I Am Who I Am, You Are Who You Are

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The bodysuit I now occupy. Should have chosen a different model!  

I want to thank my reader Anthony for this creative post. As I was answering one of his comments with my morning coffee, the response became so long and yet I wanted to add so much more, so I’m going to do a complete post here.

The subject we were covering was about visions and dreams. We have a lot of visions that are the same. I think I have unraveled the mystery of dreams and visions once and for all. Although I have written about this in different posts, I’m going to do this in more details.

I have visions. Visions come while I’m awake with my eyes closed. It’s usually when I’m meditating or just about to fall asleep. In other words, when I’m in a relaxed state, I will see movies behind the eyelids. Visions are NOT your imagination. Visions are NOT some kind of symbolism. Visions are actual events taking place somewhere.

I also have ‘dreams’ as most commonly known, but I call them experiencing and being aware of my different realities. 

Both serve the same function, depending on what state of consciousness you are in. For example, if you believe you dream or that your brain makes up stories from your memories then that is what you will believe, you will use the dreams as kind of symbolism or future event. If you believe they are true states of another reality, then you will know that you’re not just here in this reality.

The brain doesn’t imagine while you sleep. The brain doesn’t collect and scramble your memories of the day or your life and make a film for you to watch while you’re sleeping. The brain can only collect data, store it and analyze it. Your brain is an archive. The brain/mind isn’t capable of taking your feelings of guilt and then creating a film for you to feel even guiltier about. Period.

Our creativity comes from higher realms. You can call it whatever you want, but the mind doesn’t create, it doesn’t have that capability. If it does, it was turned off long ago when they messed with our DNA. Although scientists claim that they only know 10% of the brain function, they will never find out the rest because it’s not physical in nature, it’s a space of frequencies, energies, signals that connect to our creator/all other realities/our higher self and our Mother Soul Fragment.

I wrote once before that WE as Souls as we mature and gain experiences can fragment and have multiple reality experiences. I can remember from my ‘dreams’ at least 9 different realities that I exist in. These are just Earthly realities, I assume there are more but we are disconnected by the shield around the planet and the earth’s magnetic field. In other words, we can connect with realities that are within this earthly sphere.

The Original Soul always keeps itself on the other side. So, if we have 10 different realities happening at the same time, 11th stays on the other side of the veil because should we get lost or forget who we are, we won’t be able to find our way home. A fragmented soul is a tormented soul that might have to relive many many lifetimes until it figures out it has a ‘mother fragment’ waiting on the other side of the veil.

In my different realities that I am conscious of while sleeping there is NO negativity or duality. I have experienced huge earthquakes where my house was traveling with the ripples of it and I just stood at the window observing this movement without any feelings of fear. I have stood in a window watching a huge tsunami wave come over the left side of the island I live on, pass in front of my house and I’m in awe, amazement. I don’t feel fear, I don’t feel anything negative. I have walked across hundreds of snakes and instead of being afraid of them, I was very careful not to step on any of them.

Some people will say: “You know, I dream because I saw my mother or my friend in the dream”. Yes, you may very well seen that person in that dream but that’s not the real physical person from this experience. We incarnate into realities with our Soul Group and Soul Family. Personally, I have seen my family and friends in my other realities. They don’t look the same as here, but I know who they are and I have asked many people if those people in their dreams look the same as here and they usually say: “I can’t remember or I know it was them”.

Visions are different. You are basically consciously plugged in or connected to the magnetic field which then is connected to higher realms. These are not visions where you sit down and wait for them to come. They come when your energy levels or conscious state is aligned with the magnetic field energy. This is another reason for the Chemtrails, they are trying to block the data from coming and going so that we disconnect permanently within the magnetic field and higher realms. They have the technology to create a resonance or frequency that will block our signals.

I know this because there are days when my pendulum simply doesn’t respond. It’s disconnected from higher realms. How they do this I don’t know, but I’m very sensitive to these energies and have spent the last 15 years studying my visions and dreams, recording them. These visions and dreams are simultaneous events that we can access either in a deep consciousness state such as sleep or in a deeply relaxed state.

Most people can’t access these visions or dreams because they are too toxic with negative emotions. Every negative emotion such as anger, hate, anxiety, FEAR is a negative frequency that blocks access to our higher selves. Take a wire, snip it just enough to cut off one small wire in the plastic tube and your device won’t work. It may have 12 tiny wires inside, but with just one cut, nothing works. This is how we work as well. We have many connections to various realms and sources of origin, but if negative emotions block this, we can’t access anything. For some it’s here and there, once a year, once in a lifetime, these are just rare moments when your guard is down and you’re having a fantastic happy day and that night have charged up the batter enough to access higher realms.

There are those of us like me who have worked hard over the years to cleanse ourselves of the negative emotions, who have accepted themselves as Eternal, Immortal Souls and can access higher realms in a state of relaxation. You can do this yourself by going into a dark room, put on earplugs if you have to, but isolate yourself from all external sounds and lights. Look for yourself, you’re in there somewhere. It might take a few minutes, it might a few hours or days or weeks but you will find the baggage and slowly dive into those emotions. Those negative emotions are the blocks that prevent you from accessing higher information. I find this to be the easiest method to unblock your wires and restore you to a higher state.

When you were first born, you were in a higher state of being, as much as you can be due to dangerous frequencies in our homes and  hospitals. From the moment someone has held you, you will be imprinted with whatever that person carries in terms of energy. By the time we’re 12 years old, we’re already toxic with energies that don’t serve us, I’m not even counting the programming our parents, teachers and rest of society record onto our brains.

