Notes from Ines: This essay in 3 parts is a mix of John’s interview material and my work. If I missed quotes, too bad, I have written permission from John to use his material as I wish, that should say enough about my relationship with him. Anyone questioning that here is what I have to say to you : “Go f@@@k yourself.”. The trolls can have fun, but all this work can be verified and researched. It’s here for you to read and you can take it or leave it. We no longer have time to play games and think about what “might” happen and who “might” save us. I have been saying from the start that it is up to us to change the game, as you can see the Archons have sent out armies to disguise themselves as ascended masters, saints, galactic federations, etc. They are desperate now and the messages are coming in faster and sound desperate. You be the judge, but remember one thing: This is not about YOU, this is about Humanity, as I always write, doing it together, unifying, and finding ways to cooperate together.


White Genocide is in Europe and has been going on for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that the issue of white genocide is a major planetary issue and I want to make it clear what I mean by that and I mean that it’s not just a matter of concern for white people, the white races of Europe and Russia and other places in the world like Iranians, Brazilians and Chinese.
If this is really a clear and present danger for something that you’re not imagining, it’s something that is actually happening then it’s a matter of concern for the people of the entire planet.

I’m not being selective or partial in any way by taking on this subject and not many people are even aware that it’s not a problem but is actually taking place as I write this. Some people even see this as a good thing and are cheering this on and saying it’s about time the White people get their own medicine because of all the evil they have done on this planet.

First of all, the notion going around claim that white people, Caucasians and those who went to America have perpetrated more evil, more systematically than any other racial groups.
This is entirely false.

White people throughout history, recent history since the Renaissance have done their share of harm but they have also done a huge amount of good. The actual amount of white people that actually had slaves was minute. When you go and look into the history, when you look into the statistics and actual facts, you find that the case against whites as colonialists, sadistic dominators is completely biased and not based on facts.

Jews and Arabs contributed to slavery as much on this planet as anyone else. The Chinese contributed to slavery so the whole record is terribly skewed. We’re in a war over this white genocide event and it has to be defined very clearly because it can be difficult to see the terms of the war because there is a fog of war, there is a fog of disinformation and there is a massive program to demonize white people, and a lot of people who feel disenfranchised for one reason or another, whether they be Latinos or blacks buy into this.

I may be personally attacked because of some things I am going to say, and I want to make it clear that I hold everyone to the same standard of sobriety and discernment to which I hold myself, so that we can look at this problem with sobriety and intelligence and not become hysterical and not submit to emotional plague that is wild and emotional projections flying into one direction or another.

To keep our minds focused I offer the world “excellence”. I’m not a white supremacist but I am a champion of white excellence, but I’m also a champion of black excellence and of Latino excellence, and Chinese, Russian excellence so to remind you, don’t get lost in the fog of war, don’t get thrown by the word racism, let’s just consider what is the excellence coming out of every racial and ethnic group in the world and lets recognize and honor the excellence in each other.

People in power cause the disinformation to intentionally cause segregation and racial wars, another tactic of theirs to prevent us from uniting and becoming one.

For us living in Europe, it’s becoming obvious because of the mass immigration taking place and creating racial wars. If there is an agenda of white genocide and I believe there is and I believe I can say something about why both in terms of ordinary political programs and also from the supernatural angle.

There is a supernatural angle operating here and if this is the case then it’s a concern for everyone, it’s a concern for humanity as a whole. If any race were to be systematically targeted for destruction, it would be a concern for the whole human family.

If you go and look into the ethics of various races and cultures of the ages, what were the ethics of the Ancient Persians or Pagans in the pagan world in Europe or the ethics of the American Indians and if you examine these cases you will find as far as I know that there is only one case on the entire planet of a people; call them a nation, call them a race, which first call themselves by separation from the rest of humanity, placing themselves in a supremacist and dominant position, don’t they wish.

Secondly, who have stated over and over again; textually and in their religious and political programs, a statement that they are the chosen people.

Aeon Sophia – Sophianic myth of the Gnostics, there is no other myth on this planet that explains the origin of the human species, the origin of the earth itself, the presence of extraterrestrial parasites and many other things. (Myth—a powerful narrative that contains truth, there are myths that are deliberate lies).

The fallen Goddess scenario explains all these things. At the same time it is a participating myth, it doesn’t just provide information but it engages you to participate like participating in creating a film, and the end is not written yet.

So, there is a clue in the Gnostic writing which only occurs on 3 occasions, you find this word “diorthosis” ( Greek Lexicon meaning:

  1. in a physical sense, a making straight, restoring to its natural and normal condition something which in some way protrudes or has got out of line, as broken or misshapen limbs
  2. of acts and institutions, reformation)

which is translated as “correction’; and according to the Gnostics, correction is an event that WILL HAPPEN; can happen on this planet. They were also speaking of correction as happening in the future. They were wiped out around 400 AD, but in their tradition of until 400 AD going back many millennia they cultivated and developed the myth of the Aeon Sophia who is a Goddess from the Pleromic core, the galactic center, who was transformed into the Earth. She IS the Earth, the Earth is the body of the Aeon Sophia; a living being and they said that there are anomalies and errors that occurred in the course of the evolution of humanity and of the earth which are all described at length in this myth.

