Veronica and Monty – Still Doing Their Work

My comments: I couldn’t resist this one. I was doing some research on Sheldan Nidle and came across their Channeling Website. I challenge anyone reading this to tell me that they never heard of this before or that they didn’t know this. I guess Veronica ran out of things to write about so she went back about 10 years and figured nobody would remember it. She sure chose a challenging life, deceiving to the very end but I still wish the best for her in her last days, we all deserve a noble death, after all, once she leaves here, she will be laughing at her foolish ways. Perhaps it was her lesson or choice to do what she is doing and I respect that. We should all thank Veronica for her work because she’s helped a lot of people come to the truth. You know, if you’re going to pull the wool over our eyes, at least find something more difficult to expose. This is too easy. It’s also easy to make fun of someone, and I should be the first one to remind myself, but then it would be no fun exposing these people. You would think that at the age of 80+ you would find a nice spot in the garden and enjoy the rest of your days, reflect on your life etc. At least that is what I plan on doing. 
My time off: My daughter is arriving on June 24th to celebrate my 60th birthday and will be here in Croatia with me for a month so don’t expect any posts during that time. I haven’t seen my child in 5 years, I’m so excited to put my arms around her, and to do some healing work on her. We intend on taking day trips to surrounding islands, swimming and eating fresh organic vegetables from the garden, she’s a great cook and look forward to someone else working in the kitchen!
Veronica Keen – Channeling Montague Keen – May 27, 2018

In these times of change, you find yourselves being pulled in different directions which is confusing for many of you. You want to believe what your governments are telling you is true but all the evidence proves that they are following a plan.
Wow, I’m so stupid that a dead man had to tell me this? 

Mr Trump is not singing from their hymn sheet. They will do all in their power to force you to accept their plan. They are withdrawing money from you so that they can take complete control of the masses. Think for a moment, what chaos this action would create: no money for food or shelter.
Wow, I’m so stupid that a dead man had to tell me this? 

This is what you are walking into, unless you open your eyes and find your voice, and refuse to cooperate with the Cabal plan for you. We find it amazing, on this side of life, that there are still some who trust the Cabal and want to believe that all will be okay for them. I cannot tell you how foolish that attitude is. You alone can change this plan. You can create a world of peace and love. This is your moment: take it, go forward out of the darkness of today and create the future of your dreams. Courage is all you need to do this.
I think the Cabal is an imaginary force and that Veronica should Patent it’s name. Who trusts the Cabal? 90% of the population don’t know what it is or who it is. In fact, I doubt anyone knows WHO is part of this Cabal. Courage is telling you Veronica that you still believe you can fool people with this outdated crap. 

You are much more powerful than you can imagine. You were told by the Cabal that you are dependent on them. This is not true. The moment that you take back your power, they are finished. You are so much more powerful at this moment than you can imagine.
Let me see, I started this blog in 2014 and I have repeated timeless times to those that read my posts: You are so powerful. Veronica, you’re just figuring this out now? Come on, the only people that don’t know this are those that are mentally incapacitated. Don’t mean to insult anyone, but a newborn baby knows this until we as parents start treating them like idiots. 

The timing is right. You gave the Cabal your power. Now you can take it back. It is yours. You foolishly allowed 1% to take the power and control from you, the 99%. Trust me, they are scared of you, as they see you open your eyes and see them for the parasites that they are. There is a remarkable interview explaining the takeover with someone who was part of the Illuminati, by Sacha Stone, who is working with the light to awaken the masses. How do you work with the Light? You ARE the light you idiot. The light is not an object, it’s a force within us, it’s the flame of life, it’s the blood of our essence. 

Sacha’s work is known worldwide. He is doing the ground work to prepare for his New Earth Foundation. He has made two visits to Dave in Fresno Jail. We, in spirit, applaud him for this, and for his kindness and friendship to my wife. Sacha cares about humanity. Listen to his words. He has the courage to speak out. He and his associates have covered every eventuality. They are prepared to lead the way with free energy, etc. Wish that there were more like Sacha, with the courage to prepare for the future that humanity needs. Learn from the past, prepare for the future.
My philosophy on helping others to grow is this: If you’re not charging for your time and not selling any products, then you’re doing good by humanity, but the moment you start charging for something, you’re a business person. I listened to Sacha  a few times but I didn’t like his energy, it was confused and there was something secretive in him. I just move on when I get that feeling with people because I have nothing to learn from them. That’s just me, you’re the one to decide whether he has any value in your life. 

When you work together, you can create a future that now you can only dream of. Ask yourselves, do you really want your children to grow up in a messed up world like the one you had to endure? You were taught a history that is not true. You were ‘advised’ to eat the food that the Cabal has contaminated. You were forced to take medication and vaccinations that destroy the human body. Everything was designed to destroy human Life. Even your shoes suddenly became rubber soled so that you cannot connect with the energy of the Earth and all natural surfaces.
*Yawn. Sounds like a first grader. You must have read some of Jon Rappoport’s work for this paragraph. 

In our garden, you can stand in bare feet and feel the energy beneath your feet. This is yet another thing that has been cut off from you: your connection with All That Is. Veronica and I loved walking on my farm and connecting with nature and the crops I grew. You would be amazed how good it is for the soul to connect with nature. Walking hand in hand along the edge of the sea is pure heaven. We loved it, as it connected us with nature. The simple things are always the best. Such memories live forever.
Blah, blah, sounds like you had a great life while you were alive Monty, but you’re gone and you’re probably laughing at Veronica right now. 

The vendetta against humanity is played out every day on your TV sets and in your newspapers. It is in your face, yet still some refuse to see it. Their propaganda is churned out every day. It is insulting, revolting; yet the gullible lap it up and come back for more. Those with a brain see it for what it is, refuse to give it the energy it seeks.
We’re not victims, we chose the reality we live in. Yes, blinded and deaf but nobody forced us into anything, we just believed certain things and let them do the work. Those with a brain? Well, Monty your wife sure doesn’t have much of that, that’s for sure. She keeps asking for donations but won’t show where she’s spending it. 