This is what is blocking your access to your other realities. Everyone here on this planet is an OLD SOUL, therefore, everyone has multiple realities and experiences. Only OLD SOULS were allowed to come here and help the planet. This is how powerful you are.

Where does creativity come from? Do you believe it comes from your brain? Then why do only certain people have creative abilities? Are we not all the same? Creativity is access to higher realms. Ask any creative person where they get their creations from. Most will tell you they don’t know, it just comes. The brain isn’t a device that can create anything, it’s simply a recording and storing device. How do we create music? How do we feel pain from someone on the other side of the planet? How do we feel our child is in danger? It’s all about the connection and how strongly we are connected. Ask someone who believes in an old bearded god about this and they will tell you that GoD gives them creativity or that GoD determines their destiny. I don’t think so.

When you believe/know and accept how powerful you are, nothing can knock you down, nothing can upset you, nothing and nobody can take away your true identity. This is the state that I am in today. I’m happy to be here, I’m not happy about the state of this reality, but I’m happy, excited because I finally know who I am. It’s beyond words to try and explain this phase of my existence but I know this because in 1981 I left this body and returned to the realm of my creation, the realm where I was first created as a Soul. Some will say during an NDE that they saw God, I didn’t see god, I experienced godliness. I have now backtracked to the origin and can confirm that we are powerful beings, lost in this  matrix when we got trapped by the dark forces. We will find our way home, but you have to do your part as well. Truth doesn’t arrive at your doorstep, you must seek it.

Starving the War Machine – Let’s Try This Again

It’s very simple, crash the system by not spending money. Hundreds and thousands of people in the Alternative Media and the great researchers, truthseekers, wanna be gurus and Cult leaders that come from all walks of life pride themselves for the knowledge/information/intel they acquired. Their knowledge is shared through the media, posts, books, DVD’s, Webinars, Seminars and YouTube programs, yet I have yet to find one person who suggests an action of sorts to end this madness.

Where are the solutions? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if we close our bank accounts or don’t use our debit cards and don’t buy anything that is not for our daily survival for just one week, we would crash the system.

A few side effects of our actions could result in putting the entire financial system in chaos. Banks put out financial statements based on deposits. If a bank has 10 M in deposits for the day, it can lend out 100 M and it’s this amount that determines share prices. I’m not a financial expert, but from what I have read and listened to, they report the potential they can loan out, not the actual deposits they have on account.

It’s an inconvenience to close a bank account, but your action is what would crash the system. Mile long line ups to access cash, panicked bankers, no loans approved, not enough cash to serve the clients that don’t use their debit cards, merchandise sitting in storage because we’re not purchasing anything that we don’t need.

Companies only have 1 or 2 day supplies of food; we don’t buy food for a week, it rots and is wasted, millions in losses. It would create such a domino effect that I believe would take less than a week.

It doesn’t matter if your paycheck is direct deposit; wait until you get paid and then close the account. Take out what cash you need for a week, you can always open the account later or change banks. If we succeed, we won’t need a bank account anyways.

So, for years the truthseekers have been sharing their knowledge and it turns out that those 99% can’t come up with a solution to stop the 1%? Which leads me to the next question: Why are they not coming up with solutions?

I have been on this idea for years and kept a blog on WordPress called ” Starving the War Machine”, those that have been around for a while know this. Why don’t people want to sacrifice a few days of inconvenience to free ourselves from this slavery? What good is all the information we have if it doesn’t serve a purpose and bring us closer to freedom?

Knowledge is power. I have been using it to empower my life. Knowledge allows me to make better decisions and I have worked over 25 years to remove myself from the Matrix as much as possible. Without relying on the government for anything, I have become self sufficient. It takes many years to work on this project, it’s not something you can start today and be done with in a few months. Unless you have assets you can sell, it’s a long journey of saving money and not buying things you don’t need. In other words, living a simple life.

I studied and practice natural and modern medicine, grow my own fruits and vegetables, so the point is that it’s possible and there are solutions but if people like Peter Kling, Steve Quayle, LA Marzulli, David Icke, Jeff Rense, the Nibiru folks, the biblical prophesies folks, Alfred L. Webre, David Wilcock and his gang of thugs offered solutions, they wouldn’t make a living, it would stop.

What other reason do any of the Alternative media, researchers and truthseekers in the Truth Movement have for not offering solutions and creating movements to activate solutions and the one I have is just one of many? If they offer solutions they would then spend time in the action and lose their income. If you have an answer as to why solutions are not being offered, please share that with me.

Many victims don’t benefit from healing and so they choose to stay victims. They choose to stay victims for many reasons. It can be for attention, manipulation, fear of the unknown, fear of change, financial, not knowing how to heal or not getting support. They don’t like being victims but whether it’s conscious or subconscious, they stay away from solutions.

Solving a problem doesn’t always benefit us personally, but if these folks that spent years sharing their knowledge with us and claim to be of service to humanity, then why are they not working on solutions to help humanity? If you ask me, they all pass the buck and hope someone else will offer the solution because it always comes down to loss of income and inconvenience; yet they don’t know that they would be the new leaders, they would be the ones people would look up to and trust.

They are egotists that feed on our approval and admiration for the knowledge and if we found a solution, they would become irrelevant and their own fear of the unknown is greater than the desire to act on the solution.

I have always believed that the best way to crash the system is to use the same thing they use against us and that’s money. Why did the Cabal destroy Iraq, Libya, Syria and other African countries? Because the leaders of these countries refused to join the Central Banking System and wanted to trade their oil in their own currencies. Period.
The Central Bank is the Center of the their world so the best solution is to use it against them.

So, this is now the million dollar question to all of those many folks who have spent years researching humanity and those that rule this planet. Why are you not focused on solutions? Now that you have huge followings, why aren’t you organizing movements to implement solutions?

