

If you cut yourself, what do you do? You stitch up the wound so that it will heal, you’re not going to get rid of the knife that cut you. The only  thing that will do is minimize the possibility of a knife cutting you again. It’s not a good analogy but I think you get the drift.

Modern medicine which is another source of evil itself because it’s not used to cure us, rather to keep us sick uses the same mechanism that the controllers do over controlling us. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes for instance, the doctor rarely ever asks the patient about his lifestyle, his diet, basically what could have led to this disease. He/she simply pulls out the prescription pad and writes a prescription for insulin. But insulin is not the problem or lack of it, it’s the organ, pancreas that isn’t producing insulin that needs to be treated. Sometimes a simple dietary change will make a difference in the evolution of this disease that is actually self-inflicted.

Medicine not only treats the symptom but never questions how or why that disease manifested in the first place. Medicine is merely another institution used to control us and keep us docile and sick. They have no interest in curing us of anything, this is a fact that we must all finally come to terms with.

Our current state of utter chaos and madness as a society is being treated in the same way. We have a small problem of terrorism and rather than finding the cause of it, we buy more weapons and bomb the hell out of countries. We as humanity created terrorism. These folks didn’t just wake up one day and decide to terrorize another human. They lost something that was precious to them, a way of life, a roof over their heads, their country demolished and I bet you any money, they lost family, children, wives etc. Now, that doesn’t justify their actions although I do justify how they feel. For those of us that have never experienced war, never experienced running from bombs, never experienced watching bombs falling from the sky because some other country decided our country was led by a dictator, we can never understand this mentality. We created a reason for them to become terrorists, so instead of bombing we should be leaving alone sovereign nations and allowing them to govern as they see fit. If we don’t like their un-democratic society or feel they are ruled by dictators, that’s not for us to judge, it’s their problem. Besides, those are just excuses to justify invading and occupying another country. Truth is, the controllers seek to expand, plunder and steal, instill world banks into countries that don’t have them so that they can take whatever is possible for profit.

We have so many refugees flooding Europe now and instead of stopping to bomb their countries, we are putting up fences to keep them out. It’s no wonder they are angry, would you not be if the countries you want to seek asylum is actually partially responsible for bombing your country, would you not feel the least they can do is offer you a new life in return for the damages done? Well, that would be logical explanation would it not?

Ok, I know you get this part, we all  know that the controllers purposely create wars for profit, we all know in order for them to control us easier as we multiply on this planet that countries have to be broken down into smaller pieces just in case we get together and try to fight back. Keeping us separate, fragmented allows them to divide and conquer. We have no chance of winning anything in this way even if we knew the truth of it.

My question to you is this: How did this happen and who is responsible for this chaos and  madness and how come even with the knowledge that we have now about our history and past can we not win?

I can tell you that it’s not the matrix controllers that are to blame at all, by hiding the occult knowledge from us, they used it against us. They know us better than we know ourselves. They know our strengths and weaknesses, they know our capabilities, they know how our DNA works, our brain/mind works, our chakra centers work, they know everything they need to know in order to use our very abilities against us.

What do I mean by that? If you read any of the Holographic Disclosure transcribes and or the posts about Seth and how we create our own reality, you might come to the same conclusion but with a twist. We do create our own reality, but we create it in the wrong way. I have written about this many times before but perhaps not in so much details but enough that it made sense to those that resonate with it.

I believe I have discovered the secret of our own making. What I mean by that is that I believe I know how we got ourselves into this mess.

But first let’s go back to the beginning. Nobody really knows the exact date or how long ago, but we were created much more powerful. Our original design was a higher dimensional being, we communicated telepathically, we built pyramids using levitation, in other words, we are maybe only 10% left of the original design that Creator gave us. We as creators even then had the same powers but  the difference being is that we were aware of that, we used it to build positive societies and learning centers so that we could evolve as souls having positive experiences.

Somewhere along the timeline, this planet/reality was invaded and this interfered with our evolution or interfered with this illusion we created to have this experience. It’s been at least 300,000 years since we lost our abilities and those that interfered and eventually took over, knew exactly how to manipulate us in order to create the reality they wanted.

They have given us signs, symbols, codes, language to use so that we could focus on certain things and create whatever it is they wanted from us. In essence, they controlled us through the knowledge we are only starting now to have access to. They know how the brain works, hell, they created us into these zombies so they know how we work and they used that secret knowledge to throw out suggestions, subliminal messages, codes, signs, propaganda in an effort to bring fear into our beings because through fear we are constantly thinking about what we fear and with that, we create the realities they want.

You see, they are panicking now not because we physically are finding out, they are panicking because it’s becoming harder and harder for them to control our minds. There has to be enough collective energy in order to create that collective reality and if it starts dropping, their reality or paradigm will implode.