Think for yourself, refuse to be led like sheep to the slaughter. You are meat to them. They eat your children and drink their blood. This is the fountain of youth to them. They hate humans, yet they eat them in order to survive on earth. They are making life exceedingly difficult for people to survive, such as my wife. A well known friend, M.J., called to let Veronica know that he is under severe attack. All those he had called in this field are also under attack. Those who have not been silenced by the Cabal are going through a very difficult time. Veronica has been inflicted with lipoedema. This is very difficult to live with. They are trying to close down the lymphatic system and so end her life. Veronica and I would appreciate any suggestions you may have on this situation.
The Cabal sounds like the boogeyman my mom used to scare me with. He never existed, but I believed it and it causes a lot of trauma and complex issues until I figured it out that she knew there was no boogeyman, she just used it to get me to obey her. I’m serious, I think the Cabal is an imaginary enemy to keep us in fear, nothing else. 

A kind lady sent Veronica a verse that she advised everyone to say every day to release you from any connection with the Dark Forces that you may have been involved with in past lives. Please do this for your protection.
I have no connection to any dark forces. So long as I live this life in purity, honesty and respect all living beings, the dark can’t touch me, my frequency is too high. Either way, don’t assume you are connected and don’t do any rituals because they don’t work. You have to BE in goodness and Love, they will leave if you are infected by them, but just telling them to go away is funny stuff. 

My dear, life gets harder to cope with every day. They are using so much energy on the three of you. They will fail to hold you down, be assured of that.
My life gets better everyday because I face the truth and reality of what is going on. I can’t change the reality alone, but I can live within the vibrations of Love and trust me, nothing negative comes near me, it’s just the way we are designed. 

Always, your adoring, Monty.



In the name of my Soul
In the name of the LIGHT FORCES
I cancel and nullify all and any past agreements and contracts with the Dark Forces.
All dark contracts are now, regardless of their content, regardless of my subconscious programs, and with my free will, I now declare myself free from those contracts, and from all influences of the Dark Forces, And now I decree full conscious cooperation between me and the Light Forces.
I now decree and I command, that my life be guided in full alignment with the Divine Plan, I decree miracles to be manifested in my life, in a way that will manifest happiness for me and for everybody involved.
So be it and so it is.

Do not use any contract removals. By using them, you are actually admitting to being controlled. What is this contract shit anyways? We have no contracts with anyone, we are Creators, we’re not that stupid to fall for this kind of funny stuff. We’re only stupid here on Earth in physicality, once we leave this place, we are back into our original higher intelligence. What a pile of rubbish as the British say. These dead guys, gurus, and teachers keep insisting on removing contracts which is just another scare tactic because when someone tells you, you are in danger or that you are being attacked, we seem to move closer to the very people that say that. It’s a subliminal message: “It’s dark out there, come closer to my light and I will protect you”. Don’t fall for this. I know of many people who have gone through this ritual and have actually invited dark forces into their bodies. 


A Bit of Faith, A Bit of Love

While researching and looking for personal information on Steve Quayle for my last post, I came across a Christian WordPress site and I will post that exchange one day, but after reading the comments on “About Me”, it gave me some more writing material.

Here is why I feel Bible Thumpers are not who they claim to be. I can’t say they are  true Christians, because there is no such thing as a true Christian or true believer, not if you believe the Bible is just a well designed plan to keep us enslaved. If that bible god isn’t real then there is no true believer or Christian.

As someone who KNOWS what Creator is, before feeling this, I didn’t just read one bible in order to come to that conclusion. I don’t claim to know everything, I doubt such a person exists. Even if you and I did nothing but read 10 to 12 hours per day, we could not know everything in this lifetime. Life is a constant flow, every new reality becomes new knowledge.

When I started my journey, way back in 1981 after giving birth to my son Milan; during the C-section, something went wrong and I flatlined. I was told it took 12 minutes to bring me back. My experience or NDE (Near Death Experience) changed everything. I don’t like to call it a Near Death because it’s a real death, but I use the terminology.

The fact that my son was delivered AFTER this event was proof that something special had happened that day. I had the entire Medical Establishment test him for 4 years because they couldn’t accept the fact there was nothing wrong with him. I think Source pulled our umbilical cord a bit to wake me up or  nudged me because I  was behind schedule, time was moving.

Since I was brought up in a Roman Catholic environment, this event left me with a lot of questions and no answers. It was a typical response from the Minister: “God works in mysterious ways”.

So, my journey to find the truth started. This journey was about figuring out God and what religion was the real one. On top of raising 2 small children, going through a divorce, working and completing my degree, I managed to find time to read and join various religious groups. My kids and I spent 3 years studying with Jehovah Witnesses and I really felt welcomed into their community. They pressured me to get Baptized in the 2nd year before I could reap the benefits of being invited into their social circles as they don’t socialize with “Worldly” people; but something happened just in time to help me make my final decision, the right one.

There was a 3 month period where I had a health issue and couldn’t work. Two small kids aged 5 and 7 years of age and waiting for my Unemployment to kick in, the JW’s never forgot to visit me and bring me the latest Watchtower or new publications. They even picked us up for Bible Study, but this one particular day I didn’t feel like going anywhere and told them this at the door. They knew I was going through a hard time and I told them that day that I was in a financial crisis, but I never asked for help and I thought that after telling them, they would be so kind to help out just like they do with their own members. That didn’t happen. They would come to the door and bring the publications, but never brought food or offered to help me with the kids. I wasn’t desperate or anything and I had my mom, but I’m proud and it takes a lot for me to ask for help.