If we can gather a million people on a certain day for Mass Meditation, then we can organize millions by working together collectively to set a date for stopping using money, closing bank accounts or just stop using your debit cards for a week, stop buying Starbucks coffee, stop buying the latest and greatest for a week.

Banks use our deposits to launder money for buying weapons, banks are the major player in buying/selling killing machines. What is so fucking difficult in not spending money for a week? Can’t your new iPhone wait for a week?

When I first proposed my idea to Alfred Lambermont Webre a few years ago, he laughed at me and suggested that I read his book, yet when he polled his followers, most of them thought it was a great idea and supported it. Why didn’t Webre use that momentum and start putting together a group that would help organize it? What do we have to lose by not using debit cards and not buying anything unless it was a necessity?

The implications of this denial that there is no solution is huge. Could we have stopped the murders of innocent civilians across the planet? Could we have enabled the production of free energy devices sooner? Who loses by creating a solution? Those that benefit by selling their knowledge. Those that sell books, that claim they have higher sources or intel about what is going on. I compared them to the same people that are still promoting Dinar Revaluation, they are still selling this crap and have been conning people for over 15 years now that it’s just around the corner!

Am I supposed to let my partner die because of my fear of getting arrested is greater than my desire for him to live? Are a few days of inconvenience more important than participating in a unified global action to stop the War Machine and stop them from destroying what little is left of this planet and humanity?

I didn’t incarnate here to wait for a Savior. We are the Saviors, we just haven’t figured it out yet. I didn’t come here to wait for you to decide if your inconvenience may change your life for a few days.

There is no excuse and dear Mr. Webre, how do you know it won’t work if we don’t try it? And who are you to be the authority on something that has never been done? And what has your knowledge gained or your Multiverse theory done to change the paradigm? I’m not picking on Mr. Webre, but he was the first person I turned to with my solution. I figured he had a big enough following that he could pull this off since he keeps bragging about how he is serving humanity.

This is solution isn’t about shooting someone and missing the target therefore ending up in jail. This is not about doing anything illegal or immoral. This is about exercising our free will and choice to close a bank account, something people do everyday.

It’s about crashing the system, creating panic in the financial markets because they never experienced it, don’t know how to handle it and have no idea how far it can go and how many customers would catch on and do it. The sheer panic alone could crash the system because banks simply would not have the cash. They only have 10% cash on hand, the rest is just computer digits. It’s about psychological warfare, the warfare they have used on us for Eons. Letting them know that we are smart and that we do have solutions and that we the 99% finally figured it out and will destroy them.

I have been plagued with this idea/solution for years now trying to figure out why people that can help are opposed to this idea. I can’t prove it will work, but you can’t prove it won’t work. But, if you agree that it’s a good idea, what’s stopping all these gurus, experts and researchers with huge followings from organizing and trying it since we have nothing to lose?  The only thing it might cost you is time having to travel to your bank branch and waiting in line to pay bills or withdraw funds.

You’re not being serviced by the bank. You’re doing them a favor. You deposit your funds with them so they can profit but they charge you a fee for withdrawing and having an account. How silly is that? That you must wait in line and be treated like you are the customer for withdrawing your own money? They use YOUR money to lend out to others. In other words, you’re the banker, lending money out to other people and the banker is the sales agent who charges you a commission on the sale.

I no longer respect those that spend hours everyday interviewing and sharing their expertise. They should be looking for ways to get us out of this mess. What difference does it make who and how the pyramids were built? Will and does it improve our lives for having that information? Knowledge is power, but this truth movement should now shift to offering/finding solutions.

We know we’re a slave race, we know who rules this planet, I don’t give a shit if there are 10 or 20 or 30 of them, I don’t even care what they are called, it doesn’t change my reality. It’s enough to know that we are a slave race and that someone is ruling over us.

It’s time to start calling these people out, especially those that make money sharing their knowledge and information. We’ve had 50 years of discovering new facts and information about our true history, isn’t it time we start implementing solutions?

This is what you should be thinking about. Who is out there that is providing solutions and or seeking them so that we can get off this information overload train?  It’s now difficult to know what is truth anymore and what is not. I could give  a crap if Trump is the good guy or not. He’s not part of the solution and my life isn’t going to change knowing that. All politicians or wanna be politicians are puppets, NO honest person can enter politics, this is why only corrupt people are allowed in that circle because they have dirt on them to blackmail.

I’m tired of reading about biblical prophesies that never happen and imminent dangers like the Killshot, Nibiru, Annunaki returning, major earthqakes, pole shifts, red and blood moons, blah, blah. Its’ time to stop finding excuses why we’re not coming up with solutions and implementing them.

You set a date, you act, you create chaos and become a master in psychological warfare and let them taste their own medicine.

What’s so difficult about this? If you feel you have a legitimate excuse for not closing your bank account, then you’re not ready to sacrifice your own selfish needs for the benefit of humanity. So, this question: ” Why are people unwilling to inconvenience their lives for a few days?” this plagues me when I hear reasons and excuses for not trying the solution, any solution that might change or shift our paradigm.

If it’s inconvenience, hell, aren’t you already inconvenienced by so many laws that you can barely breath from the restrictions placed upon you? Is your fear of being seen in a bank line waiting to withdraw money greater than your fear of being shot down in a terrorist attack or a stray bullet?

Do you know that your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are lesser than being killed by prescription drugs? If you live in fear, then don’t you fear that the next prescription drug might kill you? How do you know what’s in the next pill?

