This is an incomplete list, it’s work in progress and I am not saying everyone on this list is full of crap, they are on my radar, I have written about them in the past and I intend to dissect their agenda and try to figure out if they are truly working for humanity.  I encourage you to send me names that you think are worthy of investigating and I will add to the list.

The List:
Robert Steele
David Wilcock
Andrew Basiago
Stewart Swerdlow
Corey Goode
Tom Horn,
Alfred Webre
L.A. Marzulli
Drake Bailey
Kerry Cassidy
Veronica Keen
Simon Parkes
Alex Collier
Neil Keenan
Katheryn E. May
Alex Jones
Peter Kling
Steve Quayle
Alexandra Meadors
Anne deHart
Cameron Day
Dolores Cannon
Sheldon Nidle
Neal Donald Walsch
Ron Head (Hillarion connection)
and more added as I remember