Guess what? They never offered let alone help me with anything. It angered me because it showed their true colors/identity. You’re only good to us if you “accept” our truth through Baptism, we don’t help “wordly” people. I’m sure glad this happened but I can tell you that it was hard to get rid of those pesky parasites. I studied many bibles, I would lay them all on the floor and open to the same chapters and compare the translations.

The JW’s tried to convince me that my NDE was the Devil tempting me just like he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. “The devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. All this I give to you, if you bow down and worship me.

I didn’t believe or disbelieve them at the time because I hadn’t yet figured out anything but it didn’t make sense to me. Even if I did see the devil and he offered me something, what did he want in return?

I now know that when Bible Thumpers can’t offer a factual or logical answer, they just make it up. The only good thing I gained with them was learning the Bible per their version of it and that their god wasn’t the real one.
I didn’t have a specific direction on my journey and I was set to go wherever I needed to; to find which God is the true God and what the NDE was all about.

In order to come full circle and to find what I was seeking, I studied Religion, Philosophy, Esoteric and Metaphysics. This was about the early 90’s so the New Age was a trend, everyone was into it that I knew at least. The internet really helped and sped things up, plus I saved a lot of money not having to buy so many books after that.

I have never accepted anyone’s truth to be mine. It was a painful journey on some parts of it, like any journey is. You can have too much sun, or too much rain, you can get lost in the middle of the dessert, but as Stuart Wilde often wrote in his book titled: “Whispering Winds of Change”, he compared that journey to climbing 1000 steps. I was hell bend on finding the truth.

It has been  37 years from the time I started that journey. Did I get my answers?

In many aspects yes, but the Journey wasn’t actually about finding god, it was about finding me and once I found ME, I found Creator as my NDE actually showed me. That I was a Creator, that the power of creation lies within me, that Source was connected to me through an invisible to the human eye umbilical cord. I understand that I created my reality, I have always existed and will continue to always exist; that I am a timeless Soul, eternal, beautiful, an essence of Pure love and from what I have been told, been here over 300 times.

What I have yet to figure out or feel comfortable with is whether I planned this experience or chose these lessons or did I just take up a body and go with the flow. This is where I’m still working. But, I also know that whatever it is that I AM doing, I’m doing the right thing. It feels right, in fact, it’s never felt more right.

What does it feel like to know who you are? I will tell you or try to tell you in this simple human language.

I am FREE – This is the first thought that comes to me. Free of pain, free of fears, free of everything that might cause me to fear something. I am free to say anything I want to without fearing what the response will be. I’m free to masturbate without feeling shamed or questioning if it’s normal or bad or whatever. I am free to eat as much as I want or when I want without the worry whether I will get fat or not, especially when they are scaring the shit out of us for eating fatty foods. I am free to say “not tonight” without feeling guilty or inadequate. I am free to drive as fast as I want without the fear of dying. No, I don’t do that often but when I do, I have fun knowing that if death is destined that day, then it’s probably because I chose that day to leave.

I am free of any human emotional crisis because I know that I’m a Powerful Soul having a human experience and that I created each one of them. I feel no attachments to material things, people, family, pets and all the things that people consider to be dear to them. It’s like preparing for a long vacation, you throw out any food that could go bad while you’re gone. I let people know that I’m OK with death and that they need to celebrate my trip home should I not return.

Oh, I could write a book about how I feel knowing who I am. It’s like a child entering a huge Toy Store for the first time. I’ve never missed a sunset, never went through a day without paying attention to the skies, always thinking that something up there might give me signs it’s time. I hear the birds sing, I notice every new leaf on my plants, I notice new spiders making their home in my garden. I talk to my lizards and they all come out when I’m watering and I can shower them, it’s just awesome to experience. I FEEL the people in my presence, I love without conditions, express my affection without thinking about it or the consequences.

The only negative aspect of this knowing because my frequency is so high is that I FEEL what others feel in my presence. A sadness overcomes me knowing they have so much buried anger, unresolved anger, fear, anxiety, fear of god, fear of parents, fear, fear, fear…..I feel sad that they don’t know who they are and don’t see the beauty in anything. Being an Empath is challenging but I also know that they will one day, like me, figure out who they are and why they are here. I respect their journey.

Colors are brighter and more vivid, my body is beautiful, I can see the human part of me in a mirror and smile with absolutely no judgement or criticism. I am what I am, this body is my vehicle, I can control most of it’s functions but also accept the damaged parts because it’s part of the experience I chose.

There are just some highlights that came to me first of ‘knowing’ who I am.

So, if someone claims to be a religious person and claim to know God or believe in God, you need to ask them: “Why do you believe that?” What led you to that belief? Did you read or study all the ancients texts, even those that were not included in the Bible or word of God? I hate attacking the Bible Thumpers, but they have really been LOUD in the last 2 years and I believe it’s because they know their end is near. Their end means that the truth will come out, they will be laughed at for putting out that crap about Adam and Eve.

If they chose to preach about their religion then I want to see all the ancient texts compared and give me their reasoning why they chose the bible as their truth.

I preach to no one about my faith. If anyone asks me what my religious beliefs are, I simply tell them that the relationship between me and my faith is private. How can I tell them that my faith is ME? But, I will gladly answer questions if they ask me.

You see, believing that something is real doesn’t make it real. Believing God exists is like believing it will rain tomorrow. Believing in God is risking missing out on the truth. If you’re stuck on a particular belief, how do you know you didn’t miss the truth go by you? That’s why we should never stop seeking once we find something to believe in. All these folks that believe in the bible story without expanding into a wider search into ALL ancients texts found, is like living in a Box. In order to believe in the Bible, we must disprove everything else. Isn’t that the logical course when we are seeking or needing answers? If I do some research on Asthma online, I will look at the medical, the natural, the Chinese Medicine viewpoints, I will qualify the authors, and once I have collected everything, go through the process of elimination until I feel comfortable that I have found the right information. If I’m going to treat someone or teach someone about Asthma, I better get my facts straight.