Even your fear is relative nowadays because like memory, it’s selective. My girlfriend is dying from Intestinal Cancer. She’s had 170 chemotherapy treatments over the last 2 years, yet she’s afraid of using Cannabis Oil because it’s illegal. How logical does this sound? How justified is her fear? Maybe if she stopped using pesticides and herbicides sooner, she may not have developed cancer, yet she continues to use it and afraid to try Cannabis Oil. My point is that fear is selective today, the mind is warped, it’s controlling her sanity, there is no other logic in her given situation and she’s not the only one I know like this.

This is how I see humanity today, fearing things that could end up being positive. Personally, I’d rather be in jail and healthy, than dying from Cancer.

Even as a child living at home, I would disregard my father’s threats and do it anyways. I didn’t fear his punishment. My mother often cried in panic begging me to stop doing things that were forbidden. She would would often accuse me of being fearless as if it was something punishable, but that fearlessness kept me alive. In between child abuse, sexual abuse, my child being sexually abused, that alone was enough reason for suicide, drug addiction and living as a victim. I stand for V – victory.

I can’t relate to fear, it’s unjustified. It’s fearing something  you don’t know. It’s something we create in this mind that controls the body. They know how to manipulate us into the fear mode. This is why I truly believe the brain/mind was altered at some point and it doesn’t work for our benefit whatsoever.

It’s one thing to walk barefooted and look down afraid you might step on something sharp that might cause you pain, but where is the logic in being afraid of using Cannabis Oil while you’re dying from Cancer?

This is the terminal madness I often write about, the madness that we may have solutions to free ourselves yet people afraid of an inconvenience or don’t feel the solution might work. You are terminally mad if you think this way.

I’m not saying it will work, I’m saying: “Let’s try it, we have nothing to lose”. This reality makes no sense to me, to fear the fear itself is past the point of no return. You have accepted your slave status, fine, I get it, but I don’t feel that you matured or grown to know that we’re not alone, we’re all connected. We’re all plugged into the Magnetic Field and then we’re all connected with each other. It’s called Collective Consciousness.

All that exists, all living beings are plugged into the Magnetic Field of this planet, if you’re not willing to shed the fear and try something then you don’t give a shit about the rest of humanity. Your selfish fears have enslaved you in your own mind, just like the magnetic field has separated us from other realities, from Creator.

What will it take for you to act? An earthquake? An EMP attack? A killshot event/CME?Fema camps? Loss of income? Isn’t it human like to act only when you’re left with nothing? Do we only come together when tragedies strike?

There is no human evolution, there never was. We are de-evolving/descending as a human race. Technology is evolving and has now taken over our mind/brains. We’re like a drug addict looking for our next fix, selfish and unconcerned about our collective unified consciousness. This will be our demise, you will fail your assignment here and will have to return here until you finally figure it out. Take your time Old Soul; time doesn’t exist but the realities you create do exist and no experience or reality can be left in the negative state. We keep coming back until we change the polarity because nothing negative stays negative, it’s part of the learning experience.

In order for us to evolve into higher beings, we create the problem, then find the solution. We’re now in that phase of seeking solutions to neutralize this negative experience. If we don’t succeed, it means we have not yet remembered why we came here so  we will keep returning.

Mother Gaia called out for help Eons ago and we are here because we answered her call. Many wanted to help, only a few were chosen. You and I were chosen because we were old souls, ancient explorers and because the assignment was difficult, only we could pull it off.

A simple solution of ” starving the financial system” could be enough to end this terminal madness yet humans are looking for excuses for it to fail. How do we know it will fail if we don’t try? Your part is to make this post go viral and hope that someone will a lot of exposure/followers will take this on, all we can do is give it a try.

Stock up for a week, take out your cash, stop using your debit cards and if  you’re really courageous, close your bank account, that’s all that is required. If it doesn’t work, we go back to living as a slave race. That’s it. At least we can say that we tried and since it’s never been tried before, don’t tell me it’s not going to work, you don’t know that.

I dare you to try.

We’re Almost There, I can Feel It

I have never thought about what I am thinking about right now. As the world we live in or the reality we are creating gets crazier, I feel more happier, more at ease, more grateful for everything I have. Although gratitude is something I feel all the time, it’s especially present for me each moment that I take a breath.

I tried to analyze this feeling, trying to understand WHY I would feel so positive regardless of what is going on. It was less than 2 years ago when I wrote a blog titled ” Starving the War Machine and the reason I started it was because I was furious as to what was going on in Palestine at the time. 700 children alone died  in that bombing spree. I believed that by posting photos of dead children and encouraging readers to close their bank accounts that we could crash their system. It’s kind of like telling someone to drink more water because dehydration is bad for the body. ” I don’t like water and it’s difficult to drink so much”. Here, this answer is basically saying, I will choose to stay ill because drinking something such as water is too much of a hassle.

When my friends or guests come to visit me, they like to peek over the balcony window and look into my garden. ” Aren’t you afraid of the police for growing Cannabis?” Each time I am asked that question, I freeze because I can’t believe someone is actually asking me this: ” Why don’t you just let your partner die because if you get caught growing Cannabis you could go to jail?”

Well, the blog didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. Actually the events didn’t happen. People simply found too many reasons for avoiding closing their bank accounts or god forbid not buy anything that was not necessary. Can you imagine if only 20% of western countries stop buying anything other than food and necessities, it would crash the system. Something so simple as just not using your debit card would crash the banks because they don’t have the cash on hand to give you when you walk up to the teller.

As madness becomes chronic/terminal, I’m feeling better. Could it be that I already know it’s supposed to be this way? It’s not that I’m happy people are suffering, it’s not that I am elated that our skies are becoming permanent chem trail clouds. But I’m feeling this incredible excitement that it is getting worse.