They said that a certain moment that the Aeon Sophia herself would correct those problems. No other myth makes any other such claim whatsoever and I understood from certain passages that this Aeon Sophia could only happen successfully, fully across the planet affecting all of humanity if she had a certain number of human collaborators. ( We are purposely being misled by the new age movement, the channeled entities, gurus, ascended masters and saints to keep us distracted and away from this process that we are invited to partake in).

What is Sophia’s correction? John Lamb Lash embarked on an experiment that I was part of called the GNE.

What was to be done by human witnesses who know her story and who follow her myth which is the story of Living Earth, and the intelligence of the Earth?

I don’t teach what I already know, I teach what I am learning and I am learning right now what is Sophia’s correction; and we are living in the moment of her correction; as is the whole planet as of March 2014.

The GNE extended from March 2011 until March 2014. It was a 3 year long experiment in which John delivered 328 briefings on That was the reset period of 3 years it took her 3 years to reset this whole planetary experiment in her “mind” and from March 2014 onward, the reset began to happen in the events of the world.

This is just a very general and summarized description, but to get to the point of White Genocide, when John realized this spring that Sophia’s correction was under way, he also realized there was an aspect of the gnostic teachings that he had not exposed before.

“If you have an empathy with the Earth, you can have a direct connection with her. This is possible with the application of the Gnostic Teachings.

There was this one essential point that John found that connects to White Genocide. The message of Gnosticism actually contains the key factor meaning the recognition of White Genocide and who is doing it and also how to overcome it.

There is something very anti-natural happening on earth and the extermination of any human race that is not infected is an un-natural thing. The extermination of infections is a natural thing. The extermination of infection is natural to the social organism of humanity as it is natural to the human body. So what happens to the body when it has an infection?

It produces white blood cells, leukocytes. So what I would give this term speaking as a Gnostic I would introduce the term Leukocide. There is a Leukocide going on and where is the Leukocide coming from, where is the impulse coming from that would destroy the white blood cells of humanity?

The Gnostic material contains the sole, coherent, consistent explanation of life on this planet of any myth ever produced by a human mind, that’s a fact and it also contains a warning. The Gnostics warned us and they didn’t just warn us “hey folks you’ve got an extraterrestrial predator on your back the Archons, they warned us specifically about something else.

This is not from the surviving material in Koptic or Greek, it is from Irenaeus who was an early Christian ideology who wrote against the Gnostics. Irenaeus wrote a book titled “Against Heresis”in which he condemned many of the beliefs and practices of the Gnostics. There is good reason to believe that this is accurate what the Gnostics thought because Irenaeus is exposing it as heresay. It outraged him, it made him and his contemporaries terribly angry that the Gnostics played what is said in the following paragraph. Irenaeus, Book 1, Chapter 30, Section 10.
“Yaldabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among the nations and made a covenant with him to the effect that if his seed continued to serve him the Archons would give to them the Earth for their inheritance. Afterwards, by means of Moses the Yaldabaoth brought forth Abrahams descendents from Egypt and gave them the Law and made them Jews”.

That’s a warning and very little of that scripture is left intact in the Gnostic Writings, it is an accurate and exact reflection of what the Gnostics wanted to tell humanity; that there is a self designated racial faction who made a pact with the Archons so there is a supernatural factor behind the Jewish agenda, according to the Gnostic warning, the Jews who follow the agenda of racial supremacy and domination of the Gojim are proxies of the Archons.

This passage is of paramount importance. It is amazing isn’t it, that the Jews would be resented for deliberately executing a program to destroy the culture, identity and history of the European white people.

That is genocide, is it not? “ John Lamb Lash



  1. hat the Pelasgians reached all the corners of the world and influenced, enriched and also gave birth to many cultures around the world, there is no doubt. This is the biggest cover-up in the history of humanity. When they were already flourishing, the Emesh people, the Egyptians or the Greeks didn’t even exist yet, only thousands of years later. Also the “religion” of the cross is at least 45.000 years old. As proof, stand the artifacts and many other inscriptions made on walls, stones and ancient altars. Variations upon variations. The Gammadion Cross (known by many as the swastika) is one of the most sacred symbols on Earth. There’s a lot more to say about this. Too bad the Greeks falsified everything with their Hellenistic lies (some Greeks, not all of them, because you’ll find a lot of them telling the truth if you study the historical documents). We have all the archaeology, anthropology, genetics, biology, linguistics, geology etc. to back that up. But it makes it even clearer since the historical documents go hand in hand with the multidisciplinary domains and the research which stands as proof. So yes, the Mosaic Hebrews falsified and perverted the original primordial teachings, with their “revelations” and their Abrahamic murderous god called Yahwe, which is Satan himself. Today, their followers, the impostors, the Khazarian bloodline, through the Vatican Church of the Jesuits and through other masonic organizations, are trying to destroy everything that has to do with the ancient European cultures, once and for all. They will fail miserably and they will pay for all their wrongdoings, the sooner the better. More about the lost world of Old Europe: | | |

    Good day!