If you’re going to preach to me about the bible, you better get your facts straight, I don’t give a damn what you believe in.

If L. A. Marzulli, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Peter Kling and many others who use the bible as their truth have not compared their notes with other texts; then I can’t give them any credibility. Even if they did expand and seek out all ancient texts, that doesn’t make the God they believe in to be real. My point is that the likelihood of these folks going outside the box is very slim. They chose to believe in this book and will argue with you until sundown that their god is real.

The story of Moses was written 800 years after he died. Do you know how much time that is, how many times the story has changed, or for that matter, it could be a myth, there was and is no proven record this man existed. I would even go as far to say that those who believe the bible to be the word of God are actually possessed by a dark entity or infected with Archons, the same way the Channelers claim to be in touch with a higher dimensional being.

Whatever their reason for “believing” the Bible as real is, they are lost children or young souls who don’t have their intuitive powers developed enough, in other words, they haven’t been here too many times to “FEEL” their way through.

This is just my view, but I traveled the path and that darn book never made any sense to me. You see, they will tell you it doesn’t make sense, admit to it having faults or 13,000 contradictions but in the same breath tell you it’s God’s word.

You see, it all starts with the subject of LOVE. If you start with LOVE and use that to read the bible, you will toss it out after 20 pages. Love doesn’t kill, love doesn’t control, love doesn’t punish, love doesn’t kill the firstborn children, love doesn’t destroy a civilization because they were bad or too drunken, love doesn’t set rules/commandments for you to live by. Love is FREE. Love is what we are, the bible is fiction with some truth but twisted to keep us in fear. God loves you but he punishes you? Where is the logic in that? I must be fearful to love god? God instills fear in me and I’m supposed to love him back? Right.

Fear is the Opposite of Love.

Question everything presented to you and when you’re not sure, ask yourself: “Why do I believe this to be true?”

Knowing who I am has changed the way I live. Life is good for me here…it just keeps getting better. The more I develop my self awareness, the more I listen and trust my higher self or intuition, the better life is.

I no longer seek what the future will bring, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s all been designed and planned out, we all know what the future is, it’s just that we forgot, they hijacked our minds, de-constructed our DNA strands, turned us into Frankenstein bodies, but the SOUL, the essence of what you are, is having a blast.

Buddha said: The only certainty in this life is change. Nothing stays the same. I wonder how come God hasn’t evolved.

What Is the True Agenda of Steve Quayle – Part II

Mr. Stephen Quayle was easy to do. I classified him originally as a Bible Thumper; but in the last 2 years he has really expanded his business empire. I have been listening to this guy on and off for 10 years. I can only handle about 5 minutes of this man, but in order to know who is who and what is going on, I have to do this every once in a while. His topics have shifted over time and he has really expanded his empire in the last 5 years. This guy is about money and has nothing to do with religion or god, he just uses it for creating a credible profile. is his website and in the About Section, a snippet of what the guy is involved in. “About Steve Quayle
Stephen Quayle™ is a nationally known radio host (Survive2thrive and Coast to Coast), photographer and author of a number of important books including Breathe No Evil, a primer for understanding bioterrorism, first published in 1996. Additionally he has authored:Angel Wars – Humanity hangs in the balance, with secret, powerful forces aligned against it.
Giants – Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations
LongWalkers – The Return of the Nephilim
Blueprint For Survival
Investment Perspectives on Precious Metals
Aliens and Fallen Angels: The Sexual Corruption of the Human Race
Genesis 6 Giants: Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations
To read more about him, go to:

The video above is a more recent one, but there is not a radio show or channel that he doesn’t speak on, he is everywhere. In this video, around the 5:00 min. mark; he says that he wants to scare the hell out of people, frustrate the hell out of them and get the piece of god in them.

The only demonic possession that exists is in YOU Mr. Quayle because you openly, for the record state that your intention is to scare the shit out of people in order that they may accept your bullshit!

Steve Quayle is born as a Megalomaniac with pure intent of achieving his egotistic goals such as profiting off anyone or anything he can get his hands on. The man is not stupid, obviously, but he is no closer to being a Christian than I am, I run from them. 
This was very simple. Mr. Quayle is just a very good businessman that can make money out of anything. He can sell snow to the Eskimos, he can convince you if you listen to him long enough that all hell is about to break loose, the the wrath of god is upon you if you don’t accept Jesus into your life. I don’t even go into all the failed predictions he’s made. Remember what I said about predictions in the recent posts? If you don’t know the facts, you predict. In other words, your guess is just as good as mine. Predicting is guessing and since we all have a 50/50 chance of being right, well, need I say more?
As for the Bible Thumpers like this guy, I want to ask a question. Why is it that you NEVER mention the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic Texts found in Nag Hammadi? Why is that you never mention the fact that there are literally thousands of ancient scriptures that were never included in the bible? Ok, that’s 2 questions!
Stay away from this guy, his energy is destructive.

I find it very interesting indeed that so far, I have tried to find some private or personal life information about these people and there is nothing to  find. Why is that people keep their personal lives secret? They all have good explanations and they are usually because they want to keep their family safe.
Look, if you have nothing to hide, if you are honest, decent human being, you have no need to hide anything. I’m here with my full name, I have other social media sites, you can probably find anything you want about me and my family, not counting photos. Although I’m not popular and well known in this Truth Community, all it takes is one enemy to set you straight. I hide nothing and I fear nothing because I am willing to risk that in order to do what I do. I’m not in this for the money, I don’t need fame or shame.
These folks hide their identities and their private life because they know they have enemies and so, the less you and I know about them, the less likely we will show up at their door asking for a refund.

Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game

I heard of this Q-Anon when it first came out but I didn’t go any further with it because my first instinct and my current intuition tell me the same thing, it’s all bullshit. Don’t waste your time with this game, it has nothing to do with reality. Aside from what I feel, let me explain in a logic way why this is just another mind game to avert our attention from what is really going on.

The Video below is just a sample of someone trying to pretend they know what they are talking about and basically supporting the greatest Psy-Op of all times.

So, let me tell you what I think/feel about this Q-Anon entity. Since I would have spend hours going through all those posts, I will just pick this one below and give you my comments on them.
Oct.30, 2017 – Q-Anon predicts the arrest of Hillary Clinton – Never happened

Q-Anon uses acronyms and abbreviations to communicate. Let me give you an example how fucking stupid that is.
Who went to SA?
Where is JK?

This can mean a lot of things. It can be South Africa, or South America but because of the current situation, it’s taken as Saudia Arabia. How do we know what it really is?
JK can be anyone, but because of the Trump Administration, Jared Kuschner is the first one people think about.

Mockingbird – This means NOTHING. It will mean something to those that decipher it within their own belief system just like the 50+ scribes that wrote the bible. 
HRC detained, not arrested yet – Never happened
Where is Huma? Follow Huma – What the fuck does that mean and why are you asking me? 
This has nothing to do with Russia yet. (What has nothing to do with Russia yet? We’re left to guess again)
Why does Potus surround himself with generals? (Why don’t you tell us you idiot)
What is Military Intelligence? (Why are you asking questions?)
Why go around the 3 letter agencies? (An insider doesn’t use the term   ‘3 letter agencies’, have you ever heard a government employee or politician use that term?) 

Oct. 31 2017
11.3 Podesta Indicted – Never happened
11.6 Huma Indicted –  Never happened

Nothing happened. Period. 

This entity basically gave him/herself away by using the term “3 letter agencies”. This entity has nothing to do with Trump nor does he have any access to Trump, nor does he work for anyone in the government because he makes no sense, plays games with your mind, uses terms that only outsiders/normal citizens use.

More disinformation and propaganda:
Tue. Oct. 31, 2017
World Stalemate – There are hundreds of different explanations for this post.

This is done on purpose so that like the Bible, you will try and decipher the meaning of his posts. This is nothing more than a mind game, Psych-Op operation or some sick mother fucker messing with you to get attention. Please don’t waste your time on this mind fuck, the messages/posts have no meaning, can be written by anyone. Just one wrong prediction  is enough to prove this guy is as lame as they come. Any serious insider would give  you something to show he/she is credible. Any serious person that cares about his/her fellow Americans would give you something to chew on. Whoever is doing this, is doing it to mess with you, diverting your attention or just a plain guy/gal sitting behind a computer playing games. Good thing he/she can’t hurt much by this game, but in the end, IT will go away and you will never hear from them again.

One more thing. Predictions are a 50% probability. Did you get that? Half the time they are right and half the time they are wrong, so if they are right just once, they are taken as credible, when in fact, you and I can make the same predictions with the same success rate, it’s all so very simple. It either will or will not happen and you have a 1 out of 2 chance of getting it right.

IF Q-Anon was WHO he/she said they were, they would not give out predictions. They are supposed to be in the KNOW. Why predict things if you already know about them? You see, that’s how things work. You either know or you don’t. If you don’t, you predict. End of story.


Where is Zen Gardner?

The Battlefield is You

That’s what all this ruckus is about. The battle for your spirit and soul. And that’s the boat each of us is in. There is nothing more important in this life for you, or me, than waking up. Once that’s straightened out the rest will follow.

How we perceive the world around us creates and reinforces the world around us. Once we become conscious and aware that this existing matrix we’re witnessing is an arbitrary creation manipulated by power-crazed puppeteers, however you perceive them, that is when the change happens.
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Note from Ines: I purposely set out to seek Zen Gardner tonight. I heard from a video I was watching that he was doing his writings again but under a different name. Although the above post is older,  it is timeless. There was only 1 comment under the post and it was kind of negative like isn’t that the guy that was in a cult?  I replied and not sure when they will post but it made me sad. 

We all make mistakes, including Zen Gardner and I’m not talking about the Cult because I can’t say whether he did or didn’t. All I can say is that we all deserve a second or third or fourth chance, we all deserve to start over and make that conscious effort to be better humans and enlightened souls. I know that Zen’s writings have made an impact on me and I really miss reading his work. If anyone knows where he is or what name he is using, it would be really appreciated. Although Zen and I share the same philosophy, he’s a much better and colorful writer than I am and it’s rare that I don’t go with the flow when reading his work. So be it. 

Across The Pond and Worlds Apart

Time has come to ask you for some input. The last few posts have been a bit controversial. I don’t like stepping on anyone’s feelings but this blog has always been about honesty. Just because I’m sharing my honest thoughts or opinions doesn’t make them right. I guess if I was an American (70% of my readers), I might be reluctant to comment because your country is going through a cultural/political war. Is that the reason or you just don’t have time?

The culture from what I see in the US is “you’re with me or against me”. Everything in your world is politicized, every aspect of your lives are divided between black or white. I get that. I’m not going to judge you and I’m not picking on you, but I spend a lot of time in your world reading and corresponding with Americans. Those of you that have been with this blog since 2014 know that I have never judged anyone for their comments. Even those that have tried to demonize and attack me never got the pleasure of a good fight, I just don’t care.

My point is this: My readership has been going up slowly but steadily over the years. For me it’s not the number but it’s an indicator to me if my posts keep people interested. It’s just weird that so many people pass by and don’t comment much, maybe WordPress has it wrong, I don’t know. Every once in a while, like now, I like to know how you feel about the subjects I write about, that’s all. I feel like I’m standing in an empty auditorium at times.