Is it possible that my intuitive innate self just knows what the end game will be or knows it’s the end and I can go home? If it’s true what I was feeling as a young child, standing by my window in my bedroom, looking upwards towards the skies and yelling for someone to come and get me. ” Why did you leave me here? I don’t want to be here anymore”. This would mean that I had some memory of why I came to Earth or why I was born into this reality.

Perhaps this innate memory, this knowing that the end is near and I get to go home is giving me this feeling of gratitude and joy. It sure sounds silly doesn’t it? I mean, the world is in a mess of trouble and yet I’m celebrating my happiness. It’s this innate sense of strong intuition that I feel which leads me to where I am today. I don’t need to research someone to figure out if they are honest or not. I simply feel this. Problem is that the innate me and the mind conflict and both have different purpose in this reality. The mind itself is not intended to guide me towards my true and real goal. The mind is intended to conflict me with my innate self, higher self and try to disconnect me from it.

A few weeks ago I wrote about this. When we incarnate into our bodies, or body suits, the mind/brain is part of the suit. We as Souls or Spirit beings simply take hold of this body suit. The mind is the computer that runs the body, our innate self or intuition is what guides us. This is why I always say that we must live from the heart, not from the mind. The mind was designed to record and remember, analyse and collect all sounds, sights, tastes, smells and events, nothing else.

Could it be that I’m integrating them? I don’t think so. When I leave this body I’m not taking the brain/mind with me. That piece of shit hasn’t served me well at all. All it’s done for me is helped me remember things and allowed me to get educated, get a good paying job and remember my kids birthdays. I/ME/SOUL/SELF has served for the greater good through having this earthly experience.

And so this is what it boils down to. Acceptance. I have accepted that I am not my body. I am spiritual, eternal, beautiful and created in love. My only purpose in all of this eternity is to experience and become better, higher, grander, to become like my creator, multidimensional and to serve. Acceptance whether we accept good or bad, it matters not. Once we accept, we become and we don’t judge because acceptance means that we know. We live in a duality and we keep taking sides, but in Acceptance, there is no side, there is only acceptance.

I’m feeling really good these days, I’m feeling almost guilty, the brain/mind is feeling guilty and shoving that on my innate self because this reality is falling apart and yet I’m feeling good. The bad side of this acceptance and joy is that I can’t relate to this reality anymore. I’m finding it very difficult to socialize especially when I’m asked if I’m afraid of growing cannabis because it might save my partners life and mine for that matter. I should have fear because that fear should hold me back from healing? What reality am I living in anyways? This is not my reality, I’m no longer part of this play, I’m simply hovering over you all and watching the final score and I’m so happy it’s close.

In your reality, the game has just started. We have a lot more to go through, people are simply not awake yet and I’m afraid the shit they are doing to us might not ever get us there, yet I know we can’t be stopped. They are the cornered animal, wounded and are not going to give up until they use their last breath, last bite to try and free themselves. We will not allow that, but many will leave this reality, many will be wounded trying to keep the animal cornered, only a few will attempt to kill it.

Stay strong, stay real, stay on the side of service to others and we will be laughing about this in our next reality. This was a tough cookie, it took us millions of years to raise this frequency and save our mother Gaia, but she’s impatient, she’s tired, wounded, poked and prodded and her lungs are congested. I see her, she’s down but she’s just collecting her energy to take her last final curtain.

Imagine that, something that could crash the system/matrix in a matter of days. Something so simple as not using debit cards and not spending money on anything unless it’s for keeping us alive for a week. Imagine that, people simply find excuses for NOT doing it. Yet, just doing this would end this very quickly. Money is our God, we are slaves to it and money is their weakness. All we have to do is stop spending it for a few days and it’s done. Something so simple, risk free, yet the gains are freedom, the touchdown, the gold medal. That’s all it takes and yet most would prefer to stay dehydrated.

Stay tuned!


David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake Bailey, still going strong.

The links below are just a few, some dating back as far as 2014 that you can check out yourself. I think I posted the video below once before, but I didn’t post these links to my older posts to show that everything I wrote about a few years back, is now in the open as being false/fake/disinformation.

I don’t have time to research much anymore, and even way back then, research is not my strong point because I’m not a political analyst, simply feeling truth or lies with energy.

I totally agree with Clif High only because I said years ago what he’s saying now though he uses different methods to research and prove his point.
Clif says something that really resonates with me and something that I have been writing about for years. THERE IS NO SAVIOR. Nobody is going to hand out cash and make this world a better one because cash or loads of money for everyone is not our problem.

So we all get a huge bag of cash tomorrow. Let’s just assume each human being receives $2 Million dollars into their bank account or cash. Ok, great, now what? The only thing money will change is that we may no longer have homeless people, no beggars, more food production because more people are buying it, more manufacturing, but that’s about it folks. The madness continues, this was my logic years ago when the Nesara crap came out and the dollar revaluation schemes were going on and still going on. Money is not our issue. Money is our GOD. Without it we starve, the only thing money will do is keep our bellies full but they will still continue to do what they have in plan for us.

You don’t need to read through the posts, I have  just set them here to show you that I have known about these folks long time ago, it’s the FEELING I feel when listening to them or reading about them. It doesn’t take an intelligent human to figure them out. It’s really about what you WANT to hear. If it sounds good, you can either accept it as truth or not, but you need to do some critical thinking and ask yourself what their motive is. Now, after all these years, we know these guys are full of crap because they have been claiming to have sources, intel, deep state connections yet nothing happens.

What are these guys still in this business of deception and how come the rest haven’t figure them out yet? Probably because they so badly want to believe that good things are coming. Wilcock has been talking about mass arrests for years, where are they? It’s time to shut these guys down and get them out of our faces and lives, they do no service to humanity.