They are afraid of us. Why do you think they have gone through such great lengths over thousands of years to control us and keep us blinded? Because they knew how powerful we were and if we ever found out, we could end their reality in a split second. When enough of us get out of the fear  mode, and into the I CAN mode, the paradigm shift will take place.

So, we must give ourselves credit for creating their reality. We can’t blame them, we bought into the program hook line and sinker, we took the bait, we chose to become selfish and separate because they taught us about individuality, yet it was individualism that actually was the final blow for them to control us. Once we became individuals, we gave up our rights to collectively create the reality we wanted and not what they wanted. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Of course, it’s through ignorance and we are ancestors of millions of years down the line human races, but we also created this reality right to the point where we would stop this from going further because we are at the same point of where Atlantis was before it fragmented up. Humans during that time started to separate and become selfish, the experiments they did with animals and humans all in order to find the best body, so we are here as well.

As I have said many times before, it’s time to fess up and realize that we created this collective reality. When are you going to finally accept this? So, you may say : “Ok, I accept it, now what?” It’s simple really. You need to figure out what thoughts were creating their reality. Are you in fear of something? Are you focused on something that is not for the greater good? Do you think with intent on what you want rather than complain what you don’t want? Our negativity and fear is what creates their reality. They know this, and now we must know that the power is within us, our powerful minds  to re-create or un-create their reality. That’s all there is to it.

As we start, which we already have, to change the way we think, eventually we will start connecting energetically, I have been doing this for a long time now, but it takes a great effort. Everything we do takes effort. If we want a better world or better illusion, we have to take responsibility for it because we are the creators, we are the powerful ones, we are the light that came here originally to create a planet to have wonderful experiences. Although we can’t take full responsibility for getting us to this point, it is through erased memories and ignorance that we allowed this to happen.

Aristotle didn’t say “You are what you think”for nothing. Hippocrates didn’t say: “You are what you eat”, for nothing. Both of them knew even then that whatever we take in, be it food or thought, we create our reality through that.

Have you ever heard a poor person say “I’m rich, I’m rich, the world is filled with abundance”, I am sure you haven’t. So this poor sucker is saying he’s poor all day long and he just gets more poverty. Have you ever seen a rich man say: “I am so poor, I am in need, I am without?”, of course not. He keeps thinking about how he’s getting rich and he keeps getting richer! And here we are constantly talking about the rich 1% and 99% of us poor folks. What do we get? We get more poverty, they get richer. Do you see this now?

Through their mind control, they know exactly how to program us into thinking what they want us to think so that we can create their reality. This is why we are not moving forward as fast as we should, we are the ones that can reverse this. We don’t need protests or demonstrations, hell we don’t even need to close bank accounts. All we need to is stop thinking poverty, fear, wars and money, and think instead of peace, love and prosperity and by doing so, in time, our collective conscious will be big enough that we can shift out of this paradigm. I honestly believe this is the key to our freedom. We are so powerful yet have no idea how to use that power for our benefit. They are using our power for their benefit and look at them, they keep getting more powerful and richer because we keep saying they are!

We need to stop, we need to stop giving them credit for anything. We need to stop writing about them and blaming them, this constant conspiracy shit is only empowering their reality, they know this, so they keep us pissed off, angry, confused, throw lies and truth and frustrate us in our journey to finding truth when it has been in our faces all this time.

You are what you think. You create the reality you focus on. Stop creating their reality, change the way you see the world, knowing that you are the one that can change this paradigm, make an effort to change it by simply removing negative thoughts, fears and THEIR reality, switch over to ours, the one that we originally came to create for ourselves.

They didn’t hijack this planet, they hijacked our minds.


6 thoughts on “In Between Worlds

  1. AWESOME! Your post, Between Worlds, has an important message that can move us to much higher ground. I wish everyone in the world would read it. I see many parallels with my post about the Ark and Grail Stones. I feel our posts support each other on many points although expressed in very different ways. ❤️


    • Hi Lucinda!
      What a GREAT post. Not sure how I got on your email list, but I am glad I did! I also followed the Holographic series. Am waiting on the CD from their crowd funding project. But what a great series to watch! I love how you take things that can be dark and just lay it out in a very realistic and honest way.
      BTW for those reading, the CD series they are putting out evidently holds information regarding health and that there are very natural ways to heal with sound and I am sure others. In any case, I look forward to more of your posts Lucinda!


  2. So eloquent. So refreshing. So exact. You are AMAZING.
    It will leave an empty space when you go. Thank you for filling it with Love, Honesty and Integrity.


  3. This post resonated with me. I have also been talking to people about the medical profession as I have been experiencing this up close and personal. I look forward to reading more of your post.


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