Yes, there is quite a few of you that contact me via email but even those should consider using the comment sections unless it involves a personal matter. It’s not that I mind you writing to me, but I feel stressed because I have to reply fast, I don’t like to keep anyone waiting like some bloggers do for days or weeks at a time and I can name a lot of them believe me.

As you know, I only moderate the 1st Comment, after that your comments post automatically. There is no need to tightly control free speech like most bloggers do. I welcome all comments, this is a place to share thoughts not judge and play ego games.

Do you know how I start my day? While water is boiling for my French Press Coffee maker, I turn on my PC and check mail. I’m very considerate of people taking the time to write and do my best to reply fast. I know I hate it when I wait days for a reply on something I need to know now. I then watch/listen about 10 minutes each of RT News, Fox News, Euro-news and Press TV. This gives me a perspective on what’s going on and how each part of the world views the events happening.

I had the fortune of living in Canada, US and now Croatia so I’m not deeply rooted into any culture and consider myself to be unbiased. I’ve also traveled extensively throughout the world and love to learn foreign cultures.  I’m born to Croatian parents who immigrated to Canada when I was a small baby, grew up and lived most of my adult life there with the exception of a 5 year period where I lived and worked in Seattle, WA. I worked part time while getting my degree at Balboa Insurance, Seafirst Bank and Maersk Line Shipping. I was in demand at the time as a fast Data Entry Operator. Even at this moment, I can type 80 wpm. no problem. In fact, if I look at the keyboard, I get confused.

My point is that I”m not a proud nationalist of any country, don’t consider to be a Croatian, Canadian or American yet possess all three citizenship. I view the world the same way. I don’t give preference to any country and consider myself a human being that chose Croatia for it’s home.

Fox News is probably one of the least unbiased networks that I know of, though I see changes, subtle changes. It’s starting to swing over to Trump, sing to Trump and not sure it will end well for the network even though they claim to have the highest ratings. Also, Fox news gives inaccurate information. I can’t say if it’s on purpose or their sources are incorrect, but it is inaccurate and that’s not just a Fox issue, all MMS give out fake news. I don’t consider inaccuracy to be fake, I think they are just getting the wrong information. Though I found Americans to be warm and kind people, they are living in a glass bubble, it’s called Americanism, foreign culture isn’t taught in schools unless it’s a subject you want to pursue in College or University. Americans were and still are ignorant about what goes on beyond their borders.
It’s totally inaccurate that N. Korea is an impoverished and isolated country. It is isolated in a way but in a protectionist way. After the Korean war ended in the early 50’s, it did what any country would do and that is to fortify and protect itself especially when the US Military built a huge base around/close to it’s borders. Having a huge military presence forced the leaders to do what they did.

Enough people have traveled there, RT News just recently traveled twice and had access to the leaders compound/residence. You can see it all on RT News.

Fox is also inaccurate to say that Trump has everything to do with N. and S. Korea ending the war. This is absurd, but it’s spoon fed to the American public. The truth is that the only way N. Korea doesn’t get the Libya effect was to join with S. Korea and end the long war between them or face another war. This will happen with or without Trump because it’s their only option and you can be assured that the Trump Deep State will push for a war and not peace. It will try and blame N. Korea for not wanting Peace but there will be no war, I can assure you. If it should come to that, Russia, China and Iran will get involved and the US Empire will crash and burn overnight. Don’t be fooled by Trumps statements that you have the best weapons/military hardware. Both Russia and China have surpassed the technology by 20 years ahead of time. They don’t brag about it, they keep it secret and this is what will crash the Empire, utter ignorance and poor intelligence as always.

It’s also inaccurate for Fox news to demonize Russia. It’s doing what any other country will do to protect it’s National Security. This demonization is being done for the same reasons of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and that’s forcing these countries to accept a Central Banking System and keeping them from dumping the dollar in oil and export trade. Russia is a powerful country. We here in Europe are ashamed that the EU has adopted this anti-Russia policy and kissing ass to the US policies, it’s a dirty game and nobody wins. Business between the countries happen behind closed doors, what you hear on TV is all lies and propaganda. We are very dependent on Russia for energy and many Russian come to our country for holidays. Most people I know consider the US to be the greatest threat to humanity.

America is an empire and no more, it’s slowly crumbling and as I have written many times before, when you corner a wild animal, it has nothing to lose because it knows it’s going down and it will take down whatever it can with it.

The West has been deceived with inaccurate news, sadly, many people believe what they hear and see on TV but I can’t blame them. Life is hard, everyone is struggling to survive and don’t have the luxury of time. I’m fortunate that I have that luxury, but I worked to get where I am today, I learned way back in the late 80’s what was going on and I prepared for it.

The West is not Europe, the East is not Europe. We have an ancient history and culture. We’re not fooled easily because of the conquests, occupations and wars in the past centuries. My birth city is Split, a city founded by the Emperor Dioclecian as a palace that is now the old core of the city. The city celebrated 1100th birthday last year. My island ancestors were feudal subjects and they had to give up 70% of their agricultural products to the Roman Empire. You can find many old remnants of that history on this island, including a fish farm still on the bottom of the ocean.

My world is unfathomable to those that have never ventured to Europe. Our culture and way of life has no resemblance to the West. We’re more in touch with the Eastern Cultures with the exception of Christianity, even though Jesus traveled to  and studied in India.

I can’t speak for other EU member countries, but we don’t have racism as so blatantly in your face, it’s more of a secret racism and it’s between Muslims and Christians but we still live together and work on closing that divide. You will rarely hear on the news that some Muslim was beaten by a non-Muslim cop. My ancestors are genetically linked to the Ottoman Empire and Persian Empire, our region in these Balkans before being divided into borders and countries hosted warriors that passed through from all the way from Northern Scotland  to Northern India, so how can I say that I am Croatian?