    • To further your statement, their reason for destroying Europe is due to its direct link to matriarchial religions originating from Africa, etc. Their practices were holistic and involved no human sacrifices. These Abrahamic religions have flipped and demonized any symbology relating to the goddess culture as being “pagan” or “witchcraft”.


  2. European Royalty is all Hebrew , not much European .
    It is the Arabs and Hebrews that have and still have slavery and paedophilia .
    People with B blood are not whites , B blood is a non Indo European type .
    North Africans and Hebrews and other Mongoloid peoples have it .
    They , who are from Abraham . Abraham in reality was a pedo, child sacrificing bastard .
    They are the product of ancient times when the Chinese hordes conquered other lands and raped women , hence how the B blood was passed onward .
    Many Mongols look white and that is how they infiltrated white societies , some may even have blue eyes .

    It is all in the blood and the covenant of Abraham who is anti white .
    Study Arab and jewish slavery .
    Study B blood .
    Study ancient Israelites and paedophilia .
    Its no wonder what they push the agendas now a days upon the whites .


    • Just because it is written somewhere doesn’t mean it’s true. This is our problem is that we assume that is if some expert has written and documented something that it might be true. I’m not saying it’s not true, but I’m also saying it might not be true, it serves them a purpose, so whatever they write it is used to serve those that control us. Rather than seeking the correct answer, we need to seek “why” it is written and what it serves. I’m no expert on this subject, but I also don’t trust everything written.


  3. White people are the archons stealing the spark of all other people’s of the earth. Humans are waking up to who they are and they are now dying.


  4. First off, there is no such thing as “white genocide”. You can’t have genocide with something that’s already dead. The word caucus means corpse caucuses. White peoples have an embryonic animal based soul due to having Neanderthal, lemur, rhesus monkey and canine genetics. A blood types come from rehesus antigens monkey and B blood types come from canine antigens. White peoples have a sulfur based low content melanin the same as monkeys. Darwin knew he and white peoples came from monkeys. Because a cross breeding between a real hueman and an ape is impossible therefore it’s done through eugenics and gene splicing. Similar to a donkey and horse creating a sterile mule. All living things get its vitality from the sun except for white peoples which means whiteness and the white skin existence is not natural and an abnormalitie therefore should not exist in the natural sense to begin with. It’s like a natural grape being used to make a GMO seedless grape which is not natural. Seedless grapes can’t survive without have to regenerating from the original grape. White peoples are like seedless grapes while dark skinned melanin rich people are the natural organic hueman specimen. White peoples history on earth is only 6,000 years or more so who created them because they were created on earth by someone or something other than what we come to know as God. White peoples have had a very low birth replacement rate and tiny minor population on earth since they were created. The ancient Egyptians called white people the tamahu (meaning created white peoples). It’s been a well known prophecy among many ancient indigenous peoples that whites will rule the earth on behalf of the Archons to created hell on earth which supply Archons with negative emotional ethereal energy as a food source until their day of judgement then things will go back to peace again. That day has come and white peoples are going extinct by the forces of nature alone. White supremacy has given white peoples full power and control of earth therefore the only group of people more technologically equipped and powerful enough to bring white genocide is white peoples themselves. White peoples are a warrior races of self destructive demons and fallen angels in physical fleshy human form. From killing the air, oceans, land masses, killing animals for sport until extinction, the Roman crusaders, Spainish inquisition, witches of Salem trials, war of independence, civil war, slavery, both world wars which almost drove whites to extinction are all sign of a race of violent destructive and self destructive people. White peoples are the archons themselves. Why is it only white peoples who get abducted by grey aliens (Archons) and used for breeding?? Because that’s how white peoples came to be in the first place. Whites are a very invasive group of Archons in flesh. Low birth rate, too many old people or baby boomers, drug overdoses, suicides, homocides without proper punishment, and race mixing are all factors that is killing white peoples off. Immigration can’t kill a race of people especially when it’s only one race that claims immigrantion is killing them. If immigration kills then all of humanity should also die from immigration but that would not make sense if human interaction is deadly yet reproductive at the same time. Just because you live in coexist with other races should not force you to date outside your race or cause your reproductive organs to fail no more than living with a dog causing your racial death. The fact is whites should not exist to begin with and their extinction time has come now just as it did for their Neanderthal ancestors. White people just refused to take truth as it is and hold themselves accountable for their karmic recharge and extinction because they blame everything and everybody except for themselves for their impending and inevitable demise. I mean let’s be honest, how long did you think you would continue ruling the planet destructively because Mother Earth gets sick of white peoples to literally get sick with a fever to heat up earth with global warming to kill off white peoples who have no proper melanin to handle global warming. Your time on earth is up!


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