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Isn’t that what they say? What a pile of crap isn’t it? Absence gives you time to get your shit together without that other person getting in the way. If you’re missing someone or feeling sad because they are not around it’s because your love is a needy one and you’re dependent on that person to feel better.

I have been absent but only physically. My thoughts are always here in your presence somewhere. I made a decision last week to finally start my Croatian blog. You see, this blog in English was not planned at all. I started with the ” From Croatia with Love” because it was intended for my Croatian audience, but I had not yet mastered the language. Well, I finally opened the blog on mjesecina.wordpress.com and it took me 2 days to write a post because my Croatian is not mastered yet. Maybe not the basic language but when it comes to the topics I write about, it was difficult to write the first post.

The topics that I write about have been written millions of times over, there are more books out there in alternative reality then one can count, I wrote nothing different but with a twist: I write with love, honesty and a true desire to help others. I don’t make any money and don’t ever want to make money for helping someone. That is the difference between me and all those wanna be gurus out there trying to make a buck with the illusion that they are helping folks.

I have and always had an issue with those that claim to be serving humanity. I have an issue with the so called ” light workers” who moan and groan that their financial situations are bad. I have an issue with light workers feeling they are deserving payment for their hard work. Look, you can get a full time job or part time job or whatever, but your Service to others must be from the heart, otherwise its’ not a service it’s simply a career option and careers are paid for. I don’t buy this bullshit that those who serve humanity need to make a living. Of course they do, but they don’t need to charge the people they are helping, they can get a real job. Ok, I know, they spent a few months or years writing a book, I get that. I can accept books as a means of career, but the ” donation” buttons, the DVD specials and Webinars should be free.

What I wrote about so far on this blog was only a reflection of how I felt at the time, sharing the knowledge I had and giving people a different perspective on things. I never considered myself to be special or an expert at anything. This is something my partner knows really well. He knows that I won’t do anything unless it comes from the heart. If I do it any other way, it’s a favor or chore or responsibility and that’s not what I’m about. When you start living from the heart, everything comes from the heart and it’s ok to say NO when the heart doesn’t feel like giving. The heart is like everything in our body, it too has it’s overload days and it too needs time to regenerate, so if you’re not up to doing something, don’t do it. I’m fortunate to have an understanding and supportive partner which by the way is doing really well. He’s now being taken care of in one of our best specialist hospitals in Croatia and his lung issues are in remission thanks to Cannabis Oil.

He’s due to go back on May 8th to have some more tests done because he was sent there because of many blood clots forming that went on for months and the local hospital never tested him for this. Because of these clots they are not able to perform some minor invasive procedures, but even the specialist in this hospital, they were thrilled to see how well he is doing considering he should be dead statistically. His diagnosis 3 years ago was as follows: Pumonary Arterial Hypertension, COPD, Cor.pulmonale, a very weak heart, and Vit.k overproduction which causes the blood to clot abnormally thicker than normal.

I often think about not returning here, but then I never have the courage to say goodbye, something tells me I can’t let go yet and I’m sure there is a reason for this so I won’t make any promises. I’m trying to live my life in truth and with spring here, my Clinic gets really busy and of course my huge garden that needs me so when I have this urge to write, you can be sure I will.

Things are pretty crazy out there, I’m following everything and I am seeing those that said ” it’s coming” now saying it’s not. Those that screamed about Nibiru being just around corner are now saying “it’s not”. If you have been reading my blog for a few years you will see that I wrote this would happen. Nobody knows what will happen because WE determine that. We will either fight for peace or we will keep killing each other, the choice is always ours and always will be. Until people realize all the power lies within them, that the Universe lies within them and that nothing will change unless they change, things will just keep plugging along.
Yes, we might have wars and rumors of wars but damn it people, have we not had this as long as we have existed? When have we ever lived in peace? So, the bible thumpers are now changing their music too but for the life of me, I can’t believe they actually believe what’s in the bible. This makes them idiots and not credible because that book was never intended for the benefit of humanity.

The reality is that we create it. They input us with frequencies, ideas, fears and false hopes and we create this with our thoughts, thus, create what they want. Until we realize this, they will keep fucking with us. They don’t fuck with me, I figured this out a long time ago and I’m well protected within my aura energy field. Oh yes, the archons come along every once in a while to see if my energy field has weakened but one THOUGHT and they’re gone. They are really afraid of me and in one of my sleep states I saw myself as a creator of galaxies and the number 9 always shows up, so perhaps they know me from another dimension but I can sense their fear and disdain for themselves for fearing me. I don’t need anyone to tell me what will come or won’t come.

I am fully prepared to take responsibility for whatever it is that we have done to make this reality. I have some stocks of food and medicine, doing the best I can and living in the moment. This is all we can do while this transition takes place. It will take place, it’s just a matter of ‘ time’ meaning ‘when’ we decide to make the final move.

Here in Europe things are just as mad as in the Western parts, it’s no different here than in the US when it comes to stability. We don’t blame Putin here for everything though, we blame the EU for all our troubles. Imagine this: We are a country so wealthy that we can actually close down the borders and produce everything we need. I now have to buy meat from Germany or Bulgaria, lettuce from Spain, oranges from Italy while our farmers have gone bankrupt. So, like I said, it’s no different here but I think that us Europeans are a bit smarter and not so easy to fool. Europe is an old institution and it’s core is the Vatican so with so many wars and invasions, we have developed hard skin and don’t fool or believe too easily.

Mr. Trump isn’t going to make it. I said before he was elected that if they don’t assassinate him then he’s no different than the others but he’s playing a good game. I see a lot of violence coming your way, I also see some kind of natural disaster with lots of smoke and ash, these are visions I have had in my sleep. Just be prepared.