How can you relate when you in the West have never been occupied or never had bombs with Depleted Uranium drop in your village or city? Yet, you seem to have many enemies but none have invaded your country. Yeah, it’s all a game, some win and some lose but one thing is for sure: You are in big trouble, and I wish I had the answers to your problems, they are so far gone now, I don’t know if there is any way to turn back the clock and fix things.

The West wants wars because it’s big business, while Eastern Europeans are dying from various Cancers due to all the depleted Uranium spread through the Balkans and Iraq, Serbia and Kosovo. These people are doomed. Every third person has some form of Cancer, most of them being intestinal and thyroid cancers. What is most sad is the children being born with cancers and if you don’t know, nothing can cure radiation induced Cancer, it’s like putting salt on a wound.

My people always talk about the past wars, they have lived through many of them. So, the next time Fox News or any Zionist media outlet tells you N. Korea, Iran and Russia are bad, you can be sure it’s opposite of what they are saying. But, you know all this don’t  you?

Instead of taking a vacation to the Poisoned Gulf of Mexico thanks to BP Oil or the radiated Pacific Ocean thanks to Fukushima; take a trip to Europe or Russia for that matter, expand your world, learn a language. We still have pristine oceans and awesome beaches. My water comes from a river with no taste of Chlorine in it, they don’t put fluoride in our water.

Did you know that the average European speaks at least 3 languages? I have read comments and forums where Germans have better grammar skills than English speaking countries. Do you know that by the time I completed Grade 7 in Croatia I had the equivalent of 2nd year University in the West? It’s true. Our kids have back problems from all the heavy books they carry to school everyday, it’s shit they don’t need to know, but by the time I finished 7th grade, I knew every state in the US, it’s Capitals and it’s natural resources, population etc. I bet most Americans don’t know that today!

So, what do you know? Share with me.

The Male Species is in Trouble

The Era of women being the victims is over. Men have been victims for a long time but it seems that nobody wants to talk about it. It’s more politically correct to make the ‘weaker’ sex play the victim role.
Truth is, men have been duped from the very beginning of creation.

The onset of Feminism started a fast downward spiral for men. While women rose in power, men were falling at the same rate. This Feminist movement, or 2nd Wave movement that started in the late 60’s was a series of political campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, woman’s suffrage, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

As women get stronger, men get weaker, the Macho Man is a thing of the past. I was still a young girl when this movement came around, so I don’t remember it and as I got older, it didn’t interest me. I never bought into this feminist movement, it didn’t feel right. I was raised in an Eastern European culture where Dad was the head of the house and nobody spoke unless he allowed it. My upbringing actually had nothing to do with it because I ran away from home at the age of 16; I wanted to be free of tyranny and abuse.

I believe we ALL should have equal rights. We don’t need to fragment humanity (which was the goal to keep us apart) into male/female, gay/lesbian, black/white, religious/atheist etc., we should all have the same rights.

But women cannot all be physically strong as most men. Not all  men are built strong and muscular and not all women are designed to be fire-women or construction workers, but if a woman wants a man to open doors for her, she doesn’t have to insist on her current partner to do that for her, she should go out and find a guy that does it. Just because a guy doesn’t open a door for a lady doesn’t make him any less of a man.

Today, I’m considered old fashioned because I take care of my partner, do all the house work, ensure he has all his meals prepared, wash his clothes etc. I consider that to be my duty and I feel it’s my place to make our home warm and comfortable. I do it out of love, it gives me pleasure to make my partner happy. I’m being the natural woman that I was designed to be.

A book I read years ago, perhaps way back into the 80’s called either “Mortal Man” or “Immortal Man”, it’s a must read for all you women but it wouldn’t hurt if both sexes read it. In a nutshell, the book defines the male biologically from a scientific point of view. Man wasn’t created to pick one woman or love one woman and be loyal to her forever. Men were designed to procreate and care for their wives/partners and children. Even in biblical times, men had many wives and children, but was only allowed to have as much as he could take care of.

Where did this idea come from that we can only love one woman or one man at a time? As if men have an internal switch and turn it ON to love a woman while at the same time feeling the need to procreate.

We don’t control the feeling of Love. Love is not an emotion, it is a feeling. Those that see Love as an emotion, struggle in relationships because they feel that Love must be the foundation of everything, they attach to that anger, disappointments and frustrations and other emotions with it. We can control our emotions. I can control my anger, I can shut it off. Love can’t be controlled therefore it’s a feeling. Feelings come and go, love comes and goes, we have no control over it.

So, the male today is struggling with his biologically driven instincts and our societal dogma or politically correct RULES of social behavior keep him in an unnatural state.

I’m not saying it’s alright for a man to have more than one woman at a time or as many as he wants, I’m merely saying that he’s being castigated.  If two people are ok with having more than one partner, that’s their business. If I was sick and could not provide my partner with his needs, I would have no problem with him finding a woman to fulfill his needs. He’s been ill for a few years now but I don’t feel that need, I’m complete within myself and as we get older, we don’t have the same desires.

Don’t you often hear or read the reason why a man had an affair, after getting caught or confessing: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened, she means nothings to me, I love you”? He was being honest. He didn’t wake up that morning and decide to go out and have an affair. He let his guard down, men are always on their guard, always fighting and struggling with their natural instincts and he unconsciously allowed himself to act on his biological instincts. Sex often has nothing to do with Love. Love is a feeling we don’t choose, it just comes. Sex is an urge that comes with many other feelings, but one have nothing to do with the other. Think about it.

So, I see men as being the greater victim of the Feminist Movement which was designed to wreak havoc and destroy the family.

Where are we now? We have gone to the opposite extremes. Though women still don’t have complete equal rights, men have NO rights. We’re so powerful now that we can accuse a man of behaving inappropriately 40 years later and destroy his life. We can call the police and tell them we were slapped or verbally abused, without evidence, they are taken to jail. We’re so powerful now that those pioneer feminists are living alone, Gloria Steinman now says she’s regretting it because she’s old, alone and has no kids.

