TNT Tony Actually Still Has Followers After Pleading Guilty to Fraud on May 21st?

Below you see the older posts I am referring when writing about Tony TNT Renfrow. It just seems so silly to write about this now, but last night while I was reading an article on the Global Currency Reset (People waiting for 3 years for it to happen any day now haha), I thought about Tony TNT and decided to check out if he was still conning people out of their money to buy Dinars. Lo and Behold, the man is as recently as yesterday still doing conference calls and still telling people “I do not want to be here today.

Posts I wrote about TNT last year:

Here is the link to his recent guilty plea to wire fraud:
You really have to hand it to this guy that he is able to continue to de fraud people into buying Dinars while he is now a proven, convicted and most recently pleading guilty to criminal offenses. All the information and proof is on this site.

Here is Tony’s website that he is still doing conference calls and after reading a few sentences, I stopped because I was getting nauseous, not for him being able to do this but his followers still believing every word he says yet all they have to do is look him up and find all sorts of shady deals on this guy.
Just a snippet of his first 100 words: ” T:  Okay, goooood morning, TNT!  It is June the 22nd, 2015, and we are here once again when we fully did not expect to, should not be, do not want to be, and all the other things that go along with it.  Okay.  So I’m gonna give you guys the information as it is and I’m telling you right off the bat I think we’re in a good window, good time frame, and I was hopin’ we would never be here again, so I just really didn’t wanna be.”

What more is there to say? I could argue that I am happy more people are exposing him, but the question remains: You idiots out there, don’t you research the very people that are trying to sell you something? Are you trying to tell me that you know he’s a criminal but you have forgiven him and continue to support him?
I wrote this over a year ago and I am repeating myself here again, but what is there to believe about this guy when there is and always has been enough proof and evidence to show he’s a criminal?

If you’re not convinced that Tony Renfrow aka TNT is not a criminal, follow the links and then decide for yourself. If you are one of those that are still buying Dinars and hoping you will get rich soon, my question to you is: “What dimension and reality are you living in and am I really here?” Can anyone hear me? Do I exist in this reality? Am I maybe just delusional and I’m actually dead but can’t accept it yet? You decide for yourself.


3 thoughts on “TNT Tony Actually Still Has Followers After Pleading Guilty to Fraud on May 21st?

  1. Amazing isn’t it? The ones that drink the Tony kool aid have convinced themselves that just because Tony got busted for something non-dinar related that it’s all good!

    But the ripple has begun. Now Dave Schmidt and Zap are doing their best to back peddle and exclaim they “just don’t see the RV happening any longer” but please continue to donate to me so I don’t have to work and slave like all of you do. After years of saying the opposite. It will be interesting to see what the next scam is that they will jump on. Apparently pleading for donations just is not cutting it any longer. LOL

    Have a great day Sis! xox


    • This is how we met Sis! I found your site and DinarNetDaily and we started there! yes, it’s just amazing. I see this as something childish and btw…Anne DeHart and Michael Ellegion are now saying you need to receive codes before Ascending. He doesn’t talk about Ashtar command coming down in his Jerusalem shit. LOLOLOLOLOLO
      How low do you get before you realize you’re a f******* idiot?


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