You’re always in my thoughts and you need to know that whatever you are doing now is what you should be doing. But if you’re accepting their game or going along with it, you will not be able to get out of it so let go of the fear and the frustration of knowing what is going on, just live this moment, live it from the heart and live it like you may not have another human day tomorrow.

Water or Smart Phones?

There are people on this planet who have to travel a long way to get to water or access to water. Some people in poor countries such as India and Africa have to travel hours to get to a well or river, sometimes twice a day spending up to 5 hours daily just walking and collecting water for the family. Some still use wood to cook on and many still have to find a place in nature to do their defecating and urinating.
Imagine waking up in the morning with a full bladder but you don’t have a toilet. If you’re lucky enough to have a water source close by you can do it in a bucket and take it out later but many people have to walk into woods or fields to do this everyday. Indian women have to wait until nightfall because of the culture and shame of being seen urinating.

Do you know that 88% of the Indian population don’t have a toilet in their house? The toilet isn’t the problem. The Indian government is giving them to those that can’t afford it. The problem is running water and sewage. Only rich people can afford composting toilets. 88% of Indians don’t have running water in their homes, the other 12% who are Middle and Upper class leisurely water their lawns and gardens. Water isn’t a problem in India, it’s the delivery system.

I have woken up some days to have no running water, because of a problem in the pipes or just maintenance. We do get notified that there will be a water shortage but since I don’t listen to the radio, I have no idea when it’s happening. It’s very uncomfortable without water for a few hours. Sure, I can find some bottled water and make my morning coffee but the rest has to wait including going to the bathroom unless I really can’t wait.

My parents lived without running water and electricity. This island got running water in 1963 and electricity in 1967. I lived here for a few years between 1963 and 1971 and remember helping my mother carry water from the community well. We made a turban like cap and then lifted the heavy pail on our heads and walked home about 200 m. I was only 12 years old and it sure didn’t help my scoliosis, but that was the way life was. On laundry days it would be going back and forth all day long. My mom would boil the sheets in a huge cauldron over the fire and then hand wash, rinse and hang out to dry. Just carrying the soggy sheets to hang on a clothes line was hard work. My mom would save the rinse water for later on when we used it to wash our hands and feet before bedtime. Some of it went into the planters and rest was taken down to the waterfront and dumped out.

When a child is born into poverty and hunger, it knows no better until or unless someone gave it a nice meal. From that moment on, that child knows the difference between hunger and feeling full, but until that moment, the child is like every other child, it plays, has a normal life just everyone else.

I complain when I wake up to no running water. Actually, I get lost because unless I have bottled water, I can’t make my morning coffee. I solved the power outages by buying a French Press. This way I can just boil water on the gas stove and make coffee.

The luxury of having running water is available to approx. 4 billion people, the other 3 billion or so have to fetch it, collect rain water or buy it. The reality that we live in is a duality in the cruelest sense. You either have water or don’t, you’re either hungry or full, thirsty or hydrated, healthy or sick. Instead of sending corn and rice to impoverished countries, we should be sending irrigation systems and sewer equipment, desalination units so the poor people of this planet can grow their own food. But oh, wait a minute, we do send them GMO seeds and cause every 5th farmer in India to kill themselves thanks to Monsanto.

Should we be proud of our humanity because we send rice and corn to poor nations? My point to all of this is that instead of worrying if you want to be a man or woman, instead of voting for or hating Trump, instead of blaming Putin for every mistake in your life, you should be grateful you’ve got running water.

Most Indians have cellphones. Most Croatians had cellphones long before they had land lines as it was too expensive in the 80’s to get connected. Because only recently fiber optics have been installed slowly in the system, we still run on an analog system and this makes it very expensive and inefficient to have a land line. The reality of carrying cellphones around and being surrounded by cell towers is now showing it’s ugly consequences. Young kids born with or in their first 5 years developing brain tumors and cancers. Their parents being 2nd generation smartphone users and are now seeing  their children born with many complications.

Nobody is asking why children are getting cancers, but the Oncology Wards in Pediatrics are full and kids are now on a waiting list to get in.

My neighbor’s eight year old grandson has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and he’s on this waiting list yet they’re not asking why. I can tell them why and warned them on his 6th birthday when his well educated parents gifted him with his first smartphone. Since my kitchen faces to their driveway, I know the grand-kids come every weekend from the mainland. What do I see? I see a child walking/running around constantly staring into his smartphone. I have noticed his posture is bad due to the constant staring into the screen. Do they really know why he may die?

If you have children under the age of ten and have given them one of those cancer causing toys, I accuse you of child abuse. Please don’t give me this shit about peer pressure and what the neighbors might think or your child’s self esteem issues. What about their self esteem when they lose all their hair due to chemotherapy? If you feel that his/her self worth is more important than the risk of getting cancer, then you deserve everything you have coming to you.
The research is out. It’s not enough that they are destroying kids with vaccines; frequencies finish them off. Do you believe my kids who are now 35 and 37 years old never got vaccinated? That’s how long I have known about that.

The only difference between the US and Croatia is that our healthcare is cheap, it’s social medicine and it’s not always good but we don’t have to dish out millions of dollars to treat cancer but should we be comforted by that?

Problem with tumors and cancers caused by frequencies and radiation is that there is no hope at all. The damage is done at the DNA level and sometimes even at the first chemotherapy session the cancer will mutate. Take the damn phones away or you’re not better than a child molester. If you’re really obsessed about what others might think, peer pressure or whatever, then take your kids out of school. They don’t learn anything of value anyways. Do your kids know what to do in case there is no running water or electricity? I doubt it.