My daughter who will be 39 next month will say to me: “Mom, times have changed, you’re now considered old fashioned”. NO. Things haven’t changed, my body is the same, my genetics are the same, my biological clock is the same. I was designed to create life, carry it for nine months, care for the home and family, to nurture and provide warmth and security. Men are still designed to procreate, to feed and protect their family.

Just as we can’t change the nature of nature such as dandelion coming out of the soil, flowering and dropping its seeds to procreate, dependent on weather it will or won’t. But regardless of what happens in it’s external world, it will continue to sprout, grow, flower and drop seeds. The dandelion will either survive and manage to release its seeds or it will die.

Our physical bodies have not changed. Both male and female are living an artificial life as neither are no longer living the way our genes were designed to live. Women are waiting too long to have babies and if they are lucky enough to get pregnant after the age of 30 as a woman’s fertility peaks at the age of 28 give or take a few years. Men can’t be real men, they are now expected to do the moms work of changing diapers or washing dishes. The only difference between a man and woman now is their sex organs.

Men live in fear, especially the still single ones. They don’t know how to approach a woman. They can’t touch her, tickle her, compliment her ass, whistle, shit they can’t do anything to show a woman they are interested in her, while the female is looking for the perfect guy but has little options because many men are AWOL and going gay. I’m sorry if I have insulted anyone, but I am writing this from my heart and it doesn’t mean I’m right, it’s what I feel.

I sympathize with all men alive today especially those that touched some booty or boobs in the 70’s when it was cool and socially acceptable and 40 years later their career and entire life is destroyed. Did the media ever cover this fact? That 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, things we don’t find acceptable today were acceptable then. If they were acceptable then, why are we destroying careers now?

Women that wait even 1 day to report abuse need therapy, some kind of counselling. Women that waited 20 years or 2 years or 6 months should have her career destroyed because it’s obvious at the time this happened to her, IF it really happened , her career or job was more important.

I’m not saying it’s alright to do something to a woman without her consent but I’m against recognition of an event that happened years ago, a time when things were different, when men didn’t worry about brushing a stray hair from a woman’s face in a bar or club, whistle at her while she passed by. We can’t bring our past culture into the present and then punish for it, it’s not right. Things do change, but lady you waited 40 years to destroy a man’s career because at the time for whatever reason, you didn’t have the courage or money was more important?

Man wasn’t designed nor were women for that matter to love one person at a time because we don’t choose love. Look around you, we fall in love with losers, abusers, partners that simply don’t fit into our lifestyle, but we have been taught to believe that if you love them, you can overcome anything. But I didn’t choose love, it happened, so how can I love one person at a time if in time, I love more than one man?

You can’t make someone love you or be faithful for that matter because LOVE isn’t a choice, it’s not something we invite. You can have an understanding with your partner that you want a monogamous relationship, but when he comes home and tells you that he doesn’t know what happened and that he loves only you, you need to listen to him.

Women are faithful and stay with one man so long as: They love their man and their needs are being fulfilled. #1 on the list of needs for most women is “Security”. A woman has to feel safe and secure with her partner, secure in knowing that he’s going to take care of her. The woman needs to feel appreciated and recognized for her work in taking care of the family and home. We don’t ask for much but it’s more about emotional needs than it is financial.

Men don’t need to feel love to sleep with a woman. They’re driven by instinct to procreate. Women on the other hand feel something and envision that long life together with the man they love.

Ladies, you really need to know your man from a biological perspective so that you can understand him better. I’m not saying you should go out and allow him to do what he wants. I’m saying, with the knowledge of the way he is designed, you then make a pact between each other and set your limits. There are men out there that can and will be faithful, but it’s often happened where a couple can be married for 60 years and in the 61st year he’s had an affair or vice versa.

Love is a feeling, marriage is an institution and one has nothing to do with the other. Love we don’t choose, it comes. Marriage is a choice and we make the rules. Just as you can’t control love, men struggle to control their biological needs and if you ask me, men have it much more difficult today and always have because they have been struggling with their biological instincts against the rules/laws of those that rule over us.

I am a powerful woman, but my man is powerful in a masculine way and I allow him to live naturally. I have never forbid him or threatened to leave should he have an affair. I simply let him know that should he ever make that decision, that he should be honest with me and we will work it out should it happen.

Ladies, I can tell you one thing though: I know that my man will come home every night and that he’s here because he loves me and because his needs are met. I’m too powerful to have to manipulate him into loving me or staying with me against his will. He’s a free man and I’m a free woman because I understand men biologically. If you’re not creating children in this honest and natural love, your kids will have challenges in life no matter how well you think you raised them because the energy at conception is what keeps the soul intact until it leaves the body.

We’re living in very confusing times, don’t do what they tell you to do, do what feels right for you, what feels natural for you.

Sex is an act designed to make babies, but we were designed to sensory and sensually enjoy it otherwise it would be another task like washing dishes. We were designed to procreate, what you feel is love for your partner is actually a NEED. You need attention, you need a child, you need appreciation and you NEED help to raise that family. If Love is something we don’t have control over, than what does it have to do with sex? I’m not sure, but it’s something to contemplate isn’t it?

I believe that the gods in Revelation, after Eve was caught eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge and before being thrown out of the laboratory, the gods warned her that she would give birth to children in great pain. I understand that as before that, there was no pain in childbirth? Again, I leave that up to you to contemplate.

Men are in trouble, we need to take back what we have done to them, it has not served us in any way, it has only served the LORDS to break up the family, to break up any sense of community and they sure did a good job of that didn’t they? They ensured that you ignore your natural instincts, and to follow the rules. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, it’s just my thoughts on this subject!