10-Year-Old Rape Victim Denied Abortion: The Horrific Realities of Abortion Bans

In Paraguay, a 10-year-old rape victim is denied an abortion—even though her stepfather is her attacker. In El Salvador suicide is the cause of death for 57 percent of pregnant females between the ages 10 to 19. In Nicaragua, doctors are anxious about even treating a miscarriage. All of these instances are the result of draconian abortion laws that have outlawed critical reproductive care in nations throughout Latin America. If stories like these seem remote to American readers, it’s because they’ve been largely eliminated through widespread access to basic abortion services beginning in the 1970s. But with the Republican Party now chipping away at our right to make our own reproductive health choices, realities like these could become commonplace in the United States once again.

Read More: http://www.alternet.org/gender/10-year-old-rape-victim-denied-abortion-horrific-realities-abortion-bans

Comment: I’m going to get cynical here, perhaps it’s my age but don’t use it against me. Women have been used and abused for centuries, this is nothing new. As an adult woman I can protect myself, but a child has no protection and nobody to protect her from rape. The laws should indicate that abortion for an adult can be illegal, but not for a child. Where is this going? We judge the culture of some Indian traditions, where the girl is prepared for marriage very early. In fact, she is considered a woman when she gets her first menstrual period. Technically that is correct, technically who can deny her to choose a husband or have sex with the man she was promised to? Who are we to say that a 12 year old is still a child? What defines a child? We should be allowed to kill our attacker if that is case, if that is something against our wishes?

Abortion has nothing to do with women’s rights, that’s the story you are being sold. The controllers need more children to take away from you so they can use them in their sick rituals. Where are the millions of children missing in the US alone? They sold you a bill of goods to make it a women’s right issue or religious issue, but it’s bullshit. They need more babies. Do some research on what is going on in the UK. There is a documentary on RT called “Forced Adoption”. The authorities can come to your house without any reason and take your child away and adopt it without your consent.

If you’re afraid of getting pregnant, tie your tubes or just get rid of the man in your house. Buy a good vibrator and buy a plastic doll, close your eyes and pretend it’s a male doll.  No sex, no pregnancy. The Controllers long ago genetically modified women to give birth vaginally. Our original design was to unify 2 energies male and female and produce a child of our choice. That is why in Genesis, the Evil God when throwing out the Adam and Eve told Eve she would bear children in pain. She wasn’t originally designed to do so. Peter Kling is a good person to listen to about Genesis and what really happened. If you read the bible as a scientific book, it will change your perspective completely. Just my 2 cents worth. How can you tell I have a headache today? A bit of irony never hurt anyone.


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