Water is life, it’s a luxury many can’t afford, but your child deserves better, by the time you figure it out, it could be too late.

I wanted to go to my neighbors house today and slap her around a bit because she allowed her grandson to use his phone while he was visiting. My neighbor is also a very educated woman and retired Nurse, she knew better. By not allowing him phone time, she may have saved his life or slowed down the cancer at the least. But I won’t go because her suffering and fear of losing her precious grandson is far worse than any slap I could give her. If only she heeded my warnings on his 6th birthday when his stupid educated parents did this to him and gifted him with an iPhone. So much for higher education and their intelligence. You see, educated folks worry about what other’s might think about them. And we call some of them Smartphones?

I’m thirsty, off to grab some water.

Got Your Seat-belts Fastened?

I won’t say ” I told you so” but I will. Once in a while I can take credit for being on the ball. I can now literally go back to all the opinions and thoughts I have had over the years about the gurus, the astrologers, the Ascension nutters, and see that I was correct about every one of them. You see, I don’t do much research on them, it takes me a few hours just to listen to them and I seemingly fit the pieces together. Bottom line is, I FEEL them and know whether they are forthcoming or not.

The truth is, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. There is NO god that determines our destiny. We determine it through our mind and projecting our thoughts to create reality. For eons we have been creating the reality THEY want us to create. It should be obvious to you by now that we have created this reality. Whether we did it through ignorance or disbelief or whatever, we created it. The video below is just another person who thought the same about Marshall Masters. I have mentioned him many times in the Nibiru scam. Turns out I was right about him too, not because this person below said so, but because Nibiru has been arriving over 12 years now and there is still no sign of it. Why?

Not enough of us believed it so we didn’t create that reality.

I want to thank many of you for taking time to read this blog and to send me incredible messages. I really can’t tell you how I know things. Often I know them but the EGO and MIND argue with me because they don’t want me to KNOW. We do this all the time. You know, the first response you have about something? But you change your mind and do or say something else. Later you find out your first instinct was correct and you should have followed it?

Well, it takes many years to trust instinct/higher self. We are programmed and conditioned to think and feel a certain way, so when something comes along that doesn’t fit into that paradigm, the EGO will argue with us. You see, the EGO doesn’t want us to know the truth because once we figure it out, the EGO no longer has a job. Remember, when you came into your body, when you incarnated here, the brain/EGO was part of the bodysuit. You basically entered into an empty computer and wired it through thought, programming, tradition, culture,education and whatever else you used to fill your mind with information. The Mind/Ego is not who you are, it’s the machine computer you use to drive your body and your life here in this reality.

To accept truth, to feel truth, to find truth you have to disengage from the EGO and from the mind because they are/were not designed to make you evolve into a better human being. They were designed to keep you entrapped. This is why the brain/mind can’t predict or know ahead of time. It can’t do much other than record and save it and remember, analyze etc.

The reality that we are currently experiencing is designed to devolve us. All forces, all energies are now in full throttle working to keep us from accessing the truth. You see, once you access the truth, it’s game over for them. Ignore the madness right now because you will only drive yourself into sleepless nights, anti-depressants or too much weed. There’s not much we can do right now other than STOP recording their events and STOP reacting to their reality. The endgame is here and trust me, it’s not Nibiru, it’s not the Anti Christ, it’s not ascension and it’s not anything created by us in terms of how and where we are going to next. We came here to play the game, we came here to raise the frequencies, we came here to break the matrix open. Unfortunately, our game was interrupted and dark forces took over but it’s all temporary although it’s been millions of years of us incarnating here. What’s time when you’re endless?

Don’t fret over the events right now. It’s ugly. From a human perspective we’re still savages killing each other yet at the same time praying to God for help. The Terminal Madness that I often write about is here, it’s the endgame for them. They know this.

Don’t you notice the sun is blocked?  I have been out working in my garden, in the sunshine for 2 weeks now and I have not tanned. Whatever you do, don’t wear sunscreen. Because of certain rays being filtered out, the sunscreen will just burn into your skin and cause cancer. Sunscreen was never designed to keep you safe. Have you ever thought about it? We’re told we could get cancer from the sun and to wear sunscreen. So, we cream up with these horrific toxic chemicals that the sun burns into our bodies. We get cancer from the sunscreen you idiot. Have you ever thought about it? This is a perfect example of us creating their reality.

I will be writing more very shortly. Because of my back problems, I really needed to get outside and work in the garden. I don’t have any choices other than surgery so what I’m doing right now is actually even more painful, but I’m feeling better as painful as it is. I was born with Congenital Scoliosis and didn’t know it until I turned 50. Most of my adult life I avoided beaches because I could never lay on my back. I can now lay on my back in bed for 10 minutes without the pain thumping through  my entire body. Grounding has been great as well.

Don’t fret, don’t worry, we fucked it up really bad but remember this: We are powerful creators. What we do we can undo. What we haven’t done, we can do. What we think is impossible is possible. You just have to believe it. Don’t you believe your own power? Have you ever tried using it?

The video below is just something I came across accidentally today and thought it was interesting. Marshall Masters is just another con man like the ascension gurus, like the Nibiru bullshitters and like everyone else proclaiming they know what is going to happen in the future. There is no FUTURE. It doesn’t exist so how can they or anyone know? What is real is NOW, this moment. Slowly, they are all falling by the wayside as their predictions never amount to anything.

I’m here, just having fun outside in garden and oh, hey, I got some great new Cannabis Seedlings going for my next batch of Cannabis Oil. Will write a great post on them next and share some photos with you.

I love you all, you’re all doing the right thing. Remember, power doesn’t come from outside. It comes from within. You arrived with it here in this reality. Learn how to use it. You old soul.